Glitter Freeze


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29.) Four Legged Friends—Part 1/3—

"My pony is missing." Feliks declared, and Draco paused combing his hair.

"...what?" he asked.

"My pony is missing." the boy repeated, scowling. He lifted his weight off the door frame he was leaning on and strolled dangerously over to Draco's vanity table, slamming his hands down onto the dark wood. "I snuck veritasium into Gilbert's firewhiskey. It like, isn't him this time."

"So what—you think it's me?" Draco growled, offended at the implication.

Apparently he had assessed the situation wrong, because Feliks had snatched the hairbrush out of his hand and smacked him over the head with it.

"OW!" he yelped.

"No, dum-dum!"(1) glared Feliks. "I think Princess just like, totally ran away. I want you to help me find him."

"What do you want me to do?" he asked, bewildered. "If Princess is lost somewhere inside the castle, then I'm sure Filch will bring her back to you soon enough."

"That's just it." Feliks said grimly. "It's been like, two days! Princess isn't in the castle at all."

"Well, where else could he be?"

Feliks threw the hairbrush aside despite Draco's indignant protests, made a grab for the other blonde wizard's wrists, and forcibly dragged him out of his chair over to the nearby window. The Polish boy practically shoved Draco's nose against the glass.

"Like, look over yonder! Where else is like, totally big enough to hide a pony from plain view?"

Draco blanched.

The Forbidden Forest loomed ominously on the horizon.

'Oh, Merlin...'

30.) Proof of Being

Tino unofficially broke up with Berwald (because their so-called 'relationship' was unofficial to begin with) one week after Hanatamago goes missing. The gentle Finn had turned into a force to be reckoned with in what the Hufflepuffs would later dub 'apocalypse week' in their house. He tore up their common room mercilessly: cried and screamed and threw anything he could get his hands on at anyone who tried to talk sense in him.

Tino Väinämöinen was stressed and depressed and well-hysterical—Berwald understood that. He tried to be patient, but apparently that wasn't enough, because Tino had irrationally decided to break up with him anyway.

"I can't go on without Hanatamago!" Tino had wailed, before violently shoving Berwald out of his room.

At the time, the Swede had simply walked out of the Hufflepuff dorms to his own room quietly, ignoring those who had stared and dragging his feet numbly into his lonely green-and-silver adorned bed.

When he woke up the next morning, however, the shock had finally set in, and Berwald Oxenstierna finally reminded his peers that there was, indeed, power behind that infamous glare...

"Hey, Berwald!" greeted Søren, as the tall student made his way down the stairs to the Slytherin common rooms.

The Swede said nothing. This wasn't unusual. No one looked up.

Søren made his way over to his best friend and clapped him on the shoulder, smiling wickedly.

"So, I heard Tino's throwing a real hissy fit lately. Find his little white mutt yet?"

...that was it.

Berwald snapped.

With a terrifyingly mad gleam in his eye, Berwald suddenly broke away from the Dane and lunged at the suit of armor situated on the wall nearby. He made a grab for the giant axe that it wielded and once he got the handle in a firm grip, swung it powerfully down at Søren who just barely managed to get out of the way in time.

"HOLY SHIT!" he yelled, dodging the sharp metal as Berwald continued on his not-so-blind rampage. "SOMEBODY, HELP!"

"What the hell does he think he's doing?" shouted Draco, horrified. "He's acting like a...savage MUGGLE!"

"Far from it." Gilbert drawled, picking his teeth. Unlike the other Slytherins who had either scurried away or were now cowering behind various furniture, the albino remained unceremoniously draped over his couch. "Don't you guys know? Berwald comes from a pureblood family of magical vikings."

31.) Puppy Love—Part 2/2—

Harry Potter sat alone on the entrance steps of the House of Black. He stared up into the night sky and counted stars that he knew his godfather could never see again. He gave a long, shuddering breath when the door behind him opened a crack.

"Go away." He mumbled, ignoring the bright light streaming out. "I just wanna be alone right now."

His request was met with an unexpected response.

Tino's puppy, Hanatamago, was the one who had (somehow) opened the door on him. It gave quiet yip and padded over to the boy, then rested it's fluffy head on Harry's leg. As far as doggie expressions went, Hanatamago's was somber, and it's round black eyes shone wetly as it whimpered.

Harry instinctively patted it's head, remembering then that this thing had loved his godfather too.

When Tino and Berwald had joined the Order of the Phoenix, Hanatamago had stuck to Sirius like glue. Though he knew he was innocent, Tino had been wary to let his puppy follow around a convicted "serial killer..." that was, until Sirius had transformed right in front of him, and the petite Finn realized then that this was the same scruffy dog who had carried Hanatamago back to the castle way back when. He had never hesitated to trust Sirius with his pet ever since.

"There there. It's okay girl." Harry sniffed softly, fighting back tears as his fingers moved deftly behind the puppy's ears. "It's alright...we'll get through this."

Hanatamago buried his nose into Harry's pant leg.

"Yeah." the boy-who-lived said faintly. "I miss him too."

32.) It's All in the Stars

"Oh, I can't wait!" Hermione exclaimed, in hushed tones, as their new astrology professor strode into the classroom regally. "I sense that he is filled is much wisdom..."(1)

"I sense that he's filled with much baloney." Ron muttered.

The whispers intensified as the foreign professor unpacked his briefcase. When he finished, he brushed loose strands of long, raven-black hair out of his eyes and raised his head up, then gracefully motioned for his students to settle down.

"Hello class. I am your new astrology instructor, aru. You may call me Sifu Wang."(2)

"SEE-food Wang? See, I told you he's filled with baloney!" Ron hissed, and Hermione jabbed painfully into his ribs with her elbow. "Ow! Stop that!"

Students behind them snickered.

'Lover's quarrel.' they whispered.

"Today, we will be reading Eastern horoscopes." announced Wang. "It is a tradition that bodes resemblance to Western Divinations..."

"...another bullshit class." Dean muttered, before feeling an elbow jab into his side too. "Ow! Hermione, cut that—"

Dean paused upon realizing that Hermione and Ron were sitting in front of him, and that therefore Hermione definitely wasn't the one who had hit him. He snapped his head to his right to face a menacing Yong Soo, then gulped upon remembering that the new professor was his brother.

(And also his secret dream lover...)

"Heh...heh...y-you know I don't mean that, Yong Soo." Dean chuckled nervously.

"You better not, da-ze..."

"Please open your textbooks to page one." ordered Sifu Wang, oblivious to the death glare his former charge was assaulting Dean with. The class complied. "Once you are done reading one to twenty, record your birth animal and attempt to predict your own futures using the methods described, aru."

A rough, calloused hand raised immediately in the back after Yao finished talking. The professor pointed his finger in the owner's direction in acknowledgment.

"You there. Question, aru?"

"No..." replied a heavily-accented voice. Sifu Wang raised an eyebrow. "I'm finished."

"What? No you aren't!" the Chinese man accused. "I just barely gave out instructions, aru!"

"Y-yeah!" Hermione stuttered, in disbelief. There couldn't possibly be anyone who could read faster than she could. She craned her neck to look over at her potential competition.

Ivan Braginski, the Slytherin who dueled frequently with Alfred, was the one who spoke.

"I read your book ahead of time, da, and I must say that your research is very fascinating."

"Thank you...?" the professor blinked slowly, unused to such direct praise. Maybe it was a Western thing. "Then, um, have you determined your future already?"

"Oh yes!" Ivan replied pleasantly, nodding vigorously. "My future begins with you!"

A pregnant silence blanketed the room.

"WHAT?" roared Yong Soo, jumping out of his seat.

"Yong Soo, sit—"

"—THAT'S STUPID!" the Korean boy yelled, completely ignoring the man he was 'standing up for.' "YOU'RE GROSS, DA-ZE, AND A SLYTHERIN TOO!"

"...and you're discriminatory." Ivan said darkly.

Other Slytherins riled to his defense at the insult.

"Sit down, Gryffindor, or you'll get what's coming to you." Draco Malfoy said lowly.

"Oh yeah, and what's that?" shot Harry Potter, deciding long-ago that anything involving Draco automatically involved him too.

"A bad hair day!" cackled Feliks, out of nowhere. "'Jesteś brzydki!" (3)

The Polish hex shot straight over to Harry's head. Soon, the boy-who-lived's already-unruly mane resembled that of an electrocuted porcupine.

Hermione shrieked, looking desperately to their progressively nervous-looking astrology professor.

"Sifu! Please do something!"

"Like the 'sifu' can do anything at all..." Kiku scoffed, and at the hurt expression that subsequently developed on Professor Wang's face, Yong Soo attacked.

"Stupefy! Stop talking!" Yong Soo hollered.

Kiku's muscles tensed up involuntarily as he became as still as a statue. His eyes were wide.

Naturally, the Ravenclaws balked when they realized that they had unexpectedly been drawn into what they presumed was another strictly Gryffindor-Slytherin feud...

Alfred F. Jones looked like he was about to burst a blood vessel.


Alfred shot a jinx that was supposed to make sardines fall out of his nose, but instead Yong Soo ducked and the spell hit Hannah Abott in the face. She cried as the fish began to snort out of her nostrils. Ernie Macmillian, enraged that his good friend had been so needlessly jinxed, stood up and returned the favor. The American wizard had good reflexes, however—honed from months of quarreling with Ivan—and easily circumvented the attack.

The revenge jinx instead hit Blaise Zabini, behind him, and soon the Slytherin was hacking up slugs.

Ron Weasly paled as he remembered his own experience. Traumatized, he didn't think straight when he shot the same jinx straight back at Ernie, who dodged, and ended up hitting Draco dead in the mouth. Although the spell wasn't meant for him this time, it was meant for him a long time ago, and Ron felt the corners of his mouth perk up despite his 'error.'

"Class—" Professor Wang started helplessly.

"—please refrain from attacking my allies, Gryffindor filth!" Ivan snarled, before pointing his wand at the redhead. "Densaugeo!"

Hermione and Harry pulled their best friend down into his seat, and the hex flew quickly over to Padma Patil in his stead. The pretty girl grew buck teeth down to her uniform collar and before they knew it, her tears had brought on the onslaught of a four-way house battle. Fierce screeches and multicolored lights consumed the air.

"Class..." Wang said weakly. "CLASS!" he tried again, louder.

No one listened.

'Sifu Wang' felt himself hyperventilating, predicting a nervous breakdown in his own near future...

"BROTHER, WATCH OUT, DA-ZE!" shouted Yong Soo, suddenly barreling into his vision and roughly knocking him onto the ground.

The Chinese man felt a bit of gratefulness arise in his heart for his brother's 'protection,' until he realized then that he had seen no spell sent his way at all. Yong Soo was on top of him with hands where they definitely shouldn't be, and at last—his demure, polite shell cracked.

Yao Wang exploded completely.


(1) why the Avatar: the Last Airbender references, you may have asked...? i just started a new ATLA/HP crossover titled Call of the Tsungi Horn and decided to pimp it out! ;) go go go!

(2) "Sifu" = teacher in Chinese...I think.

(3) 'Jesteś brzydki = 'You're ugly' in Polish according to FF user RedRoset! Thanks!

A/N: thank you all for the support and thanks for sticking with me! ^^ i promise the next updates won't take as long lol...

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