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Viktor Krum

Because Viktor knew that she'd come to him eventually, even if he had to wait forever for her.

Viktor was in the Bulgarian Quidditch team's locker room. He had made another spectacular catch that one the match. But that didn't matter. He had thought he still had a chance with her. The war had been over for a few years now and they had visited each other frequently. She had never mentioned a boyfriend.

Yet the proof that she had been with someone all those times they'd spent a day together was sitting in his hand. It was written in curly silver letters on an off-white invite. There was a picture pf the two of them together. You are cordially invited to the wedding of Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger on October the twenty-third.

Viktor sighed. Why hadn't she told him she was with the redhead? Why hadn't she ever mentioned that she wasn't available? The answer was obvious. She didn't think the get togethers were dates. They were just two old friends spending the day together. Nothing more. It didn't matter that his heart was broken or that he really wanted to punch the other guy in the face. She was happy and she was going to marry someone else.

He should have been more forward with her. Maybe then it would be his ring on her finger and not his. It was too late now to change that though. Yes, there was still a month and a half until the wedding, but he knew her well enough to know she wouldn't change her mind. He sighed again. Life was just getting better and better.

"Viktor, are you changed yet?" Helga asked. Viktor looked up. Helga was the new chaser on the team. She was very fast in the air and with her tongue.

"Vat's this?" she asked looking at the wedding invitation. "He's cute, who are they?"

"He's Ron Veasley and she's Hermy-on-neenee Granger." Viktor said.

"They are part of that Golden Trio, are they not?" Helga asked. Viktor nodded glumly. "Did you know them?"

"Yes, I met them when I was in the Trivizard Tournament." Viktor said. "I dated her."

"Really, you never mentioned them before." Helga said. Then she saw how glum he was. "Tell you vat. Vee von't celebrate vith the others. Ve'll go to a nice quiet park and I don't know, fly a kite."

"Vy?" Viktor asked. Helga wasn't usually this nice to anyone.

"Don't ask questions. Let's go." Helga said tugging on his hand and pulling him out of the locker room. Then she spun on the spot and Apparated them to a small park. There was only a woman jogging with earphones going past. The rest of the park was empty.

"Now, you have to forget the girl. She's moved on. She just wants to be your friend. Stay positive, there are other girls out there for you. You just have to look." Helga said.

"How did you know I vas moping about her?" Viktor asked.

"Because my brother had the same look on his face when his girlfriend left him for someone else," Helga said. Then without so much as a warning, Helga stuck her hand in the fountain they were walking past and splashed Viktor with cold water. He spluttered and gaped at her. Then he grinned.

"You're going to regret that." He said. Soon the two had engaged in a water fight around a tiny park fountain.

"Viktor, I'm so glad you could come!" Hermione said flinging her arms around him. She looked beautiful in her floor length, long-sleeved, white dress.

"You are my friend, I had to come." He said. Hermione grinned. "Who's your friend?"

Viktor smiled. "This is my girlfriend, Helga Stanislav."

"Nice to meet you," Hermione said.

"It's an honor to meet you. Your husband is a bit…er…"

"I know, you have to get used to it." Hermione laughed.

"He didn't want me to come, I take it?" Viktor asked. Hermione shook her head.

"He can be so stubborn." She said in exasperation.

"That's okay; I'm used to it by now." Viktor said. "He'll appreciate my wedding gift anyway."

Hermione looked puzzled but she said nothing. When the two went to open their gifts, the crowd gathered round taking pictures. After dish sets, cutlery sets, gift cards for furniture, his and hers towels and other housing needs, they reached Viktor's gift. Most of the crowd burst out laughing. Hermione bit her lip trying in a poor attempt to hide her amusement and Harry slapped Ron's back. Helga shook her head knowing the inside joke by now.

Ron had finally gotten his Viktor Krum autograph.