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AN: This one came to me watching the opening bit at the start of the first game.

General Adams looked outside the window of the SD platform and looked on in apparent despair as the Helghast fleet flew past. The bug in his computer had done its job, the SD platform screens were flashing red as the words system malfunction lit up the screen. So why did he feel a touch of guilt?

"You were entrusted to defend this planet. This platform was meant to be the centrepoint of our defence." A little voice said at the back of his mind.

"I did what was necessary, to save countless lives." He countered.

"You're a traitor to Vekta and to the human race!" the voice in his head cursed.

"True. But the alternative is war without end and I for one, will not have that on my head." He retorted firmly and with that, General Adam's conscience fell silent.