Cloud hated that he had to leave, but he knew there would be hell to pay if he wasn't on base for roll call the next morning. Sephiroth seemed to know this too, and turned gruff towards him as the sun began to rise. Cloud took this as his cue to depart, and dressed himself wistfully, glancing at his silver haired lover as he did so. Sephiroth would not return his gaze, and instead stared out the window unblinkingly.

Cloud buckled his pants with a sigh of chagrin, and turned to leave. Much to his surprise, he was caught from behind in a tight embrace. "Come back as soon as I summon you," Sephiroth whispered in his ear.

Cloud swallowed hard and nodded, staying very still in Sephiroth's arms. Sephiroth nuzzled the back of Cloud's neck longingly, and Cloud finally couldn't take it anymore, spinning around impulsively and throwing his arms around the man's neck. He kissed him desperately, clinging to him. Sephiroth gave in, kissing him back, but eventually pushed him away, averting his eyes. "Go now," he said quietly, turning away once more.

Cloud obeyed, leaving without looking back. He felt like if he looked at Sephiroth again, he would never be able to leave, and that wasn't in the best interest of either of them. So he went back to base, keeping his spirits up by looking forward to their next meeting, which he hoped would be as soon as possible. Well... maybe not too soon, he thought, rubbing his lower back as he walked.

Nine days passed. By then, Cloud was almost completely consumed with desire and longing for Sephiroth. He knew that he belonged body and soul to the man. He loved him, he worshiped him. He would live for him, die for him. Anything for Sephiroth.

Cloud tossed and turned in bed that night, feeling restless. It had been too long since he'd experienced Sephiroth's touch. His body tingled and itched all over, longing to be used and pleasured.

It was then that he heard Sephiroth's voice in his brain, calling him. He sat up straight in the bunk, his heart leaping with happiness. "Come to me now," Sephiroth was calling. Cloud slipped out of bed. He could feel that Sephiroth was close.

It didn't take long for Cloud to throw some clothes on and sneak out of camp. It was the dead of night and no one was awake to notice him. He made his way down the streets of the downtown district of Junon, and about halfway to the apartment, he began to get the feeling that he was being followed. But at the same time, he could feel that Sephiroth was very close, so his brain jumped to the correct conclusions. Sephiroth was stalking him to the apartment for his own excitement.

Frankly, Cloud liked the idea too. His heart began to race even more than it had been as he glanced around furtively, letting himself get lost in the game fully. He could now hear the footsteps following him, and he hurried faster down the alleyway. His breath was ragged as he made it to the apartment building and threw the door open. He climbed the stairs two at a time, his lungs burning with exertion. But all the while he could hear the steady, rapid tapping of Sephiroth's boots on the stairs below at each turn.

Cloud dashed into the apartment, and was immediately pounced upon by Sephiroth. He was slammed up against the wall, and Sephiroth was behind him, holding him captive. "I've got you now, you filthy little whore," he growled into Cloud's ear. "You can't get away."

"No," Cloud whimpered pathetically, even though he was delighted to have Sephiroth with him once again. His cock sprang to life under his running shorts as he playfully struggled in Sephiroth's strong arms.

"Yes," Sephiroth hissed back. "I'm going to fuck you, right here, up against this wall."

"Ahh..." Cloud's voice was muffled as Sephiroth reached around him and inserted his fingers into his mouth. The hand was quickly brought back down and shoved into the back of Cloud's shorts.

"You like getting it in here, don't you, you nasty bitch?" Sephiroth growled, jamming his longest finger inside of Cloud's ass.

"Oh! Ohhh!" Cloud cried out. "Y-Yes... I like it straight up my ass."

Sephiroth groaned in delight, removing his hand and then ripping Cloud's shorts down. He opened his pants enough to get his swollen, throbbing cock out, and then he pushed it insistently up against Cloud's hole. Cloud struggled to stay standing as he was penetrated, but Sephiroth held him up, panting and groaning into his ear as he made it all fit.

Then Sephiroth began ramming into him. It was a frenzied, breathless affair for both of them, almost like they had to get this first round out and over with to relieve the suffocating desire they had been feeling for each other. Cloud reached down and jerked himself haphazardly, splattering the wall and his own stomach with semen within seconds. Sephiroth was just a moment behind, filling Cloud with insistent liquid heat with a mighty roar.

They clung to each other in the aftermath, their overheated bodies sticking together. It had been hot outside, and they both had gotten sweaty in their chase and of course the resulting acquisition. So that was why they found themselves in the shower a few minutes later. Sephiroth was behind Cloud once again, washing his whole body in that surprisingly gentle manner. He paid special attention between Cloud's legs, soaping up his genitals and ass over and over until Cloud was hard as a rock and trembling.

Sephiroth gave a wicked smirk, taking his own recovered erection in hand. He rubbed it between Cloud's ass cheeks, then angled it down more and made it glide past Cloud's perineum and nudge the back of his scrotum. Cloud was moaning, gasping for breath as the shower stream cascaded over his face. He wriggled against Sephiroth, trying to get the man to put it inside of him. But Sephiroth was more interested in teasing his young cadet.

He reached around the front of Cloud with one hand and stroked his cock a couple times, then raked his fingernails lightly over Cloud's upper thigh and stomach. Cloud whimpered, bending forward slightly at the waist. Sephiroth chuckled, looking down at Cloud's ass. His hole was twitching and clearly hungry. Sephiroth knelt down and lashed out at it with his tongue, making Cloud scream in delight.

Sephiroth pulled back and smiled deviously, watching how Cloud wiggled nervously and pushed himself backwards, wanting more. Sephiroth lavished some more attention on the sensitive little spot, tracing the tip of his tongue around it as he reached forward between Cloud's legs and fondled his balls. Cloud moaned at the sensation, his erection now throbbing and dripping heavily from the tip, though the flow from the shower head rinsed it away as quickly as it could come out. His hands grabbed out at the slick tile shower walls as he tried to stay upright.

Sephiroth stood back up, reaching around front of Cloud and wrapping his hand around his cock. He rubbed his thumb over the slit again and again, enjoying the pathetic little cries and whimpers Cloud gave in response. At the same time, he used his other hand to slowly push the head of his cock just an inch into Cloud's ass. Cloud made a low moan, his head falling forward and the water pushing all his blond hair over his forehead and into his eyes.

Sephiroth chuckled to himself, but did not attempt to put any more of himself inside. He just continued to caress only the tip of Cloud's manhood while the head of his own cock stretched out the boy.

Cloud gave a few broken cries, trying to push backwards. "Pl-please..." he stammered. "All the way in..."

"What was that?" Sephiroth asked, barely hiding the mirth in his voice. "What do you want?"

"In..." Cloud gasped. "You... inside..."

"I can't hear you. Speak up," Sephiroth commanded.

Cloud groaned raggedly. "Oh god, please!" he cried. "I need your cock inside of me!"

"It is in you," Sephiroth pointed out, smirking.

"All the way!" Cloud begged. "Shove it in all the way!" He was nearly delirious with desire now, Sephiroth's fingers on his cock getting him dangerously close to the brink.

Sephiroth gave a low chuckle and then slammed his hips forward, impaling Cloud fully. Cloud screamed out, and Sephiroth felt the resulting gush of slippery hotness between his fingers. Cloud's insides jerked and spasmed as well, and Sephiroth shut his eyes and groaned. There was nothing better than being deep inside of this boy. He was so hot, so tight, so perfect. Sephiroth knew he wouldn't be able to last long, not with Cloud melting all around him. He thrust rapidly for a few moments, then spurted out deep inside with an ecstatic growl.

Sephiroth stayed inside, savoring the feeling, for a few moments longer, then pulled out. He had to hold the rapidly wilting Cloud up as he washed off his body once more. Cloud turned around, laying his head against Sephiroth's chest as Sephiroth reached down and washed his ass gently. Cloud sighed softly, his eyes closing happily. Sephiroth inclined his head down to see Cloud's contented face, and chuckled.

Then he shut the water off and urged the boy out, where he dried them both off. Sephiroth pulled back his wet hair, and then commanded Cloud into the bedroom. Cloud went obediently, and Sephiroth reached out and swatted his ass hard as he passed him. Cloud let out a surprised yelp, his cheeks going pink. He scurried the rest of the way to the bed, and threw himself on his stomach, glancing back at Sephiroth in apprehension and excitement.

Sephiroth strode forward. His right hand came down hard on Cloud's upper thigh, making the boy cry out. Sephiroth smirked. This could be very fun. He turned swiftly and rummaged in the top drawer of the dresser for his riding crop. His fingers wrapped firmly around it, and he turned back around. The frightened look in Cloud's eyes at the sight of the riding crop had a favorable impression on him, and his cock was almost instantly hard.

He fell upon Cloud with a flurry of blows, whipping his bottom until it was practically glowing red. Cloud cried out and wailed the whole time, begging for mercy. "Please! Don't!" he cried.

Sephiroth paused, tracing the tip along the lower perimeter of Cloud's red ass. "And what will you do for me if I stop?"

"Anything you want," Cloud gasped.

Sephiroth snorted, throwing the riding crop aside. He wrapped a hand around his cock. "Suck me. And it better be good, or I'll whip you even more," he threatened.

Cloud rose up eagerly, moving onto his hands and knees as Sephiroth got up onto the bed with him and put his cock in his face. Cloud quickly took it into his mouth, sucking and licking every inch to the best of his ability. Sephiroth groaned softly in pleasure, petting Cloud's wet blond hair as he worked. He wrapped his fingers around the base of his cock and stroked towards Cloud's mouth as the boy sucked the tip rhythmically.

"Yes, that's it..." he moaned. "Mmm... get ready," he warned, and then spurted out heavily into Cloud's mouth. Cloud swallowed it obediently, then took his mouth off and looked up at Sephiroth expectantly.

Sephiroth gave a little smirk, and then slid back on the bed, sitting up against the headboard. He spread his thighs wide, bending his knees slightly. "Come here," he commanded.

Cloud crawled forward, and once he was close, Sephiroth grabbed him by the head and put it between his legs. "Lick," he commanded. Cloud opened his mouth, licking at Sephiroth's satisfied member. "Lower," Sephiroth urged. Cloud moved down, laving Sephiroth's scrotum now. "Lower," Sephiroth urged again, and Cloud flattened his chest down to the bed, turning his head and letting his tongue bathe Sephiroth's hole.

Sephiroth groaned in pleasure. "That's it," he murmured. He reached down and tangled his fingers in Cloud's still damp hair, tugging slightly. "Do it harder now," he ordered the boy.

Cloud worked for all he was worth, wanting to please his wonderful lover. "That's good," Sephiroth finally said. Cloud pulled back slightly, and bit his lip happily when he saw how rigid Sephiroth's cock had become. "Straddle me," Sephiroth grunted.

Cloud nodded, sitting up. He climbed onto Sephiroth, spreading his legs around his waist. Sephiroth took him by the hips and centered him on the head of his cock, then shoved him down with a groan. Cloud cried out in pleasure, white hot ecstasy rippling through his whole body. He used his thighs to lift and lower himself, his erection bobbing up and down as he moved.

"Touch yourself," Sephiroth commanded. Cloud hesitated slightly, and Sephiroth spoke again. "Do it. I want to watch."

Cloud swallowed hard, getting excited. He wrapped his hand around himself and began to stroke, whimpering softly as he did so. Sephiroth was watching him intently, pushing his hips upwards to meet Cloud's downward motions. They were moving somewhat slowly, but the pace felt right to both of them, so they made no moves to hasten their love making.

Cloud dropped his head and moaned, his hand continuing to caress his own length over and over. Sephiroth grunted, and lifted a hand from Cloud's hip to bring it to the back of his head. He pulled Cloud inwards, smashing their mouths together and kissing the boy insistently.

Cloud kissed him back, humming softly into his lover's mouth. Their tongues twirled together, dancing. Sephiroth sucked aggressively on Cloud's tongue for a moment, then pulled back so that he could continue to watch Cloud stroke himself to completion.

Cloud moaned, moving his hand faster now. Sephiroth returned both of his hands to Cloud's hips and helped him move up and down. Cloud's mouth fell open, and his eyes shut as he felt his rapture approaching. Sephiroth rammed upwards, hissing as he worked himself to the brink as well. Then, they climaxed together, their voices crying out in a beautiful harmony.

Cloud fell forward, his forehead resting on Sephiroth's shoulder. Sephiroth gently eased him off of his lap and lay him down on the bed, then rolled towards him. Cloud moved in close, his face pressed into Sephiroth's chest, and his breath slowed down until it was clear that he was sleeping peacefully.

Sephiroth watched him sleep, all sorts of strange feelings rising up in him. What was happening to him?