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Her eyes open.
She is in a bed.
She panics.
She knows what will happen.
It always happens.

Her body convulses.
Her head whips around.
She doesn't want this.
She never wants this.
The man doesn't care.

She is restrained with chains.
The straps could not hold her down.
She fights relentlessly.
Her wrists and ankles are bleeding from the struggle.
The man chuckles to himself as he puts his weight on her.

He holds down her legs with his knees.
He grips her arms to the point of bruising.
He steadies himself.
It is inside her.
He releases.

She claws at the mattress.
Tears fall as she lets out a howling scream.
It hurts her.
It makes her numb.
She passes out.

No one says anything.
It was her own fault.
She deserves it.
She's crazy.
The Fire Lord made a just decision.

Zuko watches the man get off his sister.
The man walks out of the room.
Syringe in hand.
The Fire Lord knows that it is necessary.
It is the only way she would take her medicine.

Months pass by.
The drugs make her docile like a child.
Her only human contacts are the doctor and Zuko.
She looks at them with anguish and hate.
Forever trapped in a quarantine hell.

And they say Azula is the sadist.

Thank you for reading.

I was watching Law and Order Criminal Intent when I thought up this fanfic. Then I watched Ghost Stories it was about a haunted insane asylum and they explained the horrid treatment of the patients. Lobotomies, electric shock therapy, isolation it's torture. Forcing people to take unnecessary drugs against their will is torture, which is in Azula's case. It would be my guess that Azula would be in solitary confinement too considering how dangerous she is.

In the beginning I was trying to make it ambiguous, as if she was being raped, so it would seem like taking her medicine was painful and cruel. Zuko is rather cold in this one. I would think the responsibilty of reforming a country plus going through puberty would make Zuko a bit distant especially from his sister.