A Few Extra Moments Won't Hurt

Authors Note: I don't own Red Storm Rising... if I did I'd own a tank like Clancy does though.

A short add on to a great chapter in a great book, a moment of humor in an otherwise bad day for the heroes.

This takes place during Chapter 18: Polar Glory of Red Storm Rising (those that know the book will know where it starts)...


Edwards parked the car in the shopping center. There had been some people outside along the drive in, mainly looking west towards Keflavik. Awakened by the noise a few miles away and wondering what was happening. Just like us, Edwards thought. Fortunately, there seemed to be no one about right here yet. He locked the car and pocketed the keys without thinking about it.

"Where to, Lieutenant?" Sergeant Smith asked.

"Sergeant, let's straighten a few things out. You're the ground-pounder. You got any ideas, I want to know about 'em, okay?"

"Well, sir, I'd say we oughta head straight east for a while, to get away from the roads, like, and find you a place to play with that radio. An' do it quick."

One of the privates grumbled something about C-Rations, Edwards barely heard it and Smith pointedly ignored it as they began to move across the parking lot.

Edwards had to think to remember what C-Rations were, when he did memories of his early training came back with a vengeance.

As they reached the edge of the parking lot he stopped, "Wait, anybody have some króna on them?"

The Marines all looked back at him with a general look of 'huh?' on their faces.

"Do you have any króna, any cash?" His hand was now held out to the men.

Slowly the banknotes appeared, he mentally counted them as they were added and came up with about $20,000 króna.

He slid out of his pack and leaned it against a nearby car, "Ok, get down behind these cars and watch my gear, I'll be right back." Michaels then sprinted off across the lot.

Garcia couldn't take it anymore, "Sarge, what is he doing?"

Smith watched the man run into the fast food outlet and lay down the cash, realization slowly dawned on him, "Something pretty smart, I think."

"Shouldn't we be moving Sarge?" Questioned Rodgers as he scanned the air for anything with a red star.

The doors opened revealing a box full of buckets and bags all bearing the smiling face of Colonel Harland Sanders, the Sergeant smiled and responded, "A few extra moments won't hurt."

Edwards looked at the smiling faces of what suddenly dawned on him were his men. The load of chicken and sides was split up between them to carry as he put back on his pack. He looked around.

There was no one on the streets here yet, but they'd want to get into the back country before being noticed by anybody who might tell someone about it afterward.

"Saddle up Marines." Called Smith.

Edwards nodded, and the sergeant directed a private to lead off.

Authors Note: Not much of a change, but I always wondered why he didn't have them grab a couple buckets before marching off. Hope you enjoyed it, either way I'd like to hear from you.