Bella Swan sat and stared at the wall. He had left. One thought that circled her constantly. A never-ending loop that ate away at her. A banging downstairs brought a smile to her face. Jake had taken it upon himself to ensure that she recovered. He was a sweetheart but she knew she was too damaged for what he wanted. He deserved a girl who could give him her whole heart. She loved him as her brother and nothing more. He knew that but he still held hope. She could hear his off key singing and the banging of dishes. He was most likely trying to prepare something edible. Good luck with that one Jake.

A knock on the window startled Bella. She looked up but there was nothing. She shook her head. Your loosing it Swan. There's nothing there but wishful thinking. He was clear enough in the forest. He doesn't love you, grow some and get over it. Bella felt a small smile tug at her mouth. Her inner voice grew bitchier every day. Honestly she liked it. A clink at the window drew her attention. Sighing Bella got up and opened the window. Sticking her head out the window she looked around.

Two red eyes met her muddy brown ones. "Hello Bella. My name is Nathaniel. You are coming with me." Bella didn't have time to scream or fight. She had time for one thought only; I should have nailed that goddamn window shut the minute he walked out on me.

Bella slowly opened her heavy eyelids. What happened to her? She was in her room and then … oh god now she remembered. Red eyes. Who had her, and why? Taking in her surrounding Bella couldn't suppress a shudder that worked its way up her spine. The room was bare and white, sterile, impersonal, cold. Shaking her head Bella sat up slowly desperately hoping that this was all one elaborate nightmare.

A knock on the door brought her from her thoughts. Nathaniel walked in a smile forming on his face once he saw her eyes were open. "Ah Bella dear. I am so glad to see those gorgeous brown eyes. Someone is desperate to have you. I'm leaving Stacy here my best girl to teach you how to behave."

He looked at Bella expectantly. Not knowing how to respond Bella nodded. He smiled, "See that is how easy this can go. Remember that later."

Once Nathaniel walked out the door Stacy monotonously began her spiel. Bella zoned in and out most likely missing important information. "Now you are here for one thing only. To do whatever they want. These vampires have money and influence. You will be given a list of chores that need to be accomplished by your master. Failure to comply with your master's demands will be punished. You will be branded once your master has been chosen and collared. Also you may be required to be fed on."

What the hell had happened to me? "Who are they?"

Stacie looked around as if scared someone would overhear, "I don't know if this means anything to you but the Volturi. From what I have heard you are special. Usually slaves that aren't trained special go to lower level vampires. I've heard that you are being auctioned off to the top tier. Aro's even involved."

Bella felt like she was going to throw up. She made it seem like this was a good thing. Bella felt tears prick her eyes. She refused to let them cow her. She would get out of here eventually. They may be vampires but she had a werewolf for a best friend. He would get her out of this, wouldn't he?

Weeks passed and Bella felt her inner bitch taking over. No one was coming to save her. She may have to stay but she would be damned if she let herself break easily. She behaved so that Stacie would not be punished. She kept her head down and plotted.

Nathaniel brought her into a room that was filled with vampires with red beady eyes. Three men stood at the forefront of the room an air of superiority and power radiating from them. Bella tensed when she realized that the raised table like surface was for her to stand on.

Bella was unaware of the conversations and signals that passed as she stared unseeingly at the far wall. Aro, Caius, and Marcus knew that she was going to be one of theirs. As soon as Aro raised his hand the other vampires fell silent. They knew that she was no longer available for them to buy. If they wanted her services they would need to bargain with the Kings. Aro smirked at Nathaniel. She would make an excellent toy.