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A teenage boy was still asleep when a figure in black walked into his room. The boy could swear he heard a chuckle, but kept on sleeping. He heard the figure walk over to his window, and a second later he was blinded.

"Young master, it is time to wake up," the figure said.

The boy grunted from his bed. He heard heels click over to his bed. The next thing he knew, he was flipped onto the ground with a yelp. He glared up at the pleasantly smiling figure that stood over him. "Dammit, I told you to stop doing that," the boy said as the light hit the figure's face, "Abby."

"But young master, if I were to wait any longer, you would not be able to greet Ms. Valerie properly when she arrives," she replied. She had a slim figure, with a slender, but handsome face. Her jet black, shoulder length hair was half pulled back into a half-pony tail, which the boy insisted on her having. She dressed in an entirely black, female butler outfit, but kept white gloves. Her eyes were a bright red-orange that would make one think of fire the instant they saw them. If one didn't know better, they'd think that she was Samantha, 'Sam', Manson. What made things more curious was the person who her master was.

"And I told you to stop calling me 'young master'! I'm a teenager for God's sake!" the boy retorted as he stood up. He had messy black hair that had gotten so long that he had to tie it back. He had already put on an eye-patch, covering one of his brilliant, baby blue eyes. If one didn't know any better, they would say that he was an average teenager: angry, annoyed, and hopped up on hormones. However, he wasn't always like that.

Normal teenagers are angry for no real reason: this boy had every right to be angry with the world...but we won't explain why, you should probably know by now.

The female butler sighed and replied, "Fine, young Daniel. But if you do not hurry, Ms. Valerie will have to wait when she arrives, and that is not something the Fenton Manor can allow." She smirked as the boy glared at her.

"And I've told you that calling me 'young Daniel' is even worse! Just call me 'master' or hell even Danny would be fine! It makes me think of that damned bastard who caused this entire mess!" Danny replied angrily. "It's bad enough that I have to act like I love him like a father, but you calling me that just pisses me off!"

Downstairs, a young woman tapped her foot. Glancing around, nothing seemed to have changed in the Fenton Manor. The table next to the door had fresh flowers on it, however they looked strange. She couldn't smell them, but they were colored red and dark purple. What was stranger was that the servants, sans Abigail, avoided going near them. She sighed and looked upstairs as she heard Danny shouting and ranting. She smirked a little, 'well, at least the old Danny's still there…somewhere.'

Her name was Valerie Grey, and she knew if this kept up, both she and Danny will be late to school. Not that it really mattered, after he had returned, not only had Danny's grades improved dramatically, but the teachers were much easier on him. Not that that mattered either, since the only teacher who ever seemed to care about their futures, and pushed them to really think, was gone. She shook her head, 'No! I have to stay cheerful…if not for me, then for Danny!'

But then, she shook her head again. 'Wait…what am I, an idiotic school girl with a puppy-dog crush?' She took a deep breath, cupped her hands around her mouth and shouted, "Danny! Come on! We're going to be late, AGAIN!"

With a satisfied smirk, she heard more incomprehensible shouting, things getting thrown around, random rummaging, and a sudden, "WHAT NOW?" She giggled a little.

A few minutes before, and back upstairs, Danny cursed loudly, shouting at Abby for not waking him early enough. Abby simply smirked and said, "Ah, but I did." Suddenly, she took out a projector screen, projector, and pointer. The screen showed a chibi-like Danny as he snored away on his bed. "I came in here at six 'o clock sharp. I did try waking you gently, stating the time and telling you really should get up," she pointed at her chibi-self as she walked in, and stood next to him, mouthing something. "You mumbled something about 'give me five more minutes' so, as it was an order, I followed it through," she smirked again as her master glared at her. "I kept this up until exactly 7:45, and flipped you out of your bed, as you told me to never let you sleep in any later than then," she finished with another pleasant smile. The mini-movie ended with the mattress falling right on top of a disoriented Danny.

Danny growled at her and was about to retort, when he heard Valerie shout, "Danny! Come on! We're going to be late, AGAIN!" Danny cursed even more loudly, grabbed a dress shirt and changed. Quickly checking to see if the shirt looked alright, he grabbed the backpack by his door and started to run out.

"Ah, master, wait a moment," Abby said, right as he was right in the doorway of his room.

"WHAT NOW?" he screamed.

"Although pajama bottoms are quite comfortable, I do believe that you would not want to besmirch the Fenton family name by wearing them to school," she answered plainly.

Danny glanced down at his pants and realized she was right. He grunted, grabbed a pair, changed them, and marched downstairs to where Valerie was waiting. They were about to leave, when Danny turned around and said, "Oh, by the way Abby. A representative from a small sector of the Guys in White is dropping by at lunch. I told them that I wouldn't be there 'til after school, but they insisted on this meeting. They agreed that they would wait here 'til I get back…so prepare some entertainment for them," he paused and smirked, almost evilly, "welcome them with Fenton hospitality."

Although there were many thoughts running through her mind, she bowed low and answered, "Of course, my lord."

With the master gone to school, she needed to begin making preparations. She sighed, putting her fingers to her mouth and whistled. Three ghosts immediately appeared in front of her, and one sitting down behind her.

On the farthest left was a tall, robotic looking ghost, with green, flaming hair and beard. His suit looked like it was somewhat gutted, to make sure he wouldn't try to revert back to his old ways and attack his master. He looked a little ridiculous because he wore a 'Kiss the Cook' apron.

The boy floating next to him was very short, and had to float to be about the same height as the other two's shoulders. He wore a black suit that looked a little like a school uniform.

The ghost standing on the right was a wolf-man. He had shaggy black fur, and sharp green nails. He stood a little hunched over and barefoot. He wore a loose, green gardeners' suit, but also wore a green collar that seemed to be hiding something underneath.

The ghost that appeared behind her was a large white yeti, wearing what looked like a blue tribal suit. He was pleasantly sipping some herbal tea.

"Skulker!" she pointed to the ghost on the left. "You are to fetch the ingredients. Here is a list of everything that I need," as she said this, she indeed took out a list of ingredients and handed it to Skulker. "And you are to get only the items on this list and only the items on this list."

"Youngblood!" she pointed to the ghost in the middle. "You need to clean the entire house. If you make even the slightest mess, I will take that animal of yours for a week! A week!" she ordered, handing him a duster and a vacuum.

"Wulf!" she pointed to the ghost on the right. "Begin digging shallow holes in the front yard. And I mean shallow!" she ordered once more.

The three ghosts saluted dutifully but all thought the same things, 'She said it all twice…'

"Frostbite, sir," she turned her head a little to look at him. "Stay how you are." The yeti-king smiled as he continued to sip tea.

As soon as they knew she was done, they each went to do their individual tasks, with Abby beginning to prep for the guest's arrival. First she gathered large bundles of white roses and blood blossoms, and put them next to the door so that she could plant them after Wulf finished digging. 'First, the monochromatic roses, the master's special colors…' Next she went to kitchen to take out the dishes to polish them. 'Next is the finest silver tableware, polished to a brilliant shine…' She smiled a little as she saw her reflection in the plates. Lastly, she turned on the stove and began preparing a delicious meal for the guest. 'And lastly, I shall prepare the kobe beef and melt the Funtom chocolate to a perfect 113˚farenheit to make truffles later…' She smiled a little. Her old master's company somehow managed to stay in business all this time…it showed just how brilliant her…well at that time, his master was.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Sighing, Abby put down the cooled bowl of chocolate down and walked to her master's study.

Unknown to her, the three ghosts peaked around the corner near the kitchen.

"Finally! She left her post! Now we can impress the master!" Skulker cheered. The other two joined with him.

"Huh? But how are we going to do that?" Youngblood asked, after he thought for a moment, Wulf nodding along with him.

Skulker sighed, these two idiots were going to cause his downfall, "We are going to take over the cooking, cleaning, and gardening! We're going to make the guest so happy, that Abby and the master will praise us!" The other two's eyes sparkled, as they all imagined being complimented on a job well done. Skulker smirked, "Alright, you know the plan! Let's go!"

Meanwhile, while the trio of idiots plotted in the kitchen, Abby answered the phone. Checking the caller ID, it was her master's cell phone. "What is it that you want, young master?"

Danny grunted in reply out of disdain of his title. "Tch, I want you to bring me a Kiwi Fudge shake."

Abby's eye twitched. "I am incredibly sorry, young master, but that would ruin your appetite. It is only one hour until lunch, and I packed you a healthy and delicious lunch."

Danny growled in anger. "Tch, fine. But I am coming home for lunch. We are not doing anything interesting today, and meeting with that agent is more important."

Abby pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed, "Alright, master, I shall prepare enough food for the two of you." With that, the phone line went dead. She spun on her foot, and walked back to the kitchen. Only to find that it was completely ruined.

Tapping her right foot and pinching the bridge of her nose Abby stood in front of the three mor—er, servants. The dishes were destroyed, the kitchen was burning, and the yard was a complete disaster.

"What happened here?" she asked, incredibly sweetly with a pleasant smile on her face.

"Well, I thought that I should get the plates ready, and somehow tripped over something and fell," replied Youngblood as he twiddled his fingers.

"Err…I saw the meat on the table…and it wasn't fully cooked yet, so I fired a ray at it to cook it faster," answered Skulker as he looked to the side and scratched the back of his head.

"Saw flowers…and wanted please amic-master. So replanted flowers!" Wulf answered eagerly. He looked up hopefully at Abby's face…but then look back down as he realized that he went a little too overboard.

At this point the three of them continued to try and make up excuses as Abby thought quickly of a way to fix the situation.

"Ahh…" she heard someone sip their tea behind her. She glanced back towards Frostbite, and an idea struck.

'Of course!' she formed a fist and hit her other hand in a sort of 'Ah ha!' moments. She glanced at her pocket watch. 'Of course it will be cutting this close…but if we do that…it should work.'

She took a quick glance around the room. She knew she had done this once before, however, she did not have to put up with idiots with super powers. Sure those idiots from back then were super human, but they were never anything more than that. There was a lot of uncertainty with her plan, but there was one thing that she knew would be true.

It was going to be a long afternoon for the Fenton Manor.

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