Chapter one.

Okayasu runs his hand along my leg ever so tenderly I shiver as he touches the back of my neck gently and draws me down, "Momo-chan let me be yours", I don't resist his touch as we embrace in wonderful ecstacy when it ends he holds me in his arms resting his head upon my shoulder, kissing me sometimes, "Tomorrow we will be apart once again after all thos days", I grip him tighter as he moves slowly against me, I can't belive feeling somoene that you love moving inside you is so wonderful I gasp as he starts to kiss me again, I don't stop this time I work with him till we are breathless and tears are running down our cheeks, he made me his as I made him mine. The next day we appear before our friends, both our hands clapsed tightly Sai is crying into touji's arms as he tenderly kisses her fourhead, after my confession of loving Okayasu Touji gave up and soon came to realize that he needed Sai and Sai needed him. I look up at the sky then feel his hands wrap around me, lightly touching my waist he draws me against his body I blush and he smiles and leans toward my ear, "Last nigt was sweet my Momo-chan", and he draws away as the bus comes and him and Touji kiss us both once more and leave I feel Sai's hand slip into mine as we watch them go Sai looks up at me, "Did you both-", I nod blushing she smiles and blushes too, "Touji was very gentle with me last night also", I laugh and then walk away with her, no longer will we be able to see those two for a long time and already I can feel life within me, Sai too is looking a little rounded which makes me smile.