Drunken Love

by kenikigenikai

Scully giggled flirtatiously, draining the shot of vodka in front of her. There was a circle of men around her, practically drooling as she leant over to get something out of her bag, partly exposing her bra

"Another round" One man signalled to barman, blushing as Scully smiled mischievously at him, her eyes sparkling "Why, thank you" She slurred, stroking his arm, he turned beet red

"Anytime" He stuttered

"Cigarette?" Another man offered, holding the pack out to her

"Ooo yes" She pulled one seductively from the pack with her teeth "Thanks" she purred

The man smirked at her

"Light?" A third man asked, his speech slurred from the alcohol

Scully flashed another flirtatious grin and nodded, the man held out a match and she lit it, inhaling deeply and blowing a smoke ring into the fourth man's face

The barman who was having quite a hard time controlling himself too, handed her another shot "Thanks Babe" She whispered alluringly

Her phone lit up and vibrated on the tabletop "Ooo look at that!" She said happily picking it up "Mulder, hmmm do I like Mulder?"

The men glared at the phone that was distracting their entertainment from them

"Yes! Yes I do!" She answered "Hellooooooo"

"Scully?" Mulder asked cautiously

"Hiiiiiiii Foooooooox" She slurred

"Uh, Scully are you feeling okay..?"

"I feel fiiiiiiine!" She finished with a small, hysterical giggle

One of the men started talking to the other in the background - something about smashing the phone

"Shh" She chided them "I'm talking to Foxy"

Mulder laughed "Foxy?" he choked out "Who else is there?"

"Yeeeeeessssss yooou Foxy Mulderrrrrr! Hmm there's Mr. Barman and James and Matt and Adam and..." She squinted at the last man who still had his nametag on "...and Christo, Christo, Chris" She settled on finally

"Scully are you drunk?" Mulder didn't think he'd ever seen his partner under the influence


"How much have you had to drink?"

He heard her rattling glasses and murmur slowly "One, two, three, four, five, uh, six, one, two, three, uh, five, no four, five, six, seven" Then a man's voice "Eleven, darling" And her reply "Thanks James"

"Scully!" He called

"Patience isss a virrrtuuue Foxy" She reminded him

"How much have you had?"

"None yet!" She shrieked with alcohol fuelled laughter

Mulder shook his head "I meant to drink"

"Uh, eleven" She repeated slowly

"Shit Scully! When was the last time you ate?"

"Hmmm... lunch!" She shouted, then laughed so hard she had to hold on to Adam's arm to stop herself toppling off the stool

"Where are you?" Mulder asked anxiously

"At a bar silly!"

"Which bar"

"The one with James and Matt and Adam and Chris and Mr. Barman!"

"Which is that"

"Uh, the one with the jukebox! I love jukeboxes! Bye Foooxy I'm gonna go play with the jukebox!" With that Scully hung up the phone, chucked it in her bag the stumbled over to the jukebox, followed by the men, she started playing 'We built this City' and giggled flirtatiously again grasping Matt's hand and dragging him into the middle of floor to dance

Mulder grabbed his coat and ran to the car, Scully was very obviously drunk and surrounded by men who she didn't know and wanted nothing more than sex or a quick grope. Driving like a maniac Mulder started with all the bars close to Scully's apartment. 40 minutes later he still hadn't found her and was getting desperate, he rang her phone for the millionth time 'Hi it's Dana Scully I can't take your call right now but if you leave a message I'll try and get back to you!"

"Damn it" He cursed stepping on the gas, looking from side to side he sped up and down the streets, he was just about to give up and wait at her apartment when he caught sight of her car, pulling in to the car park he jumped out the car and burst into the swirled round still giggling, Matt who was leering at her bent down to kiss her. He squashed his lips to hers. All she could feel was him forcing his wet, slippery tongue into her mouth

"No!" She said forcefully putting two hands on his chest, he wrapped his arms around her, crushing her to him, sobering very slightly she relaxed before tensing up and catching him by surprise, elbowed him in the jaw and kneed him in the groin.

Mulder walked into the bar and caught sight of his partner's flame red hair. She was still in the clothes she had worn to work, a dark suit and grey trench coat, the only difference was her shirt had a few buttons undone and she'd taken off the trench coat. As he went over to her he caught sight of a man doubled over a few feet away from her and another walking towards her. The other man went to take her arm when her suit jacket fell open exposing her gun holster. The man stumbled backwards as though he had been stung. Mulder walked over and carefully rested his hand in the small of her back

"Foxy!" She shouted happily, facing him and throwing her arms around his neck. He had to catch her she had hugged him so enthusiastically

"Hey Scully" He said cautiously she was VERY different drunk

"Mmm" She nuzzled her head in the crook of his neck

"Damn it Scully" He muttered practically carrying her to the barstools, he helped her to sit down "Scully are you alright?"

"Yaaaaaah" She slurred

"Really, what was the last thing you ate?"

"Uh, aaaaaaan apple"

"When?" Mulder asked

"Lunch. Foooxy I don't feel so good" She whined, even whining to Mulder's ears from her sounded sexy. He shook his head, he shouldn't be thinking that about his partner "That's kinda a side effect from alcohol Scully"

"I don't liiiiiiike it!"

"Tough sweetheart" He hadn't meant to let that slip

She stared at him for a moment, then smiled slightly "Please take me hooome!"

"Okay" He helped her up, she was still sort of wobbly

"Mmm" She stuck her head in his neck again as her half carried, half dragged her outside into the car "Yuuuck" She whined "Foooxy I feeeel ill"

"Shh honey" He patted her hand "Do you wanna come back to mine?"

"Yeah alright" She agreed sounding like a small child

Mulder drove along checking his partner whenever he could, she was obviously very drunk, he still didn't know why she'd gone out like this, it wasn't like her. He glanced at Scully who was sat in the passenger seat and fiddling with her phone, they would talk tomorrow but for now she needed a friend to sort her out when she was vulnerable like this.

Scully's mind flashed back to the earlier events of the day, she blinked back the tears and tried to think about something else.

Mulder helped her out of the car, one arm round her shoulders, the other rubbing her back "Almost there Scully" She kept on stumbling and walking slowly, after a couple of minutes Mulder got bored and scooped her up bridal stile

"Foooxy!" She shrieked with laughter, she looped her arms around his neck - holding on tight

"Shh, Scully some people are asleep!" He said shifting her so he was giving her a piggyback "Shh!"

"Oops" She tried to stifle her giggling with her hand and started to slip off

Mulder tried in vain to catch her and they both collapsed onto the floor

"Aaagghhrrr!" Scully screamed, before landing on top of Mulder and laughing again

"Oof!" He grunted as the wind was knocked out of him, Scully peered over him her crystal clear, blue eyes wide

"Are you okay?" She whispered, leaning so close their noses almost touched

"Yeah, I think so"

"Good" She grinned at him, still straddling him

"Scully, you can get up now"

"I know" She nodded, leaning down and nibbling his earlobe

"Scully" He said warningly, barely able to contain himself

"Yes Foooxy?"

"Scully, you need to get up now"

"No" She answered simply, stroking his side lightly, her hand getting lower and lower

"Yes Scully" His hand travelled to her hips, trying to lift her off him

"Stop it" She said firmly - as well as she could drunk - her hand brushed his thigh

"S-Scully" He choked out "S-Stop it"

"Do you reeally want me too?" She purred stroking his inner thigh

"Scully we're in the hallway!"

"Oh yeah" She said sadly, appearing to only notice that once he said it

While she was distracted he quickly lifted her on to the floor, he stood up and grabbed her hands. He pulled her up pretty fast which seemed to disorientate her "Whoa" She muttered - more to herself - and shook her head gently

"C'mon Scully let's get inside" He pulled her into his apartment and got her settled on the couch before putting on a pot of coffee, he turned to go back into the sitting room and found Scully stood behind him, she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around his waist. He couldn't resist he hugged her back. Mulder buried his nose in her hair and inhaled deeply, this isn't how he should be, they were partners and friends, friends didn't hug like this, this is a lovers hug, but however wrong it was Mulder decided it felt to right to ignore.


He pulled back "What?"

"I love you" She stared straight at him

"Y-you do?"

"Uh, yeah, I, uh" She blushed slightly "Yes, yes I do"

Mulder stuttered a few incoherent words and Scully turned to leave, she had the door open before he caught up with her, he grabbed her arm and spun her round to face him and to his surprise there were tears in her eyes

"Scully?" He asked anxiously

She tried to pull her arm away, but Mulder held on too tight. A single tear rolled down her cheek, and Mulder leant in and kissed it away, before planting a gentle kiss on her lips

"I love you too Scully"


"Yeah" He kissed her again, a little more passionately, their tounges collided in a passionate duel, they fell on to the couch their lips still locked, they broke apart, for much needed oxygen

"Did you mean it?" Mulder asked

"What do you mean Foooxy?"

"I mean did you only say it because you were drunk?"

"Well, kinda, but I do love you, just had some dutch courage that's all"

"Good" He stood up

"Where are you going?" Scully asked looking hurt

"You may have forgotten, but it's wednesday night and your still drunk, I'm going to make up the bed for you and get you some coffee"

"Thanks" She smiled at him, sitting up on the couch

"Anytime Scully"

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