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Narrator: Our Villain, Leo, now gotten the Cascade Badge and a good time, heads off towards the Vermillion Gym, what will happen next?

Leo was walking down the road onto Vermillion City when he heard some travelers whisper to each other, "Have you heard about that one Team Rocket chick who beat the Vermillion Gym? She apparently beat the leader and then had him have sex with her! Damn Lt. Surge is lucky."

Leo sighed and thought " I better hurry up and skip towards Celadon."

He got to Celadon City in a few seconds thanks to Kaballah, and walked towards the gym, where he knew he would fight against a female. He walked into the gym and yelled

"I have a bomb!"

The trainers at first laughed, turned and then screamed, seeing his shirt, and started to panic. Leo started to laugh so much he fell to the floor, unable to stand.

"I was joking people, you guys cant take a joke. Oh well, Kaballah! Use Hypnosis!"

Erika, the Gym leader, was unaffected by this and demanded "What is the meaning of this?"

Leo snickered and replied "It was a joke, and I wanted a battle no one else could see besides us."

Erika debated whether she should slap him or do nothing. Right when she reached an agreement, Leo sent out Kaballah in Charizard form.

"Why don't we just get this over with right now? Lets have one VS all your Pokemon, if I lose, you can arrest me, if I win, I get the badge and a view under your robe."

Erika blushed with embarrassment and yelled "Your on! But you wont win! Because its hopelessly outmatched!"

Leo laughed and answered " You wont be so cocky after this, Kaballah Extreme Heat!"

Kaballah unleashed a torrent of fire from his mouth, and then followed by a wave of hot air from his wings, and sent it flying Erika's Pokemon, it knocked out except for Tangela and Vileplume. Kaballah then changed into Alakazam, and Leo yelled "Amnesia!" Vileplume and Tangela were both hit by amnesia and fell down, unconscious.

"Erika, I beat you like I said, and you didn't even make a move." Leo bragged.

Erika gasped, realizing what that meant and tried to run away. She barely turned when she suddenly had trouble moving. She sniffed the air and exclaimed "Stun spore! But how?"

She turned around and saw Vileplume sending Stun spore at her and then looked at Leo "What did you do?"

Leo patted Kaballah and said "Amnesia usually has the power to make Pokemon forget. But this Amnesia has the power to brainwash them too! Tangela and Vileplume are now under my control."

Erika tried screaming for help, but at that moment, Tangela used Vine Whip, covering her mouth and restricting all movements. Tangela raised her into the air towards Leo, pants off already and smiling.

"Now now Erika, be reasonable, we have a deal."

"But why should I hold up a deal with a crook like you?" Erika retorted, and tried to spit at him. Leo sighed and snapped his fingers. Tangela's vine ripped off her clothes and headed towards her womanhood. She shrieked and tried to cover herself up, but to no avail. The vine penetrated into her, causing her to scream in pain and ecstasy. Tangela started to pick up speed, causing Erika to bounce up and down and start to squirt.

"My my, you don't seem that developed in the chest area, but it'll do." Leo remarked and began to flick her nipples.

"St-Stop I-it!" Erika stuttered, Leo smirked and rubbed her breast "Are you sure? Your nipples beg to differ. But I guess ill give you a break, Tangela, stop! VilePlume, do a minor Stun Spore!"

Erika fell to the floor, panting, but still desiring for more. Leo picked her up and placed his rod right next to her entrance. "Get ready, because I am."

He pushed in, and instantly gasped "Damn you have a tight pussy, I guess Tangela didn't loosen you. Too bad he took your virginity." He remarked. He sped up, keeping a nice pace, and then, he began to rush. Erika gasped and cried out "More! More! I need MORE!"

Leo smiled and asked "Its about time you caved in to your secret desire. You always wanted to be dominated by a man didn't you, you dirty whore." and changed positions. Erika now was on top and he was on the bottom, Erika remained confused until he instructed her to just bounce up and down. She did what she was told, and instantly climaxed at the experience. She screamed as she bounced, her under developed boobs jiggling. She started to scream obscene words like "Fuck me harder!" and "My pussy and I desire your manly juice!"

Leo raised one eyebrow and said "Its always the quiet ones." Erika gave out an ear splitting shriek and collapsed, but not before giving Leo a kiss on the mouth for a few seconds. Leo tried to surface for air, but Erika seemed to have recovered from the Stun Spore. She French kissed him, and exchanged saliva. After the pleasant exchange, she rose, and thanked Leo for the pleasant experience. She got up and started back towards the back room when she felt a hand grab hers. "Oh no honey, we ain't done yet!"

She was pulled back and was pushed onto the floor, she was already tired from her day and then being stunned multiple times and then raped does make you a bit tired.

Leo approached her and said, If your pussy was already very tight, what about your ass? If Erika was still the old Erika before getting raped, she would of objected, but now, she was lust obsessed, and actually begged for her ass to be violated. Little did they know, Erika would soon after this ordeal, will actually reward male winners a good time and female winners with a special type of Tangela.

He had to loosen her ass a bit with his fingers, adding another when it loosened, and finally his cock into her. She gave a whimper of pain but soon enough motioned to continue.

Leo at first went slowly, but then increased his pace as she wanted. Leo was already about to come due to the tightness and the cute noises she was making made him ever so more closer. Finally she gave an mixture of a moan and eep and climaxed.

Erika was down, but Leo was not, he got comfortable and decided to jizz in her ass. He got dressed and turned to leave, when he noticed one of Erika's Pokemon, Victreebel, turn into a deep basket with water in it, he stared at it with astonishment, poured out the water, and gasp when the basket magically replenished itself. Astonished, he grabbed a poke ball and captured it. While he walked out of the gym, the Rainbow Badge at hand, he wondered "All the past Gym Leaders with Dark Pokemon? Is that a coincidence, or is there another organization out there somewhere, plotting some evil plan?"

Once again, Leo called out Kaballah and teleported to Saffron City. He walked off to the Pokecenter, where he would shortly heal his Pokemon, contact Giovanni concerning the Dark Victreebel he now calls Aquarius, and then have some food.

After a short while in a secluded TV/Phone booth, he contacted Giovanni and informed him of this new development. Giovanni thought for a moment "If what you are saying is correct, It could be the new organization, Team Universal. Be on the look out, as a reward, you can keep that Victreebel. Giovanni, out."

Leo walked back to Nurse Joy, where he motioned into one of the rooms. "What is it Nurse Joy? Is there a problem?" Nurse Joy nodded and pointed at Victreebel, how did this Basket get into the poke ball? Only Pokemon can get in there."

Leo looked around for anything that would help him and saw a poster about jokes that would improve the mood, and I thought "This better work!"

"Im sorry Nurse Joy, it's a novelty poke ball, its supposed to send out any object in there."

Nurse Joy smiled with a believing look and walked away. Leo let out his breath and looked at her ass, Before he turned to Team Rocket, he always had a fixation on Nurse Joy's ass. His eyes narrowed when he saw something vibrating an a long piece of string going under her very short skirt.

"Nurse Joy!" He exclaimed. The fore mentioned person turned around and noticed where he was staring, she looked down and saw the string in plain sight, she blushed and tried to cover herself with her clipboard. "Please don't tell anyone! Every girl has their needs, and my job is very stressful, always dealing with Pokemon, and since im usually the only one behind the counters, I don't have to worry about being caught! Please, don't tell! I'll- I'll be your sex slave!"

Leo scratched his head and asked "Are all other Nurse joys like this?" Nurse Joy nodded and replied "Yes, we always tell each other different ways to relieve our stress, and this way works best. Im the only Nurse Joy who still has her Virginity thought, all others have Sex with the person who caught them."

Leo smiled and hugged Nurse Joy, he put a hand into her clothing and began to massage her breasts. His other hand went into the lower parts of her body and removed the vibrator. She moaned at this sudden action but didn't resist. Leo's finger pumped into her very wet pussy and she gave an excited whimper and came. Leo licked his finger clean and said "Once I finish my job, you'll get the rest of your reward, but first, id like my little guy in my pants to get his reward first."

Nurse Joy shyly blushed, and bent over to unzip his pants, once the final zipper was unzipped, the monster within was unleashed. She gave an eep but began to lick his cock. Her hands caressing his balls, Leo instantly came. She easily swallowed up all the juices and continued to deep throat him. In a matter of seconds, Leo came for the second time and happily sighed. "Aright Nurse Joy, that's very good. You can stop." Nurse Joy lifted her head and smiled "Oh no, Im not going to stop until milk you dry!" Leo was suddenly reminded how scary girls could be. A.N: (That's right, don't mess with us)

After an hour of continuous orgasms, Leo set off towards the Gym where he would get the Marsh Badge. Before going into the gym, he thought of what to say, "Ill go in and act like a hotshot, well, I already am, and Sabrina is part of Team Rocket. And hopefully get some action, Oh well, Be a man Leo!" Right when he opened the door, about to grandly announce his arrival, Sabrina popped up right in front of him and said "I sensed your arrival."

"EEEK!" Yelled Leo and fainted.

Leo awoke a few seconds later, in Sabrina's main room. "So much for being a man." he thought, "Ugh, where am I?" he asked to no one in particular, Sabrina popped up out of nowhere once again and answered, "You are in my private chambers, Your recent uproar has disturbed my Pokemon and I concentration. And your Team Rockets top DO member, amazing really."

Leo blushed and said "It wasn't my fault, you popping out of no where is a bad habit."

Sabrina coughed, "Right, and you're here for the Marsh Badge and to have your sexual drive fulfilled, am I right?"

Leo nodded, "Since you know what I want, why don't we cut the chase and get with it?"

Sabrina shook her head and said "I will only give myself to someone that deserves it, I will only give you the Marsh Badge and at most, a kiss, but only because you are part of Team Rocket! Not because I think your cute and I want you but im on my period and I don't want to get pregnant, yet!" Once she got to the middle of the speech, she turned so red, a tomato would be ashamed.

"You know, you're a very bad liar, but your very cute when your blushing you know that?" Leo said, while sweat dropping.

Sabrina blushed once again and yelled at Leo "Here's your badge and your kiss! Now get out before I change my mind and utterly destroy you!" She teleported forward and gave Leo a kiss, but her body didn't end there, she grabbed Leo and hugged him, and her hand quickly massaged Leo's manhood. But before Leo could be completely satisfied, Sabrina pulled away and tried to hide her face "I did not mean to do that! Now, Be gone!"

Leo licked his lips and said "I'll savor that moment Sabrina, Sayanora!"

Sabrina fell down onto her knees and held her hands up to her beating chest "He was so big! Why is my chest pumping and why does it feel so hot? Is this what people mean when they talk about Love?"

The young villain walked out of the gym, feeling aroused still, and started his long walk back to Base, "Jesse must of gotten 4 badges, while I only gotten 3, but I got myself a few ladies that can cater to my while now. Well, Sabrina might need a little more pushing, and then she could be mine to have whenever I want. I better prepare myself for her punishment."

Narrator: What will happen to Leo now? And why are some people whispering rumors about the top DO team splitting?"

WhatCooties: Hope you guys are happy about this chapter, although some of you might be upset by the next chapter, I really am sorry if you are. But its my story, not yours. Peace 3.