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Making Headlines

It was a very average early spring day at the Xavier Institute as Kurt teleported out to the end of the driveway, retrieved the newspaper, and teleported back to the kitchen, tossing the roll to Logan. He shook the paper out, straightening it so he could read the front page. Only Kurt and Logan were in the kitchen, everyone else was either still sleeping or getting ready to come downstairs.

Murder Victim Found Near Bayville High School

Logan sighed as the headline blared at him. Seems like the school would be closed as a crime scene, according to the article. Also according to the article, the victim was a young lady, stabbed thirty-six times on the front steps of the high school, sometime last night.

"Zat's really vierd! I had a dream last night zat I stabbed a lady in front of a big building, like a library or somezing!" Kurt said excitedly, apparently not aware fully of what he was saying. He was reading over Logan's shoulder, but stopped when Wolverine turned to glare at him.

"That's real interestin', Elf. Why don'tcha go tell the others there's no school?" Logan said sarcastically. Kurt teleported off to go jump on the others and give them the news. However, Logan thought about what Kurt had said about his dream. Maybe he should go talk to Chuck.

Logan scanned through the rest of the paper, and, finding nothing interesting, tossed it down on the table for someone else to read. He left the kitchen and strode down the halls to the Professor's study, where the Professor was reading the same newspaper article.

"Chuck. That article you're readin'- the Elf's got somethin' ta do with it. You might wanna talk to him about it." The Professor nodded, looking up after a moment.

"Yes, I'll make sure to talk to him. But when you say, 'something to do with it,' what do you mean? He is the killer, or he saw the murder?" Professor X looked highly concerned. Logan shook his head.

"I dunno. Ask Kurt abou' it later. I'm off to go take a ride - and think about this." Logan shook his head, crossing his arms and walking out to the garage.


Shortly after Logan rode down the driveway, the Professor stowed the paper in one of his desk drawers and sent a telepathic message to Kurt. moments later, there was a light knock on the study door.

"Kurt. Come on in. I heard from Logan that you had a peculiar dream last night?" the Professor invited Kurt into his study.

"Ja, but I didn't zink it vas zis important." Kurt said, sitting down on the sofa across from the Professor.

"Why don't you tell me about it?" Professor X asked. Kurt nodded and took a breath.

"So I vas vaiting in ze bushes near ze front of ze school, ven ze lady valked out on to ze steps, like she vas vaiting for someone. She vas vaiting for me. I came towards her, viz my knife, and stabbed her. It vas so vivid, so real, I could almost feel the blood on my fingers." Kurt said steadily, eyes lost in a memory.

"So you killed her." The Professor stated quietly.

"Yes – no, vait. Yes, I keeled her in my dream, but no, I did not keel her in real life." Kurt said confidently.

"How can you be sure?"

Kurt looked down at his feet guiltily.

"Keety vas sleeping viz me – but not in zat vay! She came into my room to vatch a movie viz me, but ve both fell asleep. She vould be able to tell you if I left. Venever I move or leave ze room, she knows." Kurt chuckled, but blushed. The Professor looked at him critically over steepled fingers.

"Alright. Just make sure you and Miss Pryde don't end up in the same bed again. You know we have strict policies about that."

"Jawohl." Kurt nodded and left. The Professor tucked Kurt's dream away at the back of his mind. It was intriguing, but it could have just been a coincidence, or a mutant like Mesmero playing mind games again. The Professor mulled it over for a little while, then moved on to other things. He would have to watch Kurt carefully, because if he had more dreams like this, it could be serious.


Kitty looked up as Kurt walked in. Kurt had walked up from the Professor's study, not teleported. Walking gave him more time to think; something that everybody in the mansion seemed to be doing a lot more of lately.

"Hey Kätzchen, did I leave ze room last night?" he asked. Kitty thought for a moment.

"No, why?"

"I had a strange dream zat I keeled ze voman in ze papers, and ze Professor vas vorried I might have accidentally done it. As long as I stayed here last night, zough, I'm good." Kurt explained. Kitty nodded, but was concerned. However, she was confident Kurt would explain in a moment.

"Also, Kätzchen, I'd like you to sleep viz me in case I have anozzer vierd dream. I vant to make sure I don't actually keel anybody."

"Um, okay, but isn't that against the rules?" Kitty asked apprehensively, though inside she was delighted. She put down her notebook and pen on the bed and sat up. Kurt's eyes flicked to the notebook.

"Vat are you writing?" He asked. Kitty shrugged her shoulders.

"A writing doodle, really. The beginning of a Hunger Games fanfiction. Nothing much." Kitty said, moving the notebook to the floor. "You wanna finish watching the movie?"

"Sure zing, Kaetzchen." Kurt got on the bed, leaning over to his nightstand, looking for the remote. He skipped through the first half and found the place he had fallen asleep at.


Some time after the movie ended, Kurt and Kitty ended up playing Twenty Questions at a loss of something better to do.

"Is it . . . a heart?" Kitty asked, watching Kurt's face carefully. He slowly broke into a smile.

"Gosh, Kaetzchen, I zought you'd pick up kvicker zan zat! It's not a solid object, if zat's vat you're vondering."

Kitty sat and thought for a little while longer.

"Is it love?" she questioned. Kurt's smile widened.

"Ja. Und you know I love you," Kurt said. Kitty smiled. She knew what was coming next.

"Just shut the door first."

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