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Carlisle's Point of view:

It was fun to have Renee staying with us. Almost a challenge… being human in our own house was a brand new thing. Emmett seemed to enjoy pretending to go to the toilet at regular intervals and Esme loved having humans to cook for.

Renee was here for the weekend to visit. She was sat with Phil on the sofa leaning into him, they looked sleepy. I sometimes wished I could sleep with Esme next to me, wrapped up together in our bed drifting off into peaceful sleep. I looked around for my mate, pointless, as I could smell her scent coming from the porch, I got up and joined her there. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pushed my chest up against her back. As she inhaled my scent she adjusted herself and pushed her lower body into my groin.

"Esme" I breathed, feeling my cock starting to swell. "This is dangerous, Renee, Phil and our children are inside"

"Hmmmmm" she replied in her sweet voice. The night sky stretched over above us and the moonlight was patchy across the meadow that lay in front of our house. She moved her bum and rubbed it across my growing member. "Carlisle, what time is it?"

"21:23, why?" if she didn't stop this slow teasing movements soon, everyone, including our sons mother-in-law, would see Dr Carlisle Cullen lose his famous control and take his wife right there on the porch.

"Well, our guests seem to be happy enough and human Esme is feeling pretty sleepy and she thinks she needs to go to bed soon…." She left the sentence hanging in the air waiting for me to reply. I moved my hands from her waist and cupped her right breast, rubbing her nipple though her shirt.

"Oh I see, now if I take you to bed and tuck you in will you promise to be good? Will you go to sleep like a good little human or will you try and be a mischievous little vampire?" I could sense that she was enjoying this game as much as I was. Her breath caught in her throat as I moved my other hand down towards her pussy. She growled, such a soft growl, as I pressed my fingers onto her clit.

"Carlisle, I am a… well you… ummm… Stop, I can't concentrate" I stopped immediately and spun around so my back was leaning on the porch. Thank god it was dark otherwise the two humans that sat in our living room would've spotted my arousal. I saw Edward look out at us with a sort of disgust mixed with happiness; Emmett who was next to him was beaming out at me. I quickly turned around so I faced the meadow. "I can't believe you stopped!" Esme gasped.

"Well dear, you said that you couldn't concentrate and I need an answer pretty quick. Will you be good or naughty?" She moved me so we were facing each other and grabbed my jumper and pulled me down to her lips. It was a deep passionate kiss, which she pulled away from far to soon.

"Why did you stop?"

"I don't need Edwards talent to know that all our children would like us to move out of their eye line," she panted. Even though we don't need to breathe it's much more pleasurable when we can breathe in our mates scent. "Come, lets go and make excuses and go to bed"

"Finally! Lets go now" she led us back into the living room and all our children's faces were such a picture I had to chuckle. Emmett had a big grin on his face giving me the thumbs up, Jasper looked frustrated obviously from the feelings he was getting from us, Alice just winked and returned her gaze to the movie that was on, Rose was looking a little bored and Edward looked uncomfortable. The only people that didn't notice what was going on were the two humans and Bella who had Nessie on her lap, who was asleep, Bella had Nessie's hand up against her cheek watching her dreams.

We sat back down on the other couch and Esme yawned "Gosh, Renee I don't know about you but I am so full from dinner still, thanks for the stuffing recipe" Esme yawned again, as she did so she stretched her arms up over her head and her shirt crept up her stomach revealing her bright white skin. God I wanted to lift her shirt up a little more to reveal her breasts. I wanted to be naked next to her kissing her neck, licking her scar that I left all those years ago. I wanted to be kissing all the way up her thighs until I came to her sweet pussy, I wanted to lick and nibble on her clit until she was begging for more of me. I wanted to see her head bobbing up and down my long thick cock, licking me, touching me, teasing me until I could not take it anymore.

I was bought back to reality by Esme who had gotten up and was standing over me holding out her hand asking if I was coming with her. I thought to myself, soon my dear we will be coming together. I must've missed the exchange between Renee and Esme; I was too involved with my dirty thoughts that would soon be a reality. I got off the couch and followed Esme out of the room mumbling goodnights and I just couldn't face looking at any of my children's faces. I am going to pay for this tomorrow I thought.

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