Drunken Love Chapter 3

by kenikigenikai

4 months later

Mulder pushed the trolley up and down the aisles, searching for all the items on his list, he was moving in with Scully today (Her apartment was nicer) and had offered to do the shopping for her, he carried on looking for the washing powder in vain. After naother 20 minutes he gave in and rang Scully, bashing into another shopper as he dug his phone out of his pocket, he rang the familiar number, ignoring the man he'd bumbed into, who was talking loudly and angrily at him

"Scully" Se answered after 3 rings

"Hey, Scully, where the hell is this 'washing powder' stuff?"

"Scully? Dana Scully?" The man stopped ranting and stared at Mulder

Mulder stared back 'How the hell does he know Scully?'

"Mulder?" She asked

"Yeah Babe, one sec"


"Yeah Scully, that's you"

She smiled secretly to herself

At 'Babe' the man seemed to go slightly purple "Who the hell are you?" He asked Mulder

"Me, I'm Fox Mulder, who the hell are you?"

"I am Dr. Daniel Waterstone"
"Oh, crap, you"

"What? You know who I am?"

"Sadly yes"

"Mulder, do you even know what washing powder is?" Scully quizzed

"Yes Scully I do, sort of, what does it look like again?" Mulder asked sheepisly, only just reminded that she was there

She laughed "A big blue box"

"Sweet, thanks Babe, Bye!"

"Bye, love you"

"Love you too" he hung up and turned to face Dr. Waterstone "So what do you want?" he asked rudely

"I want to know what your'e doing to Dana?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well she's obviously in a bit of trouble to be going out with you" He sneered

"Why's that, because I respect her and her wishes and beliefs, because I love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her, because I would kill anyone or everyone to keep her safe, because I love her more than anything else in the world, because I understand her, I know what she's feeling all the time, I understand that she can't believe things without proof, and I respect that? Maybe it's because instead of wanting her to be some kind of trophy girlfriend like you did, I held her hair back when the chemo made her ill and held er when she cried and have killed people, actually killed people to rescue her"

"Uh, no, I, uh" He stutered "Chemo?" He asked incredulously

"Yeah" Mulder replied

"Dana needed chemo?" He questioned

"Crap, I didn't mean to say that"

"She had cancer?"

"Uh, yeah, shit, Scully's gonna kill me"

"Dana Scully had cancer?"

"Yes, damnit!"

"Is she alright?"

"Yes, I'm not gonna be though, she's gonna kill me for telling you"

"Well now she knows I'm here you won't be going out with her for much longer, she is meant to be with me. Sorry about that"

"What makes you think she'd leave me for you? She's my partner, best friend and lover, whatever happens I'll always have her and I love her so if she wants to be with you, if that makes her happy, then I'm happy"

looked at him scepticly "Yeah, whatever"

"Now if you'll exuse me Scully is expecting me home"

"Home? You live with her?" He asked, eyes wide

"Yes I do, and as they say home is where the heart is" With that Mulder turned around dumped a box of washing powder into his trolley, payed and went home.

Scully was laying on the sofa when Mulder got in, staring at the ceiling

"Hey babe" He greeted her

"Oh, hey honey" She embraced him and gave him a quick kiss

"So, what do you want me to bring from my apartment?"

"What do you want to bring?"

"Uh, my fish, I spose, some clothes, some books, oh oh, I know, my TV, it's bigger than yours and some of my DVDs"

"Not any of those DVDs that aren't yours?"

"No, none of those"

"Good" She smiled

"I'd better be going, see you in about an hour. I'll bring a takeaway!"

"Kay, see you. I love you!"

"You know I love you too!"

After he left Scully sat down on the couch 'I better go check, it should be ready by now' she thought to herself

When Mulder returned Scully was layed on the couch, staring into space

"Scully? Are you alright?" He asked ainxously

"Uh, yeah, there's uh, something I need to tell you"

"Yeah" Mulder coaxed

Just as Scully satrted to speak the doorbell rang

"I'll get it" Mulder said opening the door "What the hell do you want?" He asked standing aside so Scully could see Daniel Waterstone stood in their doorway

"Great, you!" She muttered "Mulder I really need to talk to you"

"Dana you know you love me! You want to come back to me! Come back to where you belong!" Dr. Waterstone shouted ignoring the agents conversation

"Go away, I don't love you, I haven't for years, I love Mulder!"

"You don't mean that!"

"I do, I love him and I'm carrying his child, that's how much I love him!"

"What?" Mulder spluttered "You're pregnant?"

"Yeah" She replied nervously

"Oh my god" He whispered pulling her into his arms "I'm going to be a daddy!"

"Yeah you are" She murmured hugging him back

"Your actully pregnant, by him" Daniel said slowly

"Yes I am!"

"Holy crap" He spun on his heel and left "You whore"

Mulder released Scully and tore after him "Don't you EVER talk to Scully like that!" He shouted before punching him squarely in the jaw

"Mulder stop it!" She called running after them both "Leave that pathetic piece of crap there and lets go home"

"Kay" He took her hand "I'm so exited"

"Me too"

They walked back into her apartment and Mulder reached down and layed a gentle kiss on her lips, she opened her mouth and deepened the kiss, Mulder moved one hand to her hip and the other to the back of her neck, they once again collapsed on the couch and Mulder couldn't hep but think 'This is what I want for the rest of my life'

The End