"Shut. Up." Rondo pulled her blades through yet another pirate. She ignored his guttural cries and tossed his mangled body onto the floor. She sighed. Searching the scum's pockets might have gotten her a coin or two, but it wasn't what she was looking for. If he had what she needed, she would have felt it. Rondo felt nothing.

"Damn it," Rondo hissed. Ever since Claves and her pitiful entourage left, the Unison had been as silent as the graveyard it was. She had to find entertainment in killing anything she could pierce her blades through; as if that was any different from when she was alive. Whatever that meant. Rondo wasn't sure what being "alive" or "dead" meant anymore. She was stuck in the situation as "undecided". Rondo would rather be flat-out dead.

She stabbed a jumping squash-like creature and hurled it into the black abyss that the Unison seemed to be floating in. It was a common practice of hers. She stood quietly, waiting, anticipated the one moment she would actually hear it land with a thud or some sort of noise. Nothing. That moment was not happening today.

She closed her eyes and focused on the floor around her. She knew the maze like the back of her hand. When there's more time than anyone could ever use on their hands, being stuck in a maze is not as confusing anymore. She tried to locate something, a piece of her, something she was lacking, but couldn't find it. Rondo kicked a pebble in frustration and watched it roll away and startle another squash. Soul hunting was slowly becoming a futile effort for Rondo.

It never changed around here; it was the same routine. Always. Rondo walked to the warp and transported to the front. It felt like the right time to take a break.

Rondo sat on the stairs and grumbled to herself.

"Why is it Claves can complete her entire soul in a week, but it takes me almost a year just to complete half?" Rondo pressed her knuckles against the stairs. Her knuckles began to bleed from the pressure, but she did not feel any pain, no sting at all. This is what frustrated her most: she could not feel. All she felt was smoldering anger and desperation. It was suffocating her, it was becoming harder and harder to keep going on. It sickened her, being locked up inside this maze with nothing to do but wander aimlessly and pray a Soul Shard would magically appear. Rondo wasn't in the "wandering" mood, nor a "praying" mood, so she simply willed anything to happen and started to doze on the stairs.

And something did happen.

Rondo felt a tingle, a spark in the back of her mind; it felt so strange, but she knew it from somewhere. The feeling rang through her veins. It flooded her entire system and she turned numb. She tried to force her eyes open, but they stayed stubbornly shut. It felt like all her pores were being ripped apart and exposing her. She wriggled and strained against her invisible bonds. The sensation was killing her! As suddenly, it all ceased. Her lungs spat out the air she was holding in unconsciously. She groped around for her blades and gripped them tightly. Rondo stood, ready to murder. She had felt so vulnerable; she was not taking any risks.

The entrance warp started up, illuminating the entire room. Rondo covered her eyes and squinted. Lights swirled and twirled, reforming whoever it was on the warp. The light turned blinding. Rondo had to turn away. As the light faded and her eyes adjusted, she turned around. Rondo rarely expressed her emotions with her physical features. This was one of those rare moments and it clearly said: shock.

On the warp pad, the same situation manifested.

"Fugue?" Rondo gaped. How had he gotten in here?

"Rondo? Well, that's unexpected," Fugue shook his head in disbelief. "Your hair turned silver!"

"Is that the first thing that pops into your mind? That's the least of your concerns," she spat.

He shrugged and stepped off the warp pad, facing away from her, "Well then. If I'm not needed here, I shall be on my way. Obviously, you're in no need of my company."

Rondo glared at him, "And where do you think you are going?"

"'That's the least of your concerns'," he said with a haughty smirk. Fugue walked off and teleported to another floor. Rondo blinked, gritting her teeth together.

"Who does he think he is?" Rondo fumed. She stood there dumbly. She had half the mind to chase after him and give him a piece of her mind, which could easily be translated into her attacks, but the thought of hunting him down tired her. Fugue could be on any of the thirteen floors and she was not willing to get up for the sake of his pursuit.

Rondo sank down to her knees and let out a sigh. She put her swords on either side on her, resting her palms on their hilts. Only her thoughts kept her company and they were starting to become a nuisance. They buzzed with different questions, bothering her sanity. She wanted answers, but she could get none; she could not deny it.

What bothered her most was the odd sensation she had before Fugue appeared. Rondo had never felt so helpless. It angered her that some stupid vibe could get past her guard so easily. What was it? It did not make sense in any way. Except, unless… Rondo's eyes widened. He must have found one her Soul Shards. That was probably why is had felt so foreign yet familiar to her. Perhaps he had picked up one of her Shards, simply thinking it was his.

Rondo chuckled. Fugue was indeed moronic. He should have felt the Soul Shard as his own, unless his senses were that badly impaired. She rolled her eyes at the thought. She stood, using her swords for support. If Fugue had one of her Soul Shards, she had to find him. She doubted another rare occasion like the one that had just elapsed would come around and give her a golden opportunity. Her legs were numbing anyway; she might as well get something done.

Rondo headed over to the second warp pad. She decided to just go floor-by-floor during her search. She'd be surprised if she couldn't manage to catch him lost on the twelfth floor. She waited as she felt herself break up and travel to the next floor.

Break time's over, she thought.

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