Glad to see people enjoyin my little storey here...if any body got any good "don'ts" let me know through private messages please...if you put them up in the reviews it would be a spoiler. More don'ts with the help of my friend: Welsh Gem and Wherever Girl THANKYOU!


83. These are ALL from Welsh was hard to pick just a few...

84. Don't sabotage Silver's cyborg arm and leg.

85. Don't scratch the Legacy along the side with a screwdriver.

86. Don't tell BEN that he was meant to protect the treasure after the planet explodes.

87. Don't hide Doppler glasses and don't replace then with 3D glasses.

88. Don't shave Jim bald when he's asleep.

89. Don't cut off Doppler s pony tail thing.

90. Don't ask BEN if he knows where babies come from,if he says no, force Jim into telling him.

91. Write a slashy note to silver from Jim.

92. Blackmail Jim into dressing into a fish suite then telling everyone BEN is his best friend.

93. Damage Jim's solar surfer.

94. Tell Amelia arrow is a rubbish spacer.

95. Tell Amelia she is a rubbish catpain.i meant captain..*not*.

96. Spread Jim's gay.

97. Spread scroop is gay.

98. Spread that scroop sleeps with a teddy bear who has a missing ear and eye.

99. Brag how awesome cats are in front of Doppler.

100. Brag how awesome dogs are in front of Amelia.

101. Hide one of Amelia's bra's in Doppler's room.

102. Take some of Amelia's Tampax and stick it up silver's nose when he's sleeping to stop him from snoring.

103. Brag how crap pirates are in front of the crew.

104. Put bed bugs in Jim's hammock.

105. Turn the volume down on BEN so he cant speak.

106. Don't tell Jim he cant solar surf for his life.

107. Don't try to give either Amelia or Doppler a bath.

108. Don't offer Amelia flea shampoo.

109. Or Doppler.

110. Don't ask onus is he related to the squirrel off the Simpson movie.

112. Don't ask the fat pirate if he's related to peter griffin or Homer Simpson.

113. Don't ask silver about the floozies.

114. Don't tell Doppler Amelia is preggers with his kid. yet.

115. Don't tell Amelia she has a mouth like Davina McCall.

116. Don't ask Silver if he masturbates.

117. If he says yes, don't spread it.

118. Don't video Scroop killing Arrow otherwise he will kill u then Amelia will kill him even though that will be funny.

119. Don't write a really perverse letter to Amelia and sign it Doppler or Scroop or Jim or Silver or Arrow.

120. Don't laugh at Amelia when arrow dies.

122. Don't ask Amelia if she has fleas.

123. Don't ask Amelia how is the period coming.

124. Don't spread Amelia is pmsing.

125. Don't hack into Amelia's facebook account and put on saucy pics.

126. Don't spread Amelia has a tail and Doppler hasn't. if u know what i mean.

127. Don't shave Amelia bald when she's napping.

128. Don't spike every one's drink then dump em all in Amelia's sleeping quarters.

129. Don't fog horn Jim when hes asleep.

130. Or anyone else.

131. Don't ask what Jim and Silver did after their little ride in the longboat.

132. Don't fake a note from Arrow to Amelia asking her to marry him.

Damn thats alot from's some more from Wherever Girl...

133. Try Bungee Jumping into a Black Hole

134. Invite Mr. Arrow to join you bungee jumping

135. Call Scroop "Spider Man"

136. Then tell him to go spin a web!

137. Join BEN in a conversation (which would last an eternity)

138. Ask Silver in an annoying way: "So, how did you lose your arm, leg and eye? Huh? Huh? Huh?"

139. Make gay innuendos about Jim and Silver while they're in the room (that would be suicide)

140. Ask Delbert if he drinks out of the toilet

141. Spit in Silver's cooking... a lot

142. Walk out of the galley and ask everyone, "Why is the Rum gone?"

143. Sing "The Sailor Song"

144. Sing songs from "Muppet Treasure Island" all day...

145. Starting with "Love Led Us Here" around Amelia and Delbert

146. Try to dismantle Silver's mechanical limbs while he's asleep

147. Walk up to Amelia and say (with a Pirate accent) " 'Ello, Poppet"

! That, that is just...whoo! Ha ha! Sorry, Joker obsessed at the current moment, i finally bought the dark night movie! I LOVE LOVE L0VE LOVE LOVE LOVE THE JOKER! Rest in Peace, Heath Ledger, you were, are, and forever will be awesome sauce.