~Good Luck Has Its Storms~

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Chapter One: The News

"Good luck has its storms." - George Lucas

Harry yawned and felt his jaw pop as he stared at the paperwork still littering his desktop. He'd spent the better part of the morning holed up in the study trying to get through the pile of paperwork he'd neglected over the past month. Kingsley Shacklebolt was getting just a tad annoying with his insistence of having the paperwork in by Monday. So Harry had plopped down to work.

It was Friday and he wanted nothing more than to just say 'Shove off' to the paperwork and spend the rest of the day and all of Saturday with his children. Teddy was twelve, James was four now, Albus would be two in three months, and sweet Lily was three months old. Harry smiled as his eyes lighted on the picture he'd taken of them all just a few weeks ago. James and Albus sitting side by side on a pool chair, Teddy inbetween them with Lily propped up against his chest. He sighed and was just about to get back at it when the charm he'd set rang shrilly. Getting up he was out of the study and up the stairs in a flash, entering Lily's room to find the girl bawling her eyes out in her crib.

"Hey there." Harry murmured, grinning as he scooped the little girl up and bounced her a bit to get her to notice he was there now. Lily's tears continued but she began to relax against her papa's chest. "Feeding time again?" He guessed after checking her diaper and finding it pristine still. He took her downstairs and into the kitchen where Kreacher was serving Teddy, James and Albus their afternoon snack.

"Dad!" James cheered when he spotted his father in the kitchen.

"Daddy!" Albus greeted, waving his Cauldron Cake around. "An' Lil!" Albus added, clapping his hands and squishing his cake. Harry laughed at that while reaching down to ruffle their hair.

"There ya are Harry!" Teddy tutted when he spotted his godfather. "I was telling James and Albus you'd gotten swallowed up by all your paperwork." The boy teased, his eyes glittering with laughs.

"Hello to you too. Where's your mother?" Harry had a very good feeling about where Ginny was. It would either be out shopping or-

"Mum went to Grandma's house." James informed his father. "And she promised to take us to Uncle George and Fred's store." James added with a scowl.

Harry sighed and nodded to himself while going into the kitchen to grab a bottle and prepare Lily's meal. Lately he and Ginny hadn't been doing so well. Actually, it was ever since Ginny became pregnant with Lily that they'd hit a rough patch. She'd found out about his secret undercover assignments and it had all just blown up from there. Harry thought that Ginny was probably unhappy ever since poor Andromeda had died shortly after James was born and Teddy had come to live with them permenantly. He felt she must have just pushed those feelings aside until she just couldn't push it anywhere anymore.

So Ginny had taken to leaving the house, putting Kreacher in charge of the kids if Harry wasn't home, and would spend her days out shopping, or visiting her friends, or just disappearing for long stretches of time and coming home at supper. Lately it had been well after supper and decent hours that she would enter Grimmauld Place and slip into Harry's bed.

Harry had brought up divorce once or twice. Ginny would grow angry each time and they'd end up shouting loud enough to rattle the rafters until she stormed out. Harry was getting tired of it all. He wasn't happy with her either anymore. She refused to let him touch her ever since she'd learned about his undercover work and would constantly make snide comments about him having lovers on the side of both genders. Harry was tired of the mistrust and the shouting. It wasn't good for the children either.

He was dead set on claiming custody for all of them of course. If Ginny wasn't happy anymore, then he'd set her free of him, but damned he'd be if she was taking away his children as well.

"How about we go visit Uncle Fred and George once I finish feeding your sister?" Harry asked then. The boys grinned. Harry smiled at them all. Teddy with his unruly blue hair and green eyes. James with his jet black hair that had a way of looking good even when messy and his brown eyes. Albus with his bright green eyes and messy black hair. Lily with her red hair and brown eyes that just shimmered with laughter even if she hadn't laughed much in the past three months since her birth.

These were his children, the beings he loved most on this planet. His children were his reason for living and he loved them all so much that it hurt sometimes. He'd love them and any other children he might have in the future.

It wasn't until he was walking down the street with Teddy, James, Albus and Lily securely in her stroller, that he realized he'd thought of future children without Ginny.

It didn't bother him as much as he once thought it would have.

"Psst, Harry." George said under his breath as Fred entertained James and Albus with magical bubbles that would let out a different sound every time it popped. Teddy was busy testing a new brand of bubble gum that colored your tongue and forced you to speak a foreign language based on the color. They were in Weasley Wizard Wheezes and George had stole Lily from Fred, cooed over her and cuddled her until the door had opened.

"Al! Don't eat that without asking Uncle Fred for permission." Harry was saying as Albus picked something up from the work table. "Huh, what's up?" He asked George now and looked to where the man was pointing with his elbow. Standing in the front of the shop was a man Harry never thought he'd see in any establishment owned by a Weasley.

Draco Malfoy was there, looking hardly changed from the last time Harry had seen him, which had been during an assignment in France nearly three years ago. Malfoy had been vacationing there with his then wife Astoria. He had his son with him now.

Scorpius was around Albus's age, a few months younger if Harry remembered right the gossip Ginny had told him.

The boy made Harry think that's what Draco must've looked like before Lucius Malfoy trained a sneer onto his face. Scorpius was looking around with a big grin on his face and babbling to his father who was, amazingly, smiling at his son's very un-Malfoy behavior.

"George!" A familiar voice called and Harry turned with a grin as Alicia Weasley came in from somewhere holding the hands of four year old Fred and two year old Roxanne. George chuckled as his wife kissed his cheek and handed him Fred. "I'm going to go help Mum out with her doxy infestation now. She's been banging on all day about it."

"Alright love." George told her, pulling her up for a more fulfilling kiss before looking down at his giggling children. "Your cousins are here. Look, say hi to baby Lily."

"Hi Lily!" The two said cheerfully while Harry bent over a little to let them see her better.

"Oh hello Harry." Alicia said giving him a kiss on the cheek too.

"Hey Alicia." Harry replied with a grin.

"Where's Ginny?" Alicia asked then looking round until she caught Harry's dark look. "Ah, I see." Alicia pat his back and then turned to George. "Well I'm off. I'll be back in about an hour or two."

"Take you time Alicia." George said, making a shooing motion which saying in a stage whisper, "C'mon kids! Now that Mum's gone I'll teach you how to blow things up!"

"You do that and I'll make you sleep outside with Biscuit." Alicia threatened. George and Harry laughed, but Harry knew it was a viable threat when Alicia was concerned.

Once she'd left Harry moved away from George to look among the shelves and give George some time with his children. Lily was starting to fall asleep again even amid the din of children shouting and exclaiming at the wonderful Weasley products. And to think it was Harry's thousand Galleons that had led to the joy of hundreds of wizarding children. George and Fred had gotten him into a discussion of expanding beyond their shops in Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley and trying to find a niche abroad. Harry had promised he was full on board in whatever the twins decided.

"Dad! Dad! Dad!" James called as he, Teddy, and Albus suddenly appeared clutching his robes.

"What's up boys?" Harry asked with a laugh at the boy's excitement. Albus was wriggling about as well, munching on a gummy slug Fred must've give him.

"Uncle Fred said he's got new fireworks he wants to show us!" Teddy replied. "He invited us to his house tonight so we can blow them up! Can we go? Please please!"

"So another generation of Weasleys is learning to wreak havoc." Came a smooth, drawling voice. Harry turned and found Draco Malfoy standing right beside him, his son on his hip.

"Malfoy." Harry greeted while shifting so that James and Albus were mostly shielded by his legs. They peeked around them looking up at the man who was slightly taller than Harry. Teddy though stood next to Harry, eyeing the blonde with curiosity.

"Potter." Draco said and looked from the girl in Harry's arms to the three boys peering up at him curiously. "Visiting the family Potter?" Draco asked without any of the sneer that might have graced his tone a few years ago.

"That's right. And you?" Harry asked, eyes fastening on the little boy that was Draco's clone. Scorpius shyly hid his face in Draco's neck after a few seconds, peeking out at Harry nonetheless. Harry chuckled.

"Scorpius was fascinated by the display in the window and demanded we come in." Draco said fondly as he reached up to cup his son's head. Scorpius smiled at his father. "I have found out that I'm very much my son's slave." He added with a chuckle of his own.

"They tend to do that to you." Harry replied with a nod. Draco flashed a grin then that had Harry grinning in return.

"So where is their mother at any rate?" Draco asked after a moment. Harry sighed and shrugged, readjusting Lily in the process. Draco blinked at that and Harry gave a sharp smirk in return.

"Ginny likes her space." he said with a pointed glance at his sons. Draco gave a small 'Ah' and nodded.

"She sounds like Astoria then." Draco offered making Harry chuckle. Ginny had always disliked Astoria for some reason, and always sneered when the woman had appeared in the papers.

"Daddy." Albus said now, tugging on Harry's robe to ensure he recieved his father's attention.

"What's up Al?" Harry asked looking down with a grin.

"Play with him?" Albus asked pointing up at Scorpius who was looking down at them just as shyly as ever.

Harry looked up at Draco then and chuckled sheepishly. "Erm..."

"I think Scorpius would like that." Draco said kindly to the young boy, who looked as much Potter's clone as Scorpius looked his own. "Why don't we head to the park?" He added then making Harry blink rapidly.

Five minutes later found Draco, Harry and Lily sharing a bench while Teddy, James, Albus and Scorpius played in the park that had been created five years after the war, in honor of the children like Teddy who'd lost parents in the war. Teddy was commanding them in playing pirates at the moment.

"So that's my cousin." Draco murmured after a minute. Harry nodded and looked at Teddy who had paused in his conquering of the sea to entertain Scorpius by changing his hair color. Scorpius was laughing. "He's got great control already."

"Yeah. I would tell him to practice all the time. I figured being a Metamorphmagi was like Quidditch, you have to work at it to get better." Harry replied, feeling a light dusting of pink come to his cheeks when Draco looked at him with a smirk. "So erm, anyway..." Harry trailed off, not sure how to ask why the hell Draco was being pleasant. It sounded rude to say it like that.

Draco snickered and gave a wave at Scorpius when the boy paused to wave at him. "I had the urge to bother you needlessly Potter." Draco said with grey eyes flashing. Harry felt his blush rise again. "It's been a while since we've seen one another."

Harry nodded, not sure how to respond to that. Draco chuckled at his lack of response and turned to eye Lily. Harry shifted the girl so that she was facing Draco now. "So how long before you and Weaslette split?" Draco questioned while reaching out to touch Lily's cheek. Harry jumped and Lily stirred, face scrunching up then relaxing as Draco crooned softly. "Well? You know toxic relationships between parents are not ideal for a child's healthy development and you have four of them." Draco pointed out.

"I...I don't..." Harry wondered what was possessing Malfoy today. Really this was completely out of the blue!

"Daddy!" Albus came running up to them, eyes shining with tears as he pointed to a large scrape he'd just given himself. "I gotted a boo-boo!" Albus sniffled, the tears leaking out. Harry gave him a soft smile.

"Aww, hang on, lemme get your sis-" Harry blinked as a pale hand took Albus's scrapped arm and a second later the flash of a minor cleaning charm followed by the soft blue light of a simple healing charm was ridding Albus's tan skin of any trace. Albus sniffled and blinked as Draco checked the place where the scrape had been.

"Er, thanks Malfoy." Harry murmured. "What do you say Al?" He prompted his son who was blinking at Draco still.

"Thanks." Albus said softly before wiping his face.

"Al!" Scorpius called and Albus smiled before dashing off to play with his new friend. Harry smiled after him, turning to catch Draco's eye on him.

"What?" He asked when the former Slytherin continued to stare at him. Draco just smirked and turned to face their children.

"They look happy don't they?" He asked instead of answering the Savior and then he got up when a soft chime went off. "Time for Scorpius to visit his mother." Draco sighed.

"Does he see her often?" Harry wondered, thinking it was about time to get the kids some proper lunch. Draco's eyes frosted over as he waved Scorpius over to him.

"As little as possible." Draco replied in a cool tone. "I won't have her poisoning my own son against me." He added before Scorpius skipped up to him and held up his arms. Draco obliged him, scooping him up and nuzzling him. Teddy, James and Albus crowded around Harry while Draco smiled at them. "Perhaps we should get together to let the children play?" Draco asked and Scorpius beamed.

"Please! Please!" Scorpius chirped and Harry found himself nodding before he'd fully thought it through. Draco grinned.

"Same time next week then?" Draco asked and Harry nodded again, waving to Scorpius as Draco turned and they headed off towards an Apparition point.

"Don't know why Uncle Ron and Ginny hate him." Teddy was saying now as Harry placed Lily in her stroller and took the kids out to Muggle London for some burgers. "He's not a bad bloke. Scorpius is kinda like Al too."

"Yeah. He's changed since we knew him in school." Harry replied. "Who would have thought it?" He added with a laugh.

Just as Harry was putting the boys to bed he heard the alarm signalling a Floo call go off. "Kreacher! Get that would you!" Harry called then turned back to Albus who had insisted on trying to put his pajamas on himself. His shirt was backward and he was currently trying to fit both legs into one pant leg.

With a frustrated 'tuh!' Albus looked up beseechingly at his father who had him sorted out in no time. With that Harry picked him up and kissed him all over, making Albus giggle. He set the boy down in his 'big boy' bed and tucked the covers around him.

"Good night Al." Harry murmured, flicking his wand so the lights turned off and a soft nightlight flared to life. Albus yawned and snuggled into his bed.

"Night Daddy." The little boy smiled as he shut his eyes. Harry sighed happily. He left his door half open then turned and went to check on James who was just snuggling into his covers. Harry kissed him with more control, only one on each cheek and then tucked him in as well. James smiled up at him.

"Dad, where's Mum?" James asked on a yawn. Harry grimaced. He'd called Molly to see if Ginny would be home for dinner but Molly informed him Ginny had left around four in the afternoon and hadn't been seen since.

"She's visiting Luna." Harry lied, feeling angry that he needed to lie to his son at all. "She'll be back soon. I'll send her up when she comes home, okay?"

"Kay." James mumbled, rubbing his eyes and not protesting as Harry placed on more kiss on his forehead. He turned on James's Snitch lamp and then left to check on Teddy.

Teddy was in the middle of his 'secret' ritual, in which he would murmur to a picture of Remus and Tonks before saying his good nights. Harry waiting until he heard no more murmurs and knocked, opening the door to find Teddy tugging on his pajama bottoms. "Hey kid, ready for bed?"

"Mmhm." Teddy replied, hopping into bed. "Hey Harry, where is Ginny anyway?" Teddy let Harry ruffle his hair before Harry sighed.

"Honestly I have no idea." He could be honest with Teddy, who was twelve after all and was more keen than he let on. "She could be in Africa for all I know." Harry's tone made Teddy look at him questioningly.

"Well if Ginny bugs you so much, why not just divorce her already?" Teddy asked as he stretched and his hair turned violet as his exhaustion caught up with him. Harry had to chuckle at how the boy had worded that.

"I brought it up but she won't hear it." Harry murmured. Teddy had a new look on his face, his fidgetty look that Harry knew after twelve years meant he was dying to say something important. "What is it Teddy?" Harry asked him when the boy began to chew his lip.

Teddy took another few seconds before letting out an explosive sigh. "Well before we came home for the summer, I heard some of the professors talking. They didn't know I was right there cuz I had hid behind the statue." At Harry's arched brow Teddy grinned. "I'd flooded Professor Earat's class earlier and he wasn't happy with me. But anyway, Professor Earat was talking to Professor Neville and he was saying somethin' 'bout Ginny..." Teddy chewed his lip before beckoning Harry closer and cupping his hands around Harry's ear to whisper, "Professor Earat was saying to Neville that you should just leave Ginny cuz she was a money-loving twat."

Harry's eyes widened and then he put on a stern face. "No repeating that word again." He said and Teddy nodded, putting a hand over his heart. Harry sighed then and ruffled the boy's hair. "I should just force her to decide what she wants. I don't want you kids hearing anymore fights and feeling all the tension between us."

"So just dump her." Teddy demanded, hating to see how unhappy his godfather was. Harry smiled and shook his head.

"Why am I even discussing this with you?" Harry asked suddenly.

"Cuz you have no social life and Auntie Hermione would blab to Uncle Ron who'd get annoyed at you." Teddy intoned as if that were a lesson he'd learned in school. Shaking his head, Harry playfully swatted Teddy and made the boy get back in bed.

"Don't worry about it Teddy, I'll make sure there isn't anymore confusion or fights." He paused then and looked at the boy seriously. "Think I'd manage on my own?"

Teddy grinned then, letting a great snort of disbelief pass through his nose. "You're practically on your own as it is Harry." Teddy pointed out making Harry chuckle.

"How'd you get so smart?" Harry wondered. Teddy shrugged.

"Must be the werewolf genes or something." Teddy replied making Harry grin. Remus would have loved Teddy for making a lycanthropy a positive thing.

Leaving the boy to his rest Harry peeked in on Lily then headed downstairs where Kreacher was arguing with a man in the fire.

"But I need to talk to him now." Harry heard the man say in a heavily accented tone he recognized. Stepping into the parlor he saw it was indeed who he thought it was. His liasion partner during an undercover French assignment.

"Maris." Harry said, sitting in the chair Kreacher had finished pushing into the fire. "Long time no see."

"Potter." The man nodded with a grin that quickly faded. "I am sorry to disturb you so late 'Arry, but I knew you 'ood want to know zis as soon as possible."

Instantly alert Harry leaned forward. "What is it Maris?"

The French Auror sighed and his hand came into view as he rubbed his forehead. "Ah 'Arry, I do not know 'ow exactly to say zis..." The man sighed then his face became determined. "But I must. It 'ood be terrible to let you go on without knowing..."

"Knowing what?"

"Do you recall Madame Killmore?" Maris asked. Harry sucked in a breath while nodding. He remembered Lady Killmore very well. She'd been the one he was investigating. The Aurors felt she was connected to several murders that had taken place after the war. She'd fled England when she'd learn of the Aurors suspicions and had been spotted all over Europe. The French Ministry had contacted them and told them they were also investigating Killmore for suspected veela trafficking. So Harry had been sent in to try and root her out. He'd worked his way into her little smuggling gang and eventually won the woman over. He'd managed to gather enough information to get her convicted on three murders and the trafficking and he'd returned to England with a feeling of accomplishment.

"Of course." He told the Auror. "What about her? I thought we closed both our cases."

"We did." Maris promsied and Harry relaxed a little. "It was today that I discovered something though. I was visiting Renee today during our lunch break when a Child Services witch came into ze office with a little girl. 'Arry...she is Killmore's daughter, born shortly after she was placed in Azkaban. Ze girl was placed with an uncle who has died, leaving her his fortune but alas leaving her homeless as well."

Harry felt a pang for the poor girl. "What's that got to do with me though?" Harry asked as he saw Maris rub his face again.

"We wished to see if she had any other family. And we discovered that she does." Maris's eyes found Harry's then. "'Arry, she is yours."

Harry blinked, wondering is he had missed some words in that sentence. "My what?"

"Your daughter." Maris said and Harry felt his jaw drop. "Killmore did not inform you, thinking she could bargain with ze child but at the time she had no proof that ze girl was yours. Then she was Kissed and ood' not prove much of anything. Now however... 'Arry my friend, we ran ze blood tests and it iz confirmed. She is your daughter.

"Bloody Hell..." Harry murmured, shutting his eyes.

"Wait Harry, slow down!" Hermione snapped groggily. Harry hated bothering his friend but he was in a bit of shock still. "Now tell me again, slowly, what is going on?"

Harry took a deep breath, let it out, then sighed. "Maris, the French Auror I worked with on the Killmore case, he found out today that Killmore had a daughter." Hermione waited for Harry to go on. "And they ran tests and she's mine!"

Hermione let out a shocked gasp then a moment later she was stepping through the fireplace, Hugo in her arms. "Oh Harry! Really!" Hermione gasped. Harry nodded, turning and pacing.

"Hermione, what am I going to do?" Harry asked, not able to think straight.

Hermione's sharp, "Harry James Potter!" had him stopping and blinking though. "You cannot be that thick!" Hermione hissed now while switching Hugo so that he was against her chest. It released one of her hands so that she could wag a finger at his face. "If the tests prove she's yours then you know very well what you have to do!"

Harry forced himself to blink then count backwards in French before he felt he could think straight again. When he opened his eyes and met Hermione's stern glare. "Right... Right... Sorry for that Mione, I just... All this mess with Ginny has got me all jumbled up today." Harry told her. Hermione smiled sympathetically before he shook his head and smiled sadly in return. "But that's no excuse. You're right. If the tests say she's mine then she's mine. Which really only leaves one option in my mind."

"Oh Harry, I knew you would do the right thing." Hermione hugged him briefly. "So when are you going to get her."

"In the morning. Maris was already arranging to have her brought to the Minsitry." Harry mumbled. He got thwacked on the head then. "Ow! What was that for!"

"For making me think for even a second that you'd stop being the good man I knew you were." She harrumphed, making him laugh.

He groaned in the next second though. "Ugh...Ginny's gonna kill me. I swore I used protection the whole time during that assignment. I swear I thought I did."

"Accidents happen Harry." Hermione soothed but Harry knew her well enough to hear the scolding underneath. "The important thing to worry about right now though is that there's a little girl coming here tomorrow who's going to need her father."

Harry nodded, his face solemn. "I swear I didn't think Killmore was pregnant. She didn't look like it during her trial."

"Well someone must have known." Hermione growled suddenly. "I'll poke around on who her case worker was. Women are always given physicals before being sent to Azkaban, for reasons just like this. Someone must have known Killmore was pregnant because the Kiss was delayed to spare the baby losing its soul too. I'll find out who kept the baby a secret." Hermione scowled for a second more then shook her head. "Does she have a name?"

Harry shrugged. "Maris didn't really tell me. Or if he did I was still too shocked to hear him." Hermione pat his arm then turned and headed for the fireplace.

"Well you get some sleep. I'll baby-sit the kids tomorrow if you like so you can go pick her up." Harry kissed her cheek and hugged her, then kissed Hugo's forehead.

"You're the best Mione. I'd be utterly lost without you."

Hermione giggled as she continued on back to her home on the other side of London. Harry stayed there for a second longer then sighed and went up to his room were he found Kreacher pouring a cup of firewhiskey. Harry grinned at the elf. "Hermione's coming over tomorrow to help you watch the children. I'll need you to prepare another of the bedrooms to. The one next to Lily's."

"Will Master be having a guest?" Kreacher asked. Harry shook his head.

"I'll be having a daughter." He told the elf with a lopsided grin. Kreacher stared at him in surprise then nodded and bowed.

"Kreacher will prepare a room for the new miss." Kreacher said and disappeared to get to work.

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