Summary: Sakura goes through a lot of downs in her life. What happens when the war comes? Who will show her the closest thing to happiness in this damned world of war?

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Story is romance/angst/adventure/humor.
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Chapter 1: Prologue: Pink Sticks

She lay under the plain white sheets panting. Her heart was racing and her body had felt exhilarating. The covers stuck to her naked body as she looked adoringly over to her partner she had been together with for over a year. He was just staring at the ceiling, a little trickle of sweat making its way down his handsome face.

"It's over." Her face remained unfazed as it took a few seconds to register what he had said. "W-what?"

Her said lover turned his gaze in her direction, looking straight into her eyes. "It is over." He sounded out the syllables as if she were a five year old. It was then she realized what he meant. Her eyes grew big from surprise and she felt them starting to water.

"B-but…why?" She was very confused. He threw his head back letting out a laugh and looked at her again.

"You're stupid, weak and gullible." She stared at him incredulously as he continued on. "And a crybaby. Always have been. You were so annoying back in the genine days, even more now. I was kind of surprise that you actually went all the way with me. Took me fucking forever. Do you know how many times I cheated on you? Such whores they were…Oh that's right…You're on that list now, too. Oh don't give me that look. I'm just trying to be honest with you."

She jumped out of the bed, pulling the covers with her, trying to cover her body. "No, you're just being an arrogant asshole!" Grabbing her clothes, she left the room, slamming the door. When she was out of his sight, she let the blanket fall. Hands shaking, she quickly dressed herself before leaving his house. Running down the streets of Konoha, tears began to freely fall, hindering her vision. She followed the directions of the streetlights, looking for a certain apartment.

As she found the apartment she was looking for, she made her way up to the door. She raised her hand to knock, but hesitated thinking maybe it wasn't the best idea. When she finally got the courage she knocked quietly three times. When she didn't hear anything, she knocked louder three more times. She then heard a drowsy, "Yeah, yeah. I'm comin', I'm comin'."

The drowsy blonde opened the door and was shocked to see her at his door. "Sakura, what-" She interrupted his sentence by hugging him, crying into his chest. It took him a few seconds to realize what all was happening. He slowly returned her jester, hugging her tightly. Rubbing her back, he tried to soothe her. "Come inside and sit down. I'll make you some tea and we'll talk about this, okay?" She let out a dry sob, nodding her head. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, guiding her to his kitchen table.

He went to the stove, grabbing a tea kettle, filling it with water. Scratching his head, he mumbled something about remembering where he put his tea. Bending down, he opened all of his kitchen cabinets until he found the right one. He put a teabag in the kettle and lit the burner up. Sakura could hear glasses, probably mugs, making contact with his counter. That's when he walked over to the table, grabbing some tissue on the way over. He pulled a chair next to her and set the tissue in front of her. They just sat in a comfortable silence until the kettle whistled. Within a minute, he was back beside her, two mugs in hand.

"Now…What happened?" He looked at her, deep eyes filled with sincerity and curiosity. She looked at him, not really there, recalling the previous events. Her eyes watered a little before she broke into sobs. Hugging her, she cried in the crook of his neck. He rubbed her back for comfort. "Shh, shhh. It's okay, It's okay." He repeated. Neither of them knew how long it was before she calmed down, but it had taken awhile. She sat up, wiping her face with a tissue and took a sip of her tea.

She took a deep breath before looking at Naruto and muttering his name. "Huh?" She repeated it, "Sasuke."

He looked intently at her and said, "Yeah, What about him?...Wait, what'd that bastard do to you! Is that why you're crying?" He could be so slow sometimes, but he was always there for her whenever she needed him.

Letting out a dry sob, she tried to contain her tears. "He was just u-using me. H-he told me I was weak, a-annoying, gullible a-and-" She lowered her head, tears falling once again. Feeling the heat radiate off of Naruto, she could tell he was furious. "And what." He growled. "H-he told me I was...he told me I was a...a w-whore" He slammed his fist onto the table. A little crack formed from the impact. "He took my virginity Naruto! I-" She lowered her voice. "I saved that just f-for him. A-and I waited until i-t felt right and he was just using me! H-how could he do that! W-what's wrong with me Naruto?"

Naruto stood, pulling Sakura with him and gave her a huge embrace. "I am so, so sorry Sakura. He shouldn't have done such a thing. I knew he was an asshole, but I didn't know he'd go so low to do such a terrible thing. You don't deserve that, ever. Hell, no one does and he'll get an ass whoopin' from me. Don't worry your pretty little self about that." She absolutely loved her best friend. He always knew how to cheer someone up. He kissed the top of her head, seeing as he was now taller than her considerably. The jester was in a friendly manner, almost in an elderly brother way.

"N-naruto?" She asked quietly. "Hmm?" He hummed into her hair.

"W-would you mind i-if I stayed with you? Just for a little but, I have nowhere to go. I lived with S-sasuke. You know, just until I can get a place of my own." Naruto laughed. "That's a stupid question Sakura. Of course you can stay with me. Although, there's only one bed, so we'd have to share it. I would take the couch but it's too small for either of us. That's what sucks about my small apartment." He laughed, "But you don't mind sharing a bed with me, do you?" He pulled away from the hug, his hands on her shoulders. "Don't worry, I won't try anything." He flashed his grin and winked at her kiddingly.

"Thank you Naruto, for everything." He grabbed the two, now cold, mugs of tea and emptied them into the sink. "No prob."

"Now then" He paused putting his hands on the counter, "What do you want to do? It's pretty late, so not much is open. Only bars, unless you want to get drunk off your rocker. Or we could go pick up random shit we don't need from the convenience store." She let a small smile slip. "Convenience store it is! The guy who owns it, owes me. So whatever I want I get it for free. Now go wash your face off and we'll leave in five minutes." She nodded, walking into the bathroom. Washing her face off, she dried it with a little orange hand towel.

She sat on his couch, hands proper on her knees, waiting. Naruto walked out of his room, not in his pajamas, but instead, an orange t-shirt and black pants. He put on his shoes and waved me to the door. "Let's go!"

Naruto and Sakura came back from the convenience store with five bags of shit they definitely did not need. They had gotten little candies, a couple bottles of alcohol, Chinese food, three blowup rubber balls, two water guns, and more alcohol. Okay, so Sakura needed the alcohol more than Naruto.

"What should we start off with?" Naruto asked, setting everything down.

Sakura thought for a minute. "Well…I think that we should blow up the rubber balls first, then fill the water guns up. Then we eat and then drink."

He nodded. "Sounds like a plan to me!" he grabbed three flat rubber balls and passed Sakura one. She caught it and started blowing it up. When she was done with that, she started filling her pink water gun up with its ammo. She sat it down by the sink when full and made a beeline for the Chinese food. After Naruto filled up his water gun, he joined her. Sakura shoved some sesame chicken into her mouth. Probably wasn't the most attractive thing. She thought. But whatever, I'm not exactly trying to impress anyone at the moment.

Naruto chose this moment to strike up a conversation. "So, I hear Shikamaru is now head whatever of that strategic place." She laughed at his wording. "Yes, he is head whatever of that strategic place." He gave her a look. "You know what I mean!"

"Yes, I know what you mean, but if you're going to become the next Hokage, than you should start getting to know this stuff."

He huffed. "I know, I know." He shoved his food in his mouth. "It's just so boring!" He stretch out the word boring. I couldn't blame or deny him. Learning about politics, doing paper work, and knowing everything about Konoha was tiring and boring.

They quickly finished their food as Naruto grabbed the grocery bag. He pulled out the Belvedere Vodka and Jack Daniels Whiskey. He gave Sakura a devilish smile, "Wanna mix 'em and see what happens?"

This is going to be an interesting night. Sakura thought as she let out a nervous laugh. "Sure." She stretched it out. He pulled two shot glasses from a cabinet and filled each half and half. They clinked their glasses together and downed them at the same time. She let out a breath, making a face. "Disgusting…Give me some more."

They had drank about five shots, maybe more, they lost count. Both of them grabbed the water guns and Naruto let out a slurred, "You ready?"

She looked at him like he was crazy and yelled, "Hell yeah!" So then the war started. She giggled when he sprayed her and laughed like a maniac when she got him.

She grabbed an inflated ball and yelled, "Distraction!" It hit him right in the face. She went to spray him, only to have a little squirt to pop out. "Shit!" She ran in his kitchen grabbing the Vodka bottle, then dashed out. She took a few gulps and sat on the ground.

You could tell she was good drunk as she had started to talk like a little kid. Naruto ran at her, bouncing a ball in front of her and sprayed her with the rest of the water in his gun. She laughed and laid down. That's when she started to sing nursery songs. He laughed and lay sprawled out on the floor a few feet away from her. He quickly grabbed the Vodka from her and yelled a "Hey!" as he chugged that mother fucker down passing out the second he put the bottle down. Sakura laughed stealing the bottle back and imitated Naruto's actions. She let out and "Ahh" of appreciation.

Sakura lay on her side on the wooden floor, legs bent hugging the Vodka bottle. She fell asleep giggling.

The next morning, Sai went to Narutos house to get him for training they had scheduled for today as a team. Though Sasuke had come back from where ever the hell he had been, he'd been on probation at the moment. He wasn't allowed to leave the village and had chakra bands, to limit how much chakra he could use. Sai didn't know what to think when he opened the door to Naruto's apartment. I guess you could say he was actually shocked at the sight.

A few feet away lay Sakura. Sai walked over to her curled up body and grabbed the clear bottle she clutched so tightly. It was Vodka. Now he understood. He sighed, one hand on his hip, the other holding the bottle. He walked into the kitchen to see a Whiskey bottle too. The floor held many puddles of water from the activities Sai had no idea about yet. He was sure he did not want to know. He placed the Vodka on the table, walking back into the living room. A few feet away lay Naruto. He was sprawled out, an orange water gun could be spotted next to his body. Now Sai understood.

Sai turned as he heard clothes rustle and an unlady-like groan. He saw Sakura getting up, one hand clutching her head. "Oh, I'm going to be sick!" With that, she ran into Naruto's bathroom and started vomiting. Sai made a face at that. That's why he usually didn't drink.

Naruto started to wake up now as well. He let out a long sigh, than a big yawn and started to get up. "Ahh! What the hell are you doing in my fuckin' apartment Sai!"Naruto jumped up backing against the wall, eyes large.

"We were supposed to go train on the fields with Yamato today, idiot. It's half past noon." Sai explained, not looking at the overreacting, hyperactive blond.

He calmed down a little at his explanations, than smiled a sheepish grin, "Sorry about that...It's my fault we were late anyways."

Sai looked at him, "How much did you guys drink? And why are there water puttles and three rubber balls, one deflated?"

Naruto started to laugh. "You see, Sakura had a rough night. I went to cheer her up and we got drunk and had a water gun fight, throwing those-" He pointed at a rubber ball, "at eachother."

Sai seemed disinterested. "Well, hurry up and get ready. Yamato had postponed the training till everyone is out there."

Sakura walked out and pointed a finger at Naruto and started shouting. "Why the hell aren't you puking your brains out!"

He laughed, "I've never thrown up from alcohol. You see, I can keep mine down." Sakura whatevered him and walked into the kitchen, making herself some tea.

She heard the front door open and then close. Then Naruto's voice. "Sai says that we have a training session-thingy-majigger today with Yamato and that we're late. He told me that Yamato is postponing it until we get there."

Sakura looked away, a frowning forming on her face. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"I'm not going." Sakura replied back, in a hushed tone.

"And why not?"

She looked at him, motioned her hands to her body, "I don't have any clothing, they're all at-" She stopped, making a face, not having any intention of finishing her sentence. Naruto understood.

"I'll get them for you later today. And I have some...stuff to take care of anyways. Just chill out here and I'll be back later. I'll explain as much as I can to Yamato with trying to not say too much. Kay? And feel free, if you get hungry, you can go out and buy some food. There's money in my drawer in the bedroom, or you can just have some ramen that's in the kitchen."

She nodded turning her gaze away from him. Naruto walked into his bathroom and she heard the shower water come on. After he leaves, she'd probably take a shower. Then go and look for a new place to live. She didn't want to burden Naruto.

Minutes passed as she just sat there. Mind completely blank. The only thing she was feeling was the soreness around her womanly part. The tea had eased her hangover. Sitting on the stool in the kitchen with her hands in her lap she saw a body in front of her. Looking up she saw Naruto with a towel around his neck.

"Sakura..." He said it so sadly she had to think. What was wrong with him? Why was he sad. And that's when she realized she had been crying. She lifted her hands up to her face, quickly wiping the tears away.

"I'm sorry Naruto, I didn't even realize i was crying. I'm fine don't worry." He gave her a sympathetic look and went to go put the towel up.

"I'm leaving Sakura, I'll see you later!" She yelled a goodbye and she heard the front door shut. She was now alone.

She got up, slowly walking to the bathroom. She hoped that he wouldn't mind her using his shampoo.

Sakura quickly stripped of her clothing and turned the water on as hot as it would go. Hopefully, it would ease the soreness of her activities of the previous night. Silently, she started to cry. Nobody was home and she was just alone to weep and let it all out. She began to let out loud sobs, clutching her chest to ease her breathing as it had become fast and erratic. Her tears mixed with the water that splat on her body. She noticed that bruises had started to form a nasty deep purple, surrounded by yellow. They were on her thighs, hips, and arms. There were bite marks on her breasts from where Sasuke had licked, sucked, then bit. Pretty hard too. She had just than realize how rough he had been with her. How hard he grabbed her. Just then, she had realized the whole time, it was a one-sided relationship. He had never loved her. Even if he had said it. When ever her did, it was probably just all part of his plan to screw her and when he finally met his goal, he ended it. She had dreamed since she was a little kid to marry him, have kids with him, and grow gray-haired with him. That's what they call fantasies, huh? She thought.

Sakura walked out of the bathroom in the same clothes she wore yesterday. She wondered if Naruto would mind if she borrowed a shirt or something? Walking into his room, she opened up his dresser drawer. She found a black shirt that was just a tad big for her, not a problem though. Figuring his pants would be way to big for her, she kept on her pair of shorts that went just above mid-thigh. Taking off her shirt, she slid his on, rolling the bottom up twice, then tying it with a rubber band. She slid her shoes on and went to look at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were a bit red and puffy. Ruffling her damp hair, she walked out the door.

She walked around Konoha without a particular destination in mind. A frown held its place on her face.

She came up to a realty building and decided to go in to check out open places she could afford. A quite annoying lady came up to her talking about homes and properties. She opened up a little binder that showed open housings with all of their information. Each paper had a protector over them. She flipped through all of them until she came to a nice looking place. It wasn't far from all of her friends and her work at the hospital. It wasn't particularly cheap, but not all that expensive either. It was a one bath(master bath at that), one bedroom home. It had a nice living room and an alright kitchen. It was five-hundred dollars per month. With her salary, she considered it. She could make it work. Sakura called the lady over and pointed to the house she wanted. She nodded and told her she'd get the paper work and how she'd have to make a bunch of connections.

Sakura sat there signing and filling out papers papers and reading through agreements. She then left, the lady whose name she chose to not remember told her she'd let her know when everything was set and done for her to finally move in.

Afterwards, she went out to go get something to eat. Not particularly hungry, but she knew she needed something on her stomach. Walking around, she decided to eat at a dumpling restaurant. They were good, but pricey. After getting her fill, she decided to go visit Ino at her flower shop. She was going to pay a visit to the K.I.A. shrine and pay her respects since she was feeling rather depressing today.

She faked a smile and happiness so Ino wouldn't worry. She didn't seem to notice Sakura's facade. Letting out a sigh, she began to walk towards her destination, flowers in hand.

When she'd gotten home, she saw her stuff on the couch in the living room and heard ruffling around in the kitchen. She walked to the kitchen to see Naruto beginning to eat his noodles. He had a busted lip and a wrap around his wrist.

She gasped and made her way to him. "What on earth happened Naruto?"

He looked at her with a weird look. "I told ya, I had some things to take care of"

She just now figured out what he was talking about. "You fought Sasuke?" He 'mhmmed' with noodles in his mouth.

"Who won..."

He looked at her with a big grin, thumb pointing towards himself. "Me of course!"

She shook her head. "Let me heal you up. It's the least I can do." He disagreed, saying he was fine, but in the end she was healing him anyways. He had two broken ribs, a twisted wrist, and a few bruises here and there. Nothing that couldn't be fixed.

"Hey, Sakura?" She 'hmmed' will healing his wrist. "Where'd you get those bruises on your arms..." his voice was serious.

"Oh...just from training the other day with Lee I guess...We worked on my tai-jutsu." She lied smoothly. Well, it wasn't a lie completely. She did train with Lee the other day...It's just that he wasn't the cause of the bruises.

"You're lying aren't you? It's easy to tell when you're lying Sakura. For me anyways."

She looked down."Yes I am."

He looked away than back at her. "How did he do that to you?" she shrugged. "It was during-when we were-" he put his hand on her shoulder to tell her to stop talking, before she started to get upset again.

He quickly changed the subject, thanking her for healing him."By the way, I got all of your stuff." She thanked him.

"I went by a real estate today. I signed papers for this one apartment, and they told me that they'd let me know when it's ready for me to move into."

He smiled, "Really? That's great. When it's ready, I'll help you take your stuff over." She smiled back. How the hell was she so lucky to have a friend like Naruto.

It had been about three weeks since she'd seen the real estate agent, and they still hadn't contacted her. She had been eager to move into her new apartment and to not be a burden to Naruto anymore. Many people had asked her about the bruises on her, and she would just say that it was from training. She had seen Sasuke three days after Naruto and him had a little talk. He looked like shit.

This morning though, she woke up next to Naruto in bed, jumped over his body, accidentally hitting him in her rush and running into his bathroom. She got on her knees next to the toilet and began vomiting. Naruto walked in and asked her what was wrong. He held her hair back for her, patting her back until she had stopped. She wipped her mouth, and sat back against the wall. She went to rub her throat when she accidently hit her breast harder than she thought she did. Oh god. No, no, no. She thought. She poked her breast and Naruto gave her a weird look. It was sensitive.

"Naruto...What's today's date..." her voice was questioning.

"Uh, It's the fourteenth I think." One week after her period she was supposed to have had.


"What's wrong Sakura?" he sounded concerned.

"Uhm...Naruto, I'm going out real quick. I'll be back in a few." She quickly got up and ran out of the house. She went to a convenience store, not caring she was still in her pj's and walked to the pharmacy section. Looking around, she found what she was looking for. A pregnancy test. She grabbed three and paid the cashier over the amount due, quickly walking out. Making her way to Naruto's house, she quickly walked in and made a bee line to the bathroom. She peed on each little stick and waited.

As she sat in the bathroom, her heart beat quick. Time seemed to go as slow as it possibly could.

After waiting the amount of time it said on the label, she lay each stick next to each other.




Her eyes were wide with shock.

She was pregnant.

Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence.

-Vincent Van Gogh

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