The wolves wanted justice and nothing would stop them from gaining it. Their sister, their mother, their mate had suffered because of them. It seemed only right to them that they suffer for what they had caused her. The elders and the people were convened. The people would learn to treat Bella with respect.

Leah whimpered on the ground trying desperately to fight the Alpha order. She knew that she was in for hell. The other humans would be punished but hers would be the worst. Christine and her posse of sixteen sashayed in with the wolves that had gone to retrieve them. They obviously had no idea what was about to go down.

Christine smiled at Paul and the wolves as one growled. She frowned at that unsure as to why she was receiving that response. The girls, completely obtuse, tried to flirt with the wolves. Constant growls echoed throughout the room.

The elders were tense. Never before had they been faced with a problem where the entire pack had been upset. There was usually only one possibly two pissed off wolves. With no calm wolf to control the rest there was no telling what could happen. It was even messier since the one slighted – beaten physically and emotionally – was mate to the Alpha as well as another while sister to the Beta and mother to the rest.

Billy stood, his face a stoic mask. "You have all been called here to face trial by the Elders and the protectors."

The girls froze, shock covering their features. Christine, their leader, spoke out of turn to the respected leader of the Elders. "We have done nothing to deserve such a meeting."

Harry stood his patience gone as he noticed the escalation of the wolves' growls. "Quiet. Respect the tribal rule or suffer a harsher punishment."

The girls cowered back sure that this had nothing to do with the pale face. What had they done? Bella stood behind the wall of wolf that was Paul and Jacob. They were ensuring she was protected from those that had hurt her so bad they had almost lost her.

Billy cleared his throat and looked around making sure all eyes were on him. He knew that this was important. Bella was important and there was no way that he would ever let what had just happened happen again. "The reason you are all here is also the very first time that I have ever been ashamed of my tribe. I find myself in the interesting position of wondering whether it would be better to let you all suffer the pain of banishment, a punishment I have never contemplated before."

Whispers broke out among the people. Banishment was considered worse than death in the tribe. You were never allowed to step foot on reservation land as well as the people were never allowed to acknowledge your existence. You could not be buried near your family and your soul would not be welcomed with the ancestors.

Billy once again called for order. The silence was heavy in the air. "First you will admit your guilt. You will acknowledge the hateful thing that you have done and you will explain to her family why you felt he need to do what you did. You will before the ancestors and before the people explain why you thought such an atrocious act was appropriate."

The girls were shaking. Christine's mind raced over all the shit she had done but in her mind there was nothing that warranted this type of reprimand. When she had been caught with the teacher she had been brought before the elders and humiliated by having to strip and paddled like a little girl. Her ego had been more bruised then her ass but this was a lot worse.

"What are you talking about Billy?"

Harry shook his head his own eyes filling with tears. His daughter had a hand in this shit but all these girls. It hurt him to think that they had failed their people in some way. For so many to have strayed the failure must rest firmly on their shoulders as both parents and elders.

Bella's head whipped around and she felt her heart break at Harry's tear streaked face. The pain radiating off of him! This was breaking his spirit and Bella would be damned is these bitches cause him pain. She stepped around her protective mates and over to the elders. The crowd erupted. No one was to approach them when they were in their positions. Bella ignored them all and wrapped her arms around Harry.

She remembered what Ephraim had told her. She would need to heal the souls of the people who were barely hanging on. She opened her connection to the man she considered an uncle. She took his pain and his guilt, took his desolation and hopelessness. She gave him her love, her acceptance, and her hope for their future. His body relaxed, and she hummed an old tribal lullaby that Jake's mom use to sing to them. She ran her hands through his hair hoping to sooth him. Sue watched with a smile as the protector of the protectors healed her husband. She had been worried that this would crush him.

Bella spoke to him not even worrying about keeping her voice low. "None of this is your fault. The tribe raised all the children as they always have. Would you condemn Seth as a failure?"

Harry shook his head absorbing her comfort and processing where she was taking this. "For as long as there has existed light there has existed dark. One cannot exist without the other. You cultivate the light telling them what will cause the darkness within to grow, what will cause the poison to eat away at the soul. You did all that you could but some people embrace the evil. They let jealousy eat at them. None of this is your fault. A few do not make you a failure."

Harry nodded and Bella stood. She walked back to her boys and stood between her them. Paul wrapped himself around her middle and Jake around her shoulder both nuzzling into her neck.

The girls were scared. The paleface they had beaten obviously had more connections then just being a piece of ass to the pack. Their tanned skin paled as they stared at the pissed off elders. Harry cleared his throat and addressed them once more. "Are you still unsure as to why we have called you?"

Never one known for her intelligence Christine held her head high as she dug herself a deeper whole to lie in. "All we did was beat some sense to the pale faced piece of ass that the pack passes around. The res is not a place for outsiders and despite her weak claim of being a sister to the Alpha she will never belong in our tribe."

The wolves growled dangerously and encircled Bella and her mates. The formation spoke volumes to the importance of her within the pack. Billy smirked looking forward to punishing her. She was constantly testing the fates but usually it being caught with her face on the wrong dick. "There are so many things wrong with that statement. For one that paleface as you called her is not he sister to the Alpha, she is sister to the Beta. For another her place in this tribe is cemented in many ways that I do not need to explain to you. I will of course after the confessions are taken. I stress again that this tribe may not be yours in any sense of he word and that you should be cautious in how you handle this."

The wolves were almost shaking in their attempt to calm and resist phasing. Their wolves were fighting to rise to the surface, to reap justice for their mate, their mother, their sister, their protector.