Dear Diary:

Once Vaughn's parents finished talking with my mom, they came to get Vaughn, but he decided to stay here with me. Everything is just a bit different between us, but if i could go back and change anything, i would change nothing at all. Well i shouldn't say that, i would want to change being rude to him on that first day of science club for him.

"Vaughn" i heard sarah call to find her son

"In here mom," he called out "whats wrong"

"Were leaving sweat heart" she said as she came in view

"Okay, I'll meet you back at home" he exclaimed "im going to spend just a little more time with Josie"

"Dont be late" she reminded him "Otherwise your dad will come back here and drag you home by your ear"

while i waited for them to finish, while i was typing up a story that i hope will help me to become an author one of these days. Its about The old Blake Holsey High, and all the adventures the science club went on. I will admit that i really do miss those old days, where we would travel through time streams and see everything we could see.

"Josie," i heard someone calling my name "Josie, are you dead"
"oh yeah," i said sarcastically "im dead"

"well i called out your name 5 times and you didn't answer"

"Sorry, im just really into writing these days"

I could here him put his feet to the ground, and stand up from my bed. The springs announcing that he was coming towards me. As fast as i could i saved my story, and closed out of the document before he could even try to see my story.

He came up behind me and saw there was no document on the screen, and soon enough he asked me where it went.

"guess you'll have to wait to read it" i teased him

"Sure i will" then he grabbed me in his arms from the chair and held me up close to him

"What are you up to" i questioned him "why did you pick me up from the chair"

"Because i thought it would be fun" he teased

He finally put me down after a moment of him holding me there, but he did keep his hands on my face. Then he pulled me closer to him as he leaned down, and gave me a small but passionate kiss on the lips.

"Im sorry," he apologized "but i have to go before my father drags me back by my ear."

"i thought your mom was just joking about that" i thought aloud

"no my dad will actually" he explained " he did it to me last year because i was home late"

"Okay then I'll miss you" i said as a goodbye

"I'll miss you too" he retorted "i promise to call you later tonight

"Cant wait"

He gave me one last kiss before he left me all alone in my room, as soon as he left i went out of my room to go wath t.v. In my living room, to await his call.