Okay guys, I'm gonna try something a bit different with this story. I'm going to write a full, progressive story in my favorite little mix of first and second person. If anyone has read my story "Unexpected", it'll be like that; only it'll have a continuing story line.

This story just kind of popped into my head. I love writing for Glee, and I wanted to do something super angsty and disastrous. I've already read ones about fires and school shootings, but never one like this. I'm not saying that it's not out there, but I'm excited about it and I have high hopes.

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Oh, spoilers for "Journey"

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I didn't think it was possible, but the hype for Regional's was even more intense this year than last year. The kids were really into it—we voted to do a Broadway medley and they loved it (especially Kurt and Rachel). New Directions was planning on singing "As Long As You're Mine" from Wicked (Rachel and Finn could blow it out of the water), "Freak Flag" from Shrek and "Seasons of Love" from Rent.

But that's just it. We were planning on singing. We were planning on going to Regional's and we were planning on winning. It never happened. Instead we faced disaster.

I think I'm getting a little ahead of myself. Let's start from the beginning.

Sectional's this year was a breeze: New Directions won by a landslide despite Sue trying to disqualify us (long story, but let's just say it involved Sandy Ryerson and his 'side business').

We had so much hope heading into Regional's this year. Vocal Adrenaline had not only lost their lead singer, Jesses St. James, but they also lost their all-star coach, Shelby Cochrane (she quit after adopting Beth). They were hardly a threat any more. And our other competition, Octave Anomaly? Nothing to worry about.

Mandatory rehearsals were scheduled Monday through Friday from three to five. I'm not totally sure if this is true, but I heard Santana grumbling about Rachel forcing every member of the club to attend Saturday practices as well. Either way we were prepared.

Tensions were high in the week leading up to our performance. Even though we were pretty confident, every member of glee was well aware that New Directions would be disbanded if we lost.

We met at eight o' clock sharp the morning of Regional's. The performance wasn't until twelve thirty, but we had to drive all the way to Indiana.

The glee members showed up one by one, all looking grumpy and tired as they clambered out of their parents' cars and sprinted through the rain and to the bus. Shockingly enough, Rachel was first (getting there fifteen minutes early) and Puck was last.

Soon enough we set out. The mood on the bus was anxious but excited. I sat at the front of the bus and all the kids spread out. Most took an entire row to themselves, but Finn and Rachel, Santana and Brittney, and Puck and Quinn doubled up.

The ride was pretty uninteresting. We travelled through seemingly endless miles of nothing—no cities, no attractions… nothing. For the most part I went through our numbers in my head over and over, though I did turn around every five minutes or so for a hand check.

Eventually we came to a wooded area. The road twisted and turned dangerously, as a driver wouldn't be able to see someone headed straight for him. The rain, which had been present the entire ride, had finally stopped, but the road was still slick. As I'm sure you could guess, this is where we ran into trouble.

At this point my memories are a bit hazy. I remember Rachel moving from her seat next to Finn to sit in the row behind me. She began interrogating me about choreography. If there is anything I remember, though, it is the image of a truck swerving wildly out of control and slamming into the window beside me.



Okay, I'm gonna take over now because Mr. Schue was like, passed out or something.

So, yeah. We were driving through Indiana to get to Regional's. We all got on the bus and I sat by Rachel. You see, we've been dating on-again off-again since last year. Well, mostly on-again, thank God. I mean, sure she can be annoying and self-centered and stuff, but when you really get to know her she's pretty great. She's nice and patient, she has the most beautiful singing voice I've ever heard, she's caring and smart—not to mention hot.

I'm getting sidetracked. Back to the story.

I was sitting next to Rachel. We were driving through the woods. Rachel freaked about something in "Freak Flag" and went to talk to Mr. S. Then it happened. I guess the bus must've hit a puddle or something, because out of nowhere the bus started spinning like crazy—well, as crazily as a school bus can spin. A few people cried out and were thrown from their seats.

But that wasn't even the worst part. From in front of me I heard Rachel and Mr. Schue scream. I barely caught a glimpse of a truck out my window before it slammed into the side of our bus.

Even though the truck hit a part of the bus in front of me it was still on my side, and I was thrown from my seat. The sound was terrible. The metal-on-metal sound was louder than an NFL crowd and worse than nails on a chalkboard. That combined with the screams made me think that my brain would explode.

The impact made the bus go on the two wheels on the right side for a second before falling completely on its side. I crashed into the opposite side of the bus (now the bottom). Pain shot up my right arm—imagine being hit, without pads, by the biggest linebacker in the NFL. Now multiply that pain times a thousand and you have how I felt.

The pain was too much. The last thing I heard before I passed out was the scariest sound yet: Silence.


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