Sephiroth frowned down at the letter in his hands. Why did Rufus Shinra want to see him? The wording of the letter was vague, but insistent. Sephiroth tossed it aside with a grunt. He would ignore it. Rufus wasn't his boss, after all.

Then he turned back and picked up the letter once more. Rufus was the next in line to be his boss. Even though his position as vice president was mostly honorary, being the son of the president and all, it was widely known that he would succeed his father as president and CEO of Shinra, Inc one day. So there was no reason to get on his bad side.

Sephiroth pulled on his leather trenchcoat and gloves, and headed out. Bureaucracy. He snorted. That was the worst part of his job. The endless meetings, committees and discussions. Why couldn't they just let him do his job? There was no one stronger or more talented on the battlefield than him. Why couldn't they just leave him alone to do as he wished?

His thoughts made the walk to Rufus's office in northern Junon fly by in seemingly a minute. Soon, he was being ushered into the mahogany and white leather furnished executive suite by Rufus's personal secretary. Rufus rose from his large, plush chair, and gestured for Sephiroth to have a seat across from him. Sephiroth removed his gloves and looked at Rufus impatiently.

"I'm sure you're wondering why I called you here," Rufus began. "The truth is... I've heard some rumors lately."

"Oh?" One silver eyebrow arched, but there was no sign of worry on Sephiroth's face. It took a lot to trouble him.

"You see, people are talking."

"So?" That was Sephiroth's only concern. Not why people were talking, or what they were talking about - he wanted to know why it even mattered.

Rufus smiled, a slow, cruel smile that had terrified many a subordinate. It transformed his usually mild, handsome face into something quite menacing. "Well... other executives are wondering why you are spending so much time in Junon."

"Why does it matter?" Sephiroth replied. "I'm between missions right now. Is there something you'd prefer I'd be doing instead?"

"No, it's not that... you see, it's come to my notice that you have been... ahem... borrowing a certain cadet from the training camp on a regular basis."

A flicker of something deadly flashed through Sephiroth's eyes for just a moment, but his expression did not change. He said nothing at all.

"Could you explain what the purpose of taking this cadet away from camp is?" Rufus queried, still looking calm and slightly bemused with the whole situation.

"I could... but I won't," Sephiroth responded. He stood up, pulling his gloves back on with a trace of annoyance. "This is what you called me here about? What a waste of time," he grunted.

"I'll kindly request that you sit back down," Rufus said, still with that cruel smile on his face. "May I remind you that I am technically your superior?"

Sephiroth snorted in disgust. He did not reclaim his seat, but paused in his exit to give Rufus time to finish whatever the fuck he had to say. Just out with it already. Quit playing around.

"While I'm aware that you have a general's privilege to requisition any troops as you see fit... that usually only extends to missions and war times. In other cases, you really ought to explain what the purpose of the requisition is."

"Are you asking me what I'm using this cadet for?" Sephiroth grunted.

Rufus dipped his head in assent, still smiling.

Sephiroth leaned forward, placing one elbow on Rufus's polished desk. He looked straight into the man's eyes. "It's none of your damn business."

"Oh please, let's not be uncivil," Rufus responded, laughing menacingly. "This is all I'm asking of you. I want an explanation. And well, if you can't explain it in words... perhaps you can show me?"

Sephiroth straightened back up and looked disgusted. What the hell was this?

"I can tell by the look on your face that you've misunderstood me. All I'm asking for is a... let's say, a demonstration of the use this cadet has for you. I'd like to observe what purpose he fulfills."

Realization slowly dawned over Sephiroth, but he remained impassive. "And if I refuse?"

Rufus leaned back in his chair, splaying his hands. "I'm not saying anything definite would or wouldn't happen... but it wouldn't be out of the realms of possibility that the boy would be reassigned to guard duty in some far off place. Perhaps somewhere dangerous that he might not return from?"

That deadly flash went through Sephiroth's eyes again, and his nostrils flared. It was taking every ounce of his self control to restrain himself from flying across that desk and choking the life out of Rufus right then and there.

"Oh dear, I seem to have made you angry." Rufus gave a wicked laugh. "There's no need to get angry. If you simply accede to my request, everything will turn out fine. So here is what I am asking..."

Later that night, Cloud could hear that overwhelming call in his head, summoning him to Sephiroth's apartment. He made his way there immediately, with that thrilling, arousing fear spreading through his whole body, making him hot and flushed.

When he reached the apartment, he was surprised to be met by Sephiroth at the door. The man had a slim, silver briefcase in one hand, and he took Cloud by the wrist and led him wordlessly back out and down the hallway. Cloud started to ask something, but then thought better of it. They came to an elevator, where Sephiroth quickly tapped a code on the touchscreen. With an ominous sounding ding, the doors opened and the two men entered.

Cloud watched the numbers rise on the monitor, until the very topmost one, simply labeled "P", was lit up. The doors opened once more and they alighted into a posh penthouse. Cloud was looking around in amazement as Sephiroth led him deeper inside.

They ended up in a large bedroom, where Sephiroth pushed Cloud down onto the bed without hesitation. "Strip," he grunted, as he laid the briefcase on the side table and opened it. Cloud trembled as he pulled off his tank top, for he saw lube and the riding crop amongst other things that he didn't immediately recognize.

Cloud had just removed his pants when a soft whirring noise brought his attention to the far wall. A heavy black curtain was opening up to reveal a large glass plate window behind it. But instead of it looking out at the skyline of Junon, there was a blond man in a three piece white suit. Cloud couldn't help but utter a frightened cry as he tried to cover himself. "Who... why?"

Sephiroth had grabbed his wrists and moved his covering hands away. "Relax," he hissed. "Just pretend like he's not even there." Cloud was still trembling, so Sephiroth took his chin in hand in lowered his face close in. "Do this for me," he urged in a low voice, and Cloud was surprised at how tender his voice sounded.

He didn't have much time to think or consider, because Sephiroth captured his lips just seconds later. They shared a hot, greedy kiss which lasted for a full minute. When they broke apart for air, Sephiroth straightened up and made a gesture. "Hands and knees. Now. I want to inspect you."

Cloud scrambled to comply, getting on all fours. Sephiroth retrieved the riding crop, and used it to draw lines along Cloud's body as he openly ogled him. He used the tip of it to tease at one hard little nipple, then slid it along the underside of his belly. He drew it across Cloud's weeping, rigid cock, earning a cry of delight from the cadet. "Have you masturbated?" Sephiroth asked him sharply.

"Oh no, no sir," Cloud breathed. "I saved it all for you, like you told me to."

Sephiroth smirked. "I can tell. Look how wet you've already gotten. You're about to burst, aren't you?" Sephiroth dragged the riding crop from base to tip a few times.

"Mmm..." Cloud assented, biting his lip.

"And this?" Sephiroth murmured, turning his attention to Cloud's ass. He used his hands to spread Cloud wide and examined his twitching hole. "Is it hungry for me?"

"Ohhh..." Cloud moaned. "S-so hungry. I w-want you inside of me, so bad. Please..."

"Fucking whore," Sephiroth swatted him suddenly with the riding crop, making Cloud cry out in pain and delight. "I'll tell you if and when I'll fuck you." Sephiroth smirked and switched him a few more times. "But you want it pretty bad, don't you?"

"Oh god, yes, I do..." Cloud panted. He arched his back. "Please... you can do anything to me... just, please..."

Sephiroth whipped him one more time. He spread Cloud's ass again, and dipped his head in between, tonguing at the sensitive little opening. "Oh, god!" Cloud wailed. His face turned red as he suddenly remembered there was someone else there. He glanced over, and was startled and somewhat delighted to see that the man was openly masturbating while watching them.

Cloud's attention was drawn back to Sephiroth as he heard the sounds of Sephiroth removing his own clothing. He had grabbed the lube, and was slicking himself down as he got up on the bed with Cloud. Cloud moaned softly as he felt the head of Sephiroth's cock press against his hole, and then he screamed out in pleasure as it was shoved inside.

"Ohhh... so tight..." Sephiroth hissed, holding on to Cloud's hips. He slid in and out slowly for a few moments, then began to ram Cloud hard. Cloud moaned and reached for his own cock to stroke it, but Sephiroth slapped his hand away sharply. "I'll do that, you dirty little whore." He wrapped one strong hand around Cloud's erection and jerked it roughly.

"Ahh!" Cloud cried. He was hurtling over the brink now. His release spurted out into Sephiroth's stroking hand, and dripped down onto the bed below.

"Oh... yes..." Sephiroth groaned, as the convulsions of Cloud's body took him over the edge. He gave a loud roar as he pulsed out deep inside of the boy.

As he sighed and rode out last waves of his orgasm, he looked over towards the glass partition. Rufus had his legs splayed wide and was jerking himself rapidly, obviously enjoying the show.

Sephiroth smirked and then looked back down on Cloud. He pulled out and then flipped the boy over. Cloud was flushed and sweaty underneath him, and Sephiroth stretched out to the side table to grab a long, black piece of cloth. He used it to bind Cloud's wrists together and then he tied the end to the headboard. Cloud's arms were extended overhead, and he looked deliciously vulnerable like that. His blond hair dipped over his half lidded eyes, and his cheeks were pink as he breathed heavily in anticipation.

Sephiroth took both of Cloud's thighs and pushed them up and back, and then penetrated him from the front with his reawakened cock. Cloud screamed out in ecstasy, straining against his bonds. "Oh, fuck yes..." Sephiroth swore. "Look at you getting fucked, you little whore. Look at your cock getting so hard from me fucking you, and you can't even touch it."

Sephiroth cut his eyes over at Rufus right at that second, and saw that the man was erupting all over himself. Apparently their show was a hit. Sephiroth just smirked and looked back down on Cloud, pounding him mercilessly. "Sephiroth.. please..." Cloud begged.

"Please what?" Sephiroth grunted. "You want me to touch you?"

"Oh, god, yes please," Cloud wailed.

Sephiroth simply clucked his tongue. "Too bad. I'm not going to. Do you know why?" Cloud shook his head, looking piteous. "Because I know what a horny little slut you are, and I know how much you like getting penetrated. I think you can cum just from having me inside of you."

"Oh, Sephiroth," Cloud moaned. Sephiroth leaned in closer, catching Cloud's mouth for a hungry kiss, and he changed the angle that he was thrusting at.

The change in Cloud was immediate. His back arched, his thighs splayed further to the sides. Sephiroth could feel his body shaking terribly. "Oooh..." Sephiroth groaned. "I feel your hungry little ass grabbing me so tight. Oh, yes. You love this. Cum for me, my pretty whore."

"Sephiroth!" Cloud screamed. "Ohhh!" His cock twitched and then began pulsing out hot ivory liquid all over his abdomen.

"Oh, yessss..." Sephiroth hissed. "Take it. Take it all." He thrust himself inside as deeply as he could, and then gave a deep growl of delight. He quickly pulled out and took himself in hand as he began to climax. He stroked it rapidly, jetting ribbons of semen all over Cloud's face and body. "Oh, yeah..." Sephiroth groaned, enjoying seeing Cloud decorated so obscenely. Cloud just moaned in rapture, longing to reach out and touch Sephiroth, but unable to due to the bonds around his wrists.

After Sephiroth pulled out the last drops, he collapsed down onto Cloud. "That was amazing," he breathed in Cloud's ear. They lay together for a few more moments, then Sephiroth reached up and loosened the black cloth, freeing Cloud's hands. Cloud wrapped his arms around Sephiroth's neck.

They finally came out of their haze of bliss a little while later, and Sephiroth got a small towel from the briefcase. He used it to wipe them off, then they slowly redressed. Cloud glanced towards the glass, and was surprised to see that the man had disappeared.

He gasped as Sephiroth took his chin in hand and pulled his face in close. "Good job," he murmured, and then kissed Cloud deeply.

Cloud moaned into the kiss, his face blushing most becomingly.

Sephiroth didn't hear anything from Rufus for three whole days. Then a letter arrived, typed on official Shinra stationery. It read:

General Sephiroth,

Your request for a personal assistant has been approved. The Junon Training Camp has been advised that Cloud Strife (Private) is to be released from their jurisdiction into your supervision immediately.

Please be aware that monthly observations of your assistant's performance will be required. These will be scheduled one week in advance pending your schedule.


The Office of Rufus Shinra

Vice President, Shinra Incorporated

Sephiroth slowly refolded the letter and placed it back in the envelope. Then he leaned back in his chair, smiled, and closed his eyes, sending out a summons.