She stood there her mouth open. There was the man she thought she loved. Shocked to the core of her very being she made no sound. Her mouth was wide open in shock, opening and closing fruitlessly. Silently she shut the door leaving her fiancé wrapped around his not so secret now lover to their shady rendezvous. With sharp specific steps she grabbed her keys and escaped to her car. She drove.

For hours she drove. Her phone rang constantly the annoying tone indicating her fiancé. Her mind kept running through the image of him wrapped around the plastically enhanced blonde. A horn behind her brought her back to the present. Looking behind her she felt her hands tighten on the driving wheel. The prick, previously known as her fiancé, was behind her. He waved for her to pull over. Oh hell no. She shook her head amazed at his audacity. He honked his horn again waving desperately for her to pull over to the side of the road.

Swearing she kicked up the speed smiling to herself. Her car was fast, faster than his. Emmett had made sure that her car was tricked out. Her phone went off and she barely contained the urge to throw it out the window. He needed to leave her alone. Smiling at him as he cursed her out she pressed harder on the gas pedal. Her grin grew as she watched him dwindle in the distance. Take that.

Her phone went off but this time she smiled. It was her best friend. She flipped it open and in the process decelerated to a more comfortable speed. "Hello."

"Are you okay?"

She felt herself smile, "Why do you ask?"

He sighed and she felt her smile grow, "Bella."

She frowned, "Edward."

"What did he do now?"

She felt a tear slide down her cheek. A honk from behind made her aware that she had slowed down so much that he had caught up to her. "Shit."

Her phone yelled at her, "Bella what the hell is going on?"

She grit her teeth as she picked up her speed marginally not wanting to push her car to the point where it would break down. "What makes you think something is wrong Edward?"

He laughed and the car behind Bella honked yet again. "Bella. You never could lie to me. I'm coming over to your house."

She laughed humorlessly, "I'm not there."

"Then where are you?"

She looked around but in the darkness recognized nothing, "I'm not sure."

"Tell me you're safe."

"I'm safe."

"Where s Jake?"

She laughed, "He would be in the car trying desperately to keep up continually honking to get me to pull over."

"Bella. What happened?"

A few stray tears slipped out. "Ed. Now really is not the time to go over this shit. I'm still driving."

"Come to my house."

Bella shook her head. "I don't know where I am. I slow down he catches up."

"How mad is he B?"

Another tear slipped out, "I'm scared. I have very little gas left. There is no one around."

She heard him curse. "B you need to try and get to any one of our houses. Look around for anything you recognize."

Reigning in her emotions she tried to take in the images speeding past her. Finally she recognized a park. "Ed. I just passed Gorgas Park."

He sighed in relief, "I'm heading toward Emmett's. I'll be there before you."

The red indicator popped up on her dashboard and she wanted to crawl in a ball and cry. "Edward. I might not make it. I'm almost out of gas."

He cursed as well. Looking behind her she shuddered. Jake was beyond pissed. The few times she had made him mad flashed before her eyes. She had told no one sure that he loved her and was genuine in his apologize and guarantees that it would not happen again. She had hidden the bruises and smacked a smile on her face. She knew Edward suspected something. He knew her too well not to.

Jake beeped the horn angrily gesturing for her to pull over. If her car stopped she feared what would happen. "Ed. He's really mad."

She heard Edward's engine roar. He was speeding up. "B I'm coming. If you're car stops lock the doors."

Bella nodded, "Edward. Locks never stop him."


She could not believe she had said that out loud. Shit. Those types of comments were supposed to stay behind her locked lips.

"Bella. What do you mean locks never stop him?"

Another tear slid down. "Ignore me Ed."

"Hell no. What did you mean?"

I shook my head pressing harder on the gas pedal. "Does it matter right now?"

His engine revved through the phone, "B I need to know how bad this could get."

Her car started sputtering and drastically decelerating. "I love you Edward. You know that right."

"Oh hell not. You are not telling me goodbye B. We have a lot of shit that still needs to be dealt with. Lock the doors. I'm almost there. Emmett and Jasper are right on my tail. No goodbyes."

Jerkily she locked the car doors praying silently that these locks could stop him where others had not. "Edward. My car stopped."

"I know B. Are the doors locked?"


"Sit away from the windows toward the center of the seat, okay."


"Now no matter what happens I want you to stay on this phone with me."

"Okay Ed." Bella looked behind her and almost cried. He was out of the car and had pulled a baseball bat from his trunk. "He's got a bat Ed."

A string of profanities answered her. Bella was focused on the man sauntering up to her car. He smirked sure that he had her now. He needed to teach her a lesson. Trying to run out on him. She was his and he would teach her that little fact tonight.

He knocked on her window. "Bella."

Bella felt the tears streaming down her face. This could not be happening. She shook her head refusing to answer the bastard. He smirked at her and raised an eyebrow. So sure of himself, so very cocky.

"Bella. You do remember what happened the last time you tried to runaway from me don't you?"

She wished she didn't. It was after he had hit her the first time. She had waited him out. He passed out on the couch and she had grabbed her keys to make a break for it. Turns out it was all a test. See how loyal she was. The bastard had got creative. She shuddered and he smiled. He reached for the handle and pulled. Nothing happened. He frowned and then a feral smile overtook his face.

"Bella. Not only did you run but also you locked the doors. Remember what I taught you the last time you tried to lock me out?"

Before Bella could delve into that memory the persistent voice in her ear brought her back, "Bella what the hell is he talking about."

"Edward. I'm scared."

He swore and sped up even more. "I'm close baby girl."

Jake raised the baseball bat and smashed in the driver side window. He smiled anticipating the punishments he had planned. The screech of tires and headlights brought both heads up. Bella sighed in relief recognizing the three cars. Her boys had come for her.

Jake looked at them and then turned to her. "This isn't over Bella. You are mine."

He jumped in his car and took off. Edward was by her side Emmett and Jasper not far behind. Bella unlocked the door and crawled over the glass. She clung to him and let her tears fall. Eventually she passed out, too much in one day.

Her boys took her back to Ed's place. They stared down at her. Emmett was the first to break the tense silence. "What happened?"

Edward sighed, "I don't know but whatever it was he has been hurting her before this. When I told her to lock the doors she said locks never stop him."

Jasper cursed and slammed his fist into the wall. She was his baby sister and he hadn't known. Emmett clenched his fists knowing if he hit the wall pieces of it would come out.

Edward sighed, "That's not all. I made her stay on the phone when he came up to the door. He made some comment about remember what happened the first time you tried to run. And then after he realized she had locked him out he said something about remember when you tried to lock me out."

All three turned to look at their fragile friend and sister. Emmett kneeled down and kissed her cheek. She was his little sister in his heart even though it was not by blood. "When she wakes up she's gonna have to tell us all."

Jasper sighed, "We should have known. I mean now that I look back there were signs."

Edward snorted, "I feel so useless. I knew something was wrong but assumed it was my goddamn jealousy. You know when she realized the car was stopped she told me she loved me. She said it like it was her last great confession before she died."

The men sighed. Tomorrow they would have their answers. Tomorrow Jake would pay for hurting their little girl.