-What?-Kristen couldn't believe her ears.-What did you just say?

-Oh, come on Kriss, it would be so awesome. And you sad you now how to juggle so it's not that hard for you.-Rob looked really excited.

Kristen knew that she could just do her famous bitchface and he would already forget what he wanted, but no. she can do that to Rob. He is so…special.

-But they all already think we're weird, I don't wanna be a circus clown too.

-Yeah, but it won't be weird coz it would be so funny. Believe me, I know what I'm saying.- Rob didn't want to give up.

Kristen just looked at him for few sec. and tried to do it in a different way.

-Okay, but you know that I'm gonna wear high heels or you have another, better idea for me, again.- she just hoped he know it was sarcasm.

-Pfff, so what? It's not that hard.- said Rob.

-Oh really? It's not that hard? Well, try it! I wanna see YOU wearing those… things.- Kristen is getting upset.

She won. She's always winning. Rob gave up but he was a bit mad coz they won't do his idea and he wanted that so badly.


Kristen was standing on the one, and Rob on the other side of the room.

-Okay, so what we're gonna do?- finally said Rob.

-We're gonna kiss each other.- Kristen said the same sec. he asked her.

-What? Like real kiss, or….- real kis, real kiss, real kiss, God please real kiss.

-Yeah. You have problem with that?.

Oh believe me, not at all. MMA's best kiss award FTW!

-No.- Rob answerd.

-It's not that we have never kissed before, Rob.-she laughed.

Yeah, but not in front of thousand people and not as Bella and Edward then Kristen and Rob, Rob was thinking.

-Yeah, and I'm gonna say something like, that we know they expect us to kiss each other and we tried to do the fake kiss but it won't work so we gonna do it for real.- she said that totally calmed and with no face expression.

But Rob. He turned away so she can't see the smile that showed on his face.

-Okay.- he answered. Damn, stupid smile.I feel like a teenage boy.

-Cool. So we have our plan.- she said and sat on his couch.

-Yeah.- he finally get rid of his smile on looked at her.

Then, Kristen's phone rang.

She looked at it and then smiled.

-Taylor.- she said smiling to Rob.

I wonder how does she looks when I call her.

He just smiled back.

-Hey Tay.- she answered finally.-Okay. Cool. Yeah, I'm coming. Bye.

-And…what's up?- Rob wanted to know.

-Oh, nothing special. He needed some help with something so he asked me. Nothing much.

Some help, with something, yeah right!

He didn't know what was worst to him. That he's jealous at all or that he's jealous of a boy! Seventeen years old boy!

Well, seventeen years old boy with six pack that spends to many time with my girl!

-Okay, I'll go now. Bye Rob.- she said and left.

-Bye Kriss.- he said and took his drink from the table.

He felt like such a jerk. Sometimes he wished that they are really Bella and Edward so he would know that they would end up together anyways, but now…

And then he remembered something that put smile back on his face.

MMA's, best kiss award.

We need to win, we need to win, please God, we need to win…