Fourteen Months Old

"Oh my God!" Sam shrieked as Kendra stood for the first time, using the coffee table as leverage. She was the second baby to do so, Lucas, surprisingly, having been the first. They were a little delayed compared to other babies, but the doctor assured her they would eventually catch up.

Tears burnt her eyes, as she realized that Lucky wasn't able to experience this with her. She had divided their family.

Sam had recently moved in with her mom, the constant romantic gestures from Lucky had given her the urge to run, so she did.

"You're getting so big!" The proud mom cooed at her daughter, as she lifted the rapidly growing baby into her arms.

Christopher looked up at her, an innocent, joyous smile on his chubby face. He already had two teeth on the bottom, and was the least fussy when it came to teething.

As though Lucas could read her mind, he began to scream, obviously his toys were no longer enough to distract him from the pain of the tooth that was currently pushing itself through the back of his top gum.

She placed Kendra back on the floor, and immediately she began to interact with her brother Alex, communicating with him in babbles and a language the two of them seemed to only understand. They seemed closer than the rest.

Sam scooped Lucas into her arms, and held him close to her chest. "My poor baby," she whispered, tears blurring her vision.

She wished that Lucky was there, as Lucas began to scream even louder. He seemed to be the only one able to sooth the teething toddler lately.

Lucky leaned back into the recliner, praying that Sam would call soon, needing help with the kids. He missed them all so much, more than he ever imagined possible.

There was actual ache in his chest, and it only became more pronounced when he passed the nursery or Sam's room. And it was Sam's room, just like this was her home. He just hoped she realized that soon, because he wasn't sure how much longer he could live like this.

The phone rang, and he jumped up to answer, hoping it was Sam. It was. Her voice washed over him, and just the sound was enough to give him goose bumps.

He hung up and waited for his family to arrive. Apparently, Lucas was fussy and missed his 'dada'. Whatever the reason, he was just happy they were coming home, even temporarily.

He heard a car horn, and knew that was Sam's way of telling him to help her unload the kids. He missed this, missed watching Sam coo at the babies as her hair blew in the wind and she swiped at it in frustration, or one of the babies grabbed hold of it.

Once everyone was inside, Lucky picked up a fussy Lucas, and slowly twirled in a circle, causing the infant to quiet. Once Lucas was settled, Lucky put him down on the floor and joined him along with the rest of the kids.

"Daddy missed you guys," he admitted, before looking at Sam, who was on the couch "all of you."

Sam shifted uncomfortably, and he cursed himself, and his big mouth. He just hoped she wouldn't leave. When she stayed put, he turned his attention towards his children and began to laugh with them as well as at them.

"Dada!" Tess exclaiming, copulating her tiny body into his. She was a daddy's girl, and her bright green eyes were shimmering with tears, evidence that despite their young age, they felt the effects of the separation.

"Miss," the little girl declared, and Lucky knew what she meant. It almost made him cry.

He glanced at Sam just in time to see her wipe a tear from the corner of her eye. Maybe she would be coming home sooner than he thought.