I Want That Surfing Lesson
Chapter Three
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Fin calmly looked out into the hallway to see if anyone was out there. Then, in a flash, she made her way towards Room 920.

An adult woman inserted her keycard into the slot for Room 803.

"We're here!"

She turned to see that her bags had been left abandoned in the hallway, minus the cart, about six doors away.

"You can't take that!" Johnny yelled. "That's my radio!"

"I'll bring it back," Lo promised.

She pressed the 'up' button and one set of elevator doors opened instantly. She went in, and the doors immediately closed behind her.

Fin inserted her master keycard, and once the green light appeared, she pushed down on the doorknob. She entered the room and looked around, not exactly sure what she was looking for.

But then she spotted a bamboo tote bag on top of the bed.

"Aha! That must be it!"

Fin exited the room and turned around to close the door behind her. As she did, Broseph came rolling down the hallway on a luggage cart. He reached out and snatched the bag out of Fin's hand.


Broseph jumped off the cart and through the nearby double doors leading to the stairs, letting the cart crash into the wall at the end of the hall.

"Sorry, bra!" Broseph yelled without looking back. "Finders keepers!"

"Come back here!"

Lo walked out of the elevator and saw that she was standing in front of Room 541. She scratched her head as she looked around.

"Wait..." she asked herself aloud, "what room was it again?"

She then began hearing footsteps. She pressed her back against the wall and slowly peeked around the corner. When she did, she saw Broseph running her way. Lo then looked to her left and saw a giant potted plant.

"I just got a wicked idea..."

Broseph was looking back down the hallway, trying to see if Fin was still chasing him. Not seeing her initially, Broseph turned his head forward again...

Just in time to run right into the plant that, for some reason unknown to him, had been pushed into the middle of the hallway. As he fell forward, he threw the tote bag upwards and into the air. Broseph crashed down on the carpeted floor, and soil and water poured out of the pot, which now had a crack in it.

Meanwhile, Lo had caught the bag and had jumped back into the elevator car. As Broseph looked up, Lo happily waved goodbye as the doors closed.

"Man... can't believe she did that."

Back outside...

"Gimme a ticket!" Reef yelled.

"I said NO!" Wipeout yelled back.

Johnny looked up from his computer screen as he heard the elevator doors open. He saw Lo calmly strut out with a smile on her face and the tote bag draped over her left arm.

So naturally, she was surprised when she felt a hard tug on the bag that nearly pulled her off her feet.

"I don't know how you got the bag," Fin shouted, "but I was the one who retrieved it from the room!"

"Really? I don't believe you!"

Fin pulled from the bottom of the bag, trying to rip it away from Lo, who was holding the bag by the handles with her fingertips.

"My dad's the owner! The honor of meeting Bridgette is rightfully mine!"

"Your honor was revoked when you got kicked out of the penthouse!"

Lo felt her grip loosening with every passing second, but got some unexpected help when Broseph clasped his hands over hers.

"Aha! Broseph wants me to have it, Fin!"

"Actually," Broseph clarified, "I want it for myself."


Broseph moved his hands to the handles, and together, the two of them started to gain control, watching as Fin grimaced in agony as she held on for dear life. But it eventually was too much, as Fin was forced to let go...

But at that exact moment, Broseph and Lo were pulling with all their might. So that meant that as soon as Fin released her grip, the two of them fell backwards, losing grip on the tote bag, which flew into the air, flipping end over end.

The trio watched as it eventually landed in Johnny's hands.

"Good catch, Johnny!" Broseph applauded him, as Lo lied partially on top of him.

Fin walked over towards Johnny, with her hand extended.

"Since I'm the one who pulled the bag out of the room in the first place, I'm sure Johnny agrees that I should be the one who..."

"Not so fast!" Johnny exclaimed, pulling it away before Fin could grab it.

"What? Don't tell me you're a Bridgette fan too!"

"I'm not! In fact, I've never even seen her show! Which is why I'm the perfect person to give the girl her bag. I'm not in it for the reward... I'm just doing my job!"

"Whoa..." Broseph gasped as he and Lo got to their feet. "Heavy, dude."

"But I guess I can live with that reasoning," accepted Lo.

"Yeah," Fin rubbed the back of her neck sheepishly. "I guess we got too carried away. We all wanted the chance to meet Bridgette, and here we are, selfishly fighting over who would get that right."

"And I hope you all learned a valuable lesson," Johnny said to them, "that it's not worth ripping each other apart just to meet a celebrity."

"What celebrity?"

Everyone turned to see Emma walking off of the pirate ship and towards them. Her hair was a bit of a mess and there were a few stains on her uniform, but she was relieved just to get away from the dining room.

"Done for the day?" Johnny asked.

"Nah. Everyone's outside at the meet and greet, so the DR's totally dead right now. Kelly's letting me step out for a breath of fresh air."

Emma then sighed as she took a seat on the bench in the center of the lobby, right next to Johnny.

"Cute bag," complimented Emma, before shooting a weird look at him, "not exactly the style I'd think you'd be into..."

"It's not mine... it's Bridgette's."

Emma gasped. "Bridgette's?"

Johnny nodded. "Yeah. She wanted to bring it outside, but left it in her room. Baumer called on the radio for someone to retrieve it... said there would be a reward for whomever could get it."

Emma jumped up off the bench and squealed and danced with delight.

"Johnny, that's awesome! You think you could let me deliver it? You know, since I heard you're not a fan?"

"Well..." Johnny quickly began to waver.

"What?" Fin, Broseph, and Lo yelled.



Johnny handed the bag to Emma. But as soon as her fingers wrapped themselves around the handles, Johnny was tackled to the ground by Fin.

"Beach!" Johnny yelled at Emma from the floor. "Run!"

Emma saw Broseph and Lo start running towards her. She screamed in panic as she turned around and headed for the revolving front door. Fin got up from on top of Johnny and followed them.

"Come back here, Alberta!" Fin yelled.

Reef and Wipeout were in the midst of their own struggle, as they each had a hold of the reel of tickets. The people around them just stood and watched, not knowing what to do except stand and watch.

But then Baumer appeared before them, and he was not pleased at all at the scene. And he knew who exactly who to blame...


"Whale boy won't give me a ticket!" Reef told him.

"He's not supposed to... employees aren't eligible to win!"

"That's what I told him!" stated Wipeout.

"That's so uncool!"

"It's called being fair to our guests, many of whom traveled hundreds of miles to come to our resort JUST FOR A FEW HOURS!"

Baumer was about to punish Reef for his public display, but he wasn't the only employee making a scene.

"Stop chasing me!" Emma screamed.

Emma came running out of the hotel front entrance, with Lo, Broseph, and Fin not too far behind.

"What's in here anyway?" Emma asked out loud as she reached her hand into the bag.

"Our chance to meet Bridgette!" Broseph told her.

"Yeah!" Lo exclaimed. "So if you give me the bag, I'll be your friend and let you meet her with me!"

"We already are friends," Emma reminder her.

"Well, we won't be if you don't gimme that thing!"

"We're gonna catch you before you get to the stage!" warned Fin. "Give up now and I'll go easy on you!"

Emma then spotted Baumer in an opening in the crowd, and before even thinking twice, she changed directions and ran right towards him.

"I hope there's a good explanation for this!" screamed Baumer.

Emma handed the bag to Baumer and kept running past him, as well as Reef and Wipeout. Seconds later, Baumer was tackled by Broseph, Fin, and Lo simultaneously. It caught him by surprise so much that the bag flew out of his possession, into the air, and onto the fin atop Wipeout's head.

The mascot didn't seem to realize it, as he and Reef were still fighting over the reel of tickets. That is, until he felt someone tapping on his back. Wipeout let go, sending Reef flying back into the others piled on the ground, and he turned around to see the agent standing in front of him.

"Could you bend over, please?"

Wipeout didn't understand the reason for the request, but he bent over anyway. Once Wipeout was leaning forward, the agent reached up to the fin and pulled the bag off of it. The agent opened the bag, peered inside, and was smiling when he looked back at Wipeout.

He then pulled the contents of the bag out, which amounted to one handmade object, and handed it to Bridgette, who had come down from the stage and was standing next to him.

"My heart!" Bridgette gasped with joy.

Bridgette held up the object, which was the heart-shaped bowl that Geoff had made for her on 'Total Drama Island' as a sign of his affection for her.

"You see," she explained, "Geoff couldn't come with me on this little tour, but I still wanted him to be a part of it. So I brought this with me, so that I could never go a single day on the road without seeing his smiling face."

The crowd cooed at Bridgette's devotion to her boyfriend. So did Reef and the others. That is... until Baumer finally dug himself out from the bottom of the pile of groms.

"Staff house!" Baumer yelled at all of them. "NOW!"

Fin, Reef, Lo, and Broseph all got up and started walking away with their heads hanging low, in shame. Baumer then glanced about 20 feet away and saw Emma standing out in the open.

"You too, missy!" he shouted, pointing after the others.

"What? But, but, but..."

"If you want any chance of still being employed here, the only but I wanna be hearing in the next five seconds is yours... WALKING AWAY!"

Emma nodded, and ran after the others, holding back tears so as not to embarrass herself further in front of Bridgette or the crowd.

The groms found themselves sitting on the front porch for a few hours, dreading whatever punishment Baumer was going to dish out to them... if they still had belief that the punishment wasn't a one-way ticket to the unemployment line.

"I was the one who went to the room and got it to begin with!" Fin told the others. "You all should've just given up right there and then!"

"Doesn't matter now," sighed Broseph. "We're all sunk."

"This wouldn't happen to me if I were still in the penthouse," huffed Lo.

"I didn't even ask to be mixed up with this!" cried Emma. "I was just getting a breath of fresh air!"

"You guys are pathetic," Reef shook his head.

"Says the guy who tried to get a raffle ticket for a contest he wasn't allowed to enter in the first place!" reminded Fin. "Speaking of which... I thought you HATED her?"

"Argh! A guy isn't allowed to change his mind without question now?"

"Oh boy," Broseph pointed. "Here comes Bummer. I hope everyone packed their bags..."

Baumer rode in on his golf cart. But, to the groms' surprise, he wasn't alone, as Bridgette was sitting in the passenger's seat. Once the cart had come to a stop, Baumer stepped out. The groms became uneasy, as he still looked as angry as when they had last seen him.

"If it were up to me," prefaced Baumer. "you'd all be turning in your uniforms right now! Such a selfish display of unprofessionalism you all are... do you know how embarrassed you made me feel? Or the resort?"

Baumer then pointed Lo.

"If I were your father, I'd be embarrassed of your actions today, young lady!"

He then knelt down and stared into Emma's face.

"I don't know how you ended up being the one to deliver the meal to the VIP's room, but taking too long AND forgetting to collect payment? Do you THINK we're running a charity here?"

"You got to actually meet her in person beforehand?" Broseph glared at her. "And you didn't tell us?"

"I was told to," defended Emma, "and I didn't know I was bringing food to her at the time!"

Baumer then turned his rage on Reef. But he was so fed up with all of his past transgressions... that Baumer couldn't say anything, and he just threw his arms up in frustration and walked away.

"You know what? I changed my mind... I'm going to fire the whole lot of you RIGHT NOW!"

All five groms cringed in fear, including Lo... who technically couldn't get fired anyway.

"WAIT!" Bridgette screamed, having waited long enough in the cart and jumping into to stop Baumer. "You promised!"

"Promised?" all five teens said in unison.

Bridgette started to pout, her eyes getting as big as a puppy dog's, practically begging Baumer to see things her way. After a few seconds, Baumer relented.


"Man," Lo smiled in admiration. "She's gotta teach me how to do that."

"I understand fans can get crazy sometimes..." Bridgette said to them, "but... you guys went a little overboard back there."

"We're sorry, bra," apologized Broseph.

"We didn't mean to make complete fools of ourselves," added Fin.

"If you guys wanted my attention... you sure got it."

"So... we off the hook?" Broseph cautiously asked.

"Yep... and given the look of this place, I wish I could give you more than that..."

Bridgette stuck her tongue out in disgust after getting her first good look at the staff boarding house.

"But I forgot to collect money for your lunch!" Emma told her.

"Relax... I paid the bill at the front desk."

"And what about all those surfers I gave horrible lessons to just so they couldn't show off my rad surf skills to you?" Reef wondered.

"WHAT?" Baumer yelled, his rage rising back up.

"Nothing," Reef meekly replied, ducking behind Broseph.

"I guess that covers everything," Fin said with a sigh of relief.

"So, since we're off the hook..." Lo smirked as she looked Bridgette's way, "how about spending the rest of the day with us? We're pretty rad surfers!"

Bridgette raised an eyebrow in shock.

"Really? Hey, I'm nice... but not that nice."

Fin elbowed Lo in the stomach.

"Forget she even thought of it," the wiser girl covered.

Everyone then heard Emma sigh. Bridgette walked over to her.

"What's wrong?"

"Well... I knew we weren't going to get to surf with you, even though we wanted to. But I still wanna know... who won the raffle?"

"I can answer that question for you," Baumer spoke up.


It was evening already, and the sun was beginning to set, but there was still a fairly good-sized crowd cheering in appreciation as Bridgette had decided to make her private surfing lesson a public surfing exhibition... and Wipeout was out there with her.

And the groms were in disbelief.

"I thought you said employees weren't eligible!" Reef exclaimed. "How did HE get to surf with her?"

"Funny story... when her agent and Bridgette couldn't agree on how to reward Wipeout for bringing her knick-knack to her, the raffle winner decided to give up his prize to Wipeout. Bridgette and her agent agreed, and she also honored the winner's selflessness by letting everyone watch the session."

The five teens stood dumbfounded as Baumer started walking back towards the hotel.

"Oh, and one more thing... Bridgette's deal only lasts until nine o' clock tomorrow morning. Anyone who is late for work... the deal's off... and she won't be here to save you!"

Baumer laughed maniacally as he left the groms to watch Wipeout happily hang ten with Bridgette.

The End

Author's Notes:
Well, folks, how's that for my first 'Stoked' story. I know it was a little short, and some of it may have felt rushed... but I still think the story came together well enough.

On floors versus wings... from what I've gathered, it hasn't been established how many floors the hotel has, or how the room numbers are arranged... so I kinda mixed and matched just enough to work.

The story itself, particularly the ending, changed a lot, especially during the writing this week. Originally, the ending was supposed to be a lot happier, and have several variations. Most of which involving one of the groms being lucky enough to have to get to surf with Bridgette. In fact, the other option at the end was to actually have Bridge get to surf with the whole gang anyway. But I figured... that makes it seem like the gang can get away with anything.

So that's why the ending is on the sad side. Sorry if anyone was hoping for a happier ending.

I'm currently planning another 'Stoked' story, one longer and more planned out than this quickie mini-series was. Until that comes out... see you around, folks!