This is set if events in TUE had happened, and Clockwork did not save Danny. Also, for the world of Kuroshitsuji, I think…anything that does happen in the manga will occur...which means, I'm assuming that Ciel has died, Sebastian has eaten his soul, and all that. Alright, enough babbling, I'm gonna get started!


Danny had lost everything. He'd lost his home, his friends, and his family. He hadn't just lost his friends, but he'd lost the love of his life and there was only one thing that he knew was true.

Everything that happened…was all his fault.

Danny was one who was known for always blaming himself. He was the reason why his friends had no free time, the reason why they were sometimes in danger, everything. This time, he had every reason to blame himself. If he had been fast enough…or maybe if he just had that much more power. Heck, if he never existed, everyone would still be alive and well. Now he was receiving his punishment: he was to live with his arch nemesis until he was eighteen.

He had tried everything to avoid going with this man. He tried fighting his way to court, but everyone thought, well were convinced by his new guardian, it was simply post-traumatic stress. He tried running away, but he was quickly caught, since his guardian could employ any ghost in the Ghost Zone to find him. He'd even considered suicide, but then he realized that he'd be doing exactly what that man would want, seeing as though he could care less about his human self, and preferred his ghost half.

Well, he tried. He thought that if he could avoid going with this man, maybe the future would change. Maybe the future would never happen, and his family and friends would be around. But as one might say; the future is inevitable.

So, there he was, on the front porch of Vlad Masters. Vlad himself seemed to still be in mourning, but he could easily tell it was mostly a façade. He said mostly because Vlad was probably only mourning the death of Maddie.

"I'm so sorry, little badger…I can somewhat understand what you're going through at the moment…but maybe living here, with me, you can start from scratch. A," Vlad paused, "new beginning of sorts."

Danny refused to say anything. He'd hardly spoken since the accident, and everyone assumed it was because he was traumatized. However, Danny was still somewhat angry, however he was more frustrated than anything else. He knew that no one would listen to him, no matter what he did, and he knew that, no matter how much he would resist, the horrible future that will cause all this, will happen.

He shot a glare at Vlad, but he simply led him into the mansion. Vlad started giving him a tour of the place, showing him where the kitchen, the dining room, the bathroom, and his own room were. Danny didn't pay any attention to it. He only stared blankly into space.

Finally they had arrived at the room where Danny was to spend the next few years sleeping in. Danny walked in and looked around. It was a pretty big room. It had a large canopy bed, two big windows, each of which had thick curtains, a rug, a desk and some chairs. It was basically what one would expect from a rich manor.

"Well, I'll leave you to do what you want until dinner. It will be at six o'clock. Come down if you wish," Vlad finally said after a few moments. He turned to leave as Danny gave him a curt nod. After Vlad had closed the door, he heard him sigh and mutter, "Poor thing…" To this, Danny rolled his eyes.

Danny walked over to the bed at put his suitcase next to it. He sat down on it, and he soon felt extremely tired. He hadn't been able to get much sleep lately, and what little sleep he'd gotten was short because he kept having nightmares. He felt uneasy, however, like something in the back of his mind was telling him to not fall asleep. It was then that he noticed a weird smell coming from around his bed. 'Crap…chloroform…' he thought as he drifted asleep.

He finally beat Dan, and had captured him in the thermos. He felt a smile grace his lips, but remembered the situation of all those he loved. He turned around and ran towards them, trying to turn back into his ghost self. His energy was spent, and he was running only on adrenaline. He saw them getting further and further away as he ran as fast as he could. He felt tears stinging his eyes, as he ran into a rock and tripped. He felt like he was falling in slow motion, and he looked into everyone's eyes. Starting with his teacher, then his parents, then his sister, his best friend, and lastly, the one he loved.

"Noooooooooooooooo!" he screamed, maybe hoping that the metal that was holding the sauce would hear him, and spare them. It was to no avail. It exploded and he was sent flying back. He felt shrapnel enter his arms as his body had automatically moved his arms to shield his face. He didn't feel it. The only thing that he thought and felt were those eyes: the fear that they couldn't disguise, pleading for help, the hope that he would somehow save them as he did so many times in the past, the realization that their deaths were now imminent. He felt it all as he landed on his back.

Meanwhile, Vlad had strapped Danny to the chair. He had restricted both his arms and legs. If Danny woke up during the procedure, he wouldn't be able to move. He had strapped on what looked like a modified version of the Ghost Gauntlets, which had claws that resembled those of Wulf. He looked over at Danny, and he could tell he was having a nightmare. It would only take a few more minutes, and Danny's pain would be no more.

He took a deep breath and shoved the claws into Danny's chest. At this point Danny woke up, screaming bloody murder. Had the walls not been sound proof, someone would've probably called the police. Danny started to thrash around in the restraints as Vlad pulled at something in Danny. After a few minutes of tugging and pulling, Danny's ghost half was separated from Danny's human half.

Danny's human half was drenched in sweat, and seemed incredibly pale. However, he was looking up in terror at his ghost half. Danny's ghost half, on the other hand, looked extremely angry, and he reached down to wrench the claws out of his body. He was able to take them out, but they were covered in ectoplasmic blood, and he had two holes in his abdomen where the gloves had been. The entity glared angrily at Vlad and picked him up with the gloves. He easily ripped Vlad's ghost half from his human half and it landed a few feet away.

It seemed as though Danny's ghost half lacked reason, and tried to overshadow Vlad's ghost half. Since Danny's human half had regained some strength, he was somehow able to get out of the restraints and crawled onto the floor. He looked and saw that Vlad was cowering in the corner. He knew that his ghost half would be overcome by Vlad's, so he knew that it would soon turn to them. As if to prove his point, the ghost started shooting in random directions, even starting some fires. Danny could tell that it was only testing its new abilities. Danny grinded his teeth, and with a burst of energy, he ran over to Vlad and started dragging him away from the ghosts.

It was too late, the ghosts knew about both of their presences. The phantom turned around slowly and saw Danny trying to drag Vlad away to safety. Danny looked up at the phantom to see how much more time he still had. He saw that it was staring at him and knew that he had no more time. It powered up a ghost ray and took aim. With another burst of adrenaline, Danny threw Vlad's body away at the last moment.

The ray hit him in the chest, and he could only see white. He flew backwards at the wall, and when he hit, he felt himself slide down. He could feel blood leaking down from where he was hit. He could hear it laughing and saw its shadow float towards him. He glanced over to where he threw Vlad. The man was gone and Danny mentally laughed. Coward.

Suddenly, the ghost's hand grabbed his throat and picked him up to where his eyes were. It put its mouth close to his ear and whispered in a voice similar to Vlad's, "Your weakness may have caused their deaths, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching them die…watching their faces as the tank exploded behind them. It was simply…euphoric." Danny stared at him in shock, but another feeling was quickly welling up inside him.

It was anger; pure blinding rage. Everything had turned a blood red. He couldn't die there. He couldn't allow himself to die. He needed to avenge both himself and those that he loved.

The phantom could see that he was angry and smiled. He shot him again, point blank in the chest. More blood started to flow from his wounds and everything around him turned black. It was at that moment that something strange happened around him.

The smoke seemed to surround Danny as a shadow formed in the smoke. He could tell that it wasn't the phantom, and to prove that it wasn't, it took a step forward and he heard the distinct sound of heels on tile. It wouldn't make sense, since the ghost could float to him, and he knew that he never made sounds when he walked in his ghost form.

It took another step forward, and he could see a stiletto boot emerge from the smoke. "Do you wish to continue living?" a voice asked from the fumes. Danny continued to stare at it. "Don't you wish to avenge your friends and family? Or maybe," a slender hand, with long, black fingernails gently caressed his cheek. "You would like to avenge yourself?" The hand took his chin and lifted it up to meet its eyes. Its eyes were red and shaped like a feline's, with slit pupils. "I can save you, and help you exact your vengeance," it paused to make sure that Danny was still paying attention. "However, it will be for a price."

Danny finally found his words. Resolution was building in his heart. "What is your price?"

The figure seemed to smile in the smoke, and it looked like it licked its lips. "After you exact your vengeance, I shall eat your soul."

Danny thought for a moment. If he takes this deal, he will never see his loved ones again. However, Danny knew that he could never accept what the ghost had said. He had an incredibly strong thirst for revenge. This creature will be able to help he accomplish this, so he made up his mind. Using the wall as support, he pushed himself off the ground to wear he could stand, albeit shakily. "You'll help me destroy those who caused this?"

The figure nodded.

"Then I accept your contract. Become my servant, and rescue me!" he shouted as one of his right eye took a violet hue, and a pentagram became visible in it.

"Yes, my lord," the figure smiled and walked up to its new master. It picked him up, and both of them disappeared into the night.

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