Hello everyone, sorry this took so long to update but with all the Breaking Dawn love going on I couldn't resist writing something cheeky. I can't wait for the film so so so so so excited. I don't own Twilight much to my disappointment.

in the morning - Carlisle pov

Our alarm went off at 07:30am 'waking' us from our peaceful slumber and Esme sighed into my ear something about getting up to feed the humans. I was a little preoccupied with my thoughts of the previous night on the porch and later on in bed with my beautiful wife. I turned over as I felt Esme slip away from me, she padded over to the closet and got some clothes out. Her naked form looked amazing in the morning light, i will never ever get bored of her she is perfect. The curve of her breasts and bum always had me entranced I was a sucker for this woman and she knew it. "Carlisle I can tell your looking at me, have i got something on me?" she asked whilst twisting at the hips so i had the perfect view of her ass and tits. I was over to her in a matter of Milli-seconds.

"Esme, your teasing me and you know it. We are already in trouble with our darling children and if you carry on strutting around naked in front of me then I will have no choice but to have my wicked way with you... again" I was going to have to face my children today and deal with them teasing Esme and I so what would one more time hurt? I let my hands explore my wife's body. I was getting turned on again, my cock was growing harder in between us. I lent in and gave her a slow kiss, soft and special. Her hands were in my hair and gently tugging my head away.

"I have guests to feed Carlisle. Later my love." She put simply as she started to dress. I was standing there naked with a cock that was wanting attention.

"Do you see what you do to me? Are you really going to leave your hard working husband like this?" She looked at me with hooded eyes as she walked over to me, 'of course not honey' she breathed in my ear. My wife then fell to her knees and took me all in her mouth as she moved back up my cock she looked straight into my eyes winked and then shot out of the door shouting "I was not strutting!"

Esme pov

As i walked down the stairs thinking about my sexy husband who looked so shocked as i left our bedroom i heard low voices of my children in the kitchen so i slowed and tried to make out what they were saying. All I heard was 'they are so going to pay', 'good idea' and 'Esme is coming sshhh' The voices suddenly ceased and I heard footsteps leaving the kitchen my children were defiantly up to something. I went around making preparations for breakfast Carlisle came up behind me and pushed himself into me. I could feel that the effects from earlier had not gone away. His lips made contact with my neck and his fingers made their way underneath my jeans and made contact with my clit and it felt gooood. All my worries and thoughts went away with my awareness to anything else other than carlisle. I closed my eyes and let myself sink into the pleasure that was currently pulsing around my body.

"I was going to stop and leave you like you left me, but god damm it Esme your so a-DICK-tive" I turned round to face my husband his eyes were full of lust, a mirror of my own. Our lips crashed together all of our raw emotion was escaping into the kiss. I did not hear Renee and Phil come into the kitchen, I did not hear them shout 'Good morning' as they entered and I certainly didn't hear my children laughing from the front room. As Carlisle and I parted for an unnecessary breath that's when i first noticed them standing there open mouthed with shock and embarrassment across their faces.

Renee pov

"Oh my god, Renee, Phil I'm so sorry how long have you been standing there?" Esme blurted out as she jumped away from Carlisle. She moved fast but gracefully it was strange to see, maybe it was the adrenaline that made her move so fast. Not five minutes before Phil and I had come downstairs into the expansive living area to find all the kids playing video games. They seemed to be excited about something and Emmett almost laughed with glee when I asked where their parents were. As we walked into the kitchen shouting 'Good morning' we heard them all laugh as we were met by the sight of Carlisle and Esme sharing a very heated moment together. It was hot and passionate something that I hoped Phil and I would be able to experience after being together as long as Carlisle and Esme. Phil next to me shuffled uncomfortably wanting to get out of the room as he said

"Oh god we're so sorry we should've... um... knocked? Errrrrr... sorry again we'll just leave you to it" Carlisle looked rather uncomfortable and he tried to adjust himself in his trousers. Wow, he must be well endowed Esme is a very lucky lady.

"No no don't leave we are so sorry for this, this is rather embarrassing. I'll help get dinner I mean breakfast sorted for us all. Please take a seat i mean chair... no SEAT at the table. Would you like coffee?" Carlisle tripped over all of his words it was rather cute to see them so flustered. Esme kept her head down whilst cooking the bacon, bless her she was clearly embarrassed.

Carlisle pov

I couldn't believe it. If I could blush then i would still be red now. We were all standing outside waving of Renee and Phil off. Bella and Edward were driving them to the airport and as soon as they were out of site all of the kids fell about laughing and it clicked into place. They had planned for Renee and Phil to walk in on us to get back at Esme and I for misbehaving. "You planned that out didn't you?" I stated.

"Yep, Alice saw that would happen and we couldn't resist" Jasper said.

"I'm sorry Carlisle, Esme, but you were asking for it" Alice sang as she linked hands with Jasper and started walking into the forest. "We are going hunting we will be back later and you two need to finish something" Esme then moved into my arms and buried her head into my chest.

"Rose and I are going over to the cottage to take Nessie back. I'm also going to use Edwards loo!" Emmett stated. "I know I don't have to act anymore but I found it's really useful to get some reading done in there!" Before you could blink Esme and I were by ourselves. Alone...

"Can you believe our children? I heard them this morning discussing something but I never thought they would plan that! I was so embarrassed Carlisle but it was kinda hot getting caught by them." Esme was looking into my eyes trying to work out what I was thinking. All I could think about was making her come all over my recently awoken cock.

"Come on Mrs Cullen we do have some unfinished business to attend to" I scooped her up into my arms and ran inside with her