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Chapter 3:

Sakura was walking through the forest, humming to herself. She was supposed to be looking around for any Day Class girls but was looking at the ground. There her laziness goes. Suddenly, she stopped walking. She felt somewhat uncomfortable, like she was being watched almost. She glanced around her without moving her head completely, the only part of her moving was her eyes. She could feel the hairs on the back of her neck prickle. In less than 5 seconds, her hand shot up and held the kunai that was aimed right at her face. She immediatly threw it back in the direction that it came from but all it hit was a tree branch. There was no longer an uneasy feeling in the air, meaning the person who had been watching her was gone.

Suddenly, she heard girly giggles coming from somewhere nearby so she started heading over to where it was coming from. She came out from a bush and saw three Day Class girls hiding behind another bush.

"Sakura-san," Yuki greeted, hopping down from a branch, landing next to her.

"Yuki-san," Sakura greeted with a cheerful smile. Hearing their greetings, the three girls turned around and saw Yuki and Sakura standing behind them.

"You know it's against the rules to be out at night," Yuki said with a firm voice. The three girls stood but one appeared to have gotten a cut on her knee for she quickly put a hand on it. "You're bleeding," Yuki gasped. "Quickly take her to the infirmary." The girls looked confused at Yuki's sudden urgency. Before anything else could be said, two Night Class boys emerged from the trees. Immediatly, Yuki grabbed her staff from her thigh and whipped it around, though one of the boy's hands managed to stop it from hitting the blonde one. Electricity seemed to crackle off of it and while this was happening, Sakura was just watching with a bored expression.

"That was close," the red head who caught the staff stated. "As to be expected from the Chairman's daughter."

"Kain Akatsuki-senpai and Aidou Hanabusa-senpai from the Night Class?" one of the girls from behind Yuki exclaimed.

"Oh, no way!" one of the others yelled with glee.

"We smelled some blood, so we just came to see what had happened," the blonde one said calmly, looking like a small girl didn't just swing a staff at him. "We... really just wanted to come look." His eyes blue eyes turned a bright red as he said this. "Ah, smells so good," he then said, leaning his head back slightly and closing his blood red eyes, inhaling the air.

'What are you, inhaling drugs?' Sakura thought to herself with an amused grin coming across her face. She had to bite her lip to refrain from laughing. Don't ask, she's just weird like that.

"Oh no, what should we do?" one of the girls squeeled to the others.

"He said we smell nice," the second girl squeeled back.

"Aidou-senpai, if you lay a single finer on them, I'll..." Yuki trailed off as Aidou set a hand on one of Yuki's, which still held the staff. As she started talking, she gained the attention of Aidou and the supposed Kain, who was looking bored with his back turned but turned his head when he heard her.

"Did you fall?" Aidou asked her suddenly. It seemed that the two boys had failed to realize that Sakura was there, that or they were simply ignoring her. Either one.

Yuki gasped in surprise but before she could say anything, Aidou was talking again. "The good smell I was talking about... is your own blood, Yuki-chan," he finished, gripping her hand and turning it so the palm was faced upward, revealing her scraped skin.

"S-Senpai," Yuki stuttered as Aidou grabbed her hand and started pulling her towards him.

"You're really...tempting me..." Aidou said, bringing her hand up towards his mouth, his blood red eyes focused entirly on her scraped hand. "Really..." He drew his fangs, one of them pressing lightly into her hand to draw blood. You may be wondering why Sakura hasn't stopped this, that reason being this was better than a drama show. Yeah, she was really entertained, which sounds pretty bad.

"Wow, this looks kinky," Sakura whispered to herself at the same time as the other girls exclaimed certain things.

"A fang?"

"A vampire?"

Somehow, the red head, Kain, must have heard her because he lifted his head and looked at her for the first time. His face showed boredom but in his eyes was a spark of amusement.

Yuki flinched back and dropped her staff which clanked to the ground. She stumbled back into Aidou since he had a firm grip on her arm.

"Senpai, stop it! A-Aidou-senpai!" Yuki yelled. Aidou brought his head back up from her hand. The Day Class girl's faces were quite comical. They looked really grossed out and shocked by what he had just done.

"I still want more..." he said almost breathlessly. That was when the Day Class girls fainted. Aidou brushed aside the collar of Yuki's white shirt to reveal her neck. "May I drink from your neck?" he asked, sounding seductive.

"So kinky," Sakura whispered again to herself. And again, Kain seemed amused by how engrossed Sakura seemed.

"N-n-n-no, you c-can't! I won't let you!" Yuki yelled, struggling againt him.

"Hanabu-" Kain was cut off suddenly. Zero appeared almost out of nowhere and held his gun against Aidou's back, standing almost between Yuki and Aidou.

"Drinking blood within school grounds is strictly prohibited," Zero said in his emotionless voice. "Getting drunk at the scent of blood and showing your true self, vampire..."

"Zero, don't!" Yuki cut in, looking at him.

"But it was just a taste," Aidou said with a smirk. Zero suddenly shot his gun, shocking everyone. Sakura looked and saw that he hadn't shot Aidou but the tree behind him.

"Th... That was scary!" Aidou whimpered, curled up in a ball on the ground with his arms wrapped around himself. He suddenly seemed like a llittle kid rather than a seductive vampire.

"It was just getting to the good part," Sakura whined, gaining everyones attention. "Dude, you totally just ruined it," she told Zero. "And you suck at being seductive...hehe...suck," Sakura said to Aidou before giggling to herself at her lame joke. "Oh, go on, don't let me interrupt," she said, waving her arm in the air as a sign for continue.

"Could you lower your Bloody Rose?" a different voice said. Everyone looked and saw the dark haired Night Class boy from earlier walking towards them. "It's very dangerous to us." Aidou looked positively terrified and frozen while Kain looked stressed.

"Kaname-senpai!" Yuki exclaimed with shock. While Kaname walked up to them, Aidou still looked frozen with fear.

"I'll take charge of these fools," he said, grabbing the back of Aidou's jacket, making his tense, not looking so sexy or confident anymore. "The Chairman will be waiting for a report on this."

"Dorm Head...Kuran..." Zero said.

Kaname's eyes narrowed. "Is that okay, Kiryuu-kun?"

"Zero..." Yuki trailed off, looking back at Zero.

"Take them with you, Kuran-senpai," Zero said, putting his gun away.

"Kain," Kaname called, making said person jump, fear coming across his face. "Why didn't you stop Aidou? You're responsible for this, too," he accussed. "Well then..." He turned to the unconsious Day Class girls. "As for those three girls, we'll erase their memories of tonight and take them to the Chairman," As he said this, a Night Class girl jumped down from nowhere and landed next to the girls. "Is that okay?"

"Ah yes...please do," Yuki replied nervously.

"I'm sorry if this has brought up any...bad memories, Yuki," he appologized, sounding sincere about it.

"No, it's fine," Yuki reasurred. "He hardly did anything." She hid her injured hand behind her back, though since Zero was behind her, he saw it.

Suddenly, Kaname looked over in the direction of Sakura. Everyone else followed suite and saw that she had fallen asleep while standing up. Her head was bowed but was snoring sofly.

Yuki sweatdropped at this. "Sakura-san!" she called, loud enough for Sakura to hear.

"Kill the monkey!" Sakura shouted out of nowhere, waking up. Her hands raised in the air and she glanced around wildly in alarm. At this almost everyone sweatdropped. "Eh, did I fall asleep?" she asked, confused. Her head tilted to the side and she had a clueless face on.

"Yeah..." Yuki told her.

"Huh, did I miss anything?" she asked, looking at everyone, her eyes resting on Kaname. "Who the hell are you? Okay, I think I missed something," she announced as if it weren't obvious.

"SAKURA-CHAN!" a voice shouted from nowhere. Suddenly, Sakura was tackled to the ground by a yellow blob. When Sakura looked up, she saw Naruto hugging her very tightly. "I was so worried, I couldn't see you and thought something bad had happened so I came looking for you! Thank goodness you're okay," he cried out.

"NARU-BAKA, GET THE HELL OFF ME!" Sakura yelled out, trying to get away from Naruto, although it was almost physically impossible since Naruto was hanging off her.













Suddenly, Naruto gasped with a look of hurt. "I can't believe you called me that."

Instead of looking ashamed or guilty, Sakura punched Naruto in the face, sending him flying off her. "Believe it," she said, quoting him. She stared up at the sky since she was laying on her back. "Hey Sir Emo," she called, looking at Zero, who stared back at her with a look of annoyance, probably at being called emo. "Help me up," she commanded, lifting her arm in the air. He raised an eyebrow but didn't move. "Come on," she whined. She lifted her feet in the air and stomped them on the ground.

"Do it yourself," he said in his emotionless voice.

"But that's too much effort," she groaned. Zero just shook his head. "Hey Naruto, get me up or I'll tell Hinata all about-" she was suddenly cut off by Naruto putting his hand over her mouth and unfortunately, her nose.

"You promised you wouldn't tell," he whined.

"Um, Naruto-san, you're covering her mouth and nose. She can't breathe," Yuki pointed out. Everyone was still watching them. Aidou with a look of amusement, Kain with a look of interest and boredom, Zero with his emoness, Yuki with amusement also, and Kaname was emotionless.

Kaname was staring at Sakura without a trace of emotion on his face but inside his mind, he was interested. He may not be showing it but this girl interested him. She seemed like a mystery, a puzzle.

Naruto looked down and saw Sakura with a blue face. He quickly removed his hand and Sakura took a big breath. Then she started choking him.

"How do you like it?" Sakura yelled. Naruto also started choking Sakura. Then they began rolling around on the ground, choking eachother.

"Zero," Yuki said nervously. Zero sighed before walking over and ripping them apart. Naruto was standing with his arms crossed but since Zero was holding the back of their jackets, Sakura was hanging in the air.

"Hehe, midget," Naruto muttered, looking at how she was about 2 feet in the air. Sakura glared at him but didn't reply. Zero let go of Naruto but kept Sakura hanging in the air, probably knowing she would do something, before going over and grabbing Yuki's wrist and starting to walk away.

"Hey Zero! What is it?" Yuki asked confused. Zero didn't say anything but didn't slow down. Naruto, not wanting to be left alone with the Night Class students, followed after.

Sakura looked back from her position in the air and waved with a cheerful smile. "Bye bye," she called cheerfully. Aidou waved back almost as cheerfully as her, Kain gave a small smile, so small you could barely see it, and Kaname just stared after her.

'Interesting', Kaname thought to himself, staring after the strange girl who had dangerous moodswings.


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