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Summary: Jacob is adamant about loving Bella, but why is it when Paul returns he has this feeling...has he imprinted? ON PAUL? After being rejected so many times by Bella, perhaps this is where he moves on against his will. At least he thinks it is, does he actually want Paul? No, it has to be the imprinting thing...right? Jacob/Paul, I'm trying for no OOCness, yes smex is included! Enjoy! :)

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Jacob growled at the scrutinizing bloodsucker reading his every thought. Edward braced himself, not at all worried about the mongrel. They were outside in the forest, Bella between the two, her hands against their chest to keep them separated.

Jacob's sculpted bare chest heaved rapidly, only further indicating his anguish. His nostrils flared, expanding when he breathed out those over animated breaths as he withheld an audible growl harboring in his chest, rumbling his entire body.

He only had on his short cut jeans.

Edward stood firmly. His entire body was unmoving save for his gritting teeth. Outwardly he seemed completely at ease, but inwardly he was aching to thrust his teeth into him, forcing him through a slow and agonizing death before dismantling every limb he had.

"This is your fault!" Jacob growled abrupt. "You're the reason she's so confused." Edward glared, already knowing what he was going to say. The mortifying memory of his departure from Bella was traumatizing for him as everyday he had to live through the torment of remembering his defiantly ignorant decision.

"I'm not confused." Bella interjected. "I know who, and what I want. I want Edward, I want a vampire." She explained. He looked down at her, a look of disgust contorting his handsome face.

"You want a corpse?" He asked incredulous. Then he looked up at Edward who was looking down at the ground, and glared. "You want something that's been dead for hundreds of year, and walking around without a soul?" Bella was infuriated.

"Shut up!" She yelled. "He has a soul. The only soulless monster I see here is you! And-"

"I'm not a bloodsucker, so I have one," he interrupted.

"Jacob Black, you are a heartless bastard!" She shouted. He only smirked at her words.

"Ha! At least you can use the word 'heart' in a sentence that pertains to me. With him," he pointed to Edward with his head. "With him it's more like void, or emptiness, or abyss, or a black hole." He glowered at her. "He doesn't have a heart or a soul Bella, he's nothing."

"Just go home right now Jacob, right now." She warned. He did no such thing, he redirected his glower towards the sulking Cullen.

"You know, you're the reason she doesn't know what to do. Because you left her behind broken, forcing me to pick up the pieces and letting her see what she could have, you messed her head all up. You're selfish!" Jacob growled. "And now you're back trying to start things off where you left them as if nothing happened." Jacob was tempted to toss Bella to the side and mangle him. Edward said nothing already knowing what he'd say before he said it, and he had nothing to say to it. It was all true, every word, which is why he couldn't deny any of it. He knew what he would say next, and it tore him to pieces on the inside. "Well guess what? It happened! you left her, heartbroken and ready to kill herself!"

"Jake, stop it!" Bella yelled using all her might to try and push him away. She failed miserably, and was only pushing futilely at his huge chest. "Jake he knows what he did was wrong," she yelled in Edward's defense. "He knows! But he came back to fix it."

"But how Bella," he asked indignantly. "He wouldn't face you when he left you heartbroken. He only came back when he realized you were fixed and happy with someone that wasn't a leech." Bella shook her head.

"No! He came back because I wanted him back!" She clarified. "I chased after him, remember? I drove to Italy to get him back. He was going to kill himself," Edward cringed at the thought. "But I stopped him." Jacob threw his hand in the air dramatically, taking a few steps back.

"That's a load of crap Bella and you know it." He glared at her. "If it weren't for that fortune-telling bloodsucker getting into the middle of everything thing, he'd be dead and you'd be with me," Edward glared up at him, "Where you belong." Bella opened her mouth but closed it when Edward pulled her back, hiding her possessively behind his body.

"It would be wise of you to leave now." He warned. Jacob scoffed and smirked. He stepped dangerously close to his face. There was hardly enough space between them to breath, standing mere centimeters apart. Bella thought about intervening, but with a second thought figured Jacob deserved whatever came to him.

"Yeah? Well, who's going to make me?" He goaded in a whispered tone. He looked him up and down. "Certainly not you, leech!" He spat, the word like acid on his tongue. Edward gnashed his teeth.

"Walk away now and you'll leave with your head still attached to your body." His eyes became somber, darkening under his furrowed brows. Jacob snarled, daring him on staring intently in his green eyes.

Edward jumped back, setting Bella a good distance away. She protested, but he ignored her. In his absence Jacob had phased, already aware of where it was going, and he was happy with the outcome. He'd been ready to tear him apart since…since forever, or so it seemed!

Edward returned, his glower immensely settled on him. "Pouch," he retorted, obviously reading Jacob's thoughts that called him a 'bloodsucker', and now a 'leech'. "Mutt." Edward retaliated. Then Cullen smirked. "Must you leave so soon? We were just about to settle our disputes once and for all." Jacob narrowed his eyes, snarling what could only be interpreted as potential death. "Goodbye mongrel."

Jacob would've lunged himself toward the soulless bastard, but Sam was adamant on his demands so their brawl would have to be postponed. Edward surely got the memo as well, and dropped his guard in knowing that Jacob would not disobey. Sometimes Jacob hated that the pack could communicate at such a far off distance.

Edward smirked triumphantly when the huge wolf turned and sped off deeper into the forest.

Bella had finally reached the spot where Edward and Jacob were. "No stop!" She shouted, only to see Edward standing alone with no lifeless wolf lying around anywhere. She was bemused. "Where's Jacob?" She asked, he smiled to her softly.

"He left." He answered in a pleasant intonate. "Paul's back." He elaborated further once her confusion didn't dissolve.

"Oh. Where is he back from?" Edward's smile grew wider.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." He said. "But it really does explain why he hasn't be with the pack lately." He included thoughtful.

"Where is he coming from?" Bella asked again with a bit more skepticism this time.

"Boot camp." Edward answered simply, his smile never faltering at the thought of teaching a wolf discipline above impulse. That's what animals do. They go off impulse and instinct. He found this bit of information oddly amusing and wondered why none of the other members of the pack thought about it. Perhaps for precisely this reason, so Edward Cullen wouldn't know.

"Quite amusing indeed." He chuckled.

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