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43 – Sky
"It's so big," Crystal says one day, observing the way blue skies rolled across the Johto region; Gold opens his mouth, saying "That's what she-" before Crystal decides to shut him up with a kiss.

Crystal had long since decided that her boyfriend was just like a typical perverted boy. How did she find out? Honestly, who wouldn't know, she grumbled often to Yellow and Blue (the latter wondered privately when Crystal had finally noticed this little quirk of Gold's).

Truthfully, she was getting a little irked by all the 'that's what she said' jokes. Privately, she blamed Silver and Emerald for this, because neither Green nor Red would stoop to such levels (she hoped- since one was too busy with his Gym and the other too busy freezing), and Ruby, Diamond and Pearl were such perfect gentlemen (well, the first two anyway, and only because Pearl was so loud he hardly noticed anything other than a comedic opportunity). Okay, she amended as she propped her chin on her hand- so maybe Silver wasn't to blame- Emerald, if anything, was the most likely culprit.

And so, that night, Crystal decided to give Gold a little talk the next day when they went out on their date.

To be fair, Crystal reminded herself the next day, he was still playing the perfect boyfriend. He showed up at her doorstep only five minutes late, brought her a bouquet of daisies (that looked like they had been plucked from Yellow's house but she chose not to ask), and even had a basket of food in his other hand. She raised an eyebrow at that last observation, and Gold caught her skeptical look. "Ruby dropped some food off yesterday when he dropped by to visit," he explained sheepishly. "You know how I am with food."

Crystal grinned. "At least I won't be dying of poisoning anytime soon," she teased lightly as she shed her usual lab coat and tossed it onto the nearby chair. Gold snorted in response before grabbing her hand and tearing headlong down the street.

It took them ten minutes of getting lost, but Gold eventually found the park where they were supposed to have their picnic date. "Hey, it's not my fault this place has miserable signs," he defended himself in response to Crystal's narrow-eyed stare. He grinned sheepishly again, proffering the basket in apology. "Food?"

Crystal shook her head in exasperation even as Gold began to set out the picnic blanket. "You're hopeless," she said fondly, even though her tone was sarcastic.

"Hopeless, but adorable, right?" Gold beamed.

Crystal shook her head again, rolling her eyes as she did so. Hey maybe, she thought hopefully to herself, he won't be making any perverted jokes today.

She crossed her fingers even as she settled down cross-legged onto the red and white checkered blanket.

"That was really good," Crystal said later, leaning back onto the grass after she had taken a bite of Ruby's strawberry pie. "I honestly don't think I've had a pie that delicious in my life. Ever."

"Mmmf," Gold muttered from his position on the grass. He was lying on his front, his face buried in his arms. "Mmmff."

"I can't hear you, Gold," Crystal remarked, uncrossing her legs and stretching them in the air. "Oww, this position was really uncomfortable."

"That's what she said," Gold grinned, coming off the ground before dropping his head back into his arms.

Crystal threw her apple core at him. "That wasn't even a good one," she said drily.

Gold threw the apple core right back at her. "That's okay," he said wickedly as he lifted his head back up, his bright eyes glittering in the sunlight. "Did you have a good time today?"

Crystal lit up, instantly forgetting her irritation with his jokes. "Yeah. I haven't had this much fun in ages. We should do this again."

"Just the two of us?"

She narrowed her eyes at him, suspecting that he had some sort of devious plan under his innocent façade. "Yes…" she answered suspiciously.

"Having a really good time?" Gold blinked twice, and Crystal knew thenthat he was up to something.

"Sure…" she said, trying to figure out what on earth he was talking about.

"THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!" Gold bellowed before breaking down into fits of laughter. Alarmed, Crystal watched a flock of Murkrow break out of the trees nearby them and take flight, surprised by the sudden loud noise.

"Honestly, Gold?" Crystal huffed and folded her arms. "Must you be so immature?"

"It's part of my charm, you know it is," Gold answered playfully, flipping onto his back and inching closer to his semi-irritated girlfriend. "Besides. You know you fell right into that one." He leaned forward-

"Don't even try kissing me with that mouth of yours."

Gold shrugged. "Oh well. I tried." He promptly received a wadded-up napkin in his face.

After a few minutes of silence, Crystal joined Gold on the ground. "It's really pretty," she commented. "The sky, I mean."

"Really?" Gold remarked. "Because I was kind of thinking of something else."

Crystal turned her head to look at her boyfriend, who had a small smile tugging at the side of his mouth. "What?" she asked, her curiosity piqued.

Gold smiled, looking up at the sky. "I was thinking that the sky wasn't quite as beautiful as the girl lying next to me," he commented. "You're right, you know. Today was really fun. We should try to do it together again sometime… no that's what she said joke here," he amended as an afterthought.

"Was that your moment of cheesiness for the day?" Crystal teased him, though her cheeks turned a little pink at the compliment he paid her.

"Sadly, yes." Gold grinned, turning his head to look at her now. "You'll have to pay for the next one."

The two of them settled into comfortable silence once again, both wrapped up in thoughts and dreams and contemplations. A Murkrow croaked nearby, the sound rippling through the serene quiet like a pebble hitting the surface of the water.

Crystal heaved a deep sigh. "The sky is just so beautiful," she said again. "Honestly can you imagine it? Everything we do, the sky can see. Somewhere underneath this sky, someone's doing the exact same thing we are."

"You're such a romantic," Gold drawled, "but I suppose maybe that's why I love you."

"Seriously though! Imagine. Somewhere in the Sinnoh region, this same blue sky is looking down on Diamond and Pearl and Platina."

"I doubt that, Pearl had a rather nasty case of sunburn last night when I saw him on videophone…"

"Well. You get the gist of it." Crystal let her fingers rest on Gold's.

There was a pause, before Crystal simply breathed, "It's so big."

Gold couldn't resist- the laughter was building inside of him- so he burst out with a guffaw: "THAT'S WHAT SHE-"

-and was promptly surprised when Crystal shut him up with a kiss instead. Dazed, he could only stare at his girlfriend as she pulled away from him. "What was that for?" he stammered.

She only rolled her eyes as she got up from where she was sitting, brushing off her clothes. "It was the only way to get you to shut up."

"Maybe I should make more jokes like that," Gold mused thoughtfully, already coming up with the next joke in his head.

Crystal only shook her head. "Don't try your luck."

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