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More people to the crew: Boa Hancock

"Ane-sama!" Sandersonya yelled when she ran to her older sister, Hancock.

"What is it, Sonya?" Hancock asked. Sonya stopped right in front of her big sister and said: "It´s Monkey D. Luffy. He´s ship has been seen in the horizon!"

Hancock´s eyes widened when she heard this.

"When was that?" she asked.

"About two minutes ago", Sonya replied. As soon as Hancock heard her sister´s words, she rushed on to the deck.

"Where´s Luffy´s ship!" she yelled as soon as she got on to the deck.

"Over there, Ane-sama." Marygold said and pointed at the horizon. The Sunny was already pretty close.

"Oh, my dear Luffy! You´ve finally come back to me!" Hancock thought with hearts in her eyes. Then the Sunny suddenly stopped.

"Why did they stop?" Sonya, who had returned to the deck, wondered. Soon, however, they saw something flying towards them from the ship.

"Are they shooting at us?" Ran yelled without thinking. Hancock glared at her. She looked down on her and yelled: "How dare you blame Luffy and his crew!" Ran flinched.

"I´m sorry, Hebihimesama, I just- look out!" she yelled and pointed behind Hancock. Hancock turned around and right then Luffy fell on her. They both collided with floor with a loud thud.

"Are you alright, Hebihimesama!" everyone yelled in unison.

"Damn you, Straw hat!" the two younger gorgonsisters cursed in their minds. Luffy stood up and thought out aloud: "I wonder what did I landed on?"

"Shut up and apologize!" Kuja pirates yelled in unison.

"Apologize from who?" Luffy asked. Then he noticed Hancock on the floor.

"Hancock! What happened to you?" he asked and helped her up.

"You happened, damn it!" Kuja pirates yelled again.

"Silence!" Hancock yelled. Everyone shut their mouths immediately. She smirked and then she turned to Luffy.

"What brings you here, Luffy?" she asked.

"Huh? They didn´t tell you?" Luffy asked and looked at Sonya and the others, who sweat dropped. Hancock turned her gaze towards them.

"Tell what?" she asked. Sonya was about to answer when a voice cut her off: "Allow me to explain", it said.

"Elder Nyon!" Sonya yelled when she saw the old woman come to the deck.

"What is this, you old fool? Explain!" Hancock ordered.

"Of course, that´s why I came here." the old woman replied calmly. A vein popped on Hancocks head.

"Speak!" she ordered.

"Hebihimesama, you have a deadly illness. You remember that, don´t you?" the elder asked. Hancock gulped and nodded.

"Yes, what about it?" she asked.

"Well to say it simply: if you stay at Amazon Lily and with the Kuja pirates, you´ll die." the old woman said as calmly as ever. Hancock´s eyes widened. How could the elder be so calm about it? She glanced at her crew and noticed that they were really calm about this, too.

"Do they not care? Have I really been that terrible empress?" Hancock thought sadly.

"However, there is one cure." the elder said suddenly. Hancock blinked. One cure? So the others knew this and that´s why they didn´t look sad. But what did this all have to do with Luffy?

"The only cure is that you leave your country and go with Luffy", the old woman told to the younger one. Her eyes widened.

"You mean I die if I don´t abandon my country?" she whispered. Elder Nyon nodded.

"Yes. Just like I would have many years ago if I hadn´t left." she said. Hancock sighed.

"But what about-"

"Ane-sama", Sonya started, interrupting her sister first time in years "It´s okay. Everyone in the island agreed to this. We´ll survive somehow."

Hancock smiled at this. Sonya was right; everyone in Amazon Lily were strong. They would survive without her. But then she turned to Luffy.

"Is it okay with you, Luffy?" she asked, her face was deep red. Luffy grinned.

"Of course! That´s why I came here in the first place; to get you join to my crew!" he said happily. Hancock nearly fainted from happiness. She turned towards her crew, or actually former crew now, and said: "Thank you for everything, but I´ll be going now."

She hugged her sisters and turned her attention to Luffy.

"How do we get on to your ship?" she asked. Luffy stretched his arm and grabbed on Sunny´s railing. He put his another arm around Hancock´s waist and said: "Okay, here we go!" And then they flew on to the Sunny´s deck with full speed. They landed with a loud thud.

"That´s always so fun!" Luffy yelled happily. Hancock stood up and looked around her. There was nobody in sight.

"Luffy, where´s your crew?" Hancock asked.

"Oh! Well it´s kind of funny. You see, I told them that there was someone I wanted to our crew. For some reason they didn´t complain about it this time, but when I told them that you are a shichibukai they all started to yell at me." Luffy told her, the big grin never leaving his face.

Hancock sighed. Of course Luffy´s friends wouldn´t want a shichibukai in to their crew. Luffy noticed this, so he put his hand on Hancock´s shoulder and said: "Don´t worry, they´ll get used to you."

Hancock blushed deeply because of Luffy´s hand.

"Are you sure, Luffy? I don´t want to cause any fights between you and your friends…" Hancock murmured.

"Relax, it´ll be fine. They are always little careful with new members, but they´ll accept you in no time. That´s just the way they are." Luffy said again.

"Okay", Hancock said. But then she remembered something.

"Luffy, I don't have anything with me." she said, her voice full of worry. How could she be so stupid?

"What about that bag that your snake is carrying?" Luffy asked and pointed at Salome who was on Hancock´s shoulder. Hancock blinked and looked at her snake. It really was holding a bag in it´s mouth.

"So others really planned this", Hancock thought, tears coming to her eyes. Luffy grabbed Hancock´s arm and said: "C´mon, you must be hungry. We already ate but I´m sure Sanji will give you something. He´s our cook and the food he makes is the best!" Luffy told and started to pull Hancock towards the kitchen.


Sanji frowned when the kitchen´s door flew open and Luffy came in yelling: "Sanjiiii! We´re hungryyy!"

Sanji was washing the dishes, so he didn´t see who was with Luffy.

"Since he said we it must be Usopp", he thought.

"Damn it, Luffy, you just a-" Sanji shut his mouth immediately when he saw Hancock.

"Hello there, mademoiselle, how can I serve you today?" he asked. Hancock blinked. Luffy said that his crew didn´t like the idea of her joining, but this looked to be an exact opposite.


"Just make something good Sanji! Something good!" Luffy interrupted her. Sanji punched Luffy and yelled: "I didn´t ask from you!" then he turned back to Hancock and asked: "Well, mademoiselle, what would you like to eat?"

"Well… make something that Luffy likes. I can eat that too", Hancock said finally, still a little confused by Sanji´s actions.

"Right away, mademoiselle! Please just sit down and wait!" Sanji said with hearts in his eyes. Then he went to make food. Hancock sat down on to the sofa and Luffy sat next to her.

"Umm… Luffy?"


"Didn´t you say that your crew didn´t like the idea of me coming here?" she asked.

"Yeah, but Sanji has always been a little weird." Luffy replied.

"I heard that!" Sanji yelled at his captain. Then he remembered something.

"By the way, Luffy, weren´t you going to get that shichibukai?" he asked. Luffy blinked.

"Yeah, she´s sitting right here." Luffy said and pointed at Hancock. There was a silence.

"What!" Sanji yelled.

"You´re the shichibukai!" he asked from Hancock. She nodded. No wonder he had accepted her, he hadn´t even know who she was.

"Welcome to our small but great crew", Sanji said. Hancock blinked again.

"That was not reaction I was waiting", she thought. Soon Sanji had made the food ready and Luffy and Hancock started to eat.

"Wow! This is great!" Hancock thought.

"Delicious", she said.


When Hancock and Luffy had eaten, they went on to the deck, Hancock walking close behind him. Sanji had been nice, but she was wondering what kind of people the others were.

"Well they can´t be that terrible, since they are Luffy´s friends, right?" Hancock asked from herself.

"Oi, Franky!" Luffy yelled suddenly.

"What now, Straw hat?" Franky yelled back. Hancock looked at the yeller. Big man with blue hair and almost without any clothes.

"A pervert", she thought.

"Give Hancock a tour around the ship", Luffy said. Franky came closer and lifted his sunglasses off of his eyes.

"Franky´s our mechanic, he made this ship." Luffy told to Hancock.

"Really? That must have been hard", Hancock said, since anything better didn´t come to her mind. Franky smirked.

"Nah, it wasn´t. I´m a professional", he said.

"C´mon, I´ll show you the ship." Franky said and he and Hancock started the tour.


When they returned to the deck, Hancock was surprised. First of all, the ship was amazing. But what surprised her even more was that she hadn´t seen anyone.



"Where are all the people?" Hancock asked. Franky sighed and sat down.

"Most likely trying to avoid you as long as possible", he said. Before Hancock could say anything, Franky continued: "Don´t be mad at them, thought. They just have many bad experiences with shichibukais."

Hancock sighed. So her being a shichibukai was a problem after all.

"Don´t take it personally, the shichibukais just are usually a problem." a new voice said from above them. Hancock looked up and saw a black haired woman climbing down from the crow´s nest.

"So that´s where you were, Robin." Franky said. Hancock blinked a couple of times.

"Robin? Could she be-"

"Seems like you know my name", Robin said suddenly. Oh yes, Hancock knew that name. Nico Robin, the demon of Ohara, the last one who survived.

"Yes, I have heard about you. You ran from the marines for twenty years." Hancock replied.

"I better get out of here before they start a catfight", Franky thought and left the scene in front of him.

"True, and you are the woman called pirate empress, Boa Hancock." Robin said. She sat down on the chair and continued: "Personally I have nothing against you. It´s true that you were once our enemy, but that´s in the past. However, if you do something suspicious I will personally kick you out of here." Robin´s face didn´t chance even a little when she said all this.

Hancock frowned.

"What makes you think you would be strong enough to kick me out?" she asked. Robin smiled and said: "People get surprisingly strong when they want to protect something."

Hancock raised an eyebrow at this.

"Since you are now part of this crew, you will understand when the time comes." Robin said. Hancock shrugged and walked away.

"Weird woman", she thought as she entered the aquariumroom Franky had shown her earlier.


Usopp sat in the aquariumroom, polishing and fixing his weapon called Kabuto.

"With this I should survive alive even thought we now have a shichibukai on board", he thought. He heard the door open, but he thought that it was either Robin or Zoro who came in since the person didn´t say anything.

Hancock went to sit on the sofa so she could see the fishes in the aquarium better.

Because the person was still quiet, Usopp was sure it was Robin.

"Hey, Robin, could you give me that bottle?" he asked and pointed at the bottle that was a little further away. Hancock blinked. She knew that Robin wasn´t in the room, so she guessed that this man had mistaken her for Robin.

"That bottle isn´t that far away! Why does he think that he could get others give it to him!" Hancock thought. That´s just how all mean were, except her lovely Luffy. And maybe Sanji was an exception, too.

"Go get it by yourself!" Hancock yelled annoyed. Usopp froze. That wasn´t Robin´s voice and she wouldn´t never say something like that. He didn´t recognize the voice at all. He gulped and slowly turned around only to see an angry woman. Or in his eyes, angry and deadly shichibukai.

"Oh shit oh shit oh shit shit shit!" he thought. His eyes widened and his face went pale.

"What are you staring at?" Hancock asked. Usopp´s heart stopped beating. He had angered a shichibukai, he would die for sure. And then the door flew open and Luffy came in yelling: "Heeelp!"

Both Hancock and Usopp jumped a foot in the air.

"What´s wrong Luffy?" Hancock asked immediately. Luffy hided himself behind Hancock and explained: "I ate a lot of our foods and now Sanji´s really really mad at me."

Usopp, who had just recovered, slapped his for head.

"Luffy, you know that it makes Sanji mad." he said. But he regretted it immediately when he saw Hancock´s angry look.

"I´m sorry", he whispered, his face as pale as ever. Then Sanji came in.

"Damn it Luffy, when I get my hands on you I-" Sanji stopped yelling immediately when he saw Hancock and asked: "May I help you somehow, Hancock-swan?"

Hancock frowned. She looked down at Sanji and said: "First of all: my name is Hancock and second of all: leave Luffy alone!"

"Right away, Hancock-swan!" Sanji yelled happily and left the room. Luffy sighed in relief.

"Thanks, Hancock!" he said happily. Then he noticed Usopp on the floor.

"What´s wrong, Usopp?" he asked. It took a moment for Usopp to realize that Luffy had asked a question from him.

"Nothing", he said.

"I´m so glad that Luffy came, now I´m safe!" he thought. Then he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

"Hey don´t touch that!" he yelled to Salome who was playing with his Sogeking mask. The snake didn´t pay attention to the sniper and continued playing with the mask.

"I said don´t touch that!" Usopp yelled and started to pull the mask to himself from Salome. But the snake had a tight grip on the mask and he didn´t let go.

"Whahahahahah! Hey Hancock, your snake likes Sogeking´s mask!" Luffy said while he was laughing and watching Usopp and Salome´s little fight. Usopp froze again. Hancock´s snake? Oh shit, he was in deep trouble. He was just about to start apologizing when he heard that Hancock was laughing. And it wasn´t an evil laugh like he had earlier heard from other shichibukais, but just happy and normal.

"It´s been a while since I last saw Salome interested in something", she said after she had stopped laughing. She went closer and took the mask. Salome let go immediately and so did Usopp, since he was too afraid of Hancock to say or do anything. Hancock studied the mask in her hands. It was kind of funny, she hadn´t never seen anything so ridiculous.

"Well agues it´s not that weird, since it´s owner looks ridiculous, too." she thought.

"Where did you get this?" Hancock asked suddenly from Usopp. Usopp jumped a little and answered, his voice shaking: "I-I made it by myself."

Luffy´s eyes turned to stars.

"I didn´t know you made Sogeking´s mask!" he said. Hancock looked the mask a little longer. It was ridiculous, but Salome liked it. She threw it to Usopp and asked with a smile: "Could you make a similar one to Salome? He seems to like it."

Usopp blinked. This wasn´t something he had expected.

"Umm… sure, why not." he said after a while. Luffy grinned widely and said: "See Hancock, I told you my crew is great! Usopp is our sniper, but he also painted our first flag and sail, fixed our ship before Franky joined and he can do all kind of cool things!"

"Yes, I can see that." Hancock said with a smile. To be completely honest, she couldn´t see that, but if Luffy said so then it had to be the truth.

Usopp blinked again. Maybe having a shichibukai on board wasn´t so bad thing after all.

"Well I better go and start making that mask now", Usopp said and left the room, Salome following close behind him.

Hancock smiled at this. Usually she was the only one Salome followed, but looks like he had now found someone else forth of following.


Hancock had been in the aquariumroom with Luffy for quite a while. He had told her about the adventures he and his crew had been on. When they finally went out, Luffy ran to look for Usopp. Hancock was left all alone on the deck. Well, not completely alone. Robin was sunbathing and reading a book on the deck, but Hancock really didn´t feel like talking with this weird woman.

Then, out of nowhere, she heard a soft melody reach her ears.

"Someone´s playing a violin", she thought as she started to walk towards the noise. A little later she saw a man with afro playing the violin and watching the waves.

"That must be their musician", she thought. She went closer again and sat down on the chair she saw. For a moment she just sat there and enjoyed the music. She hadn´t never heard anyone play so well before.


Brook was playing his violin on the deck when he heard someone come behind him. He didn´t mind, his nakama´s did that often. After he had finished, he turned around. Soon a sudden scream filled the air.

Hancock had jumped up and screamed from the top of her lungs when she had seen the skeleton. She wasn´t really scared of him, but who wouldn´t scream when they saw a living skeleton for the first time in their life?

It took only a couple of seconds before Franky, Sanji and Robin had all appeared to where Hancock and Brook were.

"What´s wrong, Hancock-swan!" Sanji asked immediately. Hancock didn´t get even a one word from her mouth. She just pointed at Brook.

"Looks like Brook scared her", Robin said. She hadn´t actually thought that a shichibukai would be afraid of a skeleton, even thought this one was alive.

Brook bowed to Hancock and introduced himself.

"Hello, my name is Brook and I´m the ship´s musician." he said and offered his hand to Hancock, who took it after she had recovered from her shock.

"May I ask you to show me your panties?" Brook asked out of nowhere. Franky slapped his for head and Sanji was about to kick Brook, but before he could do that Brook had already turned in to stone.

Everyone were quiet for a moment and then Robin said: "You better be able to turn him back."

Hancock turned to Robin and asked: "And why is that?"

Robin frowned, but before she said or did anything Franky stepped between her and Hancock and said: "Let´s not start a fight. Hancock, can you turn him back to normal or not?"

Hancock just nodded.

"Could you do it then?" Franky asked again. Hancock sighed and nodded. She didn´t like to do as others said, but she knew that she wasn´t their ruler and that she should get along with them. So she turned Brook back and left, getting an angry look from Robin on her way.

"Bitch", Hancock thought as she passed by Robin. She decided to climb up to the crow´s nest, hoping that it would be empty and that no one would follow her. She had gotten enough of Luffy´s friends for one day, especially Robin. She climbed up and smiled, but the she noticed that someone was sleeping in the corner.

"Well it doesn´t matter since he´s sleeping", Hancock thought. She sat down and started to watch the ocean from the window. She had a lot of things to think about.


Zoro yawned and opened his eyes slowly. He blinked a couple of times when came face to face with unknown woman.

"What the hell!" he thought. Then he remembered that Luffy had said something about new member to the crew.

"I didn´t expect it to be a woman, though." he thought. He stood up and started to train again.


Hancock turned her head towards the man when she heard him yawn. The man opened his eyes and blinked a couple of times.

"Maybe he thinks that he´s still dreaming since he sees something this beautiful! Well, can´t say that I blame him", Hancock thought. She raised an eyebrow as the man stood up and started to train.

"So he´s trying to impress me… not gonna work!" Hancock thought.

After a moment Zoro got tired of Hancock watching him.

"If you don´t have something to say then get lost", he said. Hancock blinked a couple of times. It had been so long since somebody had been this rude to her.

"How dare he!" she thought.

"How dare you say something like that to me!" she yelled. A vein popped on Zoro´s for head. He turned around to face Hancock and said: "Pretty easily, this is a free ship."

A smirk appeared on Zoro´s face as he saw Hancock´s angry and surprised look.

"Zooorooo!" Luffy yelled as he burst in from the door. Both Hancock and Zoro turned their heads towards Luffy.

"What is it, Luffy?" the swordsman asked with bored tone.

"Hey Zoro have you seen- oh, Hancock, there you are!" Luffy said happily when he noticed Hancock. Hancock nearly fainted. Luffy had been looking for her? How wonderful!

"Hey, Hancock, Sanji was just looking for you!" Luffy said and crushed Hancock´s daydreams at the same time. Zoro burst out laughing when he saw Hancock´s disappointed face. Hancock just gave him a glare.

"Then I´ll just go talk to him. Thank you, Luffy." Hancock said without meeting Luffy´s eyes. Luffy stayed up, talking something with Zoro while Hancock climbed back down and went to kitchen where she guessed she could find Sanji from.


Sanji´s eyes turned in to hearts when he saw Hancock enter the kitchen.

"Ah, Hancock-swaaan! May I help you?" he asked.

"Luffy said you wanted to see me", Hancock replied.

"Ah, yes! I needed to ask what would you like to eat today at dinner?" Sanji asked. Hancock thought about it for a moment, then she came up with an idea.

"Make something that Luffy likes", was all Hancock said.

"Right away, Hancock-swaaan!" Sanji yelled and started to cook. Hancock sweat dropped and went back to the deck. She frowned when she saw Robin talking with Luffy.

"How dare that bitch talk to my Luffy!" she thought. But soon she saw Luffy leave Robin and went to talk to Brook instead.

"Is something wrong?" Robin, who had noticed Hancock´s evil gaze on her, asked. Hancock didn´t answer. She decided to go to aquariumroom to look for Salome.

"He´s probably still with that Usopp", she thought. When she entered the aquariumroom, she saw something on the floor. It was brown and it had a pink hat.

"I didn´t know they had a pet", Hancock thought as she watched Chopper, who was drawing on the middle of the floor.


Chopper sat in the aquariumroom, drawing to the notebook he had gotten from Robin. He had promised to Brook that he would draw pictures about their earlier adventures and show them to him when Usopp told his stories.

"I need to remember to draw Sodom and Gomorrah, too." he thought and laughed quietly to himself. He didn´t care when the door opened, he just continued drawing. But when he caught an unfamiliar scent of a person, he slowly turned his head.

"Waaah!" he yelled and started running around when he saw the unfamiliar woman.

Hancock blinked. What had made the little creature run around like that? She sweat dropped when Chopper went hiding behind the table with his own, personal way.

"If you´re going to hide, shouldn´t it be other way around?" Hancock asked.

"Wait, why am I speaking to a pet that can´t understand human language?" Hancock wondered by herself. To her surprise, Chopper went immediately hiding the right way.

"What was that yell?" Franky asked as he entered the aquariumroom. Hancock pointed at Chopper and said: "You have a weird dog."


"Shut up! I´m not a dog, I´m a reindeer! A REINDEER!" Chopper yelled to the shichibukai, his face as red as a tomato.

Hancock raised her eyebrows in disbelief.

"Your pet speaks?" she asked.

"Well actually-"

"I´m not a pet, damn it!" Chopper cut Franky of, coming a little closer. Which was, in Hancock´s opinion, too close. She kicked Chopper and said: "I hate fuzzy animals!"

Chopper stood up and ran out of the door while crying. Hancock just rolled her eyes and turned to leave, but was stopped by Franky grabbing her arm.

"Do you have something to say?" Hancock asked with annoyed tone.

"Go apologize from Chopper, you scared him." Franky ordered. He had been afraid that something like this might happen.

"I have no reason to apologize from anyone", Hancock said and left.


When Hancock went to kitchen for dinner, she took Salome from Usopp and sat next to Luffy. When everyone were at the table, Usopp asked: "Hey, where are Nami and Chopper?"

Before anyone could answer, the door opened and Nami came in.

"I´m right here, and Chopper said that he isn´t hungry." she said.

"Really? That´s new", Usopp said. Franky looked Hancock from the corner of his eye angrily and Robin shot her a glare. She had earlier seen crying Chopper running out of the aquariumroom where Hancock had went a little earlier.

Hancock knew what Robin and Franky thought, but she didn´t care about it. It was her own business.

"You´re Hancock, right?" Nami asked when she noticed the woman next to Luffy. Hancock nodded. She hadn´t seen this woman earlier and she wondered what position did she have in the crew.

"I´m Nami, the ship´s navigator." Nami said and offered her hand to Hancock. Hancock took the hand and shook it.

"And our navigator is a money greedy bitch", Zoro mumbled and got hit by Nami.

"Mind your own business, idiot." she said.

"Nami can be a little scary sometimes but she can be nice when she wants, too." Luffy told to Hancock and got an angry glare from Nami. The rest of the dinner went normally, or as normally as dinner of the Straw hats can go.

After the dinner everyone went on to the deck.

"Hey, where´s Chopper?" Usopp asked from Franky.

"I don´t know", Franky replied.

"What about you, Robin?"

Robin shrugged.

"I don´t know. What about you, Hancock-san? Do you know where Chopper is?" she asked. Everyone turned to Hancock.

Hancock blinked.

"Who is this Chopper?" she asked.

"Seems like she hasn´t seen him", Luffy said and stood up.

"Hey Usopp, let´s see who can find Chopper first!" he added happily.

"Okay!" Usopp yelled and started to run around the ship with Luffy, looking for Chopper. Hancock watched after Luffy for a moment and then she started to talk with Nami about random things.


When Hancock woke up in the middle of the night, she was a little confused at first, but then she remembered that she had joined to Luffy´s crew and was now on their ship. Her throat was a little dry, so she decided to go and drink a little water. She left as quietly as she could that Nami and Robin wouldn´t wake up.

When she got to the deck, she heard noises of fighting. Slowly, she went to watch what was going on. She saw Luffy, punching and kicking the air. Hancock was about to go to him, but before she could do that she felt a strong arm on her shoulder and another arm covering her mouth.

"Shhh!" Zoro hissed from behind Hancock´s back. When he didn´t let go for a moment, Hancock nodded in agreement. Then Zoro let go.

"Why did you do that!" Hancock whispered angrily to Zoro as soon as he had removed his hand from her face.

"Be quiet that Luffy doesn´t hear you!" was the swordsman´s reply.

"And why would it be bad if he heard me?" Hancock asked, crossing her arms. Hancock and Zoro stared at each other at least a minute, until Zoro finally said: "Ugh, fine, I´ll tell you!"

"Every night since Luffy´s brother died, he has come on to the deck to train. He wants to get stronger so that he could protect us all", Zoro told.

"But why is it bad if he hears me?" Hancock asked again.

"Because he doesn´t want anyone to know", Zoro said and paused before continuing: "Luffy was pretty shocked when I caught him for the first time. He told me to forget about this and more importantly not to tell anyone."

Hancock frowned.

"If Luffy told you to forget, then why are you here?" she asked. He was disobeying his captain´s order.

"Because of situations like this", Zoro said. Hancock raised an eyebrow and Zoro sighed.

"What a dumb woman", he thought before he explained: "I´m taking care that no one else sees Luffy. Or well, I´m trying to take care of it."

Hancock blinked in surprise. She had thought that this swordsman was selfish, bad mannered idiot, but looks like he was a really good guy after all.

"I have to admit that you are better person than I would have thought", Hancock said. Zoro´s face turned red.

"Just pretend that you didn´t see anything", he mumbled. Hancock laughed quietly as she walked to kitchen.


When Hancock woke up, Nami and Robin weren´t in the room anymore.

"So the others are already up", she thought. When she looked around she noticed that Salome wasn´t in the room either.

"He´s probably with that long nosed guy…. I can´t remember his name." Hancock thought. She got up and dressed and then she went on to the deck.

"Oi, Hancock, you woke up just in time for breakfast!" yelled Usopp who came down from crow´s nest with Zoro and Salome. Hancock nodded to Usopp when they got down, took Salome to her shoulder and gave a simple but warm smile to Zoro. Zoro blushed a little and turned his head away from her immediately, which made Hancock laugh.

"What´s so funny Hancock?" asked Usopp who had turned his head towards her.

"Oh, nothing", Hancock said, still laughing a little. Usopp looked at her for a little while, but then he shrugged it off.


When they entered the kitchen, almost everyone were already there.

"Where´s Chopper?" Usopp asked as he sat down.

"He wanted to eat at aquarium room today, so I gave his food him there." Sanji replied.

"Strange", Nami commented. Franky and Robin exchanged glances with each other. They were pretty sure they knew what this was all about.

Hancock listened the other´s conversation. She wondered who this `Chopper´ was.

"Now that I think about it this `Chopper´ is the only one in the crew I still haven´t met", she thought. She decided to go look for him after the breakfast.


When Hancock had eaten, she went to the aquarium room with Salome. She blinked at what she saw; the same, brown little talking creature again.

"It looks weird and it talks… what the hell is it?" she thought.

Chopper turned his head towards Hancock. They stared at each other for a moment and then Chopper jumped up. Fast as lightning he ran past Hancock and out of the room. But Hancock wasn´t slow either. She wanted to know what that creature was, so she ran after it.

Others watched as Chopper ran across the deck with Hancock right behind him.

"Well that was weird", Nami commented when they both had ran past her.


Chopper climbed in to crow´s nest, hoping that Zoro would be there and that Hancock wouldn´t follow him there. But he got badly disappointed when Zoro wasn´t there and Hancock DID follow him.

"What do I do! What do I do!" Chopper thought in panic. When Hancock opened the door he went to hide behind one of Zoro´s weights. And of course he did it the wrong way.

They stared at each other for a moment again and then Hancock went towards Chopper again. Chopper jumped away quickly, which caused Hancock to hit her leg to one of Zoro´s weights. She fell to the floor, holding her ankle in pain.

"Damn", she muttered. Chopper watched her for a moment and then he ran out of the door.

"That stupid little creature! When I see him again he´s in big trouble!" Hancock thought as she rubbed her twisted ankle.

After about three minutes, Chopper came back with his blue backpack. He walked to Hancock carefully and said: "Show your ankle."

Hancock blinked, but did what the little creature told her to do. She didn´t get what was going on.

Chopper took Hancock´s ankle and started to wrap a bandage around it.

"You twisted your ankle pretty badly, so try not to walk for a while." Chopper told to his newest nakama.

Hancock stared at him for a moment. Then it finally clicked in her head.

"You´re the ship´s doctor?" she asked. Chopper nodded, still wrapping the bandage.

"I thought you were their pet", Hancock said without thinking. Chopper´s eyes turned dark as he mumbled something.


"N-nothing!" Chopper said, again afraid of the shichibukai.

"I just said that many people think so!" he added quickly and went to hide behind one of the weights again since he had already bandaged Hancock´s ankle.

Salome slid off of Hancock´s shoulder and went to where Chopper was. He started to say something and Chopper nodded his head. Hancock watched in amusement.

"You can understand what Salome says?" she asked.

"Yeah, I can understand other animals, too." Chopper told, still hiding.

"What are you?" Hancock asked.

"I´m a reindeer and I ate the Hito Hito no Mi." he replied.

"So he´s a devilfruit user", Hancock thought.

"You don´t need to be hiding, I´m not a shichibukai anymore." she said.

"You aren´t going to kick me anymore?" Chopper asked. An evil smirk appeared on Hancock´s face, but she stopped quickly when she saw that Chopper looked like he was ready to cry.

"It was just a joke!" she said quickly, waiving her hands around.

"I won´t hurt you anymore", she added with a gentle smile and offered her hand to the little reindeer. Chopper came out of his hiding place and shook Hancock´s hand as a sign of peace.


It had been two days since Hancock had joined, and she already felt like she was a part of the crew, which she was. She was sunbathing with Nami, who she thought was a really good person when she didn´t beat Luffy up. Complete opposite of Robin.

"Speaking of the bitch"

Robin came to the deck and started sunbathing too. She was the one who Hancock really couldn´t stand for some reason.

When soft melody reached her ears, she thought about Brook who she still tried to avoid. She didn´t want to risk that she would snap again and turn him in to stone. But she did enjoy his music.

"No, Salome, don´t eat that!" she heard Usopp yell to her snake. She didn´t really like him, but she didn´t have anything against him either. And Salome liked to spent his time with him, so that gave Hancock some time without the snake.

"Hey snake, come to look at this!" Franky yelled to Salome. Hancock usually tried to avoid Franky, even thought she knew he was a good person. They just didn´t really get along.

"Could you guys shut up for a moment!" yelled Zoro. She hated to admit, but she liked him. First she had thought that he was a total jerk, but now she knew he was a nice and gentle person.

"Why don´t you be the one to shut up, Marimo!" yelled Sanji. He was a good guy and his foods were always delicious. He didn´t get along with Salome, thought.

"Hancock?" Hancock looked down and saw Chopper.


"How´s your ankle?"

"Better, thank you." she said with a smile. She hated fuzzy little animals, but Chopper was an exception. He was so sweet!

"Oi, Hancock! Look how big fish I caught!" Luffy yelled. Hancock really loved him. One day he would win his heart for sure.

This was where she belonged.

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