"Dad, I don't wanna be here," A young Shawn Spencer grumbled as his dad led him up the steps of the Santa Barbara Art Museum.

"Well, get over it Shawn, because this is what we're doing today."

Shawn groaned. "But art is so boring!"

"That is an opinion. An opinion that I plan on changing today."

They were entering the museum now. Henry led his son over to the first painting they saw. "Okay, Shawn," he said. "You see this painting?"


"Now, close your eyes."

Shawn groaned again. "Aw, Dad, not here-"

"Close 'em."

Shawn did as he was told.

"How many flowers?" Henry asked.


"What colors?"

"Three gold, four blue."

"What color was the little girl's dress?"


"And what color was the dog?"

"…There was no dog."

"Good. Open your eyes."

He did, and he saw his father smiling at him.

"See, Shawn? Art can have practical uses, too."

Shawn failed to mention to his dad as they moved on to the next painting that if he wanted him to appreciate art, this wasn't the way to do it.

Present Day

It was late at night. Far too late for anyone but night guards to be at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum. And yet, someone was there. A shadow, creeping slowly and silently along the path leading up to the museum. Slipping behind the building and around the back, they slinked to the window that had been scoped out during daylight hours. The figure found a box that had been inconspicuously dumped here during the scouting. Opening it, they took out a pair of gloves, a knife, and scotch tape. Then, standing on the box, they carefully hoisted themselves up to the window, which had been left open for them.

Before pulling themselves in, they put on the gloves.

Once inside, they quietly made their way through the museum, knowing exactly where to go. It didn't take long to reach their destination.

Sitting on a display stand wasa giant Pearl. The figure smiled.

Taking the knife, they slipped it under the glass and over the pressure sensor that would go off if the case was lifted. Working carefully and quickly, they removed the glass and placed it on the ground. Then, using the tape, they affixed the knife over the motion sensor. They then pocketed the Pearl without any fuss. Surveying the now empty case one last time, they turned and left the building.

Smiling, they disappeared into the night.