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More people to the crew: Perona

Everyone watched the scenery in front of them; they were finally off from the Grand Line and from the New World.

"So this is what it looks like in the Blue Seas? Not much different than the Grand Line or the New World", said Hancock, who was in one of the Blue Seas for the first time in her life.

"It may not look different, but it´s much safer." Usopp told her, stopping Salome from jumping in to the water.

"No wonder you look so happy", Marco commented, making the others laugh. In these two months that he had been a straw hat he had learned that Usopp was a coward. And of course some other things too, like: Nami loved money, Sanji was a pervert, Hancock was in love with Luffy etc.

"Hey, where´s Zoro?" Luffy asked suddenly.

"Keeping a watch in the crow´s nest", Robin replied.

"Oh, okay." Luffy said and started listening to the tale Usopp had started to tell to Chopper.


Zoro sighed, watching the ocean. Grand Line was left behind and with that something important. Something Zoro swears to never forget.

"Is everything alright?" Hancock asked after she had climbed to crow´s nest. Zoro nodded, still looking out to the ocean. Hancock looked at him for a moment, not really believing him.

"It´s about the woman you left behind, isn´t it?" she asked, making Zoro close his eyes.

"So what if it is?" he asked, face as calm as ever, but his voice showed his true emotions.

"You can always go look for her from the Grand Line", Hancock told, coming to sit next to him.

"No I can´t", Zoro said "I need to stay with Luffy"

"He isn´t a kid anymore Zoro", Hancock told to him. Zoro sighed.

"I know", he said "But he´s still same kind of idiot like when I first met him. I can´t leave him."

"He´d be just fine you know", Zoro´s eyes shot open, his head turning to face the doorway Marco was standing in. Zoro glared at him, asking: "Were you eavesdropping on us?"

"Honestly? Yes", Marco replied playfully. Then his face went serious.

"If you want to leave for a while", he started "Then you don´t need to worry; we´ll take care of that stupid captain of ours."

Zoro looked at him for a moment, and then at Hancock, who nodded.

"Thanks", he said "But I can´t see her anymore."

Marco raised an eyebrow, asking: "And why so?" but Zoro stayed silent.

"Because the departing would be too hard", Hancock said suddenly, causing both of the men to look at her "He doesn´t want to see her, because he´s afraid of how hard it would be to leave her again."

Marco glanced at Zoro, who had closed his eyes and was facing the window again.

"Looks like Hancock hit the mark", he thought and shrugged.

"Well if you ever chance your mind, let us know. We´ll watch over Luffy", and with that said, Marco left. Hancock followed him, but before leaving she said: "You should follow your heart."

When they were both gone, Zoro sighed. He stood up and opened the couch he had been sitting on; it was a good place to hide things. When he saw what was inside, he smiled and took it out. Then he closed the couch and sat down again, looking at the small teddy bear in his arms, which he had gotten from the woman he loved.

"I miss you, Perona."


Two weeks later:

"Don´t get lost this time Marimo!" Sanji yelled as Zoro left the ship. They were on a small island, and everyone except Brook and Sanji, who were guarding the ship, went to the town.

"Shut up, erocook!" Zoro yelled back and went to the town. He was walking, looking around. After half an hour he found a bar (which was right next to the docks) and went in. He ordered a drink and went to sit to the table in the farthest corner.

Not long after, there was loud noise at the counter which caught Zoro´s interest. He saw three, big men crying on the floor like babies. He noticed that he wasn´t the only one who was staring at them. However, all that was happening made sense to him when he heard the familiar laugh: "Horohorohorohoro!"

Zoro was in shock, and then his lips finally curved in to a smile. Quickly but soundlessly, he approached the pink haired woman. When he was right behind her he put his hands on her shoulders –earning a punch straight in to his face.

"Horohorohoro! Maybe you´ll now learn to think before touching to any-" Perona froze when she saw who she had punched.


"Yeah, it´s Me." said the annoyed pirate, who was holding his face.

"Zoro!" Perona yelled happily, tackling her friend.

"I get it, now get off!" Zoro yelled from the floor, blushing furiously. Perona, still smiling, got off of Zoro and let him to get up. When he was up, Perona hugged him again.

"Zoro! I missed you so much!" she yelled, making the said swordsman go even redder.

"Whatever, stop yelling!" he hissed angrily. Perona let go of him and asked in normal voice: "So what brings you here?"

Zoro smirked, asking: "What if I won´t tell you?"

Perona smirked too, answering: "Then I´ll force you."

"You have to catch me first!" Zoro yelled and took off.

"No fair!" Perona yelled playfully and ran after Zoro.


Luffy was walking happily on the road, munching a meat pie that he had bought with the money Nami had given to him.

"Is that Zoro?" he thought when he saw someone on the ground behind a corner. He blinked when Zoro jumped up suddenly and started to yell to the person in front of him. Luffy looked at the woman Zoro was yelling at and noticed that it was the girl from Thriller Park.

"And she helped us in Sabaody Archipelago too, didn´t she?" he asked from himself. Luffy was about to go to ask Zoro what he was doing, but stopped when he saw them kiss.

Soon Perona pulled away and said: "I caught you, so now you need to tell me what you are doing here."

"Our ship came here by a coincidence", Zoro finally told. Perona looked disappointed.

"So you didn´t come here to see me?" she asked quietly.

"No", Zoro said "But I´m really glad to see you again."

He pulled Perona in to a hug, whispering in to her ear: "I´ve been missing you."

"I´ve been missing you too", Perona said, hugging back.

Luffy watched the couple, keeping his laughter to himself surprisingly well. He wanted to see more of Zoro´s soft side before embarrassing him completely by showing up.



"Have you thought about leaving your crew and being with me?" Zoro didn´t know what to say. Sure, he had thought about it, but he couldn´t leave the crew. And especially not Luffy.

"Yeah, I´ve thought about it." Zoro´s reply shocked Luffy. Ever since his fight with Usopp in Water 7 he had been careful with his words, trying not to anger anyone too much. He was afraid that someone else would leave, too. And that it would be permanent.

"But I never thought it would be Zoro… he´s been on my side for longest!" Luffy thought and ran away as fast as he could, but still being careful that Zoro wouldn´t hear him.

If Luffy had stayed a while longer, he would have heard Zoro say: "But I can´t leave Luffy alone"

"But he wouldn´t be alone; he would have his other friends." Perona said. Zoro sighed.

"Look, Pero-"

"And if you leave again with them", Perona interrupted before Zoro could finish "Then I´ll be alone. You´re my only friend"

Zoro sighed; he knew this all already! And he didn´t want to hear it from Perona, he felt bad enough even without it.

"I know, but Luffy needs me." Zoro said. Perona looked down, mumbling: "I need you too"


"But I understand", Perona suddenly said "That idiot can´t make it without you by his side."

Zoro laughed at this.

"Yeah, you´re right", he said "Do you want to come meet the crew? We´ll still be on this island for a while…"

Perona´s face lit up.

"Sure!" she said "Unless they´re angry to see me… you know, after what happened in the Thriller Park."

Zoro smirked, asking: "And we should care because?"

Perona laughed.

"You´re right; we don´t."

"Let´s go then", Zoro said and they started to walk towards the docks, Perona in the lead.


Luffy ran aimlessly around the island, thinking about Zoro´s words.

"Is he really going to leave us because of that girl? It can´t be!" he thought, running around like a crazy. He was so in his thoughts that he didn´t even notice when all too familiar, at least to some people, marine woman saw him and started to chase him. Luffy realized that he was being chased just after he heard someone yell: "Hold it right there, Straw hat!"

Luffy looked behind him, only to see a blue haired woman with a sword chasing him.

"That´s Smokey´s girlfriend", Luffy realized "What was her name again? Darcy… no… Daisy… no, definitely not Daisy… wait, I remember; it started with T! Yep, definitely with T. Tak… Tansh… Tanshi? Well whatever, I´ll just call her a marine with glasses!"

After Luffy had stopped thinking about the marine´s name, he quickened his pace. Sanji had taught him that to never hit a woman. But then Zoro had said that that would make the girls feel themselves underestimated, so he had made a compromise: he would only hit a girl if it was absolutely necessary.

Tashigi frowned when she noticed that Luffy was starting to run faster. She was going to capture him alive, because then they could set up a trap for the rest of the Straw hats. And then she could finally get those three, valuable swords from Roronoa Zoro.

Luffy ran to the woods, hoping that the marine with the glasses would get lost.

"She´ll get lost for sure, since swordsmen get lost really easily." Luffy hopped on a tree, then to another, hoping that Tashigi couldn´t follow. But she was better in chasing pirates than Luffy would have thought.

"Damn, this is gonna take a while! Well, I´m not in hurry, so…." he decided to continue running, or rather jumping, away and watch how long Tashigi could keep up with him. He quickened his pace a bit again.


When Zoro and Perona came to the docks, they didn´t see anyone on the deck of the Thousand Sunny.

"Well it´ll make explaining easier…" Zoro thought as they climbed on to the ship.

"Back already?" Zoro fought the urge to slap his forehead when he heard the voice of the calm female. Why did the first person they saw had to be Robin of all the people in the crew?

"And who is she?" she added, looking at Perona. Zoro sighed.

"This is my girlfriend, Perona. Perona, this is Nico Robin." Zoro introduced, hoping that Robin wouldn´t make a scene.

"Well she probably won´t, she´s not like the shitty cook." he thought.

Robin raised an eyebrow, saying: "I never knew you had a girlfriend"

"Well now you know", Zoro said and motioned Perona to follow as he walked towards the kitchen. Making Sanji jealous would be really fun.


Sanji was cooking in front of the stove when the door flew open.

"The lunch´s not ready yet, Luffy." he said without even looking who was at the door.

"Who´re you calling Luffy, shitty cook?" Zoro asked. A vein popped on Sanji´s head.

"I´ll take my words back", he said "Mistaking our captain to you is a big insult towards Luffy, you stupid Marimo!"

"Don´t blame me, you´re the one who was mistaking." Zoro said calmly, walking in to the kitchen with Perona close behind him.

"Why you-"Sanji immediately stopped when he saw Perona. He danced to her, asking: "Hello there, beautiful lady! May I ask what brings you to our ship?"

Perona sweat dropped; he remembered this idiot.

Zoro smirked; this was exactly why he wanted that Perona would meet the cook. It was time to put his plan in motion. Without a word he put his hand on Perona´s shoulder, saying: "She´s my girlfriend"

A silence followed. Zoro smirked.


"I said that she´s my girlfriend", Zoro said, holding his laughter.

"It´s true", Perona said because of Sanji´s doubting face.

"Wha- when… how?" Sanji muttered, still in shock. He couldn´t believe that even the stupid Marimo got a girlfriend before him.

"Well as much as we´d like to stay here", Zoro started "We still need to go to see the others. See ya!" And with that Zoro and Perona left the kitchen.

"What was the point in going over there anyway?" Perona whispered to her boyfriend.

"I just wanted to annoy him", was Zoro´s reply.


"Does she ever give up!" Luffy thought, still running away from Tashigi.

"Hold it, Straw hat!" she yelled, cutting branches away from her way. Luffy ignored her yell and continued going forward, jumping from tree to tree.

"Hm?" he noticed that he was going towards the edge of a cliff. Well, he wouldn´t have a problem since he was jumping in the trees, but the marine-

"Hey, watch out for the-!" too late, Tashigi had already fallen off and was now rolling down.

"Damn it!" Luffy cursed, stretching his hand towards his long time enemy. Yes, she was an enemy, but when someone needed help he would help. Even if the person was a marine. He grinned when he got a hold of Tashigi´s arm. He pulled her up slowly that she wouldn´t get more hurt.

"I´m pretty sure that after this she doesn´t have enough strength to chase me anymore… well I was getting bored anyway." Luffy thought as he lifted Tashigi in to his arms, only to notice that she was unconscious.

"Damn it, she´s not going to wake up for a while." he said. He thought for a moment and jumped down from the tree, deciding to wait until Tashigi wakes up. He put her down against the tree and waited.


"Geez, get over it, Perona." Zoro told to her shaking girlfriend, who had just met Brook. She had screamed so loud that Zoro was sure that the others were already rushing back to the ship.

"But it´s so creepy! And ugly! How can you live with that thing!" Perona asked, still in shock. Zoro seemed unaffected by her words, but he still said: "Be more careful what you say about my friends"

This shut Perona up. She knew that when Zoro was serious she would be in trouble if she didn´t shut up. Plus she didn´t want Zoro to be mad at her, and that was the main reason.

"What´s wrong!" yelled Franky, who was the first one to arrive after Perona´s yell.

Perona´s eye twisted; first a skeleton and now a pervert? Geez!

Zoro sighed.

"Franky, this is my friend, Perona. Perona, this is our mechanic, Franky." Zoro told.

Perona felt like attacking Franky with her ghosts, but managed to stop herself because she knew Zoro wouldn´t like it.

"Hi", she mumbled.

"Hi", Franky said back and turned to Zoro.

"When you said `friend´ you meant `girlfriend´, right?" he asked, just to annoy the swordsman. However, Zoro´s reply surprised him.

"Yeah, so?" Franky stared at them for a moment before walking away, mumbling: "Who would have thought…"

"What was the yelling about?" Marco, who had just flown to the ship, asked.

"One after another", Zoro thought with a sigh.

"Nothing, Zoro´s girlfriend just got scared of Brook." Robin told, returning to the deck. Marco raised an eyebrow. He looked at Perona and then turned to Zoro, asking: "Is this the girl you were crying over in the crow´s nest back then?"

Zoro´s face went deep red.

"I wasn´t crying over anyone!" he barked. Marco rolled his eyes.


"Aaw, you were missing me so much? That´s so sweet!" Perona said, hugging Zoro which made him blush again. Marco and Robin laughed.

"Shut up you two!" Zoro barked, but his order went to deaf ears.


Tashigi blinked at the light. Usually when she woke up she saw the brown or white ceiling of the room she was staying at, but now she saw the blue sky.

"Where am I?" she thought, sitting up. She flinched when she felt terrible pain on her back. Then the memories of what happened started to come back to her.

"Damn that Straw-"

"You woke up already?" Tashigi turned her head towards the voice, only to see Luffy sitting in the tree.

"Straw hat!" she yelled, trying to take her sword, but she didn´t find it. It was nowhere in sight.

"Are you looking for this?" Luffy asked, lifting Shigure, Tashigi´s sword, from behind his back.

"Give it back!" Tashigi yelled, trying to stand up, but the pain in her back stopped her. Luffy didn´t say anything, he just simply threw the sword to Tashigi. She caught it, even though it did make her back hurt even more. Luffy jumped down, saying: "Now that you´re awake I can go get Smokey"

"WHAT!" Tashigi yelled. She didn´t want Smoker to know that she needed help, especially from a pirate.

"Do you rather want me to carry you to the town?" Luffy asked. Tashigi gritted her teeth, yelling: "You better not touch me you dirty pirate!"

"Tough so", Luffy mumbled. He remembered the one time he had been spying her as she chased Zoro around a town. She ran straight to the wall and lost consciousness, and somehow Zoro ended up carrying her to the marine base. …well he could have carried, but Tashigi woke up after about ten minutes. And that was when the real show started. She had screamed at Zoro, ordering him to put her down, and when he did she started to yell him all kind of insults that came to her mind. Zoro, not being a gentleman, yelled back, so they started to argue. After a while Zoro got bored and run away, but Tashigi started to chase him again. And Luffy really wanted to avoid situations like this.

Luffy gave a last glance to Tashigi before starting to run towards the city.




"What the hell´s going on!" Zoro yelled, coming to the deck with Sanji. He had been gone for a couple of minutes and Perona had already screamed. And so had someone else.

"Don´t yell in front of a lady!" Sanji yelled, kicking Usopp, who was standing on the railing, off of the ship. Zoro sighed.

"What are you yelling about this time?" he asked from his girlfriend.

"I hate that guy!" Perona yelled, so loudly that Sanji and Zoro covered their ears.

"Oh yeah, you fought him at Thriller Park and lost." Zoro said. Perona pouted.

"He was strong!" she said, defending herself. Zoro couldn´t hold his laughter.

"Strong?" he asked "I´ve seen stronger reindeers than him!"

When Zoro finally stopped laughing, he added: "Seriously Perona, your technique should work on him just like it does to others. What´s the problem?"

Perona frowned, saying: "That´s the problem; it doesn´t work on him! And you know that, you were there!"

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that." Zoro said after he remembered why they had left Usopp fight against Perona.

"You´re hopeless", Perona said, shaking her head.

"Hey!" Usopp yelled, getting their attention "Could somebody tell me what the hell is she doing here!"

Zoro rolled his eyes, putting an arm around Perona´s shoulders.

"Why wouldn´t my girlfriend visit me every now and then?" he asked with a smirk.

Usopp was about to say something, but then he thought about what Zoro had said. And it brought him only one, short though: "WHAT!"

Zoro ignored his yell and said: "Perona, this is our lying sniper Usopp. Usopp, this is my girlfriend Perona."

"It´s easy to understand why you call him lying sniper", Perona said, remembering how Usopp had used a fake hammer to beat her in a fight. She had completely fallen for it.


"Oh look, Jimbei´s back." Zoro said, ignoring Usopp´s protests. Jimbei jumped on to the deck with a wet plastic back on his hand.

"Were you fishing?" Zoro asked. Jimbei nodded.

"Yes, Sanji-san asked me to fish since Luffy-kun has eaten all the fish we had in the aquarium." he told, making Zoro sigh.

"Again?" he wondered out loud "He never learns…"

"Umm… Zoro-kun?"


"Who´s the woman that´s strangling Usopp-kun?" Jimbei asked, making Zoro blink. He looked behind himself and sighed.

"Perona", he said, getting his girlfriend´s attention "Let go of Usopp."

Perona pouted. She let go of Usopp and whined: "But he called me Ghost freak!"

"Can you really blame him for that?" Zoro asked with a smirk. Perona´s face went deep red and she started to yell at Zoro, not caring that Jimbei still hadn´t gotten his answer.

"What´s going on?" Nami asked after coming back on board. Jimbei pointed at the still arguing couple.

"Who´s that?" she asked. Jimbei shrugged.

"I asked the same thing a while ago, but I still haven´t gotten an answer." he answered. Nami walked over to Usopp and helped him up, asking: "Who´s that?"

"Zoro´s girlfriend", Usopp replied, watching the arguing couple. Nami rolled her eyes.

"Very funny. Now seriously, who is she?" she asked.

"Why in hell is it so hard to believe?" Zoro yelled to them. Nami blinked, asking: "You mean he´s telling the truth?"

"Of course he is you idiot!" Zoro yelled, taking Perona´s hand "Let´s get out of here"

"Hold it you two" Nami said, taking Perona out of Zoro´s grip.

"What?" Zoro hissed.

"I think it´s time for an interrogation" she said, dragging Perona with her.

"What?" Zoro asked, planning to go after them but Robin stopped him.

"Women only" she said and went after the two younger women.

"Just give up, they wouldn´t let you in" Marco told. Zoro sighed.

"I´m gonna take a nap"


"Straw Hat!" Smoker yelled, running after Luffy, who had come to restaurant he had been eating in and stolen the food from his plate. And then he had run away.

"Catch me if you can Smokey!" Luffy yelled, quickening his pace. He was going to lead Smoker to Tashigi and then run away.

"You need any help Straw-chan!" Bon Clay yelled, running next to Luffy.

"Naah, I´m good" he said, quickening his pace again.

"Okay, I´ll head back to the ship" the okama said, departing with his captain.


"What was that yell about that we heard?" Chopper asked, coming to the ship with Hancock and Salome.

"Nothing, Zoro´s girlfriend is just visiting us" Marco told. Chopper blinked.

"Zoro has a girlfriend?" he asked innocently.

"Yeah, and you can´t find a woman more annoying than her" Usopp told.

"Don´t insult a lady!" Sanji yelled, kicking the sniper on the head.

"The same girl Zoro was crying over?" Hancock asked as a whisper from Marco, who nodded.

"Yeah. She has pink hair and dresses in pink, too. Sounds familiar?" the birdman asked. Hancock thought for a moment and shook her head.

"No. Where is she now?" the empress asked, causing Marco´s lips to curve in to a smile.

"Nami and Robin took her. No guys allowed" he said.

"Luckily I´m not a man" Hancock said, deciding to go and see what the other women were doing. Salome slid off of her shoulder as she left and went to bother Usopp.


Luffy jumped in to a tree after reaching Tashigi. Just as he had thought Smoker stopped to help her, so he had a chance to leave. On his way back to the ship all kind of thoughts were going through his head. What if Zoro decides to leave them? What if Zoro decides to stay but will become really sad? Or what if something worse happens?

Luffy shook his head, refusing to think about it. It wasn´t his decision what Zoro was going to do, but he really hoped he´d stay.

"Well I´ll just have to see what happens"


"Zoro! Help!" Chopper yelled, running across the deck.

"What is it?" Zoro, who was sitting against the railing with one eye open asked.

"Hide me; you´re girlfriend is scary!" Chopper yelled, hiding behind Zoro… the wrong way, of course.

"What?" Zoro managed to ask before Perona run to the deck. She looked around for a moment before spotting the little reindeer behind her boyfriend´s back.

"There you are, you cute little thing!" she squeaked, walking to pick up Chopper.

"Zoro! Help!" Chopper yelled as Perona hugged him, nearly squeezing him to death.

"It´s good that you found a new friend" Zoro told to his girlfriend, smirking at the struggling reindeer.

"Zoro!" Chopper yelled. Zoro just laughed and stood up.

"I´m going for a walk" he said. In an instant Perona dropped Chopper to the floor and they both yelled: "No, Zoro, you´ll get lost!"

"I will not!" Zoro barked back, his attention directed to the harbor "Luffy´s back"

Indeed, Luffy was walking towards the ship, munching a piece of meat on his way.

"Oi, Luffy!" Zoro yelled with a wave of his hand, catching his captain´s attention. The black haired man grinned and launched himself on to the ship, knocking Zoro down in the process.

"Luffy you idiot! We´ve told you not to do that!" Zoro yelled, standing up. Luffy just laughed at him, asking: "Did you want something?"

"Oh yeah" Zoro said, suddenly remembering why he had waived at Luffy "This is my girlfriend, Perona"

Luffy, trying to avoid annoying Zoro gave Perona a simple greeting and went to look for Usopp.

"Well that was odd" Zoro commented after his captain had left.

"What was?" Perona asked.

"Luffy usually goes crazy when meeting new people" Sanji, who had seen what had happened, answered.

"Yeah, but in a good way." Zoro said, making it clearer so that Perona wouldn´t get the wrong idea.

"Of course I meant in good way, Marimo" Sanji said, lighting a new cigar.

"Didn't sound like it" Zoro simply said and started to fight with the cook. Chopper sighed.

"Don´t mind those two" he said to Perona. She looked at the reindeer, who stared back. Then, without a word Chopper run away screaming, Perona close behind him.


Luffy, who was playing card with Usopp, sighed.

"What´s wrong Luffy? Got a bad hand?" the sniper asked with a laugh.

"No, it´s not that" Luffy told, showing his cards. He won.

"Okay, obviously not that" Usopp said, showing his own hand "So what´s wrong?"

"It´s nothing, it´s just… do you think Zoro´s been acting differently from normal today?" he asked.

"Not much, and that´s actually weirder since his girlfriend came to visit" Usopp said with a shrug "But then again he probably doesn´t want to show us his soft side, if he has one."

"Yeah, probably" Luffy said "Did you know he had a girlfriend?"

"Nope" Usopp answered "Did you?"

"Sort of" the captain said, causing Usopp to look at him "Seriously?"

"Well yeah; I saw them kissing in the town" Luffy explained.

"Oh" Usopp muttered "Ready for another round?"

"Sure" Luffy said and Usopp took the cards.


Everyone rushed in to the kitchen when Sanji yelled that the lunch was ready.

"Ready for the circus that happens on this ship three times a day?" Nami asked from Perona as they entered the kitchen with Hancock and Robin.

"I highly doubt it" Usopp muttered as he came in with Salome. Everyone else was already sitting at the table, excluding Sanji of course. As the lunch started, everyone glanced nervously at each other. It was awfully quiet for a lunch. Everyone looked at Luffy, who for once wasn´t stealing food.

You okay Luffy?" Sanji asked.

"Yeah, why?" the rubber boy asked, confused.

"You´re not stealing our food" Nami said.

"I´m on a diet" Luffy stated simply. Everyone stared at him and then Marco asked: "Say what?"

A couple of seconds later Usopp and Luffy burst out laughing, causing the others to look at them oddly.

"See? I told you they would fall for it!" Usopp yelled, laughing even harder.

"Yeah!" Luffy yelled, stretching his hand to steal from Usopp´s plate.

"Hey!" Usopp yelled angrily. The others sweat dropped as Usopp started to yell at Luffy. As the circus started four people eyed Luffy uncertainly.


After the lunch Robin and Zoro were watching up at the crow´s nest where Luffy had gone.

"The captain up there?" Marco asked, coming towards them with Nami. Robin nodded.

"There´s something bothering him; I´m sure of it" Nami said, looking up.

"So are we" Zoro said, making Robin and Marco nod.

"And I´m quite sure Usopp noticed even before us" Zoro said, causing the others to look at him.

"What makes you think that?" Nami asked.

"Well we all know that Luffy´s jokes are different from that" Zoro said "Usopp must have noticed that something was wrong and he suggested a little joke to get Luffy´s mind off of the problem, whatever it is."

"Makes sense" Robin said.

"Yep, and I´m not sure if he even knows what the word "diet" means" Marco said, making the other three laugh. Soon Robin stopped and asked: "So, who´s going to talk to him?"

"I´ll handle it" Zoro said, starting to go to the ladder, but Marco stopped him.

"No, I´ll handle it" when Zoro raised an eyebrow Marco explained: "We´re leaving tomorrow morning. You should spend time with your girlfriend while you still can"


"He´s right Zoro" Nami said. Robin nodded.

"Fine" Zoro said with a sigh, going to look for Perona.

"I´ll go alone" Marco said to the two women "No ladies allowed"

"Time for manly talk huh?" Robin asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yep" Marco said, flying up. Robin shook her head and decided to stay and eavesdrop.


Luffy glanced at the door and saw Marco come in.

"Yo" the blond greeted, going straight to the point "What´s wrong?"

"Huh? Nothing´s wrong…" Luffy says, obviously lying.

"That´s good, but could I have the truth now?" Marco asks. Luffy turns to look at him, learning from the blonde´s face that he would not back down. Luffy sighed, putting a look that said "Don´t tell anyone" on his face. Marco nods, sitting down.

"I just… I´ve been thinking about Zoro" Luffy said, causing Marco to raise an eyebrow "His dream has come true now, so nothing really stops him from leaving… but I don´t want him to leave."

"What makes you think he´d leave?" Marco asked.

"He´s missing his girlfriend; even I can see it" Luffy told, looking out of the window again.

"Obviously" Marco said "Then I suppose the question is who would he miss more; Perona or the crew?"


"Well if it helps any, I don´t think he´s going to leave any time soon" Marco told, resting his head on his hand.

"What makes you say that?" Luffy asked.

"I heard him and Hancock talk a couple of weeks ago" Marco said "We said that if he wanted to leave for a while we´d take care of things here, but he refused."

Luffy looked at Marco bit unsurely.

"But he´s going to be unhappy either way, right?" he asked, already knowing the answer. Marco looked uncomfortable as he answered: "Well probably, but it´s better to choose the lesser one of the two evils."


"It´s a figure of speech, captain" Marco said with a sigh.

"I knew that" Luffy said, a bit embarrassed and looking away.

"Why would he have to choose?" the men turned their heads towards the doorway where Hancock stood.


Hancock walked in and asked: "Why would he have to choose when he could get both of the things he wants?"

Marco looked at her, not really getting what she was trying to say. Luffy however understood what she meant. A grin crept to his face as he dashed out of the crow´s nest, yelling: "Thanks Hancock!"

Marco stared after his captain for a couple of minutes and then it clicked.

"You do realize what you have done, don´t you?" he asked from the ex empress.

"So?" Hancock said "There´s enough room for one more"

Marco shook his head, glancing at the smiling empress.

"This won´t help you to get him you know" the phoenix said, making the beautiful woman glare at him.

"I know" Marco raised an eyebrow at this.

"Is that so?" he asked, not really believing her "Then do you mind explaining me why?"

"You really don´t know anything about love do you?" Hancock asked, making Marco raise an eyebrow again.

"Well just so you know; love is always a hurricane!" and with that she left, leaving behind a very confused devil fruit user.


Luffy found Perona from the lower deck, but she was with Zoro.

"Hmm, in this case" he thought, running to get Sanji. Soon the cook went up to Zoro and said: "Alright, Marimo, let´s fight!"

"What´s wrong with you, Erocook?" Zoro asked, turning to face the cook. And a fight broke out. Perona´s eyebrow twisted. She was about to send two ghosts at them, but saw Luffy out of the corner of her eyes. He was motioning for her to come closer, so she shrugged and went to him.

"What is it?" she asked.

"I need to ask you something" Luffy said, making sure Zoro didn´t hear.


The next morning Zoro climbed down from the crow´s nest, yawning.

"Morning" Robin said to him, already lying in a chair on the deck.

"Morning" the swordsman said "Where´s Perona?"

"Went home" Robin said simply, making Zoro´s eyes widen.

"Without saying goodbye! That idiot…" Zoro cursed, ready to jump down from the ship.

"Don´t" Robin said, getting Zoro´s attention "You know how much saying goodbye can hurt, don´t you?"

"Yeah, I get it" Zoro said, sighing "She could still have said goodbye though"

"Get ready to leave!" Nami barked, coming to the deck.

"Why so early?" Usopp asked, coming out with Chopper who was rubbing his eyes.

"Luffy said he was chased by Smoker yesterday"

"So we´re leaving before he comes after us" Hancock finished for Nami.

"That´s right" Nami confirmed "Chopper, go get the others. Zoro and Usopp, get to work!"

"Yea yea" Usopp said, watching as Chopper run off.

"Bossy bitch" Zoro muttered but did what he was told anyway.


"Breakfast is ready!" Sanji yelled, getting away from the doorway so that he wouldn´t be knocked down by a hungry rubber man.

"Food!" Luffy yelled, being the first one in the kitchen. Not long after the others came too.

"Finally, I´m starving!" Zoro´s head snapped around to the door when he heard her voice, but the others didn´t pay attention. Luffy and Sanji glanced at the doorway, then at Zoro and then at each other, holding their laugh.

"Perona?" Zoro asked.

"Yeah?" Perona said when coming to sit next to Zoro for a breakfast. Now that Zoro thought about it, there was an extra plate next to him. He didn´t get any words out of his mouth. What was she still doing here? He turned his head towards Nami who chuckled. Then he looked at everyone else, who all seemed to be holding their laughter.

"All of you knew!" he yelled suddenly, making everyone burst out laughing.

"Sorry Zoro, it was all Luffy´s idea!" Nami yelled. Zoro turned his angry glare to his captain, who stopped laughing and gulped.

"You little-!" before Zoro had a chance to do anything he was already lying on the floor, taken down by Perona´s powers. Everyone laughed at him as he was on the floor and Luffy stole his food. The Straw Hat pirates had, once again, gotten a new nakama and were now going towards new adventures!

A.N: Done! First I didn´t intend to put Perona in to this, but since someone wished for her and Zoro mentioned someone he loved in chapter 4 I thought that I might as well use Perona (first he was supposed to be talking about Vivi.) This was supposed to be a chapter where the others should have needed to get Luffy let someone join, but that didn´t really work, so I didn´t push the subject too much. Someone also wished for Kaku, but since I have no idea how he would join or anything, I´ll end this here. Thanks for reading and please review!