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Dan Castellenta as Homer Simpson

Matt Groening as Himself

Date: November 10, 1992

Setting: Matt Groening's office in Hollywood, CA

(Matt is sitting in his office looking at the window, when there is a knock at the door)

Matt: Come In.

(The door opens, it is Homer Simpson who walks over and sits down in front of his desk)

Homer: You wanted to see me, Mr. Groening?

Matt: Yes.

(Matt swings his chair around and looks sternly at Homer)

Matt: I don't know how long this has been going on, but it stops right now, understand?

(Homer looks puzzled)

Homer: I don't know what you are referring too, Mr. Groening.

Matt: I'm talking about you using a very forceful form of parenting against a certain member of your family. Or am I wrong? Tell me I'm wrong and I'll apologize right now.

(Homer looks disturbed by the look on Matt's face, like he knows what he's talking about)

Matt: Well, that's just great.

Homer: Sir, I-I am only trying to discipline Bart so he can be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

(Matt rises from his chair and bangs his desk with his fists)

Matt: Oh, don't be an idiot! You may want him to be that way, but he is a bad kid to the core.

Homer: As was I once.

Matt: You didn't know better. (Sits back down) Homer, you are one of the most trying parents I have ever met, that is your strength but it is also your weakness.

Homer: I do not believe that, sir.

Matt: Whether you believe it or not is immaterial, the fact is that your actions have jeopardized our relationship far more than you realized. If I wasn't owned by Fox, I'd-. To put it simply, you ripped a ticket to the new Itchy and Scratchy movie that I personally got Bart and that is something I will not let you get away with.

(Homer looks at Matt with surprise, Matt then turns his chair around and looks at the window)

Matt: Until you let Bart see that movie, you're suspended without pay.

(Homer looks surprised and shocked)

Homer: But, sir-

(Matt turns back around)

Matt: You got something else to say, Homer?

Homer: Sir, I am only trying to get Bart on the right road in life and I am the one getting punished here?

(Matt does not flinch and turns his chair back around)

Matt: When Bart sees that movie, then you can come back to work. Until then, you are suspended without pay.

(Homer gets up angrily and slams the door behind him)