His Black Heart

By Crimson Solitude of the Moon

Prologue-Blood Moon

A crimson, bloated moon hung in the sky. Tonight no stars shone and a strange silence cloaked the world, yet no one slept. The world's creatures were waiting, for what none knew. And as the red moon crept to its peak, a small, innocent draconet* slid open his eyes and began to struggle in his dark, watery prison.

In a proud temple bathed in the moon's bloody light, a small tapping noise pierced the dark. In a large round room, on a table like structure protruding from the walls, a single shaft of filtered red light touched a pale lavender egg. Jagged white lines spread like a plague across the left side. The incessant tapping become louder until slowly the outside of the egg began to chip away. A wet, shiny claw hooked the outside of the purple shell and pulled it back. A satisfying crack echoed around the room, followed by a high pitched squeak of excitement as a small triangular head poked through the hole in the egg.

The draconet struggled to pull his heavy body out of his long time prison. He heaved with all his small might and slowly, bit by bit, his body followed him. For a long time the baby dragon rested on the straw in the blood red moonlight, his nostrils wide as he breathed in fresh air and his eyes open curiously to the crimson and black world around him. Finally the draconet roused himself and began licking off the egg's sticky chalazae*. Soon his scales were rid of the chalazae, making his scales gleam in the dull light. The baby dragon stretched out his out of proportioned wings to dry and lay down; placing his head on his front paws. As the draconet's eyes slid shut his long tail began to twitch as he dreamed.

Far above the sleeping infant the Blood Moon began to sink, and across the ocean to the White Isles an old dragon remembered the words of an ancient friend;

"Beware the One who Masters all, the One born as the Moon Bleeds…"

Disclaimer: I don't own Malefor, although I do own his cute baby dragon form.

* I decided to use 'draco' instead of 'drago' as draco in latin means dragon, so 'draconet' basically means baby dragon.

* Chalazae is the weird white (Or see through) stuff around the yolk.

Sorry it's so short, *bows head in shame* But I personally like this chap and if I had to use one word to describe it I'd use... eerie as I actually dreamt of this chapter, although I must say Baby M is kinda cute in my dream, lol.

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