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"How doth the prey be found so nimble, with predator on its tail, how doth her blood run so dark, and yet her skin so pale? How doth her eyes shine so bright when wrapped in crystal tears? And yet when dry, they tell no lie, for still they show her fears? And how come when he stares at her, she still avoids his sight? And how come she never notices, though he sees her in sparse light? How come he's always chasing her? Why doth she run away? What makes him The Predator, what makes her The Prey? For though he's in pursuit of her, be a predator he's nay, it will be her heart that won't be broken 'morrow day. For even though he'll never catch her, he chases anyway no matter how close he seems to get, still she'll run away."

"Alice, shut it!" I growled. She snickered along with my family as we neared the streets of Seattle. I ignored their laughter that echoed in their minds as I suddenly made a left and split from them. I ran, avoiding human sight until I got to an alleyway a few blocks away from a night club. I watched as a group of girls exited. One, a blonde with black streaks, waved to them and started to stumble away. I waited for her as she made her way closer and closer to where I was hiding. I could hear her thoughts, but they were blurred because of the alcohol. I waited as the wet thumping of her heart grew louder, the click of her heels sounded like a familiar ticking noise I had heard somewhere before...

I felt my fangs slide out easily as venom burned my throat. The muscles in my legs rippled as I felt them tighten like a spring. All thought left me as I felt my instincts take over.

When she was a fair distance away, still not closer enough to see me, I stepped out and leaned against the wall, one foot propped up as I stuffed my hands on the long jacket I wore and waited.

She continued to stumble, giggling about something unimportant. I watched her with hooded eyes as she passed me then stopped and turned back to me. I stopped myself from smirking at her behaviour. I could see her looking me up and down, before she suddenly turned around fully and stepped closer to me.

"Hello stranger." She cooed. I heard the fear in the undertone of her voice. Even if she felt confident, I knew every human had an instinct to run when they were near one of us... Not like they ever listened to the instinct.

"Hello Miss. What are you doing out this late at night?" I asked, only because it seemed polite. But the second she started to slur out something that she would have thought was 'sexy' I had already locked her eyes into a trance. Her body sagged a little, relaxed. I walked over to her and pressed a hand against the small of her back and guided her back into the alley beside us. When we were far in, I turned her around and pressed her into the wall.

I smiled down at her and slowly took off the trance. I heard her gasp as realization kicked in, but like every other person I had encountered, she relaxed again. Her fuzzy mind was telling her this was all just a dream. She really was drunk out of her mind. I had to chuckle as I ran my nose along her jaw, her arms wrapping around my neck on instinct. With a low growl that was of pure hunger and victory, I licked along her neck and felt her shiver in delight. I tightened my grip on her waist before sinking my fangs into her vein. She moaned at the pleasure of the venom, but I kept her seeking body at arm's length.

I was so hungry. For the past week, sitting next to Bella in Biology every day for an hour was like nails against a chalk board. Torturous. Her scent drove me mad and her ignorance to the fact I was even there was sure to drive me straight into insanity for the next couple of decades, if not forever. Every day she avoided me or someone from my family, and every day something different about her would happen.

One day she came to school and seemed annoyed, so Jasper tried to lighten her mood. That back fired as it only made her snap at Jessica who was rambling on about something unimportant. It was amusing at first, but then we started to question if maybe our gifts had the opposite effect on her. Of course, that still didn't exactly explain anything but it was still a theory.

Sometimes she comes to school with feathers in her hair, or lace; little things that weaved in and out of her mahogany locks.

She was a strange girl, different from any other girl I had ever seen before and she had a firm grip on my attention. The more I saw her, the more I wanted to know everything about her, to just be near her.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

I had spent so much time trying to figure her out and just to get her out of my head that I had forgotten to hunt with my family every few days. My eyes turned pitch black and a few times on occasion I had to excuse myself from a room full of hot blooded humans that basically tilted their necks at me.

90 years of control and it was straining in under a week!

I slowed down my sucking, and pulled my teeth away from her neck, licking the bite marks and sealing them. The girl sighed in content and sagged against me. I quickly searched the minds of the occupants of the building beside me and only found old thoughts. I picked the girl up and ran to the front porch of the building; laying her down and pressing the door bell. I bolted down the street before anyone saw me. I knew the girl was going to be safe once the elder woman that was sitting in the lobby would find her.

Content and satisfied with the new blood in my veins I ran back to the edge of Seattle to wait for the rest of my family.


I hate this school. It was dull, white and plain. No paintings decorated the hall ways and the classrooms mainly contained detention warning signs, supposed life changing quotes and a list of the school rules in every classroom on a piece of lamented fire red paper that clashed with everything. Esme was sure to have a heart attack if she ever came here.

If it weren't for Bella, I would have convinced the family that we move somewhere new. I was growing fidgety with everyday that passed by when I didn't see her. It was pathetic, humane. I may as well hide myself under the bleachers and write poems about blood and being misunderstood and different. (A.N. Please don't take offence to that people). When I mentioned this to Alice, she snickered and told it to Emmett who laughed out loud and caused attention to us in the cafeteria. Even Bella looked back and smiled a bit at Emmett's laugh. It was only a small smile, but it was enough to make me determined to make her smile again.

I had Biology last and quickly formed a plan of attack in my head. Despite the fact that Alice was hiding her thoughts from me, I looked up through my lashes, and saw her smile as she toyed with her uneaten Monday Macaroni Meatball Madness special, quite a mouthful; literally. My plan was going to work.

The bell rang signalling the end of lunch and everyone stood up and rushed to their respective classes. Although no one in my family had to rush since we wouldn't really be missing much, we still wanted to fit in.

"You're still driving us home, right? Edward?" Rosalie asked as I stood up. I only half heard her, my attention was focused on Bella as she left the cafeteria.

"Huh? Oh yeah, sure. I'll see you guys later then." I murmured as I walked out and headed towards Trigonometry. I spent the whole lesson thinking of things to say before suddenly the bell rang and I was fast stepping it to Biology.

My breath was taken from me when I walked into the science classroom. Her scent overruled the others and immediately I felt my feet walk me over to her. I was like a dog, letting my nose lead me straight to the thing I wanted the most.

Her smooth slender neck was just begging for me to taste it. She had her hair up today, two chopsticks with beads on a string were placed in a cross through her bun. Rebelling curls of hair framed her face. This was dangerous. Since Alice couldn't see her, I was never prepared for how she would look the next day. Today she looked absolutely sinful in jeans that hugged her like a second skin and a white shirt covered by a dark brown leather jacket.

Sometimes I had thought of following her home, but it seemed like she lived on the La Push reservation. I wasn't entirely sure though. She was picked up every day by a sedan and I usually lost track of the car at the invisible border. Whether she came back out or not was something my patience never let me stay around to witness.

Any other day, a veil of brown silk would cover her face from me as I sat next to her, but today was different. I smiled as I sat beside her. Cautious eyes lit with curiosity as she tried to ignore me but I wasn't having any of that.

"Hello Bella." I said. I noticed how her shoulders tensed and her heartbeat exploded into a callop. I chuckled inwardly as she turned her head to look at me. Those cautious eyes began to calculate before she twisted her lips into a small pleasant smile.

"Hello Edmund." Are you serious! What is up with her never remembering my name?

"Edward. How is it you never remember that?" I smirked. Her breath caught and I was tempted to tell her to breathe.

"I'm sorry," she blushed. I held a breath myself to stop the possessive monster inside me from growling in hunger. "I don't mean to. I just have a lot on my mind and 'Edward' is old and such an odd name to remember... No offence to you."

I chuckled. "You think Edward is old? What about yourself, Miss Isabella?" Her blush darkened and I swallowed heavily as I felt my canines aching to slide out.

"Touché." She smiled pleasantly, her shoulders relaxed a little. I saw my plan working. Of course, it was a simple make-small-talk cause of action; the real plan was in what made her happy and what made her angry.

"So do you play sports?" I asked casually, looking down at her hands as they lay comfortably entwined on the desk. She wore a small ring; it had a silver woven band with an emerald that had thin silver strings wrapped around it and made it look like it was covered in a spider web. It was interesting. Her nails were painted a dark royal blue with red webbing along the tip. Interesting.

"Eh, I guess you can say that I like to dance." She muttered shyly and looked down at her hands; probably thinking I was looking at them because something was wrong with them. Psh.

"That's cool."

"What about you?" She looked up at me with those wide curious eyes again.

"Baseball." I smirked at the thought. My family and I play baseball out in the clearing near the house whenever there is a thunderstorm. Bella looked at me for a second too long, searching for something in my eyes. I guess she didn't find it because she suddenly sighed. The air suddenly turned awkward so I searched my mind for something else.

"So you said you liked dancing... what styles are you interested in?" I was curious and really wanted to know, but I kept a smug mask over my face so she wouldn't see how desperately I wanted to know her.

Her face instantly brightened at my question and her eyes shone. "I love ballet. But I also do some contemporary."

"Very nice. My sister, Alice, loves ballet too."

Bella chuckled nervously, "yeah, she seems like the ballet type."

"I know you've spoken to her before, but I'm sure she would love to talk to you about ballet. Since moving to Forks, she hasn't had a chance to practise with anybody. Rosalie's too interested in cars... and Emmett." I smirked.

"That... um, that would be nice. Yes, I would like to talk to Alice." She sounded as if she was trying to convince herself but I just shrugged it off and tried to hold back from laughing when I heard a very familiar squeal of delight coming from Alice's head down the hall.

"Wonderful." I wanted to say more, to make her smile more and especially to find out what made her laugh, but Mr Banner suddenly demanded our attention to listen to a lecture on organic compounds, carbohydrates, & lipids.

The end of Biology came quickly. After the lecture, Bella and I talked some more in whispers. We talked about everything from favourite music to books. When she said she was a fan of Debussy, I felt a cat like grin appear on my face. This girl couldn't get anymore stranger or perfect.

When the bell rang, Bella jumped; surprised. The action knocked her open bag off the table after she had placed it there to put her books in.

Everything spilled out onto the floor and we both immediately reached for her stuff. I noticed a piece of paper float out from the bag and picked it up.

The first thing that caught my eye was: Vampire's Curse. It was in large red letters, blood dripping down the tail of the p.


From the sands of time to the depths of the oceans, Drosselmeyer brings to you a show full of dark magic and wonders to behold. Having travelled across the world, Drosselmeyer continues to build his glorious collection of everything mystifying and for a year only, he will put on a show every Saturday night. So come one, come all to a show that will leave you... breathless.

Venue: Vampire's Curse; 111 Yesler Way, Downtown Seattle.

Time: 10pm


I didn't see any password but when I tilted the page a bit, it appeared in shimmering metallic. Empire.

In the split second it had taken for me to read over the page, photocopy it to memory and begin to question why Bella would have such a thing; Bella had gasped and snatched the page out of my hand and shoved it in her bag before closing the zip. I knew she thought I hadn't had a chance to read it.

"Thank you for helping." She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. I wanted to ask her about the invite but she quickly interrupted me in the process of opening my mouth to ask.

"Would you like to walk with me to the car park?" I was stunned speechless but nodded either way. She smiled and started walking over to the door. I quickly grabbed my own bag and quickened my pace so I walked beside her. She looked up with a smile and we fell into a comfortable conversation about music. Her favourite band was Muse.

"Matt is definitely talented but I suppose there were some songs that didn't suit- Is that your car?" She gasped. I looked over to my black Chrysler ME four-twelve and smiled at the sleekness of my baby.

"Yeah." I nodded, thinking about maybe taking her for a spin to Seattle to check out this club and using the password to look inside for just a bit and see if maybe that where Bella goes and maybe I'll see her there and I can say hello- Ok, I need to stop. This is getting pathetic.

Bella drew my attention when she stepped forward and traced her pale hand over the hood of my baby. I smiled at the image.

"This is a really nice car, I bet it's fast," she suddenly paused and look over to the opposite side of the school. If I wasn't such a pathetic stalker, I would have been confused but I knew that over there was where she got picked up. "I have to go. It was nice talking to you again Edward."

I breathed a sigh of relief as she remembered my name. I watched as she waved and started walking away. I was about to open the door to my Chrysler when she turned around with a thoughtful look on her face. Although it seemed strange and idiotic to think, but it seemed like her eyes had darkened and her innocent blush had disappeared, making her look devious.

"You know," she called out from across the parking lot. "You seem more like the soccer mum type. A Volvo maybe." She winked and turned around with a smirk. Her hips started swaying and she looked somewhat more confident all of a sudden.

I noticed how her hair grew a shade darker and her skin rippled very lightly. I was brought back to reality when I finally realised that she had just teased me and laughed out loudly, surprising my family as they came up behind me and got into the car. I grinned like a fool the entire drive back to the house.

"Alice, do we have anything planned for Saturday?" I asked, walking into the living room. Alice look up from Jaspers lap where her head had been resting against his shoulder.

"No." But she had the vision I knew she would have of what I was going to say next and gasped in excitement.

"Good, because we're all going to Seattle to watch a show." I smirked.

Vampire's Curse... This should be interesting.

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