A story written for our guy Nathan Hale. How would he react to his appearance in The Dreamer?

Somewhere in heaven...

It was a nice day in the American Revolution neighborhood of heaven (every day was a nice day). The Georgian style mansions were all in neat little rows, although there were some rather modern designs as well. Nathan was about to go out on a nice stroll when his neighbor, Alexander Hamilton started running up to him. The two of them had become good friends since their mansions were right next to each other, due to alphabetization. The two of them didn't really like each other in the beginning, but soon warmed up to each other. Nathan only wondered what his friend was going to say to him.

"Nathan! I have something really important to show you!", Alexander said, barely able to control his excitement. "You'll love it, I swear! "

Nathan wasn't quite sure of this, because although he and Alex had become good friends, Alex still hadn't figured out Nathan's likes and dislikes. Ever since he introduced Nathan to disco in the 1970s, Nathan was always on the guard with whatever Alex recommended him.

"Come on Nate! You would really like it. I already showed Betsy, and she likes it." Nathan had always trusted Alex's wife's judgment, so now his regard for this recommendation grew higher. Nathan finally said, "Alright, sure", with a small shrug.

"You really are going to like it!", Alex said, escorting Nathan to his door. Alex opened it, and Besty immediately greeted them.

"Hello Nathan! Would you like some ambrosia?", she inquired, motioning to what looked like a golden teapot.

"No thank you, I'm fine", Nathan replied, "but thank you for offering."

"No problem. It's always nice to have a guest over", Betsy said.

"Betsy", Alexander said, "I have something quite important to show Nathan. Would you like to aid me with showing him?"

Betsy obliged, and the three of them went up to the second floor. Alex opened a rather odd- looking door, and inside the room was what appeared to be a big mirror. Alex then went up to the mirror, and started typing things on it. After a few seconds, Alex was happy with the results, and motioned his wife and guest over.

"I was poking around on Earth the other day, and I found the most interesting little thing. It's one of those things that are called 'webcomics', and a very fascinating one at that. Come have a look."

Nathan followed suit and looked into the mirror. He gasped, and a look of complete surprise was on his face.

"I'm in this! I...can't believe it. I though everyone...forgot about me."

"Well, apparently not", Alex said, patting his friend's back. " It's high time you got your dues. And apparently you've accumulated quite the following."

Nathan's eyes perked up. "I do? Really?"

Betsy finally spoke up saying, "Oh isn't it wonderful? You finally have the recognition you deserve."

Alex laughed, and said, "It's gotten so big that I think that you may rival me in fans."

Nathan blushed a said, "Oh I don't think I'll have that much, but I still think this is pretty felicitous. What's the name of this thing again?"

Alex looked up at the mirror and said, "It's called The Dreamer. Even I'm in it. I must say, I think I look pretty dashing in it."

"You always look dashing Hamilton!", Betsy said.

"Well, it's good that you're finally getting some celebrity status, Nathan. Someone needs to!"

And the three of them spent the afternoon looking at it, giving praises and critiques. Nathan, after looking at it for some time, finally said, "I'm happy I'm in it, but I only have one complaint. People still have no idea what I look like!"