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Hermione was in her room sipping some tea when Lucius' owl tapped her window. A smile came to her face as she opened the window and took the letter out of its beak.

Come to the Manor tonight at seven.

She looked at the clock it was six-thirty she put on some clothes and apparated to the front gate of the Malfoy Manor. She walked up to the house and knocked on the front door. Lucius opened the door and led her up to his room.

"Hermione before anything else happens tonight I must discuss something with you," He said as she sat on the bed.


"I walked to your office the other day and I saw you with another man." Hermione was shocked and scared. What was he going to say or do?

"Lucius I can explain," She said.

"You don't have to, I'm not mad I understand."

"You do?"

"I've had affairs before and so did Narcissa. You are a stunning young woman with a sex drive that needs to be filled." A tear slid down her cheek and he wiped it away. "And to be honest it turned me on to see you with another man." Hermione smiled at his words. "But if you're going to be with any other man it's going to be someone who I trust and who I know."

"Who would that be?"

"Draco," Hermione's eyes opened wide and she felt a strong urge to laugh. Lucius didn't know the man she was having an affair with was Draco. "Are you ok?"

"Yes I mean it's a weird proposal but ok," She smiled. Lucius gave her a passionate kiss and she kissed him back. "So when is this little arrangement supposed to start?" She asked as Lucius kissed the left side of her neck. Her question was answered when she felt a very familiar pair of lips on the other side of her neck as the weight on the bed shifted behind her. Lucius curled his fingers in the bottom of her shirt before pulling it over her head and throwing it onto the floor. Draco unhooked the back of her bra and also discarded it. Lucius bent his head down and sucked on her nipple while Draco reached a hand down her pants and started to play with her clit. She moaned at the pleasure both men gave her before it was muffled by Draco's lips. It didn't take long before she was bucking her hips against his hand. Lucius bit her nipple before he stood up and removed his shirt. He couldn't help but get aroused at the sight before him.

Hermione broke the kiss with Draco and saw Lucius standing in front of them with a very obvious hard on. She got down on her knees in front of him and made quick work of his pants. She took his cock in her hand and started to stroke it. Hermione turned her head and gave Draco a 'come hither' look he stood up and removed his clothes before walking over to her. She took Draco's cock in her other hand and soon began stroking them both fast. She looked at Draco's cock and she wanted to take it in her mouth.

"It's ok," Lucius said. Hermione quickly took Draco's cock in her mouth and bobbed her head up and down before she took his cock down her throat. Lucius groaned as he watched her giving head to his son as she stroked his cock if she kept this up he wasn't going to last much longer. Lucius moved away from her hand and moved to his bedside table he grabbed some lube from the drawer before returning to her. Hermione was so enveloped in sucking Draco's cock it came as a shock to her when she felt a finger slip into her ass. She pulled away and looked back at Lucius as he moved a finger in and out of her. Hermione moaned and put her hands down to steady herself as he inserted another finger. Lucius removed the fingers as Draco pulled Hermione to her feet before lifting her up and thrusting into her. Lucius lubed his cock and got behind her before inserting himself into her tight ass. Hermione was moaning uncontrollably every time they thrusted in and out of both her holes as pleasure coursed through her body.

"Fuck," She cried leaning her head on Draco's shoulder. "That feels so good." Draco removed himself from her dripping wet pussy and Lucius positioned her so she was on her hands and knees once again. Draco moved so his cock was in her face.

"Suck it," He demanded Hermione happily obliged. She moaned as she tasted her sweet juices on his cock. Lucius continued to pound into her ass as he reached down and rubbed her clit. She moaned around Draco's cock making him groan in pleasure.

"Oh god I'm so close," She said pulling her mouth away from Draco's cock once again. "Fuck me," Lucius removed his cock from her ass and sat on the bed. Hermione quickly walked over and positioned herself over his cock before slowly pushing herself down onto it moaning loudly. Once he was fully inside her he held her legs open wide Draco walked over and rubbed his cock over her clit and down her pussy lips purposefully teasing her.

"Oh stop teasing me," She begged. "I'm so close."

"What do you want pet?" Lucius questioned.

"Tell us we want to hear it," Draco said.

"I want you both to fuck me, I want to cum." They both smirked before Draco thrust into her. Lucius and Draco started a quick rhythm as they fucked both her holes mercilessly. "Just like that, don't stop." Hermione cried. "I'm gonna cum!" Draco reached down and pinched her clit sending her over the edge. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" Lucius groaned as her ass tightened around him he gave a few more thrusts and came deep inside her. Draco felt her pussy convulse around him and he came deep inside her as well.

Draco and Lucius pulled out of Hermione and Lucius took the exhausted woman up to the pillows and laid under the covers with her. Draco stood to leave when he heard Hermione.

"Draco come here," She called. He smiled and laid behind her under the covers. As Hermione started to dose off she knew one day she'd have to choose between the two but she was perfectly content with laying there with the both of them and for now that's all that mattered.

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