Got these from livejournal :) Thanks Crimson Cataclysm for the tip :) It's my first time writing a one sentence drabble kind of story, so... Yeah okay I'll stop talking.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. Sadly. Though I've put up my bid for it.


01. Air:
The first time Sapphire realizes how much she needs Ruby, it's when she's at the bottom of the lake, without her Pokemon, and a leg that doesn't look like it should be bent that way; as two arms wrap around her she tries to breathe.

02. Apples:
"I don't like apples," he mutters to a gleeful Sapphire, "I always think they're going to make my teeth go crooked."

03. Beginning:
Within three moves, he's got her queen in a tight position, and she forces herself to stay calm, like she has in every situation; a smirk forms as she tells herself it's just the beginning of a very, very complicated game.

04. Bugs:
"I can't believe you're not scared of bugs, you act enough like a girl anyway!"

05. Coffee:
Ruby makes a note to never to give Sapphire coffee again, as she terrorizes the salesperson behind the counter, the same salesperson who had just complimented Sapphire on the new blouse Ruby had forced her to wear.

06. Dark:
He holds her close as she gasps and sobs, but he can't help a surprised, soft smile as he realizes that his fearless jungle girl is actually scared of the dark.

07. Despair:
In those dark moments, it's when they look at each other and feel something stirring within them, something they privately call hope.

08. Doors:
Norman hears the front door slam, and he looks at his wife, simply muttering, "Well, they've had one of their fights again."

09. Drink:
Sapphire is amused when she tells Ruby that his Pokemon look dehydrated, therefore causing him to frantically grab his canteen and practically shove the water down Nana's throat, telling it to drink up.

10. Duty:
She sees it as her duty to toughen him, he sees it as his duty to soften her; everyone else sees it as their duty to shut them up and get them together.

11. Earth:
"I swear, sometimes your head's so up in the clouds I wonder if you're on the right planet."

12. End:
He holds her limp body in the rain, simply saying over and over, "This can't be the end, it can't be; wake up Sapph, wake up!"

13. Fall:
The one thing that he hates about flying on Sapphire's Pilo is that sometimes, it will swoop without warning and throw him off, just for the fun of watching him yell as he plummets.

14. Fire:

Green notes wryly that despite Sapphire's blue outfit, she seems fiercer than Ruby, who wears red but moves to the tempo of a calmer ocean.

15. Flexible:
She smacks her forehead when he goes into a five minute rapturous speech about the many ways Mimi can show off its acrobatic skills to the judges; but secretly, she admits that she likes hearing his voice and adapting to his ideas of beauty.

16. Flying:
Sapphire likes hopping on Pilo and taking off into the blue skies, often dragging Ruby along; despite his initial fear of heights, she knows that he eventually gives in because he likes being next to her.

17. Food:
Both of them are secretly amazed at how much Diamond can eat at an All-You-Can-Eat contest; everyone else is amazed at how secretive they think they're being, sharing the same plate of food and holding hands under the table.

18. Foot:
Zuzu can't help but burst out laughing at how stupid Ruby looks hopping around, clutching his foot because Sapphire accidentally stabbed it, thinking it was a stray Ekans… or something.

19. Grave:

He thinks- no, he knows- that it's selfish of him to want to die first so he'll never have to go through the pain of seeing her name on her gravestone.

20. Green:
"Interesting color you got there," Ruby comments a little too happily when Sapphire first sees the dress he created for her on April Fool's Day.

21. Head:
His head is a little too big and isn't quite as proportional to his body, but when he rests it on her head and wraps his long arms around her, she finds that she can't really complain.

22. Hollow:

When she finally breathes and leaves him, he can't help but break down and sob, anything to help fill the empty hole that consumes his entire heart; chasms that yawn and swallow everything that ever existed.

23. Honor:
"But why is the 'h' silent?" Sapphire asks for the tenth time that day, causing Ruby to seriously wonder if he might get a concussion from banging his head against the wall.

24. Hope:
In that brief moment when the dust kicks up and Ruby can't see anything save the roars of Kyogre and Groudon, he experiences a moment where he believes (prays) Sapphire is all right and out of the way of this mess.

25: Light:

It's a testament to how strong Ruby has gotten when he silently picks up a protesting Sapphire with no effort whatsoever and carries her back to her father's lab despite her very vocal- and physical- attacks.

26. Lost:
"I feel like this is the fiftieth time we've passed this tree," Ruby grumbles as Sapphire gulps and tries to conceal the fact that she had been reading the map of the region of Kanto this entire time.

27. Metal:

Sapphire doesn't know why metal reminds her of Ruby- it is cold while he is warm, inflexible while he bends to her every whim.

28. New:

"You don't like it?" he asks in confusion as she fingers the new bandanna he gave her; she looks up, and with a familiar growl, says simply, "It has sequins in it."

29. Old:

As they go from twelve year olds to taller nineteen year olds, the seniors notice with amusement that despite their advancement in years, Ruby and Sapphire still bicker like children.

30. Peace:
Norman and Professor Birch enjoy the momentary silence that sits between them, choosing to ignore the muffled yelling that's coming from outside.

31. Poison:
"Romeo was stupid for drinking the poison to begin with," she declares, and while Ruby agrees, he gives her a tender peck on her lips, murmuring, "If it was an excuse to kiss Juliet, I don't blame him."

32. Pretty:
Despite Blue, Yellow, Platinum and Crystal assuring her that she looks fantastic in the halter neck blue dress, she only believes them when she steps outside and Ruby's jaw hits the ground.

33. Rain:
Ruby doesn't like the rain; it reminds him that it gets his Pokemon wet, and more importantly, it reminds him that there'll be no flying on Pilo with Sapphire.

34. Regret:

While Gold moans about how he never took his chances with Crystal, Ruby zones out, thinking gratefully about how he never has to deal with that.

35. Roses:
He overhears her telling his mom about how much she hates roses; so the next day, he shows up with a bouquet of lilies instead.

36. Secret:
They think that they're keeping their relationship under wraps and nobody knows they're dating; so they're considerably startled one day when Red and Green sit down, fold their arms and seriously ask them if they've had 'The Talk' yet.

37. Snakes:
When Professor Birch tells him about how Sapphire used to dislike snakes, he puts a rubber Ekans in the cave just for the fun of it; later, as he nurses a bruised nose, he wonders aloud how the heck was he supposed to know she still despised them?

38. Snow:
During winter, they travel to Snowpoint City to meet up with the other Dex Holders; Sapphire is so cold that Ruby hugs her the whole time, earning himself a playful snowball in the head by Emerald (who mutters gleefully to himself, "Not dating, my foot," and claims ten bucks from a grumbling Gold).

39. Solid:

When Sapphire wakes up screaming from the ghosts of the past, he jolts awake and scrambles over to her sleeping bag; she eventually falls asleep in his strong arms because it feels like he's always going to be there.

40. Spring:

"Don't they say love is in the air during spring?" she asks innocently, and gets a kick out of watching Ruby blush and stammer something about how he had forgotten about the aircar incident (even though she hadn't even asked).

41. Stable:

Blaine's nice enough to invite them to the stables where he keeps his Ponyta, and allows them to take a ride on them across the plains; Sapphire wonders how Ruby's so balanced on his horse while she's practically falling off.

42. Strange:

Sapphire and Ruby agree that both Gold and Silver are one strange pair; they don't know that the two Johto boys say the same thing about them.

43. Summer:

"No," he emphasizes as patiently as he can, "Summer is before autumn, not after winter," and she waves off the explanations, saying it's all the same in Hoenn anyway.

44. Taboo:
How was she supposed to know that she couldn't wear white after Memorial Day?

45. Ugly:

Ruby chokes on his ice when Sapphire tentatively brings up the question of her image; he can't stop coughing long enough to tell her that in no way does she resemble a hideous monster, in fact she's the most beautiful girl he's ever seen.

46. War:

"Make peace, not war," she announces proudly, quoting from the book she's actually reading, and he snorts, not looking up from his sewing as he says "Well, they've obviously never met us, have they?"

47. Water:
When Ruby and her fight, she often storms off to the lake, where she can stare at the water and be reminded of the water type Pokemon Ruby always has by his side.

48. Welcome:

In every city, Sapphire is welcomed as a renowned Dex Holder, but she's never received a warmer welcome than her boyfriend lounging by the mouth to the secret hideout, grinning as he holds his arms out to her.

49. Winter:
"I hate winter," she says to him from the comfort of Goldenrod; he sniffles, sneezes and then grumbles into his phone, "So do I."

50. Wood:
When they're both dragged up to Mt. Silver to visit Red, a very irate Green sends them to go get wood for the fire Red has apparently neglected to make for himself; they disappear for hours, and end up coming back with less firewood than Green expected.