Out of the Shadows and Into the Light

Chapter 3: Understandings

Disclaimer: I realized I haven't put this up on my other chapters so sorry. Anyway the characters plot and everything else is of my own creation and likeness to any person dead or alive is completely coincidence.

Summary: Seth is now staying with his handsome savior. Will they get closer or be pulled farther apart.

Warning: Yaoi [male/male] relations and FLUFF. FLamers will be ignored so don't waste your time flaming me.

[Seth's POV]

I awoke the next morning snuggling a very large pillow. The 'pillow' moves slightly letting out soft breaths. Wait a minute... I peep my left open and instantly fall off the bed in shock, making a loud thud waking up Damon. Damon sits up glaring at me, probably for waking him up. He shouldn't have been sleeping in the bed anyway. As I'm ranting in my head I notice Damon is talking to me.

"Are you listening?" He says his glare even scarier than usual.

"Huh?" I ask dumbly. If looks could kill, I'd be six feet under.

"I said do you have to be so damn loud?"

What's his deal? "Well sorry if I was a little shocked when I woke up next to you." I say through gritted teeth trying my best to stay calm.

"Well I tried to leave you idiot, but you wouldn't let me; and I was not about to sleep on the floor. In my OWN house."

"Well it's not like I threatened you. I was ASLEEP. You could've left. So why stay?" I say considerably calm now.

Damon just looks at me like he's trying to decide whether or not to tell me why he stayed.

"Wait...did you not think about simply leaving. Oh! That's rich!" I burst out into a fitful laughter, my eyes start to water.

"Of course I thought of that, I'm not a moron." He says matter-of-factually.

"Then why?" I look at him with all seriousness.

"I didn't want you to freak out like last night. That wasn't...normal. I think what you been through traumatized you pretty badly." He looks at me guilt in his eyes.

"How-what do you know?" I look at him scared. What if he knows? And what will he do if he finds out why? Will he hate me?

I know that you've been abused and I know why."

My eyes start to tear up a little bit but I hold back my tears. "But h-how?" I start backing away from him slowly. "Pl-please don't hurt me!" Damon gets up and starts to walk towards me. I shield my face tears streaming down my face. I knew this was too good to be true. I feel arms wrap around me protectively. I open my eyes slowly to see Damon hugging me like before.

"Aren't you mad, disgusted?"

He looks at me then kisses my forehead softly. "Why would I be?"

I start drifting to sleep and Damon leans and whispers in my ear, "I love you..."

Did he just...? No I must be imaging things... I fall asleep in his embrace once more hugging him tightly.

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