I Want That Surfing Lesson
Chapter One
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

So here we are, my first ever official 'Stoked' story! In this brief three-part mini-series, everyone's excited about Bridgette coming to the resort, for one day only! And that includes the groms, who might be willing to risk their jobs and the sick waves at Sunset Beach just to hope to be able to get a private surfing lesson with her.

Part of 'Surf's Up with Bridgette' week!

In terms of continuity, this takes place:
- As of where the U.S. airing of 'Stoked' is as of today (6/14/10).
- After 'Total Drama Action' but before its 'Reunion Special.'
- Separate from my reality series fic, 'Fresh from Canada.' In other words, in this story no one has met Bridgette in person before.

Disclaimer: The characters of 'Stoked' and Bridgette from the 'Total Drama' series belong to Fresh TV, Inc., Teletoon, and Cartoon Network.


A tan-skinned hand reached out from under the covers to press the snooze button on the alarm clock. Seconds later, the sheets were thrown off, and Fin McCloud sat up, her hair a complete mess. She yawned, still a bit tired after going to bed really late the previous night. That was for two reasons: one, because she and the gang had one of their crazy campfires on the beach, and two... well, for some reason she couldn't quite remember at the moment.

But then the door into the bedroom opened, and Emma stuck her head in. She was as happy as Fin could ever remember seeing her, and as she was about to find out, Emma had a good reason to be.

"What are you doing still in bed?" Emma asked. "The day's finally here! She's going to be here today!"

With that, the other reason she stayed up late the previous night came back to her. The girls were ecstatic over a reality series celebrity coming to the resort today. One that Fin especially idolized.

"Oh yeah!" Fin smiled.

Twenty minutes later, Fin and the rest of the gang were walking from their beach house to the hotel to check-in for the day. The girls could barely contain their excitement as they thought about what they would do when they met their idol, while the boys, particularly Reef, didn't seem just as enthusiastic.

"I don't see what's the big deal about this betty," an unimpressed Reef stated aloud.

"You don't get the deal?" Fin shot back. "Seriously?"

"This is Bridgette!" Emma exclaimed as she pulled out a poster out of nowhere. "THE Bridgette, of 'Total Drama Island!'"

"And don't forget of 'Total Drama Action,'" added Fin.

"Wasn't that the one where she was the first one out?" Broseph queried, scratching his head.

"Yeah, but she got to host that cool Aftermath show," replied Lo.

"And she's a champion surfer!" added Emma. "She stood tall for female surfers everywhere!"

"If she was the first one out, then she didn't do a very good job," countered Reef. "Man, if I was on that show, I would've gotten all the way to the end!"

"She had extenuating circumstances!" defended Fin.

"Sure she did," Reef rolled his eyes.

Reef then took a closer look at the poster, eying it from top to bottom.

"Then again, I might be more inclined to like her if she was only wearing a swimsuit..."

"Hold on there, Romeo," Lo warned him. "She's got a boyfriend."

"So? Nobody said it was wrong to look!"

Fin took the poster from Emma, hastily rolled it up, and that batted Reef in the stomach with it.

"You're such a pig!" Fin yelled.

As they reached the hotel entrance, they saw Johnny motioning them to hurry up.

"Guys, we've got an emergency staff meeting, now! Baumer really doesn't look like he's in a good mood."

Andrew Baumer paced back in forth in front of the staff, which included the gang plus Rosie, the head maid, and Wipeout, the resort's mascot. And he looked as if he was going to rip somebody apart.

"As you all know, we're going to be extra super busy today, so there is to be no goofing off today at all!" he told them. "Anyone caught not doing their job gets a strike, no questions asked! And don't think I'm not above firing someone on the spot if I really feel like it!"

The gang tensed up. No one wanted to lose their jobs, despite how crappy they could be sometimes.

"Oh, and one more thing."

Without warning, Baumer snatched the rolled-up Bridgette poster out of Fin's left hand. He unfurled it and pointed angrily at the celebrity.

"I'm well aware our VIP, Bridgette, will be offering one lucky surfer a private session with her following the meet and greet. Well, guess what? You're all banned from attending!"

"That's not fair!" Fin exclaimed.

"But why?" Emma asked.

"With the resort booked, you'll have no time anyway to go down there. Besides, I don't want a repeat of the Stone Seabreeze incident!"

Baumer then walked over to Lo and glared at her.

"Especially you!"

"Got it," Lo nodded furiously, as Baumer stepped away.

"You've got two minutes to get to your posts. If any one of you is late, there'll be strikes all around!"

With that, everyone headed for the staff room exit.

Ten minutes later, Emma and Lo were in the dining room and were already finding themselves swamped with taking breakfast orders, delivering food, and busing tables. But even as they tried to keep things under control, they were still chatting about Baumer's orders.

"I can't believe this!" Emma shouted. "I've been waiting for this day ever since it was announced Bridgette was coming a month ago, and now I can't even meet her, much less get a chance to have a private session with her!"

"It's so unfair," Lo agreed. "If I were still up in the penthouse and not here working, Daddy probably would've done anything to make sure I would win it!"

"One way or another, we've gotta find a way to meet Bridgette!"

"I agree, but how? We're not gonna get out of here anytime soon!"

"Just give me some time... I'll figure out a way!"

Meanwhile, Reef was on the beach, watching as a line of at least two dozen people were in the process of signing up for surfing lessons. And he could see more coming.

"Really? I mean, even on a busy day I don't get anywhere near this many people! And even worse... they're all dudes!"

Sure enough, every single person in the line was a male teenager.

"This is the worst day ever, and it's not even nine yet!"

Reef sat down on the steps of the stock house to sulk. But as he sat there, he overheard a couple of his future students talking.

"You here to learn how to surf?"

"Definitely. Hoping to learn enough in a hour sesh so I can go out and impress Bridgette."

"There's only one problem with that, dude... she's going to be impressed by my mad skills."

"Dream on, crazy pants!"

"Trying to impress a girl surfer," Reef thought to himself. "How lame is that?"

He then walked over to the loaner surfboards, intending to begin passing them out to the first few guys on the list. But he then spotted something on the floor.

It was a copy of Hang Teen, a magazine usually reserved for covering up-and-coming teen surfers and trends. Of course, who else should be on the cover than Bridgette, smiling coyly as she stood next to a surfboard on the beach, with the sea behind her.

"She is cute, though. If only she were in a bikini..."

"Hey, guy!"

Reef looked up from the magazine cover and saw that the guys in line were starting to get impatient.

"Are you the surf instructor or what?" one of them yelled. "Start instructin' already!"

Reef glanced at the cover again, then back at the line.

"Now that I think about it," he told himself, "maybe I feel like impressing a girl surfer after all. But first... gotta get rid of the competition!"

He then began to address the line.

"Okay, first ten people, come up and grab a board! I've got an hour, so if you wanna learn something... move it, people!"

Reef rubbed his hands together evilly as the first group rushed by him to pick out their boards.

Broseph was walking through the 600 wing of the hotel, wheeling a cart stacked to the top with luggage from people who were checking out of the hotel towards the elevator. It was so heavy that he was having a tough time moving the cart at all.

"Can't people carry their own bags?" he asked out loud. "People have arms, right?"

He pressed the down button on the wall and then slumped down onto the ground to take a breather. A few seconds later, he heard a ding, signaling a car had arrived at his floor.

Before he could get up, though, the doors slid open. He could hear grumbling as a housekeeper's cart was pushed out into the hallway.

"This is unbelievable!"

Broseph looked up and saw Fin pushing the cart. And she was not happy at all.

"What's bummin' you, Chiquita?" Broseph asked.


Fin stopped and looked to see Broseph sitting on the ground. She then showed the reason for her anger as she pulled a piece of paper off of the cart. It was a list of all of the rooms that she had been assigned to clean... and it almost filled up the entire page!

"Look at this? Rosie gave me the entire sixth, seventh, eighth, AND ninth wings to do... BY MYSELF!"

"Ooh... harsh!"

"Housekeeping is extremely short-staffed today! You won't believe how many people called out sick! The only disease they have is being sick with admiration over Bridgette!"

"Jealous you didn't think to do the same?"

"Yeah," Fin sighed. "Apparently, Rosie had to stop taking sick leave requests for today two days ago! How do you call out sick that far ahead? Man... I'll be lucky if I'm done cleaning all these rooms by sunrise tomorrow!"

"Good luck with that."

"Thanks. See ya later."

Fin pushed her cart down the hall to start her torture of a day. Broseph then noticed out of the corner of his eye that the elevator door had just closed... and it was already moving upwards.

"Man... that's gonna take forever to come back down."

After successfully checking another guest out of the hotel, Johnny was hoping to take a seat and get off his feet... at least until the next departure came to him.

Unfortunately, Baumer wasn't going to let him have that luxury.


"Yes, sir!" Johnny quickly jumped up and stood at attention.

"Do we have any vacant suites that are ready to be rented out now?"

Johnny typed away at the computer, searching the database.

"Um... 920 wasn't used last night."

"Good. Gimme a key."

"Okay... but may I ask under whose name..."

Baumer reached over the desk and lifted a finger over Johnny's lips.


He then pointed out into the lobby, where they were about 50 or so people wandering around. Many had come to the resort just for the day's special event, and more were on the way. Several of them had bought 'Total Drama' posters from the Hotel Gift Shop, hoping to get them autographed by Bridgette herself. There was a little girl holding a Bridgette plush doll that was handmade by her mother, who was also there, wearing a short sleeve shirt with Bridgette's face on it. And in the corner, there was a guy trying to fix his girlfriend's hair, which had been styled the same way Bridgette's was.

"Don't say her name out loud! You want to cause a ruckus in here? Our VIP arrived a couple minutes ago, and her agent wants to make sure she gets to her room without being seen! Got it?"

Johnny nodded and went to work processing the check-in papers.

"Just make up a name or something," Baumer told him. "Nobody will know the difference."

A minute later, Johnny finished, and he handed the keycard to Baumer.

"Not a word to anyone!" Baumer warned Johnny. "No one is allowed to know the occupant of this room other than you and me! Understand?"

"Yes, sir!"

"Good... keep up the good work, Johnny!"

Baumer then walked away to secretly hand-off the key to the VIP.

To be continued...