Authoress' Note: So, I'm changing this to third person view. I was placed on some stupid community thing that is either going to report me for doing reader inserts and then probably get all my work deleted. So, to screw them over, I'm turning my stuff to third person. So HA to them! The reader is going to be nameless.

Rush Valley, the place every automail fanatic gathers to, is where Edward, Alphonse, and Ed' girlfriend are currently located. It's a regular day, meaning that swarms of people are gathered in the many shops and among the streets.

"I still don't understand how these people can be so obsessed with automail," she tells Ed, squeezing by a few pedestrians without losing sight of the male alchemist.

"I dunno," Edward says, becoming annoyed by the horde of, to put it lightly, maniacs. Grabbing her hand with his own so that she doesn't get separated, Edward soon realizes that the group is one person short. "Where'd Al disappear to?"

She shrugs and shakes her head. She's been wondering why there's been no clinking of armor following them around.

Sighing, Edward picks up the pace and continues to walk among the crowd, keeping a good grip on her hand. An idea runs through her head and she giggles, causing the blond to look at her through the corner of his eyes and wonder what's gotten into her. Deciding to put her idea into action, she lace her fingers through Ed's who, just as she predicted, turned pink in the cheeks but didn't let go. As they both finally manage to get through all the people, they hear someone call out.

"You guys!" Alphonse shouts, waving his hand at them, signaling that he wants them to go over to him. Looking over at Edward, he just shrugs and releases the grip on her hands, much to her disappointment, while he walks over to his younger brother.

Following behind Ed, she reaches Al and tilts her head to the side, wondering why the younger boy was calling them over.


"It's not a cat is it, Al?" Edward asks.

"Nope!" Alphonse lifts up the thing that he's found, only for the two to give a scream of terror.

"Dude! It's a dead hobo! Didn't Granny Pinako teach you NOT to touch a dead hobo!" she shouts, pointing at the person Al's holding up.

"That's the thing, though! He's not dead!" Al says while Ed and his girlfriend share a look before cautiously walking closer to Al and the stranger. Once they approach, she hears the man give a groan, what she can assume is a groan, but it's actually coming from his stomach.

The stranger raises his head as far as it can go before stating a weak, "So hungry..."

She looks to Ed and Al before she turns her attention back to the "hobo", as he's been dubbed.

"I have a feeling that this isn't going to be nice to your wallet, Ed."