Vampires had come out of the coffin ten years ago. By now the novelty had worn off and people went on with their lives. Vampires took over and humans went along with it or were dealt with. Classes were taught to educate the populace on vampire customs and decorum. Bella laughed at that. Basically you were told to only speak to them if you were approached. Bella sighed. Vamps didn't bother her. In fact vampires seemed to flock to her. They all loved her in their own way. Peter and Charlotte had taken to following her as she was relocated time and time again. She fought against the sadness as she packed once more.

When the vamps came out they began to visit her. A vamp could not be told no by law in any matter besides feeding and fucking. So they got rid of her. Her mother's parting words echoed in her head. "Your worthless. That's why you only have those deaders hanging off you. One day they'll realize what we did. Then they will drain your ass. Enjoy your time as a pet."

She shook herself and grabbed her meager luggage. She was on her way to Forks. During the drive her social worker warned her against becoming friendly with the vamps. It was the reason she had yet to be adopted. Settling into the orphanage was easy. She had done it so man times it became as simple as breathing.

The window in her room opened and Peter and Char entered. They had learned it was easier than walking in the front door. Char hugged Bella knowing that the move brought up her abandonment issues. Her worthless mother was lucky that she had never come across her.

Peter smiled at his two girls, his little sister and his mate. "So are you excited for tomorrow?"

Bella shook her head, "I told you before school is okay but whatever makes you all like me seems to make humans either become obsessive or aggressive."

Peter frowned his face tight in concentration, "What do you mean?"

"Well the guys become annoyingly persistent and generally clingy. Then there are the girls who overall hate me."

Charlotte snarled, "Why did you not let us know sooner about those bitches?"

Bella shrugged her shoulders negligibly. "It didn't seem like a relevant problem."

Peter shook his head, "Bella anything that has to do with you is important to us. You are our family."

Bella nodded. Charlotte smiled and held her little Bella. "You know that you have always felt like a child to us. Even if the state will not let us adopt you know that much."

Bella nodded and snuggled closer to Charlotte. "I know Mom that's what frustrates me about these vamp laws."

Peter smirked sitting next to his baby Bells. "But something about vamps in general has you worried."

Bella nodded and a frown marred her pretty face. "I love vampires on general principle. But I fear that one of these times one of the vamps is going to see me as his mate."

Peter frowned, "Why would that bother you?"

"I've seen and heard stories from humans who have been mated. It can be so terrible. And I know that there is that slight possibility that the vamp I get will understand but it scares me. These humans are so broken and terrified by what has been done to them."

Char hugged her closer. "I wish I could tell you that your fears are irrational. Unfortunately there are some very dark individuals in our world. We would help you as best as we could."

Peter nodded and his spider senses so to speak were tinkling. "I think that there is most definitely a vamp made for you."

Bella sighed, "I try not to think about it. When it happens it happens. I have to hope that what we are taught in school is complete bull shit like all the other things were are educated about vampires."

Peter and Char watched over her while she slept. Char looked at her husband. "What do you know?"

"All I know is that something big is going to happen. Something huge."

The next day Bella let out a breath as Peter and Charlotte dropped her off. She always hated the first day of school. The stares drove her wild. She smiled to herself as she remembered that Peter had told her he would eat anyone who hurt her. She loved them so much it hurt a little bit to be away from them.

Lauren was the daughter of the woman who ran the foster home Bella was placed in. She hated Bella for simply existing; the fact that she was beautiful only added fuel to an existing fire. She knew all about why Bella was unable to be adopted. She smiled thinking about how much fuel she could add to the gossip. She would make Bella's life hell.

The Cullens were surprised by the influx in vampires in the area. They called a family meeting to discuss how to deal with it. Several of the vampires had stopped by and let their presence known. Carlisle stood before his family with a slight frown upon his face. "We all know why we are here. There has been a migration of sorts to this town. Almost all of them have decided to start school. The question that is plaguing me is why they decided to suddenly move here now. They are not one united coven but distinct groups."

Edward cleared his throat. "Apparently they are following the light."

Alice laughed, "The light?"

Edward nodded. "Yeah. Apparently it is a human who for whatever reason brings out this calmness from them. She soothes their inner beast and heals them. It is amazing to hear the effect this human has on such ruthless beings."

The conversation echoed in their heads as they waited at their lunch table. Their table was untouched but the two behind them was filled with vampires of varying ages and diets. Cautiously they sat down waiting for whomever this light was to enter. Alice fidgeted in her seat uneasy with her inability to see anything.

As the door opened Bella walked through the doors and everyone's eyes locked onto her form. She stopped and then her eyes lighted onto the tables behind them. A squeal erupted from her and she ran to them. Two boys stood and were by her side in an instant. "Matt! Jeremy! Why didn't you tell me you would be here?"

The two boys shrugged. "Well the last time we saw you was in Florida what two years ago?"

Bella nodded, "Yeah. Man I miss the beach for sure. Especially seeing your sparkling asses."

Jasper growled territorially and his family looked at him in shock. His eyes were dark and feral. The Major had come out to play and not one of them knew why. His eyes were locked on the new girl. A low threatening growl continually coming from him.

The boys ignored the warning and continued teasing her. "Now mamma you know that was an accident."

Bella snorted. "Go sit down with the others. I'm just going to get me some food and then I'll sit with my sons."

The Cullens looked at each other in shock. They had called her momma and she had called them sons. What were they missing? It was in that moment that Lauren decided to implement her plan. In a loud voice she spoke to her table conspiratorially. "Did you hear about the new girl? Her mom gave her away and now she can only get deaders to hang onto her."

The cafeteria watched in shock as Bella's tray full of food hit the ground with a loud thwack. Her head swung around to Lauren. In an instant she was on the blonde bimbo her hand around her neck. With an amazing show of strength she lifted her and slammed her down to the table. "Now Lauren you can say what you want about me but if I hear you refer to any vampires in such a derogatory name again I may be forced to act accordingly if you understand. Remember my friends do not take kindly to certain kinds of people. Your not like those people are you?"

Lauren shook her head furiously and Bella smirked her eyes remaining hard and unforgiving.

"Remember my warning."

With that Bella let her go and stepped away. She shook her head and looked around as if awakening from a bloodlust. Noticing the mess she cried slightly and looked to the cafeteria ladies. "I am so sorry for making such a mess. I'll clean it up I promise."

Matt and Jeremy had it cleaned up in seconds and were by her side with another tray of food. She smiled and wiped her tears. "Thank you boys. You always seem to have our back."

They smiled back at her. Jeremy scooped her up into his arms his body sighing in relief at the contact. "Momma you can't take on all the vamp haters in the world. That was how you got attacked in Minnesota."

Jasper snarled at that earning him looks from his family but several other vamps echoed his snarl. His eyes remained locked on her willing her to look him in the eye and confirm what he thought was going on.