Author's note: The End! It was fun writing for you all. Well, I hope you enjoy! ^_^

Wash Away the Sin, and Open Your Heart

Something hadn't felt quite right. Something was missing, disarrayed. Jacob could sense the stillness in the air, and the quaint unsettling perception made him stir in his sleep. Jacob groaned as this peculiar feeling nagged at his subconscious. He cleared the riffs from his throat as he yawned softly.

"Paul," he called subtle, and he hesitantly opened his eyes to the blackness enveloping his room. He yawned again and stretched his limbs before rubbing one of his eyes with the back of his hand as he tried sitting up, having to use a little more effort as he felt a light string of pain in his rear. He winced.

"Paul," he again called. No response. He turned to where he slept, and in the darkness shadowing the room, he seen a small slip of white paper innocently lying atop his covers. He grabbed it, unable to read the words in the dark.

Jake shuffled off the bed, wincing meagerly as he stood and stalked slowly towards the window in hopes that the small fluorescence of the moon streaking through the window would be enough to discern the words he was sure that were written across the small piece of paper. He angled the note under the fragile lighting, sleepily reading the words etched onto it to himself.


You don't - the words were scratched out, an unsatisfying start he assumed.

Perhaps this- again Paul scratched the words out.

This is funny. The note actually began this time, and he imagined Paul chuckled when he read it, and gave a small smile to the darkness. You perhaps don't see it, but I can't stand to look at you when you say you love me. Jacob's eyes weren't tacked with sleep anymore, his smile dissolved. I know for ten years that's all I wanted to hear you say, but after what I've done I can't stand hearing the words come from your mouth. Jacob was beyond confused, the furrow of his brows indicating such. Don't worry love, I still love you. You know if you were getting the impression that I didn't, but no, I'm not trying to kill myself, but - there weren't any more words on the page and Jacob turned back to the bed to see if there was another note. There wasn't. He turned the paper over, and noted that the note continued - I lost something of yours and I have to give it back to you. Jacob narrowed his eyes around the darkness. That is the only way I can love to hear you say you love me. Just wait for me, as I have for you.

Yours Eternally,


Jacob thought about the words of the letter: 'I lost something of yours', Paul had written. 'What did he lose?' Jacob asked himself. He mauled it - 'necklace', he remembered suddenly and his eyes widened in disbelief. 'Paul wouldn't try that again for that necklace, would he?' Jacob asked himself and looked down at the note: 'that's the only way I can love to hear you say you love me', Paul had written.

"Shit, he would." Jake said aloud. He growled to himself, deliberating before taking off out of his bedroom, wincing every so often when the string of pain in his rear returned, but he assumed that it'd heal by the time he reached the cliffs. He rushed out the front door, not even bothering to throw on clothes and he phased when he jumped from his porch, and ran where Paul had to be.

Paul stood atop the cliffs, exactly where he stood a little over a month ago. He would've been dead if it had not been for that necklace. When that tragic day struck and he snatched the locket from around Jacob's neck, he'd run off to end his wallowing pain.

That day he'd made it to the cliffs about twenty minutes before Sam and others arrived, obviously more than enough time to do what he'd set out to do, but he clutched his fist that day, and in his hand was the locket. He couldn't resist but to open it.

Memories. For twenty minutes he stared at the picture inside that locket, embracing every memory that came with it. For twenty minutes that picture had him forget about all his troubles, and all his suffering. For twenty minutes, Jacob was his without actually being his at that moment. For twenty minutes. His life was saved by that locket in a way, and by Jacob, because only he can hold his constant interest for so long.

Then Sam and the others came and - Paul closed and his eyes and breathed deeply, stopping the thoughts there, not wanting to divulge any further. But here he was, actually where he was a little over a month ago, about to attempt the same stunt, but with hopes it didn't end with the same results.

Paul had never been fearful before, but it was as he'd said before, ever since he'd come back from boot camp things began to frighten him more and more. Perhaps it was because now he had someone to care if he was hurt. Jacob may have cared before, but this time it would be different. Jacob would hurt, if Paul was hurt.

Paul smiled. 'I'll just make sure I don't get hurt then.' He thought to himself. He took a deep breath, took a few steps back and ran forward. Paul dove expertly into the water; arms out, legs up, ensuring that he soared over the jagged rocks. A loud splash resounded when he disappeared into the depths of the sea.

Jacob appeared from the forest, phasing back and skidded across the sand before coming to a stop. He searched frantically, his eyes unconsciously darting up to the top of the cliffs. Paul wasn't there. Then he turned to look out to the ocean, noting Paul stroking against the calm current and he rushed to the shoreline.

"Paul!" Jacob shouted. "Get back here!" He growled.

Paul heard him, of course he had, how could he not have? He was only loud as hell. But he'd have to ignore him. He was going to get that locket, he needed to hear Jacob say he loved him and feel the meaning behind those words, but as long as this guilt sat with him he will never be able to completely feel the meaning of 'I love you'. Without a second thought he dove under the water, his eyes hardly able to discern what lied in the depths as complete darkness shrouded him.

"Paul, get back here!" Jacob ordered, grumbling under his breath as the boy ignored him a second time. Jake growled after perceptively realizing that he'd have to drag him back himself. He ran out into the sea until the water covered over his shoulders and he pushed off the ground under him and swam toward Paul.

Paul couldn't see anything at this point as he drifted out further and dove deeper into the depths of the sea. He came up for air, having already been under for over thirty seconds. He gasped for air before quickly vanishing back under the water. He wasn't going to give up. He'd search all night until dawn if he had to. He was going to find that necklace, it meant too much. The foundation of everything for him and Jacob was in that locket. It held their friendship, their relationship and his love all at once, it was much too important to give up so easily.

Paul growled at himself under water, bubbles rising to the surface of the water. 'How could I have been so fucking stupid?' He growled to himself. But he'd make up for it, he'd find it and everything will be fine. He hoped it would be. He hoped Jacob wouldn't be upset, although he personally couldn't blame him if he were, especially when he had every right to be.

He came back up for another gasped of air. He swam out further, nearly unimaginably far out from the shoreline. That wasn't a second thought to him as he dove under, his vision just as blackened as before. He could see absolutely nothing! He growled at the forsaken water restricting him from fulfilling his purpose, more bubbles rising to the surface.

He couldn't stay under for too much longer this time, not having taken in a deep enough breath. He gasped when he reached the top, readying himself for another dive. He took a deep breath a - "Stop!" Jacob yelled, spitting water from his mouth as he grabbed Paul's arm to prevent him from diving.

"Jake -" Jacob jerked him closer to his own body, glaring intensely as he kicked his feet to keep afloat.

"Paul, what thehell is wrong with you?" Jacob growled. Paul said nothing. He only stared at the intense scolding Jacob was giving him. "Paul, just leave it. It's gone." Jacob tried to convince, his glare still intact.

Paul tried pulling away from him but Jake's grip only tightened around his arm. "Jake I have to." Paul glared back, and heard Jacob's frustrated growl.

"It is gone, Paul. It's gone!" Jacob shouted exasperated. Paul's glare darken, his voice softening to a whisper. He looked away from him, idly kicking his legs to keep him afloat. "Okay? Just leave it alone. It's gone." Jacob said softly.

"Stop saying that." Paul sneered, his gaze turning back to stare dangerously into Jacob's eyes. Jacob's eyes had softened, his glare diminished. "It's not gone. I'll find it for you." Jacob heaved a soft sigh and he shook his head.

"Just come back to the shore and we can talk." Jacob suggested, noting the vicious growl elicit from Paul's mouth.

"No." He stated defiant, and Jacob's soft expression snapped in an instant, his glare returning, darkening.

"Why not?" Jacob asked, frustrated. "Why does it matter to you so much?" He noted Paul's extended silence, and how his eyes lost focus, aimlessly wandering. Paul refocused in on Jacob, his eyes settling on his, imminently quivering against the sparkling surface of the sea as the moon's light fluttered against it softly.

"Because," he started off in a whisper. "I…" he trailed, his gaze still settled fiercely on Jacob before he turned away. "I need to know," he turned back to him, "how it feels when you say you love me Jacob. I want to feel my heart fluttering. It's probably damn near jumping from my chest in joy," he laughed, but in the next second, solemn. "But I wouldn't know, and I won't unless I get rid of this guilt. I need to right my wrong Jake, and the only way to do that is to get you your locket back."

Jacob stared at him contemplatively. What the fuck is wrong with Paul? "Wh-what?" Jacob asked, sincerely confused. "So you're telling me that…you're telling me that you're…" He huffed, a bemused expression upon his face. He breathed deeply. "So," he began more stern, "you're telling me that…" he trailed again, honestly not understanding him in the least. "Paul, what the hell are you talking about?"

Paul heaved a great sigh. "I'm telling you that I feel nothing but guilt when you say you love me, and that the only way to get rid of it is to give you your necklace back." He divulged, noticing how Jacob's bemused expression faltered, and was now blank. He noted Jacob staring at him intensely, and he sighed before turning away. "Jake I -"

Jake pulled him forward, forcing Paul to him and he smashed their lips together, having to put a little more effort in keeping themselves afloat. Jacob broke away from him and noted how Paul's eyes wandered. He spoke softly, caressing him empathetically with his tone almost. "That locket shouldn't mean that much to you…It shouldn't because, you have nothing to feel guilty about."

Paul turned to him. "Jake, I nearly killed both of us." Paul reminded, glaring more so to himself than Jake. "I have -" Jacob silenced him with his lips again. He broke away, and spoke with the same sugarcoated intonate.

"That's done and over with, you have nothing to feel guilty about." He dared a small smile. "Give me one real reason why that locket is so important."

"Because…it carried everything." Paul turned away feeling inadequate. "It carried our memories together, our past friendship, my love for you," Jacob forced him to look into his eyes, "and our now future relationship in a way. Jake, it meant so much, and I lost it."

Jacob sighed softly. "No, that locket carried nothing. The picture did." He clarified. He figured he'd really have to explain this to him. Honestly he had thought about the necklace but came to terms that it really wasn't important. It wasn't detrimental in anyway, so it wasn't important.

Paul glared at him. "Well the picture was in the damn thing, so you get what I mean." Paul said, feeling his glare darken at Jake's ridiculous statement.

"There is a difference, Paul." Jake enlightened, aware of the obviousness of his prior statement. "The locket itself carries nothing…But the picture can always be replaced." Paul's glare softened. It sounded relevant enough. "We can always create new memories, and friendship?" Jacob snorted playfully. "I think we're passed friendship by now, so that isn't an issue. And yes that was the first smile you gave me, but it won't be the last…I'm sure." Jacob smiled, forcing a smile from Paul and he laughed. "See, told you." Paul turned away from him.

"Look at me." Jacob ordered, and Paul turned to him when he noted his solemn tone. "You're love for me should not be represented by that locket," he paused. "It's this, right now. What you do now is what I'm looking at. We can't live in the past, not when we've already turned the page to the future." Paul lifted his brow at the metaphor. "And my love for you isn't represented by what was in that necklace either." He stated, and Paul sighed.

"Then what does represent how you truly feel about -" Again, Jacob smashed their lips together, to silence him and to send the perfect message. Paul felt himself sinking into it but Jacob pulled away too quickly.

"I will show you that I love you in everything that I do, and I hope you'll do the same." Jacob said. It wasn't a question, but he expected Paul to answer it. Paul nodded. "Now, can you leave the damn thing alone? It doesn't mean as much as you think it does, what matters is now, us. Okay?" Paul gave a curt nod. "Good," Jake sighed as if relieved. "Now, let's go back to land where we can talk without so much effort of not drowning."

"Okay." Paul answered, a smile in place on his face. His tone was a whisper. He stared at Jacob intently before he took off to lead the way back. He could just cry. He really did love that boy, and the feeling grew more and more with each passing second. And now he could feel it without being tortured by guilt, without holding regret in his heart where his happiness lied. Jacob could always make him see things just as clear as they were. He could always put his mind at ease, and he knew he'd be grateful to spend the rest of his life with him, for better or for worse.

Paul smiled. Yeah, he could just cry it felt so good, to finally be free. He swam after Jake, his smile never leaving his face.

Paul ambled from the water, and looked up. He didn't say anything, he just stared. He noted Jacob standing before him, completely naked, body shimmering under the moonlight as water rolling over his broad chest and chiseled abs. His eyes traveled over his frame, soaking in the beauty, his eyes lingering on his - Jacob cleared his throat. Paul looked up at him.

"Eyes up here." He smirked. "Unless you want to see what it can do." Jake challenged quirking a questioning brow. Paul snorted.

"I think we've already established who's dominating this." Paul said, allowing a smirk of his own to subject upon his face. "And I don't recall that being you." Jacob's smirk broadened and he sauntered over to him.

"Don't think I'm going to always be submissive," he said huskily, his breath ghosting over his lips as he stood on his toes to meet him at eye level. "I'm still your beta, remember that." Jacob smiled, placing a chaste kiss on his lips before falling on the flats of his feet and stepping back. His lips held a lingering flavor of warm salt, caused by the water no doubt.

Paul scoffed. "Get that out of here," he said, his smirk broadening. "You're not scaring anyone shorty. You're the bottom and I'm the top, that's how it's going to stay." Paul challenged, glaring, daring him to say otherwise.

Jacob chuckled, and he met his glare with an amused smile. "Do you want to test that theory, right now? You're just as naked as I am," he said, his eyes running over his deliciously huge frame, radiating perfection. "Don't let me put you to shame." He threatened, amused.

Paul laughed. He took another step closer, standing over him now. "Shorty," Paul chuckled. "I would take you, again." Jacob tilted his head up to look up into Paul's eyes, his smile still prominently spread across his face.

"If you think so, but I'll tell you now," he paused, grinning. "I won't be as gentle as you were." Paul cackled his laugher, blissfully unaware that every time he had, the intoxication of his laughter was slowly stiffening Jake's member.

"Gentle?" Paul questioned after he'd gain enough self-control. "I don't think so. I had you withering under me." Paul grinned.

"You were gentle - hothead." He was tempting him. "I won't be, and that's warning enough." He said. Paul omitted an amused snarl, his grin still in place. Paul lunged at him. Jacob side stepped, ducking under his arms and spun, evading him before kicking in the back of one of his knees making his kneel. Then he kicked in the other before kicking him in his back, forcing Paul to catch himself on his hands. He was on all fours and abruptly his head shot up and he cried out painfully as an unexpected and unwanted intrusion transient his entrance. All of this occurred in less than two seconds.

"Don't move." Jacob whispered into his ear. He was leaning over Paul's huge body, one finger, wet and slippery, invading his entrance. "Don't move, Paul." He whispered again when the boy shifted uncomfortably against the digit. He wasn't going to be gentle, but he still wanted to hurt him as little as possible. "It would hurt a lot less if you didn't move." Paul stopped moving.

"How the fuck," he breathed through clenched teeth. "How did you do that?" Paul asked, intrigued in how Jacob did shit without him seeing it. He was fast as fuck. Jacob just chuckled into his ears.

"I'm beta for more than just heritage. Originally Alpha, remember? You can't be weak," he pulled his finger out partially when Paul seemed adjusted to it, "or slow," and then he jabbed it back in, earning him another pain filled cry. Paul breathed robustly through his gritting teeth.

"Calm down," Jake whispered softly, placing butterfly kisses behind his ear, which also savored of warm salt water. He pulled out and pushed back in, and Paul groaned, his head shooting up before lowering, a low snarl slipping passed his lips.

Jake smirked against his ear, his finger stilled as it inertly lied in Paul's entrance. "Paul," he called softly, huskily, his warm breath wisp over the shell of his ear, sending tingles down Paul's spine. "Do you want it to feel better?"

Paul didn't respond as he tried to adjust to the unwelcome digit. Jacob took it upon himself to force an answer from him and prodded his hole again. Paul hissed, clenching his teeth to assuage the discomfort. It was so unsettling having never had anything shoved inside him, and now he knew precisely why.

"Do you want to feel good, Paul?" Jacob asked again, shoving in a second finger to ensure an answer from the boy. Paul's body tensed and he again hissed through his clenched teeth. He murmured a snarl of approval, and gasped when Jake briskly jerked his fingers from his entrance, his body stiffening.

Jacob knew he couldn't deliberate, knowing Paul would rebel if given the opportunity, and acted instinctively. He did, however, allow his smirk to broaden. He parted Paul's ass cheeks and plundered his moist muscle into his tight, heated entrance, squeezing passed the tightest ring of muscle.

Paul shuddered against the seduction of his tongue, his breathing shaky, unfamiliar with the quaint sensation of his opening being probed by the warmth and moistness his tongue pleasurably supplied. Paul lowered his head further, and fisted the sand between his knuckles.

Jake used the potency of his wet muscle to press deeper into the fervidness of his aperture. He flickered his tongue against the ardent opening, eliciting an indulgent whimper from Paul's mouth, encouraging him to fluctuate his tongue faster against the sensitive area.

Jake felt him constrict around his tongue, and easily slid the intrusive muscle from him, sealing his lips around his entrance as he hungrily devoured it, urgent to hear more whimpers and feel more shudders through his body. He used the flat of his tongue to lick the aperture, and slid his tongue back in for more arousing treatment as Paul shivered enticement under his touch. Jake couldn't resist himself.

He proceeded to engulf his entrance with his tongue, swirling and teasing, dipping into the opening when the compulsory to melt into his moans struck him. He flickered his tongue and again Paul's entrance constricted. Jacob didn't remove his tongue this time, instead he used his hands to caress his thighs, coaxing him to relax, and he did. He shoved his enchanting muscle deeper, finding promise in doing so as subtle moans, and slight whimpers elicited from Paul's orifice.

Jake's hands caressed around his thighs, his tongue's ministrations never faltering as he gently persuaded Paul to spread his legs further. He reached under his legs, following the curve of his pendulum balls that led to his hardened cock. He grabbed the thick flesh, stroking it. Paul grumbled, moans futilely pressing passed his lips.

"Ahh god!" He moaned, and he bit his bottom lip, his head lifting for a moment before falling again as he slowly sunk into the pixilation of Jake's touch. His wet hand was warm against his cock as he stroked it, and his tongue seemed to set his insides ablaze. He could only imagine how it would feel to have his heated, hard cock inside him. No, he was supposed to be dominating, why - he lost his train of thought.

He felt a simultaneous jolt of pleasure cascade over him, and groaned into the vehemence. Jacob, before Paul had even realized, slid his tongue from his entrance and ran the underside of it down the trail that led to his balls and took them into his moist tavern. He'd replaced his tongue with two of his fingers, apparently having struck Paul's prostate when he felt the sudden shudder through his body and heard his moans that were elicited in his ecstasy. He continued to stroke his cock.

It felt so good. "Fuck, Jake…", he cursed, moaning while he drawl out his name. He bit harder on his bottom lip, unconcerned by the issue of drawing blood. Jake's multitude of beading beguilement wrapped around him as he suffocated him in the pleasure of stroking his cock, fiddling his balls with his talented tongue and fingering his entrance, with the occasional stroke over his prostate.

He wanted to feel his orgasm. Paul was anxious, but he wanted his release. "Jake," he whimpered, but sounded more so like a whine. Jacob chuckled around a mouthful of his balls before letting them slid from his sensual tavern.

He lifted his head and leaned over Paul's body, a prominent smirk upon his face. His hand continued to stroke him while his other continued to scissor his entrance. "Do you want it?" He breathed sensually against his neck. Paul's head was still lowered, his ear out of reach. Paul didn't respond.

Jake smirked. He slammed his fingers against his prostate, and Paul threw his head up, finally allowing his moans to flow freely passed his lips. "I asked you a question." He said, and again he struck his prostate, pumping his cock in unison with the thrust forward. Again Paul's head shot up and he screamed out another erotic moan. Jake loved it. His voice was like a drug, and he was slowly becoming addicted. "Do you want me to fuck you?" He growled out, fighting his impulse to mount and fuck him right then.

He hit his spot again. "Fuck, Jake yes! Fuck me!" Paul moaned urgent. Jacob's smirk broadened as he slammed his fingers against the bundle of nerves cradled in his vacuity, his head flying up to the sky. Jake leaned over to his ear.

"Not yet." He whispered his smirk smug against his ear as he licked it and hit his prostate, torturing him for his own pleasure. An absent thought assailed his mind if everyone who's had sex felt like a sadist during.

"Jake, fuck…don't…," he moaned eager, trailing off wordlessly. He whimpered the boy's name through a breathless moan when his prostate was struck for the umpteenth time. Jake caressed his cock in his palm, and kissed down his back before moving his mouth back up to his ear.

"Beg me for it." He said, sensually moistening his lips with his tongue before waiving the taunting wet muscle behind his ear again. He felt shudders vibrate through Paul's cock, and he could tell he wanted to be fucked from how his cock expanded against his hand, jumping excitedly. He nibbled on the top of his ear. "Beg." He said and pounded his fingers through the bundle of nerves once again.

Paul growled out in half ecstasy, half anger. He wasn't about to beg for sh - he howled to the moon, Jacob's fingers having penetrated through his prostate with one potent thrust. "Fuuck," he breathed. "Jake, please." He pleaded, having the sudden urgency to be filled with his cock. Jacob bit harder against the top of his ear, causing Paul to hiss. It felt great.

Jacob allowed his ear to fall from his mouth. "I don't think you really want it, Paul." He teased. "You're going to have to be a lot more convincing than that. Beg me," he growled into his ear, shoving a third finger in with the others and pushed through his prostate, divulging him with a cry of pleasure, pain and licentious need. "Beg your beta for pleasure." He smirked.

"Fuck me, Jake." He begged, demeaning, but entirely worth it if he had anything to say about it. The need to be filled with his cream was making his cock throb in the anticipation, his nipples hardening. "Please Jake, fuck me." Jacob chuckled into his ear, and flickered his tongue around the nape of his neck, satisfied with the moans he received.

"Do you promise to scream my name while I fuck you?" He asked, adding salt to the wound. It all delighted him. Paul shuddering, moaning and whimpering beneath him, and the absolute need in his voice was so blessed to his ears. His cock twitched, throbbing, leaking with precum when Paul breathed out an unexpected moan. He really didn't know how much longer he could torture him without torturing himself.

"Yes," Paul screamed, Jacob jamming his fingers as deep as they would go. "Fuck, yes." He answered an evident sense of wanting in his tone. Jacob's eyes rolled to the back of his head. God! That euphoric neediness in his voice was going to drive him insane. But he had to keep going, to show him who would be dominating whose ass.

"Scream my name for me, right now." He wouldn't stop. He forced his fingers to miss his prostate, seeking an answer with the quickness, his patience running thin. He wanted to fuck him so badly, but he would fight through it for a little while longer.

"Jake!" He screamed, continuing the procedure to having his pleasure. "Please fuckin' fuck me, please!" Pure desire leaked his tone. He just wanted to feel Jake inside him, to have his vacuity filled with his cum. He needed him to be inside him, so fucking badly.

He couldn't resist him anymore. He couldn't deny himself the absolute divinity of filling his entrance with his cock, to feel his skin burning against the insides of his soul mates heated flesh. He held back the hiss from his throbbing member, and leveled his voice. "What do you - want me to do to you?" He asked, his breath hitching mid-sentence.

"Fuck me! Hard!" Paul demanded. Jake wouldn't deny him or himself the sensation any longer. He removed his fingers from his entrance and released his cock, positioning himself accordingly. One of his legs was prompted up behind Paul, the flat of his foot meshed within the sand, while the other was kneeled beneath him, his knee kissing the dirt.

His cock wasn't thoroughly lubricated, but he hoped that the water dripping from the tip and rolling over the base was enough. It throbbed so badly, he couldn't wait any longer. If it hurt then Paul would just have to endure. He was tough, he could take it.

Paul was ready. He wanted to feel the sting, the burn, the pleasure and pain that he was sure to come. His member ached, veins taking it over completely. For a split second he found himself feeling like a masochist, much like Jacob admitted to being earlier, but he pushed it to the back of his mind. He wanted to be fulfilled, to feel whole, and to feel the other side of heaven.

Jacob palmed his own cock, gauging the head against Paul's entrance. He shifted into the sand, the head of his cock chastely kissing the puckered hole, and he firmly grasped onto Paul's sides, aware that he would want to push his member out, but he wouldn't allow it. He pressed into him, sheathing the head in, and as expected, Paul tried to shove it back out.

Jacob's grips on his sides tightened, and he pushed harder, enveloping himself deeper within his heat. Paul groaned, toiling to keep his grunts of dissonance at bay, and he bit hard into his bottom lip and felt it swell at the excessive pressure and blood built up. Paul felt Jake's cock shove in deeper, and he was unable to retain the discomforting intrusion and a drawling grunt escaped his chest and passed his lips.

His cock was about four inches in before he stopped, hearing Paul's disapproving grunt. He looked over the boy's body and noted that his head was lowered and his nails were digging deeper into the soft sand around them, and he noted how his arms slightly buckled, arguing with his body to remain still. But with no signs or response of him to pull himself from inside him, he shoved in more of his nine inches.

Jake shut his eyes tight as the heavenly warmth of his entrance devoured him. The heat seemed to become more and more overwhelming the deeper he'd push. He had about six inches of himself lodged within the crevices of his walls, succumbing to the infatuation of the avidly fervid aperture. He gasped, having held a breath he hadn't known he'd been suffocating himself with.

Paul was a masochist. He was sure of it. It hurt like all hell, but he loved it. Shivers and incessant shudders raced through his body, causing his arms to buckle and tremor in the sensation. His arms wanted to give way, but he would hold himself up - or he'd try at the very least.

Paul howled out ecstasy. Jacob shoved in deeper, the head of his cock pressing against his abused prostate. Jacob's grasp on his hips tightened, his nails breaking through his skin. The pain felt sensational. But Paul grumbled when Jake stopped suddenly. He had taken the opportunity to adjust to his length and the massive size of his cock, thick and long, as the member ignited a fire inside him, his entire being consumed by the luscious, and lasciviousness of the heat.

It felt as though fire was merging with his bloodstream, burning through the canal, enwrapping it in flames. His nails dug deeper into his skin, his arms buckling as he tried to steady himself, battling the overruling sensation. He wanted to feel more of it.

"Jake," Paul whimpered, and mechanically Jake's hips thrust forward, Paul's entrance taking the rest of him. Paul cried bliss, surrendering to the pleasure. "Ah fuck yeah!" He wanted it harder, abysmal. He wanted his cock to be shoved so deep inside him. He wanted the experience of the marvelous rapture.

The inside of his cock was still burning with vehement desire, but he managed to pull back and thrust forward. Paul's wailing screams of ecstasy were orgasmic, threatening his cock to release inside his ardent entrance just that quickly.

"Ah yeah Jake, fuck it!" Jake threw his head up. Paul's moans were so addictive, tingles racing through the veins of his cock. He snapped forward, giving him what he wanted, and received the erotic moans he craved.

"Jake," he whimpered, and that was all he could take. Paul would drive him to insanity if his moans were as sugary as they sounded now when he screamed his name while he fucked him raw. Paul stifled his groan when Jake slammed into him.

Jake shifted his toes against the sand, planting his feet firmly, giving him a more stagnant grip. He allowed one of his hands to fall from Paul's hips, and placed it against his pelvis - on the junction that connected his torso to his thigh - and pulled him back, his ass brushing against the hairs jutting from the base of his cock as his entrance swallowed his dick whole. He placed his other hand on his shoulder, pulling him up, giving his back sort of an inward arch.

He pulled back, and rammed into him with one potent thrust, his ass again swallowing his cock to the base. Paul cried out. "Damn Jake," he moaned raucous, Jake discovering a rhythm as he now continued to pound into him, his pace steady, but anxious. He had an urge to fuck him fast, and then hard.

One slam after another into his prostate, one thrust after another, beating the already thoroughly abused nerve. Jacob moved his hand from his pelvic and replaced on his side, his other still clutching around his shoulder, causing his back to retain its slight arch inward. Incessantly, melodically Jacob slammed into him, Paul's ass being big enough for it to jiggle with each thrust - much like Jacob's had.

Jacob's balls smacked against his fluttering ass cheeks, feeling wantonly as Paul screamed his name as promised. Jacob couldn't help but wish there were two Paul's, the one he was fucking and another that would be behind him, fucking him. His ass was presented bare to the midnight air.

Paul murmured incoherently. "Jake…yes, fuck…me," he moaned, his words coming out shakily as Jake's pace sped up. Paul took matters into his own hands and palmed his own cock, and began stroking it.

After a while Jake felt as though his hips went to autopilot, his pace never wavering in the least, and almost automatically his hips snapped forward, sliding easily in and then back out just to ram back in. "Damn man," Paul moaned orgasmic. Jake really wished he'd shut up. He knew he said he wasn't going to be gentle, but Paul was making it - as usual - difficult to not just flat out meaninglessly fuck him. His voice alone pleasured his senses, but his enchanting symphony of moans was taunting him to really dig deep into him and tear him to pieces.

"Fuck Jake, fuck!" Jacob could feel an overwhelming urge festering inside him, voices telling him to phase and really mount him. He wouldn't, couldn't harm Paul like that. He knew he said rough but damn, there's a limit to how far he'd go. "Ah God! Jake, man, fuu-ck!" Jacob clenched his teeth, snarling.

He used both of his hands to clutch around his shoulders, pulling him up, caving his back in more. Jacob groaned, Paul seemingly wanting more as he pushed back against his thrusts, impaling more of himself around Jake's cock. Jacob moaned, but it flowed out more as a growl. Jacob gripped his shoulders tighter and pounded into him harder, his balls smacking louder and more violently against the gyration of Paul's ass.

Jake looked down at his dick, at how it slid out of his puckered entrance, and how he slammed back in, Paul's cries bellowing over reverberations the ocean made. He loved it. Looking over Paul's shoulder, he withered in the pleasured expression upon his face. Paul's teeth were clenched, his head pointed towards the sky, and he helplessly bellowed out moans of pain twined with ecstasy.

"Ahh! Nngh…fuck, fuck Jake!" He groaned. Paul pumped his cock faster, the hand still embodied within the sand he shifted for a firmer grip as he tried meeting Jacob's thrust by impelling himself to the base of his cock.

Jake felt his insides rumbling, pulsating, and feeling himself lose control as one pleasuring convulsion after another toppled over him. He was drowning. He was drowning in a pool of needs, wants, desires, of lusts, and he couldn't seem to find his way out. A guttural growl festered behind his sternum as he fought for control over the need that persistently nagged to consume him.

"Scream - my name!" Jake ordered, fighting back the growl that fought to liberate from his chest. Paul was impaling himself with precision to Jake's thrusts. He screamed, shouted, and moaned contented obscenities with each thrash against his prostate, emanating his name in a sharp wail.

Jake shut his eyes tight, his hips rolling on their own accord. "Harder!" Paul moaned breathless and Jacob strained his eyes to peel open slightly, Paul appearing as a blur before him. He tried retrieving some control over himself. He managed to grasp meager pieces of his self-control, his hips taken from automatic as he controlled the potency and agility of his thrusts, and he complied with Paul's demand, rocking his hips back and snapping them forward with destructive force.

Paul hissed before emitting a pleasured moan. Jacob gave three more puissant thrusts against his battered prostate, each more strenuous than the last with Paul crying out in ecstasy. "Jake! Fuuck!" He cursed, hissing as his arms gave out under him, Jacob efficaciously pounding into him, his head falling into the sand, his ass presented wholly in the air as Jacob ravished it. Jacob released his shoulders, motioning his hands to clutch onto his hips.

The new positioning seemed to accordingly suit Jacob's needs to go deeper into his entrance, making him swallow his cock completely. Jacob stepped closer to him, practically mounting him with the way he hovered over his ass. Paul bowed his head under his chest, his forehead smoldered against the sand, allowing him to freely vocalize his pleasure.

After a moment, Jacob had lost himself. He couldn't withhold the lust bubbling inside him, and he allowed it to take over. He felt his lust double over, much like he smelt Paul's had done a few hours ago. He gnashed his teeth, the whites of his eyes beading pitch-black.

Paul smelt that incomprehensible lust again, but this time it wasn't him, it was Jacob, the aroma practically caressing his senses. He felt Jacob slamming into him more bashfully, faster, hearing him elicit subtle growls and snarls to commandeer for the hearty and breathy moans he no longer could omit from his orifice. Paul moaned louder, Jacob's lengthy cock disappearing inside him with each push, pulling back out fully just to ram back in, thoroughly damaging and abusing his surely sore prostate, but it felt miraculous, magical.

Paul began to stroke his pipe faster, desperate to feel his orgasm. "Fuck Jake yeah… I'm…clo -" Jacob growled at him, knowing that he wanted to come. Well that was too damn bad because he wasn't ready yet.

Jacob slowed his pace, almost stopping completely as he pushed the rest of Paul's body into the dirt, laying him flat against the sand, Jacob's cock buried deep within his interior. Paul's hand that he used to jerk himself off with was caught under his own body, stuck from the pressure of Jacob's enormous body atop him.

Jacob elicited an ominous snarl. This position wasn't comfortable, he couldn't go deep, he couldn't be rough, or fast, his pace was average, and it was unacceptable, unsatisfying. He looked around for the briefest of moments, his eyes grazing over the long piece of driftwood that was the log, and a sudden thought came to mind. He grinned mischievously, and snarled an approval to the idea.

Paul lost the fullness of Jacob's cock, and he groaned, displeased. He heard Jake shuffling to his feet and released a faint growl. He felt himself being dragged through the sand at rapid speed. He didn't know what was going on, all he knew was that he was in the dirt one second and in the next he was hunched over the long wooden rod.

Jacob pushed him hard against the forgotten piece of nature, shoving his entire lower body into it, his painful erection rubbing against the splintering texture, preventing him from reaching his climax. Jacob curled his nails into his sides like handles and began to take control of the heat emancipating between them and snapped his hips forward, burying his cock inside him, relishing in the familiar sensation of wholeness and utter fulfillment.

The angle was perfect. Paul's torso was hunched over the log, his arms out in front of him, clawing into the bark of wooden rod when Jake began to become bashful again, slamming and pounding with eerie belligerence. Jacob - to his own satisfaction - was pleased with the profound standpoint. He was situated on both of his knees, gripping Paul's hips, a simple position but needless to say, a great one.

He could stroke himself deeper, pound harder and ignite urgency in his thrusts at his command - or his lust's command - opposed to the accommodation in prior, which allowed him little access to any gratification whatsoever.

He brought his hips back and thrust them forward; indulging in the ruffling moans his received from the one below him. He can tell that Paul is enthralled with how he gestures him to impaling deeper into him, withering under the pleasure of each thrust, shudders rolling through his body. Jacob bucked his hips into him again; gracing his ears was a bliss-filled groaning that pierced through the air.

As sufficient as the position was, it wasn't enough. He wanted to see his face as he drove into him, forcing euphonious groans to hail against his tongue before trailing from the edge of his lips and reaching his ears. The seduction was almost unbearable. He needed more, he needed to see his face and bask in its golden glory.

Jacob acted impulsive, again tearing himself from Paul's aperture, hissing when the chilling wind of the sea blew passed, kissing his fervid erection. He lifted Paul up, and turned them so that he was now the one against the log, and he stretched out onto his back, signaling Paul to climb atop him.

Paul without a hint of reluctance found his place atop Jacob's cock, trembling with anticipation to ravish in the fulfillment of it being inside him. His entrance loomed over the taut muscle as he cautiously lowered himself onto him. Without as much as a wince, his entrance swallowed his entire cock at once, and Jacob groaned once the heat returned to him. He felt Jacob's hips buck into him immediately after his cock was fully sheathed inside him.

"Ahh!" Paul moaned excitedly. He missed his prostate, but the feeling of having Jake deep inside him was always exciting. Feeling his cock rub against the walls of his entrance, sliding in and out as he bounced against it is what was so thrilling and lively.

Jake groaned again closing his eyes for a brief moment to allow the rush to roll over him before staring intently into Paul's eyes. He goaded him to move faster on his cock, to squeeze his hole tighter around it as he pushed himself up into him, seeking the beguiling moans and golden, withering with pleasure expressions he craved. He groaned feral, suddenly having an intense urge to stake his claim, to leave his mark over his body so everyone may see whom he belonged too.

His eyes wondered over Paul's frame, tearing the intensity of his stare away from his eyes, trailing his gaze lower, more speculatively, searching for the most noticeable spot on his body to leave his claim. He could've placed it anywhere, wanting nothing more than to taste every bit of that glistening, golden brown skin, but had to be where everyone could see it. His eyes glimpsed over his neck. That's where he'd leave it.

Jacob lifted his arms, using one hand to hold onto Paul's waist as he now rode his cock rougher, wilder. He used his other hand to wipe away the sand on his forehead before slyly snaking it around the back of his neck and yanking him down onto his lips. He heard Paul wince from the sudden impact and noted that he stopped riding his member as he was hunched over in an odd angle, and Jacob snarled at his discontinuance. He lifted his legs up behind him, his knees in the air, and he thrust into him.

Paul moaned wearily. He bit down on Jacob's collarbone when the strength of his thrusts increased, causing the boy to wince slightly. He was leaning forward, heaving his breath in Jake's ear as his teeth clutched deeper into his collarbone.

Jake was unconcerned with his assumingly penetrated skin. Paul's neck was presented to him as the boy's head was crooked to the side, his teeth sinking deeper into his flesh. Jacob stretched his neck forward, slowing his thrusts until they stilled completely. His used his pelvis and his member, which was still inside Paul the press the boy up closer to him so he could clasp his teeth around his neck.

It didn't go well. Paul's neck was too far from his reach to bite into, allowing him to only swipe the tip of his tongue over his pulse and receive a small shudder in response. Frustrated, Jacob growled and bucked up; pounding into him a few times before he abruptly tossed him onto the ground.

Paul wasn't even given the opportunity to remove himself from Jake's cock before he found himself flat on his stomach and on the ground. He turned his head to the side as he tried lifting himself up, but in the next instant an unexpected weight fell atop him, forcing him back in the dirt.

Jacob didn't care how unsatisfying the position was as he pressed the palms of his hands against the back of Paul's hands into the sand, preventing him to moving away as torso was pressed stagnantly against his back. Hovering over him, he took the briefest moment to decide Paul's entrance and shoved himself in without a second glance. Paul moaned simultaneously with the sudden intrusion.

"Jake," Paul groaned. Jake's hips were rocking in an almost mechanical manner, his round ass rising into the air before slamming his cock against Paul's prostate. Jacob pounding in a brisk pace, but he raised his hips high enough to strengthen the impact with each thrust he delivered.

At the moment, pounding Paul deep into the ground wasn't his priority. His prime priority was to stake his claim, and in their current position it was allowed far easier to do. Jacob lowered his head to the side of his neck, and clasped his teeth around the salty flesh. He sucked on the skin; forcing withered moans to escape passed Paul's lips as his hips never faltered in their own ministrations to pound relentless into his ass, and each thrust more potent than the last.

Jacob flickered his tongue along the crook of his neck before reclaiming his original place, suckling harder before perching his teeth against the sensitive skin. He pulled away from his neck with reluctance, pleased to see the red and black mark he'd left, indication as such as he purred softly into his ear. But even then, he wasn't quite satisfied and he clutched his teeth around the area of darkened skin again, flitting his tongue before gritting the skin between his teeth.

He gnashed his teeth against his flesh, receiving an unwelcoming hiss from Paul when his teeth sunk deeper into his skin, drawing a thin trail of blood, but he ignored it and penetrated deeper, clenched his teeth harder around the spot. He stopped himself from sinking his teeth any further, and began sucking at the abused point of penetration, lapping away the blood that rolled over it.

He wasn't certain if all the blood was gone, and he really could've cared less if it was or wasnt as he moved on to a new place on his neck to lay his claim. "Ahhh Jaack, fuuck mee!" Paul groaned, Jacob having plundered his cock against his prostate four consecutive times with each shuddering rush more chilling than the last.

"Ahh Jake…" Paul groaned. "I g-gotta cum…S-shit, it hurts." He practically was begging him for his release. His member was leaking more than what was considered precum, the contents smearing into the sand underneath him.

Jake never stopped pounding into him, too enrapture with staking his claim over naked skin. "Fuck, Jake please!" Paul growled pleadingly, knowing very well that that was what Jacob wanted to hear and what he needed to do to get off. His release was literally sending small tremors of pain through his cock.

Jacob purred to himself once he noted Paul's begging, and then he bit down harder against the tender space of his pulse. It was entrancing to hear the hiss pass Paul's lips, and know that the moan after was completely his doings, and he sank his canine teeth deeper into his beating pulse.

"Jake please!...Fuckin' shit!" Jacob ignored him. Paul soon began stringing a slur of obscenities behind his moans, clenching his teeth as he did so, growling. Jacob only grinned, Paul turning his head the opposite way, disclosing new territory for him to claim.

After five minutes of incessant pounding, and of Paul's storm of raging obscenities, he'd given up begging, only to receive a threatening growl from Jacob. Paul glared, "Fuck…you." He growled. Jacob grinned, and abruptly he rolled over onto his back, flipping Paul over with him, his member never leaving the crevices of his entrance.

Jacob now lied on his back, Paul's back pressing against his chest and stomach. He bucked his hips upward, impaling himself inside him. He noted that Paul must've liked this position with the way his head was thrown back against his shoulder, his mouth open as he permeated strangled, yet delectable moans. Jacob wrapped his arms around his waist.

Paul's neck was once again presented to him in a ravishing fashion, and he, without reluctance, took this opportunity to indeed ravish his russet skin, trapping the tenderness of his recent marks and bruises between his teeth, piercing through it.

Paul just allowed his arms to lie loosely on either side of him, his hands digging into the sand, palming it as his body was warped in pain and premium pleasure. He felt Jacob's legs pulling up, and he followed the action with his own, until they both had the soles of their feet meshed into the clumps of sand. Jacob must've loved it, because his hips picked up a brisk pace, opposed to relentlessly thrusting.

Jacob growled around the pulse of Paul's neck, telling him to work himself. When Jacob finally noticed that Paul was too wrapped within the delightfully fulfilling sensation to notice his attempts at helping him with his release, he took matters into his own hands, literally. He used one of his hands to slither down his navel and palm his cock, the member standing stiffly and tall in the cool air. His erection was like fire in his hands, far more fervid than before, but he continued to stroke him anyway.

Jacob felt himself nearly reaching his climax as his brisk pace quickened a little more. He pounded harder when he felt his release closing in, his thrusts becoming animalistic, truly feral. His puncture markings in Paul's neck were drawing more blood than before as his clasped his teeth tighter around the tender flesh, nearly suffocating his love. He didn't. He massaged Paul's cock against his hand, the anticipation wailing inside became overwhelming, and he began stroking Paul's taut muscle in mild precision with his wild and unpredictable thrusts.

Paul could feel himself reaching new heights. All the different sensations were making his body burn immensely, to a forbidden and unknown temperature, where the heat was avid and was becoming exceptionally too hot, even for himself to grow accustom to. The pleasure of having Jake inside him, his thrusts finally uncensored, ramming uncontrollably against his prostate without a steady tempo of just fast and hard. The tempo was unorthodox, unpredictable, uncalculated, and feral. The pleasure was passionately rough, especially with Jacob sinking his teeth into his throat to the point where the feeling was numbed with ecstasy. Then finally, the unscrupulous ministrations he bestowed around his member was breath-taking, it was literally breath-taking.

Paul's gasped, his breathing caught in his chest, and suddenly he constricted his entrance around Jake's cock a surge of divine ecstasy washing over him, rolling over every fiber in his body, making him shudder, shiver, moan and wince all at once. His vision was a blur as he tried to look down at himself. He discerned his cum rolling over Jacob's hand that had finally stopped pumping him, and he saw most of it resting on his own navel. The rest had landed atop the sand. He arched his back, feeling tingles run up and down his spine from his orgasm.

Jacob had finally stopped pumping his member when he felt Paul shuddering against his cock, his entrance constricting tightly around the head and he winced. He slammed in again, Paul's entrance still tight around him. He felt his orgasm on edge, and he knew it would only take a few more thrusts forward and he'd be able to relish in the beatitude of his climax, experiencing the unanimous and primitive perception of divine pleasure cascade over him.

He wouldn't falter from his thrusts, and Paul was seemingly unwavering of the tightness of his aperture, forcing Jacob to climax faster than expected. His release was at the head of his cock, and with no restraint to hold it back anymore, he released himself within him. His teeth sunk so deep and clenched so hard around Paul's neck that he could've ripped his head off if he wanted to, and this caused Paul to groan painfully. Jacob's grip around Paul's now softened cock tightened, and this time, said latter hissed violently, his cock sore and tender from being shoved against the bark of the log and from being stroked so fast and hard to keep up with Jacob's unforeseeable poundings. And the arm wrapped around Paul's waist tensed and tightened as well, capable of snapping him in half.

Once Jacob rode out his orgasm he released everything of Paul he held hostage and groaned both delightedly and tiresome against his neck. His breathing was ragged, his huge chest heaving out of rhythm to everything. His nostrils flared, expanding as he animated his every breath. His eyes receded back into their honey brown color, soft and calming.

After a couple of minutes the effect of their orgasms finally began to ebb, allowing them to compose themselves, and with a little more intended effort, Paul rolled from atop Jacob's chest, causing them both to wince when his cock was extracted by the action. Paul lied on his stomach, Jacob on his back as they faced one another, still breathing quite heavily, but they managed to speak through it.

"So?" Jacob breathed out.

"I think…I was…a bit rougher, than you." Paul replied, and Jacob furrowed his brows. Paul closed his eyes and sighed. "Tough luck." Jacob couldn't help himself and laughed softly, grinning, causing Paul to open his eyes to the sound enchanting his ears.

"Whatever." Jacob said, his grin falling into a smile, and he sighed contentedly. "Maybe next time then, eh?" He suggested, his breathing leveled far better than before. Paul only stared at him for a long while before a grin spread across his face. He honestly wouldn't mind, it was far more pleasurable and exciting than he thought it'd be.

He answered, "Maybe," and closed his eyes again, yawning. Jacob willed himself to move in closer to him and pull him up to rest his head onto his broad chest.

Paul could hear his heartbeat hammering into his ears, the rate increased ten times faster than a normal heartbeat. He must've really been pumping some adrenaline through his veins, Paul thought, and he smiled at the thought. 'I think it was worth it.' He thought.

"Paul," Jacob said, taking him from his thoughts. "We should really go wash this off." He looked down at his hand, noted Paul's cum rolling over and between his fingers.

"Do you really want to get up?" Paul asked. Jacob made a noise in the back of his throat that sounded along the lines of 'uh-uhn'. "Then don't…not right now at least. Sleep." Paul suggested, making Jacob laugh again.

"Not this time." Jake replied and kissed his temple before stretching up onto his feet. He held his hand out to Paul when he was standing at his normal height, and Paul groaned at the fact that he'd have to get up, but he did. "Should I carry you?" He asked once he noticed Paul's slight stumble and limp.

Paul scoffed. "Ha. You're barely keeping yourself up." That was true, Jake determined. "I got it." He said as they trudged across the sand and into the forest. Neither had the strength to phase, so they settled in with the silent walk back. They both occasionally stole glance from one another every so often, and when one got caught they'd smile, that being the only form of communication between them, other than that, they chose to tune into the nights wildlife as they trotted back to Jacob's bed, and shower.

Jacob yawned as he stretched over his bed to pull the curtains back.

The morning was bright, bright enough at least, but chilling. The night before they showered, separately, fear of never leaving the bathroom lingered between them far longer than it needed to, and then they climbed into bed and cuddled, both asleep with only a brief look into the others eyes, then content and subtle darkness clouded their visions, and minds.

Paul was still asleep, cradled in the position Jacob had left him in. It was cute; Jacob thought as he looked down at him and smiled. Jake padded over to the bathroom, washed his face, and brushed his teeth before returning back to his room and noticing an awakened Paul sitting up in his bed.

"You're up already?" Jake asked, somewhat bemused. "I thought you'd want to sleep in." He shrugged before heading over to his dresser drawer and pulling it open.

"You weren't next to me," Paul replied sleepily, yawning as he stretched his limbs. "I could feel that you left." He finished once he was done stretching and yawning. Jacob smiled as he continued to rummage through his drawer. "Hey Jake," he called, receiving a soft 'hm' as a reply. "Where's Billy, I haven't seen him lately?"

Jacob shrugged. "He's at Mrs. Clearwater's place. He's been there ever since I was bedridden," he missed the slight cringe Paul gave at the thought. "Said he could take me being in so much pain," Jake turned around and smiled at him. "Plus you were there with me all day everyday, so I guess there was really no need for him to stick around if you couldn't handle it." He turned back to the dresser, searching through the drawer. "But I understand why he had to go." He said, his tone tacked with a slight sadness.

Paul lowered his head to his lap, thoughtfully, but then looked up when h heard Jake shuffling stuff around in his drawer. "What are you looking for?" Paul inquired.

"A picture." Jake replied back. Paul seemingly noted that he was victorious in his search when he closed the drawer, and turned around with a grin upon his face as he looked down at the picture in his hands. "It's funny." He said and ambled over beside Paul.

"Picture of what?" Paul asked bewildered, and he took the photograph when Jake offered it to him. One glance at the picture had him grinning from ear to ear, his sleepiness dissolved and thoughts of Jacob bedridden gone. He chuckled lightly. "Is this the picture I forced you to take with me before I left for boot camp?" Paul grinned, already knowing the answer.

Jacob nodded a smile upon his face. "Yeah, and now I see why you did." He leaned over to look at the picture again, noting that every time he looked at it he can't seem to help the smile that spreads across his face and the small laugh that he laughs to himself.

In the picture Jacob was scowling, quite menacingly, his arms folded across his chest, looking away from the camera and away from Paul who was on his left. He knew it was childish but ten minutes before Emily offered to take the picture Paul had pissed him off, and he wasn't exactly 'photo-ready' afterwards. Paul had forced Jacob to take the picture, telling Sam that he wanted to remember everyone and complained when Jake refused to stand next to him. Sam told, or more so - to Jacob's sheer anguish - ordered him to take the picture, and he did, but it was obviously clear that he wasn't happy about it.

Paul on the other hand had his arm slung over Jake's shoulder, grinning from ear to ear as he stared into the camera. Part of him was happy that he was taking the picture with Jake, the other half sadistically excited that he had managed to force him to do it. It was a win-win for him, and he made sure it showed prominently in the picture, and it indeed did.

"Thought you were going to burn this?" Paul grinned, and tore his eyes away from the memory to stare at Jake. Jacob leaned back and shrugged.

"I know, but I couldn't bring myself to do it." Jacob answered nonchalant, and abruptly he grinned. "Every time I see that picture of you I laugh, and it was a pretty good memory…even though I don't even remember what I was mad about." He said and looked down at Paul for an answer.

Paul shook his head. "I don't know either. Around that time I was just pissing you off just because, no real reason to, just for fun I guess. Yeah, I loved you then, but it was funny to make you mad because your face would turn like, beet red and you'd look like the devils spawn." He laughed, earning a soft snort from Jacob.

"Whatever." He said and snatched the picture from him. "The point of me showing you that," he began, "Was to let you know that we've had a lot more memories than just the one from the picture in the necklace." He pointed out and took a seat on the edge of his bed. "It would take us forever to reminisce about all the times we shared together."

Paul chuckled. "Yeah it would." He smiled, and so was Jacob. Silence was between them for a few moments until Paul broke it. "You know Jake," Paul began, looking down at his lap before his eyes flitted back up to meet Jacob's gaze. "You haven't said you loved me yet…I'm still waiting to know how it feels to actually hear you say it, and mean it." Jacob grinned.

"Do I really have to tell you?" Paul nodded, and Jake's grin grew. He crawled up onto the bed further, leaving the picture on the edge of the bed and pushed Paul back, forcing him to lie on his back. "How about I just show you instead, eh?" Paul smirked.

"I think you've shown me enough. How about -" but of course, before he could finish Jacob smashed their lips together, not really seeking for anything, only goading the suspense. He's a sadist now, what do you expect?

He broke away from him, and they stared at each other. They traced over the other's features before their eyes rested upon the identical honey-dew color of the other's eyes, and before Paul could motion to do anything, Jacob again claimed his lips. This time he sought out the passion from before, and like a fiend for crack, he always got it. The compassion was sublime, effortless. It was right, it was perfect, and together they were perfect.

Again Jacob pulled away, and looked down into Paul's eyes endearingly. "I…love…you, Paul." He drawled softly, mustering as much passion as he could behind each word, and he smiled when he noted Paul sighing.

He could've just melted away, dissolved into the mattress. It was perfect. The words were perfect on his lips, as though they were made for him to say and created for his own ears to hear. His heart felt like it would explode, and no guilt ate at his conscious or told him that he didn't deserve the rush of emotions that were flowing through him now. He was free, free of guilt, the pain, and the sadness, all replaced by a stronger power of nature, because only assuring destiny can make one feel so complete and full and with those words alone, Jacob had assured his destiny. He was created to love and to cherish him, for all of eternity, and not once would he miss a chance to do it. Afflatus.

Paul's had an option to make since the beginning: either open the closed door, or crawl out the open window. He was sure as hell happy that he got that door open, because who the hell knew what lied beyond that window? It was utter joy that filled him, his soul reaching up to clutch his heart, no, it wasn't his soul, but it was Jacob's. He opened his eyes, not knowing when he had closed them, and realized the boy pulling away from his lips a third time. Then he looked into his eyes, Jacob's face scrunched.

"Paul," Jacob wiped at his cheeks. "Why are you crying?"

Crying? He hadn't even noticed. Whatever, it felt good. It cleansed his soul, it really did. He just shook his head and smile up at him. "I'm happy." He answered with a slight laugh before he wiped at the tears that fell, but they kept coming, so he left them. After ten years, it was all finally coming out, and he was happy that after so long that he was now crying happy tears. Yup, they were most definitely happy tear. He was content. His heart was beaming with joy actually.

"Oh." Jacob smiled.

"Say it again." Paul said softly, making Jacob smile wider.

"I love you, Paul Black." He repeated, just as sincere as the last time.

Paul felt his heart fluttering in his chest. 'That pretty much confirms it. He is my unspoken imprint. He is the center of my existence, my world and my universe. He is my opened door.' Paul thought.

Jacob laughed softly, a light flush across his cheeks. "Well you're more like my open window." He said, and Paul furrowed his brows. How'd he know - "You said it out loud." Jacob supplied once he noted his bewildered expression, then Paul relaxed into the mattress before chuckled softly to himself.

"I hadn't noticed." He said. "But you are. You're my open door." Paul only stared at him, sincerely content with just staring, because in that moment, what was more perfect than knowing you found the person you were destined to live your life with, without imprinting.

"Well my motto is: When one door closes, a window opens." Jacob stated, and leaned in closer to his lips, nearly pressing his own against his, and he smiled. "Bella is the closed door, and you are the open window." He elaborated. "I just never really noticed you were there until now." Paul really didn't know rather he should be insulted or take it as a compliment - the hell with it, he was his now so what did it matter?

"Well," Paul began his breath warm across Jake's lips. "My motto is: When the door doesn't want to open, you rip that motherfucker open, and be sure to break every window before walking through the doorway." Jacob laughed, a lot less gracefully than he intended, which made Paul grin.

"That's a long motto." Jake informed his smile from his laughter still in place. Paul shrugged softly.

"Yeah well," he looked at him. "You were the door, and let me be the one to tell you, you were not an easy way out," again he shrugged his shoulders lightly. "But the heart knows what the heart wants, so there is really no arguing with it, right?" Jacob gave the cutest of smiles just then.

"I guess not." He answered, and almost immediately Paul's face lit up and he laughed.

"You know what I just thought about?" He asked, and Jacob lifted both of his brows, silently indicating for him to continue because he obviously didn't know. Paul chuckled to himself before continuing on. "In our native language, we should call you, One Who Is the Stubborn Door." Jacob huffed and rolled his eyes, a small smile on his face.

"And you'd be what, Wide Open?" Paul's face deflated before it quickly lit up again as he laughed heartedly.

"Okay well, that just sounds like I'm one step away from being a prostitute." Paul said, and grinned up at his sole reason for existence. Jacob's smile just grew bigger and he shook his head.

"Shut up, Paul." He said, genuine happiness trailing every word and aspect of his tone. Paul laughed again.

"I love you too, Jake," and the gape was closed, their lips dancing over the others, their hearts fluttering with contented joy. I mean really, what could be more perfect than this?

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