1. Don't brag about how awesome or lame your dad is in front of Jim.

2. Don't ever bring a ball of yarn on the boat.

3. Asking Mr. Arrow if he's related to The Rock Biter is just stupid. (From A Never Ending Story)

4. Sing the Spider Man theme song when Scroop walks in, that's a death wish.

5. Give Morph candy...enough said.

6. Say that Silver can't cook.

7. Pull Jim's braid.

8. Bring Scooby Snacks.

9. Bring catnip.

10. Prove that you're actually smarter then Delbert.

11. Say, "Wat up Dawg" to Delbert.

12. Ask Silver what species he is.

13. Mock Silver's pirate talk.

14. Start a food fight because Jim would have to clean it and Silver would be furiously offended.

15. Call Cpt. Amelia "Catwoman." or "Katnappe"

16. Sing "A Pirate's Life for Me" in front of the whole crew.

17. Counter Silver's pirate slang with ghetto slang.

18. Say "Good kitty." or "Here Kitty Kitty"

19. Say "Good doggy." or "Here, boy!"

20. Tell Scroops to "Put up them dukes!"

21. Challenge Silver or Scroops or Mr. Arrow to an a arm wrestling match.

22. Don't go through various metals when addressing Silver. Such as "Platinum, Gold, SILVER!"

23. Call the Legacy the Titanic.

24. Yell out; "ALIENS!" At the crew.

25. Try and out mock Morph.

26. Sing the Ben 10 theme song and refer to Jim when ever you say "Ben 10"

27. Ask Mr. Arrow "Do you ever have to use the bathroom...I mean you're all rock right?"

28. Talk to Jim about your issues while drinking rum.

29. Don't spill the rum...

30. Ask Scroop if he was a scorpion or a spider?

31. Argue that he can't be both.

32. Put Morph in the freezer and tell Silver its strawberry icecream with white m n' ms.

33. Ask if you can get a captain hat since so many people have them.

34. While everyone is asleep and you're on night watch yell out " LAND HO!"

35. Pick a fight with Scroops and then when Silver saves you, run behind him and say "Daddy, a pedophile, SAVE ME!"

36. Interrupt all the heart warming father-son scenes between Silver and Jim.

37. Interrupt Silver's stories in the galley.

38. Sing the "Inspecter Gadget" theme song whenever Silver appears.

39. Don't ask Jim about what happened to his other ear ring or the rest of his hair.

40. Spray insect repelant at Scroop whenever he's around.