Chapter 14

Takeru slowly and almost unwillingly, pulled from his boyfriend's lips to find ten pairs of eyes staring at him and the burgundy headed boy. "Soooooo… umm… yeah, we're dating." The blonde said as nonchalantly as he could. He hadn't realized that Daisuke moved behind him and embraced him in a hug.

Tai busted up laughing soon catching Matt and eventually Daisuke within their seemingly disease like fit. Within seconds Mimi, Joe, Izzy, Yolei and Sora had joined in as well. This left Ken, Takeru, Kari and Cody looking like idiots for not understanding what was so funny. "Haha! Sorry TK, but- ha! - that was just so random- haha! - it was hilarious!" Tai spoke through his dying laughter.

Daisuke chuckled. "He's right Keru-chan, it was pretty funny." The younger goggle-head had said a little louder than he meant to. Nobody seemed to care though. "I'm surprised you all didn't crack up at that." Daisuke stated in disbelief.

The oldest blonde raised his eyebrow. "Why would we laugh at his pet name? Tai calls me Yama… and he called me Amay once, but he was a little drunk from a party we'd gone to." Everyone was staring incredulously at Matt. "Don't ask… it's a long story." He flushed red at the memory before Tai hugged him from behind just as Daisuke had done- and was still doing- to Takeru.

The tan brunette leaned into his boyfriend's ear. "You know you loved that night as much as I did Amay-kun." This was whispered and was also the reason Matt went sixty shades redder.

Joe and Izzy were whispering back and forth. "Is there something you two would like to share with the class?" Daisuke joked, grinning at how flustered the two got.

Izzy nodded to Joe before standing up to speak. "Uhh… well, we- Joe and I- have been dating for about seven months now… and we thought now would be a good time to tell you guys…" Izzy chuckled nervously before sitting back down next to his blue haired boyfriend. Yolei and Mimi both squealed and started twirling one another around.

"What's gotten into you two?" Sora asked in surprise.

Mimi let go of Yolei's hands while the purple haired girl kept twirling. "Well, now Ken owes me twenty dollars and he owes Yolei ten minutes of making out since we were both right about Tai, Matt, TK, Davis, Joe and Izzy." The pink haired girl went back to "dancing" with Yolei. The two eventually broke into chanting "Gay men are awesome" over and over again. Causing Izzy, Takeru and Matt to blush profusely only to be comforted by their semes.

"I have something I want to say." The youngest of all the digidestined children spoke. When he realized all eyes were now on him, Cody became increasingly nervous. "Uhh… Kari… would you mind… uhh… going on a date… with me…?" The anxious brunette asked, his green eyes staring at the ground the whole time.

Kari's amber eyes suddenly took in everyone's stares and they were given to her for the answer. Well, Cody is cute and he's always been so sweet… I'm still a little hung up on Takeru, but maybe Cody can help me to move on. "… Of course I'll go out with you Cody." The girl dressed in pink smiled.

"R-really?" He asked in astonishment.

Kari chuckled. "Really." She told him. The grin that was plastered on his face was one that most people had never seen before.

"Hey, you better not do anything to my sister. I may be gay, but I'll still kick your ass short stuff." Everyone, aside from Cody, laughed at Tai's attempt at humor. Cody was the only one not laughing because he actually believed Tai and had paled with a look of horror on his face. "I'm only kidding buddy." Tai explained. Cody released a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. The group laughed again, this time Cody joined them.

After another hour of pointless conversation, the sun was beginning to set. Mimi, Yolei and Kari had all packed up the picnic while Sora was talking to Joe and Izzy about how they'd gotten together. Tai and Matt were wrapped around one another talking to Cody about what he could do to win Kari over. Tai suggested he make a move the first date while Matt shot his boyfriend's idea down and told Cody to bring her some pink roses when he went to pick her up. The Digimon had come back to the group and were all tuckered out from their nearly never ending day of play. Veemon had Patamon snuggled up to him so that Patamon's head was resting on the blue dragon's chest. Takeru and Daisuke were left to watch the sun set over the buildings, Daisuke's arms wrapped around Takeru from behind, as if they'd never left that position.

"I told my parents about us." Daisuke told the blonde who didn't seem to mind in the least.

Takeru leaned his head back onto his boyfriend's shoulder. "How'd they take the news?"

"Well, my mom took it well, but… my dad… he kinda yelled a little. It took mom, Jun and me almost an hour to calm him down. After that, he just left for a bit. He came back though. Apparently, he'd talked to his brother- my uncle- who's gay. My uncle told him that if he wanted to treat me the way their dad treated him for being gay, then he'd just have to deal with the resentment. I guess that set my dad straight because he came back and gave me a hug. It was kinda awkward actually." Daisuke chuckled, as did Takeru. "What about you? Did you tell anyone about us?"

Takeru had a soft smile on his face. "I told my mom, but she said she already knew about us. She told me she heard us saying we loved each other when she brought us our food that day, so it went a lot smoother than I thought it would. She also told me she was proud of me for telling her and not keeping her in the dark like Matt had done for almost two months."

"Your brother's a wimp." Daisuke joked.

"Hey, nobody can talk about Yama like that except for me!" Tai's voice called from behind them. A loud SMACK! emanated from Tai's head as Matt smacked him. "OW! Yama, you know that's for later." The brunette said seductively. He was met with another smack to the head. "What was that one for?"

"The first was for not keeping your mouth shut when we're spying and the second was for being perverted in front of other people." Matt explained. Tai was pretending to almost be at tears. "Oh stop, you've survived worse than that… I know for a fact."

"Can we move on? I feel like any minute now, you two are gonna start fucking if you keep it up." Daisuke stated bluntly.

Tai snickered. "You'd like that, wouldn't you Davis?" The brunette wiggled his eyebrows up and down.

"Not really, no. The only one I wanna see naked is my Keru-chan." The youngest goggle-head told his older counterpart. "OW! What was that for?" The boy whined after being struck by Takeru.

"I don't know, it just looked like fun." Takeru and the two older boys laughed while Daisuke turned his back on Takeru in a mock pout. "Aww, c'mon it didn't hurt that bad."

"How would you know? You didn't get hit." The burgundy haired boy pointed out.

Takeru hugged Daisuke from behind this time. "You can act like it hurt all you want, but you know you still love me." The blonde kissed Daisuke on the cheek. He pulled off of Daisuke to speak to Tai and Matt again. "So, what do you two have planned?"

"When we get home I get to f-" Matt's hand clamped tightly over Tai's mouth.

"What did I say about not being a pervert in front of people?"

Tai licked Matt's hand to try and get it off his face, but the blonde was used to it by now. So, Tai hoisted Matt over his shoulder and proceeded to carry the blonde to their car. Takeru and Daisuke could hear "Let me down Tai" and "You better let me go Kamiya!"

A few minutes of silence passed as a cool breeze began blowing. "Hey Keru-chan…" Daisuke spoke, wrapping his arms around Takeru once again.

"What is it Dai-kun?"

"Do you think we'll have that kind of relationship?" The goggle-head gestured to Tai and Matt.

"I'm pretty sure we already do, it just hasn't really started like that y- AH! Daisuke! Put me down!" Takeru laughed as he was hoisted upon Daisuke's shoulder.

"Only if you say the magic words."



"I love you?"

"I love you too." Daisuke told him, setting the blond back on his feet and leaning in to kiss him.

Takeru was first to pull away. "I love you so much Dai-kun." He said, hugging his boyfriend close.

"Not as much as I love you Keru-chan."


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