Author: iwomans_sister

Disclaimer: I don't own I-Man. But If I did the madness would have stayed and the show would be running for at least seven more years. Oh, and I own Marcus Winston by the way. And if anyone remembers his name and can't place it, he was my first original character. Although then he was working for Arnaud. ;)

Coupling: B/C

Rating: PG-13, some Violence. By the way, I'm pretty sure I rate my fics too high. This could easily be PG. I just like to be careful.


Genre: Drama and Angst.

Spoilers: Johnny Apocalypse, The Other Invisible Man, Money For Nothing Part 1 & 2, and Enemy of My Enemy part 1 & 2

Title: Invisible Domain

Authors Note: I had this plot in my head all day and ended up not sleeping because of it. Instead, here I am... Writing it down for you all to read... I would like to thank my sister Rachel aka I_JOY for her insight on this fic. I might not have finished it if it wasn't for her encouragement... Also, a warm hearted thanks to Liz for giving her part in my posting this as well. If she hadn't fixed my poor grammar I would have been too embarrassed to hit send. And umm, *Hands out ropes* You'll need them. Maybe you should get some climbing gear too.


Keeper's Lab


Dag Hammarskjold stated, "We are not permitted to choose the frame of our destiny. But what we put into it is ours." Well, I never chose the madness. But I said yes to the gland. I was putting my own picture in the frame when I made that choice. But I've learned you can't have one without the other. Even if it is a different kind of madness. It's still there.

"Hey Keepy, how is the progress on the gland?"

"Nothing has changed from the last time you asked me..." Claire looked down at her watch, "Twenty minutes ago."

"Just thought I'd check. A person can hope, right?"

Claire rolled her eyes and started typing at her computer again. After a few minutes of not hearing a sound from Darien she stopped and turned around to face him. He was just standing there, not moving. "Darien, are you..."

"Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry, I had this pain in the back of my neck. For a second there it reminded me of Quicksilver Madness."

"Hmm, that's odd. Want me to run some tests?"

"It can't... come back, can it?"

"No, the suicide gene was very effective. There should never be any signs of quicksilver madness again. Maybe the gland is just trying to get used to it?"

"You mean the thing has a mind of its own?"

"No, nothing like that. But still, with all the quicksilver building up in your blood, the gland might try to react the only way it knew how. I think I should get a CAT scan."

"No, that's okay. I've had enough of being a lab-rat for a lifetime. It's probably all in my mind. Besides, Hobbes and I have a mission anyway. He's kinda looking forward to it. Something about a steakout at the beach."

Claire gave Darien a puzzled look and then turned back to her computer. But before Darien left said, "If you change your mind you know where to find me."

"Thanks." With that said, Darien walked out of the Keep and headed toward Hobbes' office. They didn't really have a steakout, and he figured Claire knew that. But lying to her seemed so much better then needles, X-Rays and anything else she had in mind.


Hobbes' Office


Darien stepped into the office he sometimes shared with Bobby. He was normally too busy to be at the Agency on behalf of all the missions the Official seemed to come up with. "Hobbes?" Darien asked, not seeing his friend. He looked around one more time just to be sure. Finding no signs of human life he headed to the next place he could think of.


In the Official's Office


"Sir, are you sure Monroe and I can handle this mission alone? I mean, it might be good to have some backup, if you know what I mean?"

"What mission?" Darien said, unquicksilvering.

All heads looked his direction, "How did you get in here?" Alex asked.

Darien pointed at the second door leading into the Official's office, which was open. "Now, if I may ask again, what mission?"

Eberts handed a file to Darien. He opened it and smiled. "Hobbes and Monroe have to pretend to be married? Oh man, I'm going to love this."

"Shut up, Fawkes." Alex said.

Darien looked at Hobbes, "Can she do that?"

"I think she can, my friend."

"Hmm," Darien looked back at the Official, "why wasn't I invited?"

"You weren't needed."

"Actually," Eberts said, "without a contract anything that happens to you in the field Mr. Fawkes, the Agency will be held accountable for."

"Shut up, Eberts!" The Official barked.

Darien's smile faded, "So, you're scared that I will sue? Man, I thought you knew me better by now. I'm going."

"It wouldn't be wise Mr. Fawkes, the success rate of this mission is only 70% positive." Eberts stated matter-of-factly.

"Oh, is that so? Then why are Hobbes and Monroe going? I would hate to think that you are purposely putting them in danger." With that said, Darien set the file back on the Official's desk and headed out of the office, making his way into the parking lot for their departure.


In the Van


"So," Darien said, "you two are married?" He tried not to laugh, but failed. Alex shot him a look that made his smile fade. He changed topics. "What's the plan?"

"The plan, Fawkes, " Alex started, "is you not screwing up and getting us killed."

"What's eating her?" Darien asked Hobbes, pointing at Monroe.

"She's probably upset because she can't record our wedding debut."

Alex rolled her eyes. This was going to be a long day.


At the Meeting Place


Alex and Hobbes walked up to the three men. "You're late." The one who fit the profile of Marcus Winston said.

"Sorry," Bobby replied, putting his arm around Alex's shoulder. "Beautiful here wanted to look nice. What is it with women these days? They spend so long in the bathroom getting ready." Bobby got a laugh from the two men behind the leader and a death glare from Alex.

"You have the stuff?" Hobbes asked.

"In the car. You have the money, Mr. Fletcher?" Hobbes nodded toward his car, the door opened and Darien stepped out holding a silver case. After another nod from Hobbes he started to walk toward them. "Who is he?" Marcus asked.

"My wife's bodyguard. With a husband like me, she has a lot of enemies."

Marcus just nodded. He looked at his second hand man and the guy went to the car. He came back with a silver case that matched the one that Darien was holding. Darien and the man switched cases and they both handed theirs to their bosses. Hobbes took his hand away from Alex's shoulder and took the case from Darien. He opened it and smiled.

Handing the case back to Darien he pulled out one of the small plastic bags which held white contents. Holding out a knife he put a small slice in the plastic and put some of the white powder on the knife. He then tasted it. He looked back at Darien and nodded his approval, setting the bag back in the case. Darien snapped it shut.

Marcus opened up his silver case, seeing the bills stacked nice and neatly. He pulled out a few and checked them to make sure they weren't fake. "No disrespect meant." he said.

"I understand," Hobbes replied, "You are just doing your job."

The case slipped from Darien's hands as Alex and Bobby were about to make the arrest. All eyes watched him. "What's wrong, Fawkes?" Bobby asked. Darien didn't answer, the world was spinning. Unbearable pain rushed through his head. "Fawkes?" He heard Alex say. She sounded concerned.

"What's wrong with your friend?" Marcus asked, getting nervous.

"He has a medical problem." Hobbes replied, forgetting about making a bust and concentrating on Darien. Darien let out a cry of pain and Alex grabbed him before he fell to the pavement. "Lets get him to the

Keep." She told Hobbes. He didn't object. Alex grabbed the metal case and placed her free hand around Darien's shoulder. Hobbes grabbed him from the other side.


On the Way to the Keep


Darien grabbed at his head, not sure what to think. The voices, they were back. How could that happen? The monster wanted out, but there was no release. He cried out in pain as he felt something like claws scrap at his skull. Something he had felt before. But this was worse. The pain was more intense then he had ever felt it.

He felt the bumps on the road as Hobbes served all over the place, trying to get to the Keep. As if Claire could answer what was wrong with him. He knew, it was the madness, it wanted control. But how? How could it still exist? From what Claire had told him there was no way. Thoughts flooded through his head as he tried to ignore the pain. Alex's voice came through.

"Stay with us Fawkes." She reached for his arm, but he pulled away. Lashing out at her, he sent a hard blow to her stomach.

Bobby tried to concentrate on the road and the crazed partner sitting almost directly behind him. He couldn't do both. He heard Alex cry out in pain and his head snapped around towards her.

He saw his partner struggle against her restraint. She was trying to hold him still so he wouldn't hurt himself. He quickly looked back at the road. "Need some help, Monroe?"

"Whatever gave you that idea?"

Hobbes was about to pull the van to the side of the road when Alex said Hobbes' name with what sounded like fear. "What?" Bobby asked.

"I think he passed out."

Hobbes stepped down harder on the gas. He needed to get to the Keep now. Something was definitely wrong with his partner, and what scared him the most was, he had no idea what it was.