Seddie; Post-iTwins and veering into AR from there.

Summary: Freddie said he'd take care of the logistics. In fact, he'd made it sound like all I had to do was show up and be sure to bring my lips. I should have known it wouldn't be that simple.

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters. Really. It's true.

iShould Have Known

Chapter 1

This was a bad idea from the start. I don't know why I agreed to go through with it.

"We should stop."

", no. We're still good."

He'd been pestering me for the last week. The first time was after an iCarly rehearsal after Carly'd left the studio to get us some snacks. The second time was after Science just after she'd stayed behind to talk to Mr. Henning about doing some extra credit. There were three other similar confrontations, and each time he'd caught me alone.

"C'mon, Sam. I'll pay you."

He'd made a decent presentation of it, I have to admit. It made the perfect sense at the time.

"I really think she likes me, and I want to make a good impression."

"So, what does that have to do with me?"

"You're the only girl I've ever kissed."

"So you want to pay me to practice kissing with you so that you can impress Tanya Michaels?"

"It would be just like acting. You act on iCarly all the time. C'mon, Sam."

"Why would you think I'd ever agree to kissing you again? We swore - "

"You went so far as to kiss me on our 'date' when you were pretending to be 'Melanie'! Besides, I told you, I'll give you three hundred dollars."

"You really like her that much?"

"I don't know. She seems to like me. And some of the kids who've gotten to know her say she's kinda 'experienced'."

He wasn't the type to slack off. When Freddie Benson put his mind to doing something, he really tried his hardest, and I guess he got this from his mother - he was always prepared. He'd had that serious and pleading look on his face. And, at the time, I thought maybe I was the one taking advantage of his desperation. That was my mistake. And, he'd had the money right then and there. The three hundred dollar bills that are burning the whole through my back pocket right now.

"Freddie - "

"Sam, please don't back out on me. I'm really counting on you for this."

We'd agreed that it would be too risky to practice anywhere on Ridgeway grounds. And, all of our other regular hangouts, like the Groovy Smoothie, Woodley Park, and the mall, were similarly out of the question. So of course, the only appropriate place left was the fire escape. We had to find a time when Carly, Spencer, or Mrs. Benson were least likely to catch us; but they were only three people, and their whereabouts were easy to track. Freddie said he'd take care of the logistics. In fact, he'd made it sound like all I had to do was show up and be sure to bring my lips. I should have known it wouldn't be that simple.

"So, how exactly do you want to do this?" I asked feigning disinterest.

"Well...I was thinking that we could try it a few different ways. I mean, most likely it'll happen when I take her home after our date; but it could happen before, either when we're walking or sitting somewhere. I'm meeting her at Skybucks and then taking her to B. F. Wang's at the Westwood Mall, so we might do some walking around after." Despite having a plan all laid out, his uncertainty about the whole thing was evident. He shrugged, "I don't know."

"The Cashew Chicken there is really good," I said nodding favorably at his choice of dinner venue. I can be supportive.


"Okay, so we need to practice kissing both standing up and sitting down?"


"Ugh. Why don't you just ask me to eat dog food out of a bowl?"

"Listen, if I could ask anyone else, I would. But there isn't anyone else. There's just you, Sam. And anyway, I know at least you're the most likely to be honest with me about whether it's good or...suckish."

I stared at him. I realized after a few seconds that I was still staring. He was genuinely frustrated, and as amusing as I usually find him in that state, I kinda felt bad for the kid. That was my second mistake. "Aw, fine," I said with a dismissive wave of my hand.


"Yeah. C'mon and lean over before I change my mind."

So here we are. Freddie's hands are on my waist, and mine are holding lightly onto his upper arms. I have my back against the wall next to the hallway window. So far we've only been giving each other experimental pecks on the lips. It's awkward – not so much his technique - but the way we're going about this whole thing. Why am I even doing this? I mean, why am I helping him to impress this girl who isn't even my friend? Okay, so he's my friend...sorta. And, he's paying me. This, by the way, does actually make me feel strangely icky. But anyway, I've already decided to use the money towards buying some more costumes and props to use on iCarly, so that's that. But, this just doesn't feel right. I think he can sense that I have reservations because he keeps pausing between kisses to look into my eyes. Like he's asking permission to go on, or more likely, wondering if I'm gonna change my mind and start whaling on him. I don't say anything. For some reason, I'm actually afraid to. So, he continues, trying to deepen the kisses – I have to say, the boy's determined.

"Am I...uh…doing it wrong?"

"No, it's...its fine."

"You seem...Do you wanna stop?" Freddie asked, his question heavily laced with concern.

"No. Let's just get this over with," I answered. It sounded a little more blasé than how I'd thought it in my head, and I regretted it the moment the words came out of my mouth.

"Then, can I..."


"Well...should we try..." he began. I could tell he was uncomfortable with how to phrase it out loud, and of course, I knew exactly what he was thinking to say.

"…Using our tongues?" I supplied.

"You're gonna throw me over the side of the fire escape now, aren't you?"

"Freddie - "

"Sam, please don't back out on me. I'm really counting on you for this."

I rolled my eyes and said, "Alright."


"Just do what you're gonna do already."

So, he does. Freddie takes a deep breath. It isn't until a good ten seconds or so have passed after his lips are pressed against mine that I realize I've been holding mine. I gasp for air, and he takes the opportunity to slip in. I feel his tongue tentatively exploring my mouth. Gently tasting my tongue, my lips. I feel his hands tighten around my waist. He really is determined. And, surprisingly, not at all suckish. I'm hesitant. I'm nervous. I'm totally off my game. Freddie starts to lean closer. His thighs are pressing against mine now, as are other parts, and I'm acutely aware of where every part of his body is connected to mine. This is so not okay. I feel his hands travel slowly up my back under my shirt, his fingertips precariously placed beneath my bra clasp. He pulls me into his arms a little more and I briefly consider pushing him away, but I don't. I'm just gonna let this play out. A few more kisses, and we'll be done with this whole thing, and we can go back to being whatever we were before. Just like we did the other time. He'll have all the practice he needs to sweep Tanya off her feet. And, I can go back to...just...being me. So why is my heart beating so fast? Why has our breathing grown ragged? And, why is his right hand now up along my side, his thumb gently stroking the spot just under my left breast? His lips leave mine and start to trail kisses down my neck. Does he really want this? Because, I'm starting to want this. Not because he asked, not for the money, definitely not as any favor to Tanya, but for me. I'm starting to want these kisses, Freddie's kisses, just for me. Stupid teenage hormones.

"Maybe we should stop."

", no. We're still good."

"Freddie -"


It was the way he'd said, "Sam." He might as well have said, "I want you now." I mean, I could tell he was...aroused. I could just tell, okay? And, I knew it was because he was touching and kissing me. And, I wanted those kisses even more. I felt like they belonged to me; I'd earned them, and me being me, I was gonna have them. I sighed heavily and tilted my head back against the wall, savoring the feeling of his mouth against my neck and shoulder. His breath was hot, and coming out in quick bursts against my skin. I felt his thumb begin to ease its way under the wire of my bra cup, and that's when I lost my mind.