There and Back Again

Summary: After a strange disturbance in the Force occurs, Luke Skywalker finds himself helping a man claiming to go by the name of the father Luke thought was dead...

Author's Note: I actually thought of this idea while I was reading the two stories I have posted about Luke going back in time to change the past and I decided to have a story that was the opposite of that. This is going to be slightly AU but I hope that you like it, reviews are much appreciated and I know the first chapter is short, it is just the prelude after all and I short of adlibbed many of the lines in this scene.

Disclaimer- I don't own Star Wars, I never have, I never will, the all mighty George Lucas does. If I did, many, many, MANY people would not have died as they did in the books and series.


"Always in constant motion, the future is." ~Yoda

No one could believe that once something happened, nothing can change it.

Perhaps they were right but when it comes to the Force, anything is possible.

The future was never, is never set in stone. A single event can change the entire course of what is to come.

They say that once you start down the dark path, it will dominate your destiny forever. But what if the time and place of the event that forever sealed someone's fate was somehow compromised?

Compromised in such a way that the Force, itself, decided to take matters into its' own hands.

A surge of conflicted emotions surged through Anakin Skywalker's mind as he gazed at the weak old man who may be the only one who could save his beloved wife, Padmé.

The onslaught of Force lightning that Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was directing at the Jedi Master known as Mace Windu was weakening him. Palpatine turned his weakening gaze to Anakin. "Anakin! Help me!" he cried.

"Don't listen to him," Mace yelled back, keeping his purple lightsaber in the way of the onslaught of lightning.

Anakin swallowed, several emotions continuing to surge through his body, most of which were helplessness and fear. "Don't, Master Windu, he must stand trial," Anakin protested.

"He already has the Senate under his control, Anakin," Mace said as Palpatine stopped shooting Force lightning at the dark skinned Korun Jedi.

"It's not the Jedi way, I need him," Anakin yelled reaching for his lightsaber and pulling it off of his belt, his hand nearing the activation button.

"Don't, I…I'm too weak," Palpatine gasped sagging back against the wall Mace had pushed him up against.

"I'm going to end this once and for all," Mace yelled raising his lightsaber to strike.

"No!" Anakin yelled igniting the brilliant blue blade of his lightsaber. But before he could swing it at Mace, a bright flash of blue light erupted in the room as if someone had thrown a thermal detonator into the office. Anakin was thrown off his feet in the violent impact and he immediately felt unconsciousness reach out to claim him.

With the Force playing a hand in events to come, things are about to get interesting.

The fate of the galaxy shall be changed as the past and the future collide.

But will it be enough to stop the shroud of the dark side from falling? That has as of yet to be decided.

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